Reliance Securities Review, Brokerage Charges, Demat A/C, Platforms & More

When it comes to stock brokerage and distribution in India, Reliance Capitals’ Reliance Securities (also known as Reliance Smart Money) is the leader. For decades, the company’s name has been synonymous with high-quality, full-service brokerage services. When it comes to building a fortune around their brand in less than two decades, they have done an excellent job.

However, today we are not here to celebrate the organization’s history, but rather to challenge its operations with regard to the items and services they sell, the services they provide, and the type of brokerage they charge.

They also charge taxes and other related fees, and they expose their traders and clients to trading leverage. Most importantly, they provide efficient remote trading platforms.

About Reliance Securities

When Mr. Anil Ambani founded Reliance Capitals in 2005, the Mumbai, Maharashtra-based business took on the job of handling the broking and distribution of Indian stock trading on behalf of Reliance Securities.

A full-service brokerage company and one of India’s leading stock trading companies, it has benefited from a wide range of cutting-edge trading strategies and platforms.

These are the ideas they’ve come up with in the last several years for their national network of traders and investors. As one of India’s most recommended and best stockbrokers, Reliance Securities was born out of Reliance Capital.

“To simplify investing and trading for our consumers with technology-supported user-friendly, value brokerage services,” states their mission statement.


  • Customers can choose from a variety of brokerage plans and trading platforms.
  • All investment products and financial services are offered at one location.
  • Located in all major metropolitan areas


  • Big traders might take advantage of plans with minimal brokerage fees.
  • For small traders, there isn’t much of a difference in brokerage fees between us and other brokerage firms.

There are several financial services offered by Reliance Security, including stock brokerage. In comparison to other brokers, its Robo-trading software and extensive analytics provide it a significant advantage. To meet the demands of a wide range of investors, it offers a wide range of fairly priced brokerage plans. Customer value is created by combining research value, big data analytics, and long-term experience with capital markets.

How to open an account with Reliance Securities?

Investors who want to trade stocks online with Reliance must first register a DEMAT account. Reliance Markets makes it simple to open a trading account. To get started with Reliance Securities, you have a few alternatives.

  • Once you’ve downloaded the paperwork from the internet (, bring it to your local Reliance security office to create an account.
  • Upon arrival, you will be assisted by a Reliance Securities representative who will give you the necessary paperwork and help you create an account.

The procedure of creating an online demat account:

  • The log-in page may be found at To complete the KYC procedure, you must provide your email, phone number, PAN, and Aadhar number when you click on that icon. There may be a few additional documents needed, and those will be included there. After the staff verifies your information and approves your account, you will receive the user ID and password kit. It takes around 24 hours to complete this procedure.
  • If you provide your name and phone number, a representative from the company will call you to assist you further.

Plan & Fees for Securities Brokerage by Reliance

Customers of Reliance Securities can choose between three different brokerage plans, each suited to a different style of trading and investing. The cost of creating a trading account is Rs.950, which is a one-time fee. Detailed descriptions of each plan are provided below.

  1. A sliding scale brokerage plan, the R-Flexi Plan, is offered by R-Flexi, which charges less as the number of trades increases. Delivery, margin, and alternatives are some of the advantages of this Flexi plan. High-value traders should use this strategy.
  2. Fixed Online Plan: This plan is meant for online consumers who run and execute a trade without any dealer help. No matter how big or little the trade, the brokerage fee stays the same regardless of how much money is exchanged.
  3. R Set Plan: In this plan, the client has the opportunity to pay a fixed fee for all your trades with the simplicity of having access to a branch and a relationship manager who will assist make investment decisions based on in-house created fundamental and technical research reports.

Trading Platforms for Reliance Securities (RS)

Customers of India’s full-service broker can choose from a variety of trading platforms to fit their specific needs and preferences. Clients have access to trading platforms on their desktops, browsers, and mobile devices, all of which showcase a wealth of useful features. In order to provide its customers with an exceptional trading experience, however, more work has to be done. Find out more about them by reading on.

Reliance Securities Tick

Reliance Securities Tick trading platform is a terminal-based trading platform that provides automated insights to traders and investors based on Big data analytics. With Tick, investors may obtain personalized recommendations in real time depending on their interests. There will be no unnecessary waste while placing orders. A few of the platform’s most notable features are as follows:

  • There are several model screeners with derivative policies, options strategies, recommendations, and the like.
  • Information on the put-call ratio, market mood, rollover fees, heat maps, and other topics.
  • Real-time notifications and indications from technical experts.
  • Under a single screen, a variety of asset types’ watchlists are available.

Reliance Securities Tick Pro

Dedicated to futures trading, Reliance Securities Tick Pro is a mobile app for the same. It’s a cutting-edge mobile trading program that’s been created to make investing in derivatives as simple and valuable as possible for investors. A few of the app’s most important features are:

  • An overview of the current market
  • Indicators for analyzing data in real-time

Reliance Securities Commodities

Clients of Reliance Securities may use this smartphone app to trade commodities more accurately. The following functionalities are included in this application:

  • Market monitoring lists that may be tailored to suit your needs
  • A real-time feed of commodity price quotations
  • There is a spot for you to put your ad unless the purchase is cancelled or the date is reached
  • MCX and NCDEX real-time charts

Reliance Securities Insta-Plus

A browser-based trading platform from Reliance Securities, called Intra Plus, is all that is required for clients to conduct trading on the platform. Customers can trade in a variety of asset types with these features:

There are market analyses and advice on the Heatmaps Trend matrix platform
Please be aware that the trading platform is not mobile-friendly and, as a result, is not ideal for mobile trading.

