5Paisa Review 2023 – Best Discount Stock Broker In India

5paisa is one of the best discount stockbrokers in India. 5paisa Capital Ltd is a publicly-traded and professionally run company that was started by the people who started IIFL. March 2016 was the start of the company, and by December 2018, it had become the second-largest discount stock broker in India. In this comprehensive 5paisa Review, you will know everything about this trading platform. It works in what area? Do they charge? Is there a group of people it serves on its own? Is it even on the list? To help you with your quest, we have the following answers in a line: 

You may purchase or sell stock on the web with nse 5paisa on BSE, and MCX marketplaces. There are more than 7,000 people that use to buy goods at retail locations. As of the end of the current fiscal year, it hopes to acquire at least 50,000 new subscribers. The customers are younger and more willing to buy and sell customers . 5paisa plans to begin trading commodities and offering financial services, including personal loans, in the near future, according to the company. Products like IPOs, NCDs, and other forms of money are also on the list.

– This will be done through an NBFC that is part of the IIFL Group. It doesn’t have a way for people to invest. When it needs to help customers, it has set up a call center or 5paisa customer care number. Every day, the discount broker has been making INR 1,200 million. Most of that money comes from equity trading, and a small amount comes from the currency. That 60% comes from cities that don’t tier III or IV. 

What Accounts Does 5paisa Offer?

All in all, it has two types of accounts that you can open:

  • 2-in-1 Demat and trading account
  • mutual fund account.

You may trade and hold a wide variety of stocks and bonds with the 2-in-1 investing account, which includes both a 5Paisa Demat account and a trading account. A free mutual fund account is included when you create a two-in-one account. Direct and regular Systematic Investment Programs for mutual funds are available to anybody with a mutual fund account. A most attractive offer for every client is 5paisa refer and earn plan.

5Paisa Review: Apps For Trading On The Go

You can trade on the go with the 5Paisa app or mobile app. Here, you can trade on the go.

It lets people make trade orders, see how their stock is moving, and look at their net position, order book, trade book, and margins. It also lets investors make their own watchlist, which is a customized watchlist. Trading isn’t the only thing you can do with mutual funds investment. You can also look for funds that are available, keep an eye on your own fund, and trade-in funds. So, this app takes into account opening, trading, back-office processes, and queries. 

Different Trading Platforms-(5paisa Review)

5paisa has a lot of different trading platforms for investors to use, like the App, Trade Station, TradeStation Web, Market Place, Developer APIs, Algo Trading, and Connected Apps. 

Trade Station- A Browser-Based Trading Platforms. 

You can trade on “Trade Station” with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It’s a web-based trading platform that you can use.  It is a fast-paced trading platform that lets you trade in stocks, derivatives, and mutual funds. Most importantly, it lets you move money from and to your bank account. 

5Paisa Trade Station: A Desktop-Based Trading Station. 

If you want to trade on your computer, you can use “5paise Trade Station.” It has all the advanced tools and charts you need to do your research. Based on what you have in your portfolio, the system shows you suggested stocks and trading ideas. This platform can also be used to buy and sell mutual funds.

5paisa’s Fees

Trading fees

This 5paisa review helps who want to buy and sell financial securities. For buying and selling financial securities, you have to pay a fees called “trading fees.” These fees can be for things like currency conversion costs or trade fees or 5Paisa Brokerage Charges. You can choose from three investment plans with this, and each one has a different fee. Below, you can see the prices for each plan. As of May 15, 2021, these numbers were correct, but they might not be now.

Basic pack

  • Flat Rs. 20 fee for all trades. 
  • For free, you can buy shares in mutual funds. 
  • The Power Investors are a group of people who are very. 
  • Rs. 499 a month. 
  • Flat 10 fee for all trades. 
  • For free, you can buy shares in mutual funds. 
  • It comes with a lot of tools for ultra traders. 
  • Rs. 999 a month. 
  • For the first 100 trades of the month, there is no brokerage fee. After the 101st trade, there are Flat rs.10 fees for all trades. 
  • For free, you can buy shares in mutual funds. 
  • Free Call and Trade: There are no other fees. 

These fees are costs that come from things that happen with your account or taxes. 

  • 5paisa brokerage Charges: Rs. 100 per call (free with Ultra Trader pack) 
  • If your shares are worth more than 50,000, you pay a maintenance fee of 75 per quarter. 
  • 0.01 percent to 0.2 percent of your total returns: This is the tax on the sale of securities and commodities. 
  • SEBI charges a fee for every million dollars in turnover: 5 for every million dollars in sales. 
  • Between 0.0001 percent and 0.03 percent of your total returns will be taxed because of stamp duty. 
  • It costs you 18 percent of what you owe to pay for things. 

You should keep in mind that this isn’t the full list of fees. The amount of money you could lose depends on how much you trade and what you do with your money. Do get in touch with 5paisa before you open an account so that you can figure out how much you might pay. 

>>5Paisa’s Basic Brokerage Plan is $5.

There is a flat fee of INR 20 for every order that is made across all asset types. If you talk to the people who work for 5paisa, the fee they charge is about 45 to 50 percent less than that charged by other discount brokers. For another thing, the rates are even lower than with full-service brokers, who charge more. 

