Best trading apps in India 2023

Because of the widespread availability of smartphones and low-cost internet subscriptions, the inventory marketplace app has become an excellent platform for buyers to trade within the stock markets. All stock brokers have their own particular buying and selling applications, which they are continually improving so that they may be considered the best trading app in India.

Picking the best Mobile trading apps in India and following a few smart purchasing and selling techniques are essential elements for a quick, easy, and profitable buying and selling.

In this article, we’ve included the best mobile trading apps in India, along with their advantages, features, and price. You can test and compare them all to find the best on-line purchasing and selling app in India.

Trading stocks is one of the most rewarding investing opportunities. With the introduction of internet trading and trading applications, you may quickly trade on the stock market without the effort of locating a broker and completing a mountain of paperwork. There are various trading applications on the market, but if you intend to start trading or move to a trading app, you should investigate the app’s basics and invest in the top trading apps in India.

What is a trading app in India?

A trading app is a mobile application that enables stock market trading. In addition, it provides you with market news, research reports, the prices of various stocks, video stocks etc., so that you may trade on the stock market with knowledge. Moreover, trading applications often allow you to invest in IPOs, mutual funds, commodities, gold, etc.
The trading applications provide real-time processing of your trades and allow you to track the performance of your shares. With a trustworthy app, you may buy and sell shares at any time and from any location.

What is the definition of mobile trading?

 A type of stock trading via a mobile phone is called mobile trading. Almost all significant stockbrokers have dedicated trading applications that clients use to trade stocks, investment trusts, and initial public offerings (IPOs). The Securities and Exchange Commission of India (SEBI) approved mobile trading more than a decade ago. Still, it was rarely used at the time because investors preferred to trade through traditional brokers.

Trading platform Unique features of trading platform Top offers
Zerodha Kite Free Equity & Mutual Funds, Advanced Chart, GTT
ICICI direct Markets Pay Later with Margin Funding, eATM facility, One Click Equity Basket
Upstox Pro Fast login , multiple charting tools
FYERS ONE Technical screeners, market news , portfolio tracker
Sharekhan Trade Tiger Stock Scanner & Heatmap, Advance option chain
Angel Broking Speed Pro Scrip-wise buy price, day’s gain/ loss and quick reports
 Trade Station Order slicing feature, Most user friendly , quick chart loading
Open Account
 Trade Eye Highest leverage trading platform
Open Account
Trader Terminal Single integrated window to Buy / Sell, interactive charting
Open Account
NSE Now Oldest and secure trading platform , Most accurate price view
Open Account


Trading platform Broker Unique features of trading platform Market cap Top offers
Zerodha Kite Zerodha Free Equity & Mutual Funds, Advanced Chart, GTT 22%
Open Free Account
ICICI direct Markets ICICI Direct Pay Later with Margin Funding, eATM, One Click Equity Basket 18%
Open Free Account
Upstox Pro Upstox Fast login , multiple charting tools 6%
Open Free Account
FYERS ONE Fyers Technical screeners, market news , portfolio tracker 1%
Open Free Account
Sharekhan Trade Tiger Sharekhan Stock Scanner & Heatmap, Advance option chain 5%
Open Free Account
Angel Broking Speed Pro Angel Broking Scrip-wise buy price, day’s gain/ loss and quick reports 11%
Open Free Account
 Trade Station 5 paisa Order slicing feature, Most user friendly , quick chart loading 4%
Open Free Account
 Trade Eye Wisdom capital Highest leverage trading platform 3%
Open Free Account
 Trader Terminal IIFL Single integrated window to Buy / Sell, interactive charting 13%
Open Free Account
NSE Now NSE India Oldest and secure trading platform , Most accurate price view 12%
Open Free Account

There are many benefits to using the best trading apps in India.

  • Orders can be placed easily and quickly from anywhere, anytime.
  • Real-time Stock Market Updates
  • Receive Timely Notifications
  • The whole stock market is in your hand
  • Charts and Past Research Reports

Whether you are trading stocks for a long time or want to start trading stocks on your mobile phone, you need to know the best trading apps in India. Choosing the best trading app in India gives you various features, ease of use, and low rates.

Zerodha Kite

Zerodha Kite is the best mobile trading app in India by one of the leading stockbrokers in the country. It is one of the largest trading apps in India, especially in terms of the trading volume.

Zerodha Kite features

  • Best features Over 100 indicators are displayed in this graph.
  • Quick Buy and Sell
  • Sophisticated and Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Simple Fund Overview
  • Global Merchandise Search
  • Real-Time Market Analysis
  • Trading Widget and Integrated Console
  • Ideal for All Types of Trading


The trading app works well even when the internet connection is slow.

Integration with third-party apps is seamless.

You can choose from ten different regional languages.


  • Back office management on an individual basis
  • Investment trusts and initial public offerings (IPOs) have no investment possibilities.

 Tips for using the Zerodha Kite app:

 You may search hundreds of stock scripts and other financial instruments in different trading sectors and indexes using Zerodha Kite‘s one search tool.


  • For all investments, there is no brokerage cost.
  • During the day, each order is worth Rs 20.

IIFL Markets app

IFL Markets Software is the best buying and selling app for smartphones, providing its clients with an unrivalled buying and delight of the sale and excellent financing ideas to assist them in making the best selection. In addition, it is known to offer several appealing features that make it an enjoyable buying and selling software in India.

IIFL Markets’ main functions include:

  • Personalised watch lists for all exchanges
  • BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX are examples of investing options available
  • Stay expenditures are available in the Commodity, Equity, and Currency sectors.
  • Recommendations on the top 500 stocks across all industries, domains, and commercial sectors
  • Research on one hundred forty indexed firms
  • Known for disseminating free research reports
  • The IFL Markets app is the premier smartphone trading app, offering consumer’s unrivalled trading opportunities.