Reliance Securities – RMobile Express

Investors may trade across a variety of asset classes, including stock, currency, and derivatives, using RMobile Express. Using the app, customers can:

  • Take a look at today’s intra-day charts
  • Direct trading between the NSE and BSE is possible here.

How to transfer shares in Reliance Securities from other Stock Brokers?

In order to transfer stock to Reliance securities from another broker, you will need to –

  • Fill out and sign the DIS, then submit it to your current stockbrokers to begin trading.
  • There are two ways to transmit data: manually and online.
  • Depository, CSDL, or NSDL, will get the Delivery Instruction Slip.
  • Shares from another brokerage will be transferred to Reliance securities when the Depository verifies and authenticates the transfer.
  • Your newly opened Demat Account will show the transferred shares.

Reliance Research on Financial Markets

Reliance Securities, a well-known full-service stockbroker, is well-known for conducting extensive research for its customers, who may then select the suggestions they want to utilise for their trades based on their preferences. This is exactly how the broker gives its clients with research:

  • Synopses of investments
  • scholarly studies (Fundamental call, trade edge, model portfolio, option strategy)
  • In front of the market
  • Options for the future
  • R-stock Model’s options (proprietary service)
  • According to these guidelines, the accuracy of these recommendations or advice is somewhere in the middle and may be improved from
  • a variety of perspectives. The timing of these recommendations can be improved as well.

As a customer of Reliance Securities, you will get notifications by SMS, email, and inside the trading platforms themselves.

The Reliance PMS

One of the most well-known and trusted companies in the sector of portfolio management services is Reliance PMS (PMS). Quality services are reflected in the company’s well-known name equity. Because of its exceptional track record, it has been a favourite of portfolio investors, particularly in recent years.

Both discretionary and non-discretionary PMS services are offered by Reliance PMS to its clients. ( As a service to its customers, both are offered by a stock broker

Discretionary PMS:

A portfolio manager oversees the investments in a PMS service like this. Any product can be added or removed from the portfolio at the fund manager’s discretion in order to optimize the investment portfolio’s performance.

A client’s portfolio gains from the fund manager’s expertise and experience while using this portfolio service, which boosts the portfolio’s chances of success.

Non-discretionary PMS:

A customer of a non-discretionary PMS receives investment advice from the portfolio manager in line with the portfolio’s holdings. The customer, on the other hand, is solely responsible for the portfolio.

As long as the client understands the performance or return, they will bear the responsibility. Client decisions alone will determine the portfolio’s positive or negative performance.


A thorough review of Reliance Smart Money shows that the organisation is a great resource for investors in the stock market.

You may choose from a variety of brokerage plans that fit your needs, and all of the services are supplied at a reasonable price. As a result, traders who use RelianceSmart Money are able to manage their trading and DEMAT accounts without any issues. There are several advantages to opening a brokerage account with a broker house.

Q&A about Reliance Securities

1.Ques: Do you think trading with Reliance Securities is safe?

Ans: The Indian stock market is dominated by Reliance Securities, a pioneer in the industry. They are well-known for their safety and reliability, and their long history and extensive expertise prove this.

Reliance Securities aims to provide its customers with user-friendly and value-laden brokerage services.

2.Ques: What is the brokerage of Reliance Securities?

Ans: With Reliance Securities, you can get all of your brokerage needs met. Equity Intraday Trading, Equity Futures Trading and Currency Futures Trading all have brokerages that vary from 0.15 to 0.50 percent for equity delivery trading to 0.15 to 0.50 percent for all other types of equity trading.

3.Ques: How do I establish a Demat account for Reliance Securities?

Ans: A new window will open when you click the “Open Demat Account” button in the green bar at the top of the page. You can go through the KYC process after reading, filling out, and submitting the form.

Authorized people will contact you once you’ve completed the above procedures. Within a few hours of the procedures being finished, you will have full access to your account.

4.Ques: Is it possible for me to invest in an IPO through Reliance?

Ans: With Reliance Securities, yes, you may invest in an initial public offering (IPO). In order to apply for a job, you may simply fill out an online form with your personal information.

As a result, the firm will take care of your paperwork.

5.Ques: Does Reliance Securities give any leverage?

When it comes to giving out more trading leverage, Reliance Securities’ regulations differ per asset class. Leverage on equity intraday can go up to 5x, while leverage on currency future options can be as low as 1X.

6.Ques: Is there a mobile trading app for Reliance Securities?

Ans: Does Reliance Securities’ Tick PRO trading app run on Android and iOS? Yes, it does.

Designed to be a remote trading platform, the app has automatic advisers, information on profit potentials, and more than one million downloads.

7.Ques: How to contact Reliance Securities customer care?

Ans: Customers can contact Reliance Securities’ customer service representatives through phone, email, or in person. Email help or a visit to one of the company’s 80 offices around the country are also options for customers.

A dedicated dealer is also provided by the firm.

8.Ques: Does Reliance Securities provide research?

Ans: Registered traders and investors all around the country can take advantage of Reliance Securities’ in-depth research. The firm provides clients with up-to-date research and analysis.

9.Ques: Is Reliance Securities good for Beginners?

Ans: It’s true that Reliance Securities is a good choice for novice investors. Many reports and comprehensive study make it a wonderful choice for novices…

“Simplify investing and trading for our customers through technology supported, user-friendly, value-broking services,” reads the mission statement of Reliance Services in service to its clients.

10.Ques: Who Is the Founder of Reliance?

Ans: Mr. Anil Ambani established the groundwork for Reliance Securities in 2005.

The brokerage and distribution responsibilities for the Indian stock market were transferred to Reliance Securities once the company was officially registered with its Mumbai headquarters on behalf of Reliance Capitals.