Best Crypto Exchanges in India

In finance, cryptocurrency trading is a brand-new frontier with countless prospects. You must, however, have the appropriate tools available if you want to take full advantage of this new universe. Mobile apps have made it simpler to buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies for fiat money. So it stands to reason that the bitcoin trading app is one of the most important of these tools. We’ll look at the best cryptocurrency trading applications in India today and give a quick summary of each one.


A platform for trading, managing, tracking, and evaluating digital assets is offered by the cryptocurrency trading software WazirX to users. WazirX is undoubtedly one of India’s most well-liked cryptocurrency trading apps, with more than 12 million users. It offers several platforms and tools to make cryptocurrency trading easier. The platform has several features that may be used to track transactions and portfolios, run analyses, and automate transactions. It is available for free download.

The tools are created to simplify for anyone to begin trading cryptocurrencies and to give you the information, resources, and direction you need to improve as a trader. The platform offers consumers a flawless trading interface and information on cryptocurrency trading. WazirX offers a discount depending on WRX holdings and charges a 0.20 percent fee on each trade’s value. They give consumers single-window access to the world’s most active marketplaces, enabling them to trade cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and others.

CoinSwitch Kuber

CoinSwitch Kuber is one of the most dependable platforms for trading cryptocurrencies.Since its launch in 2017, it has served millions of traders. Its objective is to simplify crypto trading for regular people and is supported by Sequoia Capital. It is one of the greatest crypto trading aggregators because of its partnerships with some top crypto exchanges. CoinSwitch Kuber has handled more than $5 billion worth of cryptocurrency transactions.

Their mission statement states they want to “challenge the current status quo” and provide every man the tools necessary to become financially independent without a college degree or inherited wealth. Its obligatory KYC standards further protect your transactions.


Unocoin, the first cryptocurrency trading platform, is based in India. More than 11.7 million transactions have been processed since its 2013 inception. Unocoin offers dynamic rates for big volume transactions and competitive gas prices. To automate trading and gain an advantage over other traders, you can also gain access to the trading API and build trading bots utilizing real-time market updates.

Since its founding in 2013, Unocoin has not only made cryptocurrency trading easier but also significantly influenced the fight for crypto rights in India. The registration procedure takes less than 10 minutes to complete and entails providing bank information, establishing a straightforward transaction and registering. For traders who are not familiar with the crypto world, this elegant system is great.


Since its 2018 launch, CoinDCX has swiftly become one of India’s most well-liked cryptocurrency trading platforms. It is one of the most popular options for cryptocurrency trading, with more than 10 million users in India.

To enhance current security protocols and guarantee the highest level of security, CoinDCX needs ongoing audits. It offers a graduated system for determining gas costs, with Level 1 at 0.2 percent and Level 10 at 0.020 percent. It gives CoinDCX traders access to 1/3 of the world’s crypto liquidity using the COSMEX platform.


Another Indian cryptocurrency trading platform, ZebPay, was established in 2014. Since its establishment, it claims to have handled over $10 billion transactions. Since the Indian market launched in May 2020 with more than 5 million users, the team has demonstrated its dedication to making cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. Security is a top priority for ZebPay. Ninety-eight percent of all ZebPay-registered tokens are kept offline in hardware wallets as opposed to internet servers.

Additionally, effective internal controls safeguard your resources at all times. ZebPay EARN offers investors a 5 percent passive return on investment as a guarantee. ZebPay allows you to lend your coupon to other vendors and get 10% interest.

Buy Ucoins

With this outstanding cryptocurrency exchange program, you can purchase, exchange, and store digital assets, including Bitcoin, Polkadot, Ethereum, and Ripple. Real-time spot trading, a permanently free wallet, cashback, and a lifelong referral fee are just a few of the app’s many noteworthy features.


Users may purchase and sell cryptocurrencies using this exchange software, which is accessible on Android and iOS without the help of intermediaries. One of the favorites among Indians is one of the over 100 cryptocurrencies listed.


One of the most cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange apps is definitely this one. Who knows how? Well, due to the fact that it features foolproof security, regular security audits, real-time order books, a custom trading engine, a fluid trading experience, etc., this has to be included in the list of favorites.


The user-friendly trading interface, multilingual assistance, robust KYC verification system, cutting-edge security technology, cold wallet insurance, and high liquidity are all promised by this cryptocurrency exchange app. It’s probably worth a shot, then. Do you not agree?

In 2022, will be India’s top cryptocurrency exchange. Evaluation According to a study of India’s top crypto exchanges overall,, the top CFD platform, is at the top of the list. CFD will keep tabs on the price of the relevant crypto asset for all new readers of this manual. The task of a trader is to forecast whether a value will increase or decrease.

This is a more versatile technique to make money from trading cryptocurrencies. If you believe that the chosen cryptocurrency’s value will decline, you can put a sell order and, if necessary, profit from it. If the token appears worth more, another choice is to enter the market with a buy order.