This finest trading app comes with a plethora of functions.

Reminders and notifications

No minimum deposit


There isn’t a demo trading account available.

Only trading Indian stocks

 Tips for using the IIFL Markets app:

The IIFL Markets app is linked to Bloomberg TV, allowing users to access live streaming, market feeds, and movies.


For all stock distributions, there are no brokerage fees.

During the day, Rupees or 0.05 per cent for F & O on stocks, stock futures, stock options, FX futures, options, and commodities.

Best Mobile trading app 5 Paisa

 When it comes to finding easy-to-use trading software, 5Paisa Mobile Trading App is India’s best online trading app. This app is compatible with all sorts of operating system. A full-featured, intelligent mobile trading apps provides virtually all the functionality that investors and traders need. The

5 Paisa Stock Markets app has the following features:

  • Courses for all segments are displayed in real-time.
  • Invest in the SIP plan.
  • It’s known for its automatic investment.


  • You can place an order at one click – best for day traders
  • Option to create multiple watch lists
  • Set price and time alerts
  • Zero commission on mutual funds


  • No commodity trading
  • Non-availability of 3-in-1 accounts

The finest tip for using the 5 Paisa App is that it has a guest login feature, which makes it one of the top trading apps. As a result, you may view the features and options without having to log in. In order to use this app, you must have a demat account.


Flat Rs. 20/Order for all types of trading segment


Sharekhan’s mobile trading app  is the best mobile trading app in India as it includes all of the industry’s most popular trading features, including B. Advanced charts, measurement tools, watch lists. The app contains many basic and complex tools, but the following are some of the most promising features that make India the best trading app.

 Sharekhan’s mobile trading app offers investments in investment funds.

  • High speed money transfer
  • The default screen has been adjusted.
  • Added Security
  • Active traders will benefit most from this product.


  • For fund transfers, there are simple pay in and payout alternatives.
  • There are many free learning tools accessible.
  • With this top online stock market app, you may trade quickly and easily.


  • Charges for Calls and Trades
  • Every 15 days, you must update your password.

Best Sharekhan App Tip: The charts accessible on the Sharekhan mobile trading app may be seen in various time intervals ranging from 1 minute to a year.


  • For equities trades, 0.50 per cent or 10 paise per share or Rs 16 per scrip (whichever is greater) is charged.For F&O Trades, 0.10 per cent on the first part and 0.10 per cent if settled on any other day.
  • In the event of Options Trades, the total premium is 2.50 per cent or Rs 250 per lot (whichever is higher).
  • Currency Futures are worth 0.10 per cent.

HDFC Securities Trading App in India

A simple and easy-to-use mobile trading program that can be installed and used on any smartphone. It always maintains a high level of speed. HDFC Securities has released a new version of the much more user-friendly app. With over 10,000 downloads on the Google Play Store and a rating of 4.2, it is one of India’s most popular trading apps.

The HDFC Securities app has the following features:

  • Technical indicators are available.
  • For enhanced security, use your fingerprint to log in.
  • Daytime charts are available in various timeframes ranging from one minute to one month.
  • Multiple watch lists with real-time price updates that can be customized
  • It is the best stock market software since it allows you to buy gold.
  • Line, bar, and candlestick charts are all examples of price actions.
  • It’s ideal for international dealers and gold buyers.


  • Real-time chart for the day
  • Stock market news and updated regularly
  • Digital Gold and World Trade


  • Prohibitively expensive brokerage fees
  • There is no pre-purchase or pre-sale procedure.


 Share delivery, daytime shares and stock futures require 0.50% or a minimum of 25 rupees. The price is Rs 100 per bucket for stock options or 1% of the premium (whichever is greater).

NSE trading app (NOW)

The NSE, India’s major exchange, created and maintains the NOW trading software which is one of the finest mobile trading in india. NOW provides a direct link to the exchange for transaction execution and live data feeds because the server is housed in the NSE data centre.

Installable trading terminals, web-based browsers, and mobile apps are available through NOW. All brokers that are members of the NSE are given free access to the trading platform. For transactions on the BSE, the NSE charges a modest fee to use NOW.

All items traded on the NSE are supported by NOW. Equity cash, equity derivatives, currency derivatives, debt funds, and mutual funds are examples.


  • A very stable trading platform.
  • Historically, downtime and performance issues have rarely been reported.
  • Low latency compared to other major systems such as Omnesys Nest Trader and ODIN.
  • All iOS, Android, and Windows versions of the mobile trading apps are available.
  • The watch list can contain up to 30 scripts.


  • From now on, some brokers will not allow you to trade on the BSE or the MCX, while others will charge you more to trade on the BSE.
  • Additional plug-ins, java/c# apis, and other features are now supported.
  • Custom indicators are not possible in NOW.
  • Only one script is screened and scanned at a time using Technical Screening and Scanning. It will not be able to run on the entire portfolio or set of scripts.
  • APIs are not available through NOW.

Trading App Upstox PRO

 Upstox PRO, a famous mobile trading programme, is owned by Upstox, one of India’s leading stockbrokers. Upstox was formerly known as RKSV Securities India Private Limited and is headquartered in Mumbai, India’s financial centre. It now includes an online version and is widely regarded as one of greatest mobile trading apps in India.

 The following are the main features of the Upstox PRO stock market app:

  • Find simple and complex stocks using this universal search tool.
  • Charts with a variety of intervals, types, and styles of drawing
  • On a real-time basis, use more than 100 technical indicators.
  • You can trade directly from the chart using the Trade from Chart (TFC) tool.
  • Create unlimited price alerts for real-time updates.
  • Instant Investment is the company’s best-known feature.


  • You can set limits on orders placed after the market is closed.
  • User-Friendly Interface The
  • User interface is well designed.