The 5Paisa Power Investor Pack is for people who want to make money. This is one of the two subscription packs that sells, and it comes with a lot of money. There are a lot of benefits to this package, but only if you pay Rs.499 a month. 

Sneak a peek at the perks! 

  • It costs Rs.10 for each order that is completed. There is a 50% discount on brokerage for users. 
  • It comes with long-term advice, a model portfolio for new customers, more than 4,000 stocks, a lot of research, and a lot of communication about when to buy and when to sell. 
  • In this section, you can see a list of hot stocks that you should keep an eye on. You can keep track of your investments, make a benchmark, and check your executed orders. 
  • Investors who use the swing trading style can use the swing Trader tool to help them make money. Short-term and daily recommendations are among the benefits here. They could have a success rate of 60% to 66%. 

This is where you can do your research before you make any orders. You can check the daily market outlook and get a market evaluation here. 

The 5Paisa Ultra Trader Pack is made up of 5 pieces. For people who trade a lot and need the best of everything, this plan is for you. If you sign up for this plan for Rs.999 a month, you get all of the perks. These are all included here, just as they are in the Power Investor Pack’s smart investor and swing trader modules, together with research and portfolio analysis. Included in this bundle are the following additional items: –

  • Traders get up to 100 free trades each month. 
  • There will be an Rs.10 charge for every order that is completed from the 101st trader. 
  • There is a risk of 4x for intraday options trades. Also, there is a lot of risk in the cash segment. 
  • DP Txn charges, net banking pay-in charges, call and trade charges, and DP Txn charges are all free. 

How To Transfer Shares In 5Paisa From Other Stock Brokers?

In today’s world, it is very easy for people who want to change their stockbrokers to do so. It’s up to the investors to decide how they want to transfer their shares. They can do it either manually or online. 

The manual transfer 

  • It’s important that you fill out the delivery instruction slip correctly, sign it, and send it to your current broker. 
  • Take the broker’s word for it that this is what they said they would do. 
  • After the request is approved, the broker will move your shares to your new Demat account with the new stockbroker and process the request. 

Online Transfers

  • In order to register your name on the CDSL or NSDL website, click the “Register Online” button on the page. 
  • Go to the Easiest- electronic access to securities information and execution of secured transactions option after you have signed up for an account. 
  • Fill in all the information on the page and print out a copy of it. Then, send it to the Depository Participant and show them the copy. 
  • The Depository Participant will check the form the investor has sent to it and make sure the investor is who he says he is. 
  • After the account has been verified, the investor will be given log-in credentials so that he or she can quickly transfer shares from one account to another. 

Check 5paisa Application status.

  1. At least 24 hours on any working day. It may take longer if it’s a holiday. 
  2. In this case, you don’t have to worry about your account getting approved. 
  3. However, when your account application is approved, you will get an email and a text message about it. 
  4. After the maximum amount of time, if you still can’t get into your account, you can call 5paisa customer care number. 

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The Conclusion (5paisa Review)

After this 5paisa review, we can say that It is best trading platform for new traders because it has a simple interface and all of the options you need in one place. You can also play around with F&O on a virtual platform before you start investing in real money. You can save money on big trades if you are a professional. Flat fees mean that you don’t have to pay extra for each trade.


1. Is it possible to open a new account through the 5paisa app? 

Ans: Do you think that this is something that only 5paisa has? If you have an Aadhar Card, you can open a paperless account on its mobile app if you have eKYC and Aadhar. The process isn’t easy.

2. Can I use the 5paisa Mobile Trading App to trade in commodities like gold? 

Ans: 5paisa does not allow you to trade in the commodity. It’s official best trading app lets you trade in all of the segments, like stocks and bonds. 

  • Trading equity and cash (Delivery) 
  • The trading of equity derivatives (F&O) 
  • The trading of currency derivatives (F&O) 

3. Is 5paisa Mobile App available for free?

Ans: Yes, the app is available for free to everyone who trades online with the company. 

4. What is the 5paisa app? 

Ans: This app is for people who use 5paisa to trade on the BSE, NSE, and MCX exchanges on their phones. The app has a lot of great features, like live market quotes, advanced charts, a multi-asset watchlist, single-click order placements, and an auto investor that make it easy to trade. You can trade with just one click. 5paisa is a free app for everyone who wants to use it. It has all the things you need to trade on a mobile phone. It is easy to use, intuitive, fast, safe, and powerful. 

5. How do I get the 5paisa app? 

Ans: The 5paisa app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. To get the free app, follow these steps: 

Take a look at the app store on your phone. 

Look for 5paisa 

Apps called ‘5paisa: NSE, BSE Stocks and Share Market Trading App‘ can be found on the app store. 

6. How to use the 5paisa app?

Ans: 5paisa is a trading app that can be used on iPhones and Android phones. The app lets 5paisa customers trade while they’re on the go. Use this app: 

  • The app can be found in the app stores. 
  • Use your customer ID and password to sign in to the app, and then you can use it. 
  • In order to move money from your bank account to your trading account, click on the “Pay-in” button. 
  • Find the stocks or mutual funds you want to buy. 
  • Buy or sell an item