The greatest location to trade crypto assets as CFDs in India is, where you can buy and sell for a commission-free price of 0%. The difference between the selling prices of the assets is what you must pay (called spreads).

On, this turned out to be competitive.
Additionally, since you don’t purchase the underlying assets directly, you don’t have to worry about securing your crypto tokens from hackers. This international crypto-exchange offers more chances for diversification than many others in India because it allows trading in both stocks and virtual currency. This is advantageous when trying to trade equities because you can access both under one roof.

You can trade the value of indexes, ETFs, commodities, energy, and much more in the future. The platform provided by this CFD broker is user-friendly. Additionally, a smartphone app enables cryptocurrency trading from any location with an internet signal. Diversification is simple at because more than 470 crypto pair trading options are available. For its reasonable spreads and low non-trading fees, is also considered one of the top forex brokers in India.

Most Indian financial institutions offer internet banking, wire transfers, debit or credit cards, and other funding options for your account. GlobePay is another option for online payments. The minimum down payment is a mere $20, or roughly 1,500. However, the minimum for a wire payment is $250, or around 19,300 Rupees.

How to Pick India’s Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Most investors and traders have already discovered the top exchanges from the list of cryptocurrency exchanges above. Before the trading platform can be referred to as the finest cryptocurrency exchange in India, however, several factors must be considered.

  • The following elements must be considered while comparing cryptocurrency exchanges in India, especially when looking for the top exchange for 2022.
  • Users must conduct in-depth research on cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Additionally, you must confirm the integrity of the user
  • reviews posted on the cryptocurrency trading site.
  • The system must be compatible with Bitcoin and other widely used coins. Its security must reflect the exchange’s dependability.
  • The platform must conduct lawful buying and selling and offer the highest level of cryptographic security.
  • Trading platforms can be contrasted based on trading costs and general charge structures. This emphasizes unforeseen expenses.
  • The platform must function as a well-known and reputable bitcoin exchange.
  • Exchanges must support a variety of payment options.
  • A key factor in this determination is the interchange user experience.
  • The factors mentioned above can be used to rank other swaps fairly. Additionally, this will result in 5 unlisted platforms.

Methods for selecting the best bitcoin exchange

The typical characteristics of the top Indian crypto exchanges are very different, as can be seen by analyzing their strengths and drawbacks. There are also variations in pricing, security, customer service, and other factors.

Read the checklist below to clear up any confusion and select the best Bitcoin exchange in India.


Before selecting the best exchange in India, look into each exchange’s regulatory status. For this, a quick online search is typically used. According to the general agreement, SEBI would be in charge of regulating India’s cryptocurrency exchange. At the time, this document was being written; however, this was not yet a part of the law.

However, for security considerations, is among the top cryptocurrency exchanges in India. It has received approval from numerous regulatory organizations, including the FCA, ASIC, CySEC, and NBRB.

This demonstrates that you are trading in a secure and ethical setting.

Tradeable crypto

  • It will become clear to you when you read about the top crypto exchanges in India that there is a significant disparity in the number of digital assets you can access.
  • Example: Over Four hundred seventy crypto markets are available on Over 250 coins are listed on Only 3 crypto-assets can be purchased with Paxful.
  • With that in mind, carefully consider which platform you will open your account on, as it will likely diversify in the future.
  • Sign-up Specials
  • Some of India’s top crypto exchanges offer promotions such as sign-up bonuses and referral benefits.
  • There are also fees to consider when choosing the best crypto exchange in India. Importantly, the commission rates for the best
  • platforms on the market are very low.
  • Example: offers bitcoin CFD trading with a 0% commission fee.
  • In contrast, Coinbase levies a uniform 1.49 percent fee on all merchants.

Using a more expensive platform can significantly influence your income over time because there are obvious disparities across crypto exchanges.

Features and tools

Consider your access to trading and investment tools when searching for the finest crypto exchanges in India.

Is cryptocurrency trading permitted in India?

  • Trading in cryptocurrencies was outlawed in 2018. However, the Indian Supreme Court authorized the usage of cryptocurrencies in the financial sector in 2020.
  • Regarding legal and regulatory clarity, neither cryptocurrency transactions nor statutory deposits on such sites are outlawed by Indian law.
  • However, since 2022, several Indian financial institutions and payment service providers have prohibited transactions with cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Accepting deposits using a wallet like MobiKwik will allow you to circumvent some cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • The restrictions imposed by some payment providers are also not anticipated to remain indefinitely.
  • The Indian crypto community has overcome the Reserve Bank of India’s objections. As a result, it is legal to purchase, sell, trade, and mine cryptocurrencies in India.


We’ve covered the top cryptocurrency trading applications in India in this article. Each of them differs from other cryptocurrency trading apps thanks to various features. WazirX, CoinSwitch Kuber, Unocoin, ZebPay, and CoinDCX were traversed. Thanks to this blog, you should know more about the apps to utilize when trading cryptocurrencies.

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