 There is no investor support for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Best Tips for Using Upstox Pro App: The best trading apps in India include charts such as bar charts, candlestick charts, mountain charts and more to help you read the market data better.


 Equity Delivery uses 20 / 2.5% (minimum) of the net transaction value.

 Equity During the day, equity futures, currency futures and commodity futures all cost 20 rupees or 0.05 per cent (whichever is lower).


NOW provides risk and order management solutions that work together. As a result, it is one of the fastest trading platforms in India today.

Touch-Mobile App for Tradebulls

Using this best mobile share trading app in india you can trade daytime stocks, daytime items, futures, options, currency derivatives, and more.

This app offers real-time streaming transactions, recommendations, and reports, among other things.


  • Over 50,000 people have downloaded Tradebulls Touch.
  • On the Google Play store, there are over 1000 reviews.
  • The user rating is 2.4 out of 5 stars.
  • The application is only 16MB in size.

The primary characteristics of the app consist of:

You can trade in each part at any time and from any location. Moreover, in one app, you can access all of the different exchanges.

This software provides inventory marketplace information, many indexes, and current information.

A live-updating marketplace watch list may be tailored to meet your specific requirements. You can keep track of all of your favourite stocks in one location.


  • Active rate indicators for your chosen stocks.
  • There are also indicators for all of the purchasing and selling stocks that are happening on your account.
  • The standard indications are a fantastic way to check for fraud.
  • Orders, internet positions, open positions, mark to the marketplace, margin, ledger, and P&L, among other things, are all monitored in one spot.
  • Tradebulls App assists with Bracket Orders, Cover Orders, Stop-Loss Orders, and other trading strategies.
  • Other technical evaluation tools are available, such as graphs, charts, technical indicators, and drawing tools.
  • Customer service is available by phone and chat.


  • Bugs continue to appear.
  • Low frequency of replacement


  • From this article, you can easily summarise the following:
  • A simple app allows you to trade and invest directly from your mobile device.
  • If you want to make a large investment, use the app that provides advisors and portfolio advice.
  • Advanced charts and market analysis tools are very helpful in making informed investments.
  • Beginners should choose an app that can create cheap portfolios while providing learning tools and portfolio management recommendations.
  • The top two online trading applications in India are Zerodha Kite and NSE.

Angel Broking Mobile App

Angel Broking App is considered one of the great Indian mobile trading app. It boasts all of the functions for traders who opt to exchange on the go. In addition, the app has several great functions, such as an extremely good person interface that makes it pretty smoother.

 Top functions of Angel Broking App

  • Easily buy & promote stocks
  • Track derivatives position
  • Live to stream inventory quotes, charts, and marketplace info
  • More than forty technical chart indicators
  • Real-time online fund switch to over forty banks
  • Easy funding in mutual funds
  • Best Suitable for Beginners and bulk traders


  • No brokerage fees
  • Options to invest in current / future IPOs in India
  • Margin account availability


  • lack of copy trading function
  • eWallet is not supported

 Tips for using the Angel Broking app: With this best stock market app in India, you can invest in a variety of bonds, including convertible bonds, government gold bonds, non-convertible bonds and tax-exempt bonds.


 Rs. 20 per order, or 0.25% for goods, futures, forex and options (whichever is lower)

The Kotak Stock Trader App

The Kotak Stock Trader App is one of India’s most popular trading apps. The stock market trading app is available for iOS and Android platforms for today’s traders and investors and has several useful functions.

The following are some of the highlights of the Kotak Stock Trader App:

  • Make a watchlist to keep track of individual stocks’ movements.
  • Easily transfer money from your bank account to your trading account and vice versa.
  • Uninterrupted access to capital availability and margin balance
  • There are several layers of security.
  • Get live quotations, an intraday chart, and market advice while watching a live market broadcast.
  • Known for its simple and advanced trading features.


  • Real-time stock price tracking and stock price movements
  • Set up a Bloomberg live TV feed available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • For a quick overview of your portfolio and holdings, go to the “My Investment” area.


  • There is no CFD available.
  • Payment options are limited.

Tips for utilizing the Kotak Stock Trader app: Stock Trader, Kotak’s flagship trading app, features radial navigation for navigating between investment status, portfolios, stock updates, charts, and more.


  • For intraday trades, there are no brokerage fees.
  • F&O, cash, commodities, and currencies are all examples of financial instruments.
  • F&O carried forward, commodities, and currency trading orders are all charged at a flat rate of Rs. 20.

Now let’s take a look at some questions that still might be bothering you!

Is buying and selling an excellent profession?

 Yes, buying and selling can be a profitable professional path. First, however, you need to behaviour thorough marketplace studies and discover ways to change from many sources.

If you’re a beginner, seek advice from a professional. People having a lot of money to invest should seek out an investment advisor to ensure that they don’t lose their hard-earned money and maximise their returns.

List of Top 10 Trading apps in India – Best Mobile Trading Apps

Best mobile trading apps in india

Zerodha Kite App – Best Trading App in India

According to our research and evaluation, the best trading app in India is Zerodha Kite.

As a discount broker, Zerodha is recognized for its tech-first strategy and substantial brokerage reductions.
The Zerodha Kite App is one of the most popular and in-demand trading programs among traders. This software is available for both Android and iOS devices. Zerodha is the Best online trading app in India.

Functions of the Zerodha Kite App

  • The Zerodha Kite App has been developed from the ground up using brand-new technology. Zerodha Kite is now one of the most effective trading programs in India.
  • The rate of deal execution is outstanding. It is also one of the quickest trading programs in the nation.
  • Kite’s mobile application is distinct from all others. The design is quite specific to facilitate the traders’ use.
  • The app’s security measures are superior. Face recognition and a fingerprint are required for access. This assures that no one else may use your trading account without your consent.
  • This app can accommodate many widgets. This is another distinctive characteristic, as widgets are typically incorporated to computer-based trade terminals. However, as one of the most sophisticated applications, Kite also offers several widgets in its mobile application.
  • There are several tools for technical analysis, including charts with different time periods. Then, there are several intraday indications for anticipating the movement of stock prices.
  • There are extensive filtering options for selecting the equities to monitor. You may tailor your market watchlist to the assets and instruments of your choosing.

