Best Broker For Options Trading in India – 2022

Options could be wise if you want to diversify your portfolio beyond equities, trusts, and bonds. The option offers diversification choices. The profits can be substantial, just as the risks can be. You may have heard that starting an options trading business is challenging or that only sophisticated investors engage in it. With the proper knowledge, almost any investor may experiment with options. Do you want to board an options trading train? This review of options trading cuts through the jargon and gets right to the core of this flexible investment approach.

What is trading in options?

In options trading, you can purchase and sell stocks, ETFs, and other securities at a given price and on a particular date. Additionally, this style of transaction gives buyers the freedom to choose not to purchase shares at the advertised prices or dates.

Options enable you to generate comparatively substantial returns when an asset’s price increases, although slightly more challenging than stock trading. This is so that you are not required to pay the total value of the security under option contracts. Similarly, if the value of a security declines, options trading can reduce losses. We refer to this as hedging.
A “put” is a right to sell a security, and a “call” is a right to purchase it.

This is how they can be applied:

Leverage: Trading options enable you to benefit from changes in stock prices without having to pay the entire cost. You can manage your stock without entirely purchasing them. Hedge: You can buy or sell stock at a specified price for a set time and utilise it to safeguard against changes in stock price. Financial planning is one of the most critical components of hedging against market volatility.

Here’s what financial planning is and why it’s important:

While they have advantages, options trading is more complicated than regular stock trading. To protect against losses, you need to understand trading and investment practices and constantly monitor market fluctuations.

Choosing Options Option contracts to limit the risk to the buyer in the same way that futures contracts do by fixing a specific future price of the underlying asset, but there are no purchase requirements in futures contracts. An “option writer” is the party who sells the option contract. Unlike the option contract buyer, the seller has no rights and must sell the asset at the agreed price in exchange for prepayment from the buyer if the option contract buyer executes the option contract on or before the specified date.

At the moment the option contract is signed, no actual paperwork is exchanged. Only the exchange to which they are sent records transactions. VIX futures options can measure market volatility when trading on the NSE. Benefits of trading options

– Purchasing an option has a lower upfront cost than purchasing a stock. Option purchase costs (premium and transaction fees) are far less than a trader’s pay to buy stock.

– Trading options enable investors to set a time limit and monetary limit for when they want the price of a stock to be frozen. A predetermined stock price, sometimes referred to as the strike price, ensures that you can trade at that price at any moment before the option contract expires, depending on the type of option you employ.

– Options trading improves a trader’s portfolio of investments by offering extra income, leverage, and even protection. Hedging a falling stock market is a frequent technique for using options to reduce downside risks. Options can also be used to create a regular revenue stream.

– Trading options are inherently adaptable. Before the option contract expires, traders can take several tactical actions. This involves using options to supplement the investing portfolio by purchasing stock. Additionally, stock buyers can try to sell some or all of their purchases for a profit. Before the contract expires, you can potentially sell it to another investor for a higher price.

Trading options differ from using other instruments

Compared to conventional futures contracts used in trading stocks, indices, and commodities, options are seen as lower-risk tools. This is because an option contract can be withdrawn or walked away from at any time. This further implies that, in contrast to stocks, options do not signify ownership in a corporation. Therefore, a piece of the underlying security or asset is represented by the option’s market price, also known as its premium.

An important consideration while selecting the best broker for trading options

Hundreds of bargain and full-service brokers selling futures and options derivative trading products work for Indian brokerage businesses. However, not all brokers are appropriate for trading options. The following criteria should be considered when searching for the finest brokerage company for trading options.

Brokerage: Unlike standard plans, which charge brokerage costs per lot, discount brokers charge a fixed flat brokerage price. A flat pricing model that levies a set brokerage cost for each order filled helps options traders significantly reduce the amount they pay in brokerage fees. We must assist brokers who, regardless of the number of lots, charge their customers a set fee for trading options to reduce broker costs.