Why utilize the Zerodha Kite App?

This program is one of the most downloaded trading applications, with over 10,000,000 downloads. Few trading apps, if any, have more than a billion downloads.

  • Traders rated this application 4.1 out of 5, indicating the platform’s superior quality.
  • The software is simple to use and does not hinder the performance of your mobile device.
  • Additionally, trading requires a little amount of internet.

Best mobile trading apps in India

Groww App – Top Ten Trading Applications in India

This is one of the easiest and most effective trading applications on the market, ranking second among the Top 10 Trading Apps.

Groww is a prominent stockbroker whose app contains several elements that enhance the trading and investment experience.
Groww app’s high degree of security safeguards all of your transactions. It is one of the greatest platforms for mutual fund and stock investments.

Functions of the Groww App

The Groww app is really simple to use. It features an easy registration process. Simply download it from the Google Play Store or, for iOS users, the App Store. Your account may be created in a few minutes. The procedure is fully paperless.

  • It allows you to narrow down a list of stocks, mutual funds, and other assets depending on category and other criteria. Using this software, you may pick investments precisely according to your investing preferences.
  • The software includes a mutual fund calculator that makes calculating your return on investment simple. You do not need to perform complex computations elsewhere to evaluate the return on investment.
  • This application offers purchase and sell choices with a single click. This guarantees that you do not miss any business opportunities. The price at which you wish to trade or invest can be captured. Additionally, its execution is quite quick.
  • It has several charts, indicators, and other features.
  • You will receive the current share price of all companies and indexes.
  • This application has a straightforward, user-friendly interface.
  • This app also has a news and updates section. You may use the same method to stay current on the market and economy.
  • The security precautions are excessive. All of your data and transactions are secured using 128-bit SSL encryption.

Groww App why choose?

  • Initially, this program is free to use. This software is offered for free. You may download the document and begin investing.
  • Then, it offers a variety of investing possibilities from several exchanges.
  • The software is really effective and simple to use.
  • It has a 4.4 user rating, which is among the highest in the Google Playstore.
  • More than billions of traders and investors use this program.

Best mobile trading apps in India

Angel One App – Top Trading App in india

Angel One App is India’s third-best Trading app. This program, formerly known as Angel Broking, has millions of users and was developed by the company formerly known as Angel Broking.

This mobile application is designed to facilitate trading for clients. It includes several features that will significantly improve your trading experience.

Functions of the Angel One App

  • Angel One App contains a number of technical tools, including integrated charts and technical indicators.
  • It has relationships with over 40 national and private banks, ensuring the security of your transactions.
  • The mobile application will provide you with market reports that you may read in your spare time.
  • Utilizing this tool, you may track your portfolio. No need to constantly open a laptop to check portfolio or trade.
  • Additionally, this program has a dark mode option.
  • This application provides direct access to customer support.
  • It has a Smart API that facilitates real-time order execution.
  • It also incorporates Small Cases, ARQ, Sensibull, and other platforms of a similar nature.

Why should you pick Angel One login App?

  • It has more than 1 billion downloads, which demonstrates the application’s outstanding quality.
  • With decades of expertise in this field, Angel One login developed this application.
  • You can exchange without difficulty.
  • Your data and information are protected by exceptional security procedures.
  • The user may also establish a demat account within 10 minutes using the app.

Best brokers in india

Upstox App – Top Share Trading Application

Upstox is largely recognized for the technology it offers. The Upstox Pro Mobile App is one of the top share trading applications in India.

It is one of the quickest and most secure mobile trading platforms with features designed to provide an amazing trading experience.
Aspects of the Upstox login App

  • Initially, the Upstox mobile app features one of the market’s greatest charting capabilities. On its built-in charts, you may monitor and evaluate the price movement of stocks/markets. Yes, you may trade and conduct chart analysis from your mobile device. No longer is it necessary to utilize the laptop to read the charts.
  • Then, Upstox offers an amazing screening tool for investing alternatives. As there are hundreds of thousands of investment alternatives, you may use the filter/search function to select a handful. You may use its particular factors and criteria to narrow down your investing alternatives.
  • Unlike many mobile apps, numerous watchlists may be created. Upstox allows you to create as many market watchlists as you desire, but other mobile trading applications only allow for one or two or three.
  • It has a pretty intuitive UI. You can locate anything without difficulty.
  • Multiple trading tools, including stop-loss and OHLC data, are also available on this program.

Why select the Upstox App?

First, the Upstox login App is incredibly sophisticated but simple to use.

  • It provides live data streaming and news updates to keep you current on the market.
  • The application has over a million users.
  • It facilitates rapid trade execution
  • There are no fees associated with this application. You may download it from Google Play or the App store, depending on your mobile operating system, and utilize it.

ICICI Direct is one of India's premier stockbrokers

ICICI Direct App – India’s Leading Stock Trading App

According to our research, the fifth best stock trading app of 2022 is the ICICI Direct app. It comes from ICICI Direct, one of the leading retail brokerage firms.

With their ICICI direct Mobile App, trading on the move was made simpler. The application is packed with several features, which will be discussed below.

Functions of the ICICI Direct App

  • There are several customization options available for the market watch. It may be tailored to your specifications and tastes.
  • The program has a large variety of technical indicators to aid in market analysis and trading. Similarly, the real-time market incorporates many charts. You may read, analyze, and trade right from the charts.
  • This program allows you to modify the style and view options, including a grid view option that is uncommon among mobile applications.
  • Additionally, the program is equipped with heat maps. It makes your technical analysis considerably simpler and more applicable.

Why opt for the ICICI Direct App?

  • Using a single mobile app, you may trade a variety of financial assets, from stocks to mutual funds. This is the primary advantage of this software. You may do business at any time and from any location.
  • It is accessible on Android, the App Store, and Windows mobile devices.
  • The application has an abundance of online trading options.
  • There are over a million users.

India's Best Share Trading App

Axis Direct App – India’s Best Share Trading App

The Axis Direct App comes in at number six on our list of the Top Ten Share Trading Apps of 2022.

This application was created with the needs of merchants who frequently travel and deal on the go in mind.
Aspects of the Axis Direct App

  • Voice command is one of the most distinctive and obvious aspects of the Axis Direct app. Yes, this application can recognize and respond to voice instructions. It is evidently attributable to its superior software and artificial intelligence.
  • There are several investing possibilities, including equities, mutual funds, commodities, and currencies. This easy mobile platform allows you to trade any asset.
  • The application is packed with technical and analytical capabilities, including graphs, heatmaps, and indicators.
  • You may follow the performance of your stocks and portfolio with a single click.
  • There is live-streaming of asset values, news updates, and a great deal more.

Why select the Axis Direct App?

  • It is entirely without cost
  • The application includes stringent security measures
  • With this application from Axis Direct, you may trade on both domestic and foreign marketplaces.
  • It has a highly intuitive UI.

Top 10 Trading App in India

Sharekhan App – Top 10 Trading App in India

Sharekhan occupies the seventh position on the Trading Apps List that we have compiled.

Sharekhan App is one of the market’s most popular applications. The application may appear basic, yet its performance is formidable.

Functions of the Sharekhan App

  • Multiple market watchlist features are supported. You may generate a separate watchlist for each asset class.
  • It is quite simple to download and install the program. It’s all online. It may be downloaded through Google Play or the App Store. Then it will be installed immediately on your phone. Then, just open it and sign in with your trading account’s user id and password.
  • You may monitor the performance of your portfolio using the virtual portfolio feature.
  • Multiple charting methods and analytical tools, including indicators and others, are available.
  • It includes sophisticated search and filtering capabilities.
  • Additionally, the Sharekhan program has an option chain function.

Why should you pick Sharekhan App?

  • 5 million users have faith in the Sharekhan App, and the number is increasing daily.
  • The program is continuously updated and new features are introduced to promote commerce and investment.
  • At the same time as it is incredibly user-friendly, it is also tremendously sophisticated.
  • Creating a Trading Account is simple and quick with the Sharekhan App.
  • It is replete with share market trading app education materials
  • This program offers real-time market updates

India's Leading Trading App

MO Trader App – India’s Leading Trading App

Motilal Oswal’s mobile trading tool, MO Trader App, ranks eighth on our rating of trading applications.

This application is unique in its category. It is designed for both novice and experienced traders. This application has more than 5 lakh downloads and a rating of 4.1 on Google Play.

Features of the Motilal Oswal application

  • It provides a detailed portfolio snapshot that allows you to track your portfolio at any moment. This function provides a detailed overview of the portfolio. Because it is connected to the real-time market, you can always monitor the performance of your portfolio.
  • This application provides a quotation page with a variety of fundamental analysis materials, including yearly reports, quarterly reports, and other research reports. This makes it easy for you to assess stocks, corporations, and other assets.
  • The application also has a Robo advising tool and a goal investing plan function. These elements facilitate the creation of a portfolio tailored to your investing objectives, budget, and risk tolerance. These are AI-based features in which you enter your preferences and the portfolio is designed appropriately.
  • There is a stock scanner for scanning equities & commodities trading, as well as other assets you wish to monitor and trade.

Why should you pick MO Trader App?

  • First, you might select this program since it allows you to trade from anywhere with an online connection.
  • Then it provides immediate fund transfer
  • It is simple to use.
  • There are constant enhancements and changes to the system
  • Bulk trading might be one of the finest arguments for adopting this software. Yes, you may trade using this program on your smartphone if you are an active trader who is on the move.

India's Leading Trading App

IIFL Markets App – India’s Leading Trading App

The IIFL Markets App is regarded as one of the highest-rated stock trading applications in India. Currently, it has a rating of 4.1 on Google Playstore.

This application has received several accolades for its simplicity, security, and usability, among others. Additionally, it has been the greatest trading software for years.

Functions of the IIFL Markets App

  • Buzz is a feature that delivers the most recent information on the stock market and economy.
  • There is a feature called option chain that provides insight into futures and options trading.
  • Price alerts and notification settings allow you to capitalize on opportunities at the optimal moment.
  • There are several customization possibilities for watchlists. Additionally, you may establish up to three watchlists. Each of them has a maximum capacity of fifty stocks.
  • The application supports several channels, including phone calls, smart chatbots, WhatsApp, and others.
  • IIFL has also included an MPin function for safe login in its app. You must provide a four-digit passcode in order to access your account.

Why should you pick the IIFL Markets App?

This app’s resourcefulness must be the primary factor in picking it. In this app, you will get an abundance of research reports, stock ideas, advice for improved trading and investing.

  • Second, you might select this software due to its intelligent trading and technical analysis capabilities.
  • It provides a straightforward yet powerful performance
  • This app is used by over 5 million traders and investors.

Best Online Trading App

Kotak Stock Trader App – Best Online Trading App

Kotak Stock Trader App occupies the tenth spot on the list of Top Trading Apps in India. It has been on the market for a long time and is favored by millions of consumers.

This application is available on the Google Playstore for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.