Inexpensive mediation

  • The trading community supports Zerodha. Dealing with them helped customers save a lot of money.
  • They are the ones who introduced the idea of ​​discount breaking to India. They have now surpassed ICICI Direct and Sharekhan to become India’s largest equity broker.
  • Brokerage: Charges a flat rate of Rs 20 for each order processed, regardless of the quantity of the lot. Transactions that rely on delivery are entirely free.
  • Leverage: Provides 3x or 40% of NRML Margin Plus. Trading Platform: Zerodha’s KITE trading platform is free to use. It is regarded as one of India’s top platforms.
  • App: Zerodha KITE Mobile is a resource-efficient and lightweight mobile app.

Fees for opening a Zerodha account:

By connecting your mobile device to your Aadhar number, you can register a Zerodha account for Rs 200 online or Rs 400 offline within 15 minutes by submitting the documents.


  • Upstox was formerly known as RKSV Securities. They are low-cost stock brokers based in Mumbai and entered the market almost simultaneously as Zerodha.
  • Mediation: The mediation strategy is very similar to Zerodha’s strategy. There is a flat rate of Rs 20 for each job executed, regardless of the number of lots. However, delivery-based transactions are not free.
  • Leverage: Upstox offers two types of intermediary services (the priority fee is Rs. 30 per order). As an option, the base plan offers a triple margin, and the preferred package offers a quadruple margin.
  • Trading Platform: One of the trading platforms, Upstox PRO, is free to use.
  • Mobile App: Upstox Pro Mobile is Upstox’s robust trading app with many features.
    Upstox is currently exempt from opening fees. As a result, you can open free demos and trading accounts with them.

Options Trading Stockbroker: Angel Broking

  • Angie’s list of mediation is personal Since 1987, Angel Broking has been active in the mediation sector. In addition to mediation, Iso
  • offers life insurance and portfolio management (PMS) services.
  • Until 2019, they operated in full-service mode and billed Rs75 per lot as an alternative.
  • However, they are currently using a discount brokerage model, charging 20 rupees per transaction, which is the standard for the sector.
  • The brokerage fee for the Options section is Rs 20 per transaction. Toll-Free Shipping Brokerage
  • Leverage: Angel Broking offers a 4x margin when selling options.
  • Trading Platform: Angel Broking offers the Angel BrokingSpeed ​​Pro platform.
  • AngelBrokingSmartphone is their mobile application.

5Paisa options trading

  • India Infoline’s bargain broker division is called 5Paisa (IIFL). With over 30 years of equity trading experience, IIFL is a reputable stock broker in India.
  • 5Paisa and trading platforms.
  • Brokerage Fees: 5Paisa probably has the lowest brokerage fees in India for options trading. There is a flat rate of Rs 10 for each job executed, regardless of the number of lots. Transactions that require delivery will be charged at the same rate.
  • Leverage: 5Paisa offers double the margin when selling options.
  • Trading Platform: The platform provided by 5Paisa is called 5Paisa Trading Station.
  • Mobile App: 5Paisa’s mobile trading app is called 5Paisa Mobile.

Trading Options With Smart Online Equity Brokers

  • VNS Capital and Financial Limited’s bargain brokering division is called TradeSmart Online. In Mumbai, VNS is a well-known broker with over 30 years of experience.
  • TradeSmartOnline charges a fixed fee of Rs 15 for each processed order.
  • Leverage: Provides up to 3x the margin for selling options.
  • Trading Platform: We also offer NEST Trader developed by third-party Omnisys Technologies.
  • Mobile App: SINE mobile is a lean app that makes trading easy.

FYERS Securities

  • Discount Equity Broker FYERS Securities is based in Bangalore. There are no other branches except in Bangalore. Focus Your Energy & Reform Self is an acronym for FYERS.
  • In addition, it has its proprietary trading platform called FYERS Market and FYERS One. Opening an account with
    FYERS is free.
  • Broker Fees: FYERS broker fees are a flat rate of Rs 20 per transaction executed.
  • Leverage: FYERS offers double the margin when selling options.
  • Trading Platform: FYERS offers FYERS ONE created by FYERS.
  • Mobile App: FYERS Market is the name of the company’s mobile app.

The final idea:

Offer the lowest brokerage fees for options trading in India; whether you are trading by buying or selling the cheapest and best options for options trading in India, You need to select a discount broker.
At the same time, do not compromise the integrity and reputation of the broker. Few brokers charge only Rs 5 per order. But I don’t know when they will close the store.
Therefore, always choose the best broker for options trading from the list above.

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