Kotak Stock Trader App Features

  • There is a predefined watchlist that you may modify by adding or removing instruments.
  • The application contains a component including research papers, data, and financial information from various firms.
  • Another component of the application delivers the most recent market data and news updates.
  • The application features a clever filter for excluding stocks and picking the one you wish to track.
  • This app from Kotak Securities also has a biometric login function, which is uncommon.
  • Numerous charting choices, indicators, and other technical analysis tools are available.

All the above-mentioned applications have received great evaluations and have received a positive market reaction. These applications are competitive and continually strive to improve their interface and functionality in order to be a better option for potential clients. Using this information, I hope you will be able to choose the Best Stock Market Trading Applications in India.

Best Trading App in India 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, stock trading has emerged as the most powerful way of accruing growth on monetary investment in comparison to other investment channels like LICs, FDs, PPFs, and others. The reason is quite simple – stock trading has become easier than ever before and it promises better returns on investment despite carrying some risk. The times of paper-based stock trading are passé with the advent of mobile trading and computer-based trading. Yes, today, people can buy and sell companies’ stocks right on their smartphones, and that too in no time. Thanks to the rapid advancements in technology that have changed the dynamics of stock trading and the app market.

The use of trading apps has made it extremely easy and fast for stock traders, investors, and almost everyone else to trade in stocks. In addition, the availability of different stock trading instruments like mutual funds, IPOs, and insurance schemes has opened new and profitable investment opportunities for investors. However, one most important thing here is to choose a good trading app. Just like choosing from the best trading platforms in India, choosing the best trading app in India or the best share market application helps people in choosing the best stocks to invest in, comparing the performance of different stocks, and learning about stock investing, and a lot more.

What does mobile-based stock trading mean?

Put simply, mobile-based stock trading or mobile trading refers to trading in stocks with the use of a smartphone. Compared to computer-based stock trading, this type of trading is more advanced and enables stock trading anytime, anywhere. Whether you are a beginner or an expert stock trader or investor, you can choose to invest in stocks with the best trading app in India.

If you are looking to do mobile trading or invest in stocks using your mobile, the first thing you should do is to get the best mobile trading app in India. In the following part of this article, we will discuss about all the most popular mobile trading apps in India in 2023 and their features. The ultimate purpose of this post is to help you choose the best share market application in India.

What is stock trading?

Stock trading refers to the buying and selling of a company’s shares through a stock exchange. The first and foremost purpose to invest in a company’s stocks is to generate profit. However, owning the stocks of a firm also refers that the stock owner having some kind of ownership in the company. That’s why the stock owner is also known as a shareholder and gets dividend payments along with voting rights.

Choosing the Best Trading App in India in 2023

Now, coming to the most important thing – Which is the best stock trading app in India in 2023? The answer to this question may not be as easier as it seems. This is because no single stock trading app may be preferred by different types of stock investors.

There are different types of mobile trading apps that may have their own set of features. It simply means that one investor may have a different taste than another stock investor and he can choose a particular trading app accordingly.

Below are the top 10 mobile trading apps in India for beginners and expert investors you must know.

S. No. Stock Trading App Prominent Feature Performance Rating Exclusive Offers
1 Zerodha Kite An integrated trading app 5/5
2 Upstox Pro Quick investing 4.7/5
3 5 Paisa Strong stock advisory 4.5/5
4 Angel Speed Pro A single window trading experience 4.2/5
5 IIFL Markets Insightful stock tips and research reports 4.1/5
6 ICICI Direct Free equity futures trading 4.1/5
7 Motilal Oswal Trader Useful stock information for beginners 4.0/5
8 Fyers Markets Historical intraday charts with 65+ technical indicators 3.9/5
9 Sharekhan One-tap access on home screen 3.9/5
10 Choice Smoother stock trading 3.7/5


Now, let’s take a deeper look at each of these apps.

Zerodha Kite

With over 1 crore downloads on Google Play Store so far, Zerodha is the frontrunner in the field of stock trading and accounts for nearly 15% of the entire retail trading market in India. Kite by Zerodha Trading App is one the best mobile trading app in India in 2023 and is a perfect choice for both beginners as well as advanced traders and investors thanks to its advanced technology-based trading platform.

  • Zero brokerage for equity delivery trading
  • Up to 20x leverage on intraday trading
  • In-depth portfolio like P&L, tax reports, and market analytics
  • Availability of 3-in-1 account opening
  • Next-gen features like “view breakdown” which shows STT charges along with the brokerage
  • Super-fast Zerodha login, market data streaming, insightful charts, and a smoother user interface
  • Hassle-free mutual funds and IPO investment with zero commission

Upstox PRO

A well-known discount broker software called Upstox PRO is backed by renowned players including Indian billionaire Mr. Ratan Tata and Tiger Global Management. For experienced and knowledgeable investors, the share market application offers trading and investing opportunities in stocks, currencies, commodities, and mutual funds with cutting-edge tool alternatives such as trading view and charts IQ library. Till date, the app has 50L+ downloads on Google Play Store. The Upstox app download figures are growing year by year.

The major features of Upstox Pro are:

  • Option to invest in IPOs, Mutual Funds, and Gold
  • Enjoy up to 5X leverage on intraday trading
  • 0 commission on mutual funds investment
  • Advanced charting tools with 100+ technical indicators
  • Seamless access to NSE cash, futures and options and various currencies

5 Paisa

Being one of the fastest-growing trading apps in India in 2022, the 5 Paisa mobile trading app comes for both android and apple OS and has been downloaded 1 Cr+ times so far. Whether you are an investor or a trader, the trading app is perfect for both applications. Backed by the prestigious IIFL Group, the 5 Paisa mobile app enables investors to invest in equity, derivatives, insurance, currency, and mutual funds.

  • Get real-time access to market information, live stock prices, and price changes
  • Easy investing in US-based stocks
  • Strong research advisory support in the segment
  • Create multiple watch lists and price alerts
  • Simple and intuitive user interface for 5Paisa login and other segments

Angel One

The mobile trading app called Angel One is supported by the country’s leading full-service stock broker – Angel Broking. The stock trading app is renowned and offers its customers an intuitive single-window trading interface coupled with trade monitoring tools that are in-depth. It is also renowned for its quick order processing and real-time stock updates. The users can invest in mutual funds, share market stocks, US stocks, commodities, IPOs, futures & options. It also has 1Cr+ downloads to date.

  • Availability of wide-ranging investment channels like stocks, commodities, and currencies, as well as derivatives, margin trading, and mutual funds.
  • Provides real-time rate streaming for seamless trading.
  • With a portfolio of high-end equities already included, evaluate and analyze all assets at once.
  • Receive immediate, real-time news updates and flashes.
  • Option to use Excel to see and change real-time market data.

IIFL Markets

When it comes to choosing a stock trading app with unmatched user experience, IIFL Markets tops the list. Managed by India Infoline or IIFL, the trading app is counted among the best trading apps in India.

It also offers insightful stock tips and market research reports at zero cost to help investors in making sensible stock investment decisions.

  • Get detailed coverage of markets and businesses
  • Create multiple watch lists across BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX-SX
  • Quick notifications about orders, news, and transactions
  • User-centric dashboard for commodities, indices, and currencies.
  • Next-gen charting tools like MACD, Bollinger bands, moving average, and RSI

ICICI Direct

Being operated by the prestigious ICICI Group, ICICI Directs is among the oldest and most reputed stock broker service providers in India. ICIC Direct is a full-service brokerage app that offers a seamless, hassle-free stock trading experience to traders and investors. The app also provides free stock advisory, research reports, and free equity futures trading.

  • In-depth research reports covering the equity and derivatives sector
  • Create multiple watchlists of the index, stocks, and F&O contracts
  • Quick order execution, swipe-based buy and sell functionality
  • A multitude of brokerage plans for all types of investors
  • Option to invest in equities, commodity and currency, derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, FD and bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and insurance

Motilal Oswal Investor

One of India’s top stock brokerage firms, Motilal Oswal Securities, has come up with the MO Investor app. This mobile trading app is well-known in the industry for its user interface, cutting-edge capabilities, and instant price notifications.

The MO Investor app provides a wide range of services that enable users to invest in U.S. stocks, mutual funds, IPOs, derivatives, commodities, and currencies, as well as equity, derivative, and commodity-related products and services. One may sign up for their beginning, advanced, and intermediate courses as well as a vast selection of blogs and eye-catching infographics for learning reasons.

  • A portfolio restructuring tool driven by AI aids in rebalancing the whole portfolio to optimum returns.
  • There are several value-added services available, like SIP through WhatsApp, automated advice, live bot genie, and call and trade service.
  • Provides finance services such margin funding, loans secured by securities, and stock lending options.
  • Offers details on position, margin, and in-depth analysis through thorough research reports.
  • 40 asset management firms provide a wide range of MF programs.

Fyers Markets

Primarily known for zero brokerage and flat fee brokerage schemes, Fyers Securities offers a highly advanced mobile stock trading app – Fyers Markets. The app has over 10 lakh downloads and comes for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. The trading app promises a fast and hassle-free trading experience across all segments.

  • An integrated trading app for all categories across MCX and NSE
  • Multiple watchlists
  • Options calculator functionality
  • Robust data analytics for crucial market information access
  • Faster fund transfer facility right through the mobile app
  • Free equity delivery trades


Being in the stock broking segment for longer years, Sharekhan is a reputed name in the market. Its mobile trading app is popular among both new and experienced investors. It allows investors to invest in derivatives, equities, mutual funds, currency, commodities, and IPOs. It provides its consumers with the option of margin and delivery trading. The program contains a number of cutting-edge features, including sophisticated search options, in-depth chart analysis, options contracts on a single page, and other modern tools. For account opening and deposits, the Sharekhan trading app does not levy any fees.

  • Integrated dashboard view for easy and fast access to various features
  • Market watch feature which lets you pick any scrip, explore details, check percentage and stock’s worth over time
  • New and advanced charts for insightful market analysis
  • Quick fund transfer facility
  • Personalize the default app screen.

Choice FinX

Earlier known as Jiffy, the Choice FinX trading app intends to make stock trading simpler and faster. It is one of the most popular trading apps in India in 2023 and offers a seamless stock trading experience to traders and investors. The app allows people to invest in mutual funds, stocks, fixed deposits, and bonds. In addition, the app’s functionality is backed by advanced features like:

  • Options Chain feature which helps in quick decision making along with enhanced security
  • Dedicated research section with expert-analyzed research that helps in informed decisions
  • The app comes with 100+ advanced charts & research reports
  • Filter-based watchlist which allows investors to add 50 scrips each in 5 watchlists
  • Consolidated company page which presents real-time values across different exchange segments


Major Traits of a Great Trading App

  • Real-time data access – Since stock trading is all about making the right buying or selling decisions at the right time, stock traders and investors should be able to access market data on a real-time basis. The market information should not only be readily available but easily accessible too. Therefore, the best trading app in India must have this feature.
  • Smart notifications – According to a study, notifications are found to increase user engagement by 190%. As alerts enable users to keep track of their orders, they play a considerably more important function. Keep in mind that because transactions aren’t performed in real-time and the price may occasionally change between the time the order is placed and the time it is completed. Users should be informed when this occurs very effectively via notifications.
  • Cross-platform Availability – The chosen trading app must be available for both iOS and Android mobile operating systems. In addition, the app should offer a seamless trading experience across all mobile devices irrespective of their location and configuration. The app shouldn’t exhibit performance lags more often.
  • Use-friendliness – As understanding of the stock market and its elements is not easy for everyone, It is crucial that you create an app that is simple to comprehend and utilize. The program may conduct other critical activities, monitor market data from stock exchanges, and give you important information about the minute changes.
  • Safety – Risks are quite common in industries like banking and investing. Data theft is a constant concern in investing, and it may result in significant losses for you. The most important feature that must be included in the newest stock applications is security. You’ll enter a lot of private information into the stock market app. Therefore, it’s crucial to check that the program has the right security features in place to safeguard your valuables and private data.


Major Benefits of Using the Best Trading App

Below are some of the most prominent benefits of using a mobile trading app:

  • Real-time market insights
  • Competitive brokerage than conventional broking channels
  • Easy and seamless access to historical charts and research reports
  • Fast and hassle-free account opening
  • Option to invest in multiple investment tools like IPOs, Mutual Funds, etc
  • Quick order placement
  • Smart notifications and price alerts
  • Access to experts’ tips and stock suggestions anytime, anywhere

FAQs Regarding the Best Trading App in India

What is the finest trading application in India?
According to order placing speed, fees, and overall services, the following are some of the finest trading applications in India:

  • Zerodha Kite app
  • 5paisa trading app
  • Upstox Pro app
  • Angel Broking mobile app
  • IIFL Markets

Which trading app in India is secure?

Zerodha Kite, Angel Broking Mobile, 5Paisa Mobile, and Upstox pro are a few of the best secure trading applications in India. These trading applications adhere to a strong security mechanism and user authentication that safeguards all transaction data. Therefore, these trading applications are regarded as India’s top stock market app.

Is Trading Risk-Free?

Yes! Trading is risk-free, but you must conduct study before engaging in stock trading. If you are successful in trading, you will always make a profit; always utilize the greatest trading software for lucrative trading. For financial security, never reveal your OTP, CVV, Card details, or any other sensitive information outside of the app.

Which is the finest trading app in India for beginners?

Beginners require more time and effort to comprehend the fundamentals of stock trading in India; therefore, the best trading app in India must have an intuitive user interface and all popular features, including historical charts, LIVE market feeds, customer support channels, and investment tips, among others.

Considering all of these characteristics, the finest trading applications include Zerodha Kite, 5Paisa Mobile, Upstox Pro, Angel Broking Mobile, and Edelweiss Online.

Which is the No. 1 trading company in India?

In most circumstances, the performance of trading organizations is determined by a variety of criteria, such as their brand value, trading tools, customer service, the facilities offered, client contentment, etc.
However, the standing of a trading firm in India is determined by the number of active clients it has. Considering this, it can be concluded that Zerodha is the leading trading firm in India, with an active customer base of 3602074 and a market share of 19.06 percent.

Why is Zerodha an excellent trading platform?

Zerodha is the top-ranked trading app in India, according to both novice and seasoned investors. In recent years, Zerodha’s popularity has reached a new peak due to the high-quality services it provides. Here are some of the primary reasons why Zerodha is regarded as an excellent trading platform.

  • Reputable presence in the nation 60 Lakhs clients – India’s finest performance to date
  • Zero commission is charged on Delivery deals
  • Top Brokerage is restricted to Rs 20 per category
  • No documentation required for account opening
  • Simple brokerage slabs

Which trading application is the best for intraday trading?

Intraday Trading refers to the purchase and sale of stocks within the same day. This is a type of stock trading in which shares are purchased not for investment purposes, but to generate gains by exploiting the movement of stock keys. The alternatives for selecting the finest intraday trading app in India are as follows:

  • Money Control
  • IIFL Markets
  • NSE Mobile Trading Apps
  • BSE India

Is the trading application secure?

Trading via mobile app is a new trend in today’s digital world. Always use extreme caution when submitting bank information for security concerns. Cheating is nearly unavoidable. Always use apps that are well-known and have positive evaluations and reputations.

How much capital do you require to spend money on shares?

You can start investing in shares with as little as 100Rs. The majority of buying and selling apps no longer have a minimal account stability requirement to begin a buying and selling account.

You must have the quantity of cash required to buy one stock as a minimum.

Is it possible to exchange for free?

Yes, you can swap for free. Many online trading programmes, such as Zerodha, provide reduced brokerage fees for stock delivery transactions of Rs 0.00. All you need is money to purchase a tradable item.

What is a mobile trading app?

A mobile trading app is a mobile application that is downloaded and installed on a smartphone and allows users to buy and sell different financial instruments like stocks, mutual funds, IPOs, derivatives, commodities, and currency. It also allows users to access real-time market data, research reports, place orders, check prices, monitor portfolio performance, and others. Due to the ease of access, mobile trading has become quite popular among today’s stock traders and investors.

Which is the best trading app in India for new investors?

According to market experts, Zerodha Kite is one of the best apps for beginners as it has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes stock trading smoother.

Which is the most popular trading app at present?

With more than 1 Cr downloads, Zerodha Kite is considered the most download trading app in India in 2022. For several years, the app has maintained the top slot in the category of most popular mobile trading apps in India.

How can I choose the best trading app in India?

As every investor has his own set of expectations and requirements, the selection of a trading app must be done on the basis of them. However, some usual elements to look at are app features, brokerage, historical data availability, user interface, customer support, safety, fund transfer facility, availability of financial instruments, and others.

Which trading apps offer free stock broking?

There are many mobile trading apps in India that offer stock trading services at 0 brokerage. Some of them are Zerodha, Angel Broking, Upstox, and others. You can search for them online and download them to start investing.

The Conclusion

So, if you are looking for the best trading app in India 2023, you can explore the aforementioned options and choose the one that matches your needs the best. Among various factors that play a role in the selection of a stock trading app, brokerage remains at the top. So, if you don’t want to spend too much amount on brokerage, the given stock trading apps might be worth considering. According to experts, it is always a good idea to compare the brokerage and features of different trading apps in India and choose the one that meets all parameters perfectly.

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