AmiBroker Review 2023 – Features, Pricing, Pros And Cons

There is always something to learn, regardless matter how proficient a trader you are. You may be well-versed in technical analysis, backtesting, and charting, but learning new techniques would offer you an advantage over other traders. However, comprehending and digesting this technical material is not always a stroll in the park. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you could locate a program that simplifies your tasks. At this point, we are going to introduce you to AmiBroker, a program meant for experts. This may explain why it has so many complex features. Read our analysis AmiBroker Review to see if this stock market trading platform provides the features you want.


About AmiBroker

AmiBroker is a technical analysis platform with powerful capabilities designed to help you maintain a competitive advantage. These characteristics include, among others, real-time graphing, scanning, and robust backtesting tools. These are elements that any professional trader would find beneficial since they can be utilized for market analysis, backtesting trading techniques, and chart preparation. Examining this program’s distinguishing characteristics will help us comprehend its purpose.


  • Surprisingly low-cost considering the number of analyses offered.
  • Incredibly flexible technical graphs
  • Ultra-quick formula-based scans, backtests, and walk-forward tests
  • With a Professional license, you can use up to 32 CPU threads.
  • Automatic optimization of a strategy based on many factors.


  • Extremely high learning curve for the integrated programming language and user interface.
  • The design provides no direction, and the selections are minuscule.
  • How to configure Amibroker and Interactive Brokers (IB) for live trading and automated trading.
  • Amibroker is an effective tool for BOTH backtesting AND automated algorithmic trading.
  • I live-trade all of my strategies in Amibroker and transmit orders to Interactive Brokers. This was a straightforward configuration that required only a couple of hours to both comprehend and configure.

This is how it works:

  • You must first modify the backtest code somewhat. The buy and sell criteria are same, however you may need to add a tiny time function-based code to indicate when to purchase and sell. This is a simple task.
  • Download the “bridge” that Amibroker has created to link Amibroker to Interactive Brokers and configure the IB software.
  • Step three is the most challenging. At certain periods, you must determine if your techniques have generated buy or sell signals. To keep track of which strategies have open positions, you must write code so that you do not continue to purchase if your strategy is already long (or short). This takes a bit more complicated coding, but you can obtain the fundamental concepts online for free.

AmiBroker Features

In this part, we will break down the program’s primary components. Then, you can determine whether or not the platform provides all you require to be a successful trader.

1. Charting And Drawing Tools

This program’s technical charts are extensively configurable, allowing you to customize their appearance to your liking. Real-time parameter adjustments may be made using sliders. The charting function is distinguished by its integrated indications, drag-and-drop indicators, subject-oriented drawing tool, and several time periods. You may add additional technical analysis to these charts, as well as toggle between different timelines.

2. Market Evaluation And Research

There is an analytical pane for examining and investigating the stock market. Here you will discover real-time stock screening tools that may be used to filter stocks based on Buy, Sell, Short, and Cover circumstances. Using the Exploration tool, you may screen stocks based on general filter conditions.

3.Formula Editor Of AmiBroker (AFL)

This program’s status as an independent software platform is determined by the AFL. It has limited fundamental functionality, such as those for scanning and a moving average crossover. Note that the majority of AFL’s default parameters are merely templates with placeholder values rather than genuine ones. The relevance of this feature lies in the fact that seasoned traders will have a simple time generating rapid references as they develop new algorithms. Due to the availability of only a few fundamental features, however, novice users are likely to encounter considerable difficulty.

Overall, there is a valuable in-line syntax checker that may be used to validate your code prior to analysis. In addition, you will be presented with a drop-down menu from which to select the function that will expedite your coding.

Fortunately, both the Ami Broker manual and customer support are available to demonstrate how the code editor, particularly its sophisticated features, operates. Consider that the learning curve for getting up and running with developing functions is really steep.

4. Database Of Symbols And Prices

This collection includes innumerable symbols and quotations. You may filter data based on certain parameters. This database contains the entirety of the trading account’s history information.

5. Analysis

AmiBroker’s most helpful feature is likely its analysis function. In comparison to rival tools, scanning and back-testing are reasonably quick. The outcomes of these two procedures are then shown in an Excel table, however the data may be exported as a spreadsheet or a report.

Additionally, we appreciated the flexibility provided while back-testing alternative tactics. So, you may pick the portfolio size and the subsets of tickers on which you wish to do back-testing.

In addition, there is a screener that identifies prospective trades based on a predefined trading strategy formula. This will be especially important for swing and end-of-day traders, as they will be able to immediately recognize the signals indicated by your formula, such as buy, sell, etc.

6. Monte Carlo Simulation

Since the stock market is defined by uncertainty, MC simulation evaluates the probability of a certain deal. This simulation would help you prepare for the worst-case situation, which cannot be ruled out due to the unpredictability of the environment.

7. Position And Points

This function allows you to perform a rating on a bar-by-bar basis based on your score. This rating will assist you in locating the best transaction.

8. Built-in Debugger

This debugger will scan and debug your formula before you execute it.

9. IBController

Designed with interactive brokers in mind, this interface for automated trading is an add-on. IBController provides a plug-in that allows you to connect to different brokers.

10. SSLAdd On & Multithreading Function

The goal of this functionality is to enable AmiBroker to send email notifications to the SMTP server as necessary. AmiBroker utilizes a separate thread for each formula chart as well as the graphics renderer.

AmiBroker Services

AmiBroker utilizes a separate thread for each formula chart as well as the graphics renderer. Services Provided by AmiBroker Now that we have completed our discussion of AmiBroker’s features, we will examine the services it provides to its consumers.

Customer Support

Customer Support The phone line is available on weekdays, and if you conduct a web search, you will find a large number of excellent testimonials about the service.

Amibroker AFL

This service, which allows you to develop and personalize your own unique formula, has previously been described in depth.
AFL stands for the Amibroker formula, for clarification.

  • Amiquote Data
  • Feature, option, currency, and equity data are all impacted by this information.
  • Members’ Area

This is a place where you may engage with other traders who purchased Amibroker from the official website.

Pricing Options

  • AmiBroker is exclusively accessible for Windows, while Mac users can utilize the software under a Windows virtual environment.
  • The Standard edition of the software costs $279 (one-time price) but is restricted to one-minute charting intervals at the highest resolution and only ten stocks in real time. In addition, this version can only utilize two CPU threads and is only accessible in 32-bit programs.
  • The $339 Professional edition of AmiBroker enables limitless real-time data and intraday graphing periods as small as ticks. With a Professional license, you get access to the 64-bit version of AmiBroker and can execute up to 32 CPU threads simultaneously.
  • The Ultimate Pro Pack contains AmiBroker Professional, AmiQuote, and AFL Code Pack for $499. AmiQuote is a tool that automatically downloads real-time quote data, whereas Code Pack is meant to automatically generate code based on plain-English words. These software packages can also be purchased alone.
  • All AmiBroker licenses provide 24 months of free updates and support, and AmiBroker Professional may be evaluated for 30 days prior to requiring a license.

Which Trader Is The AmiBroker Suited For?

Let us begin by saying that this program is intended for seasoned traders. As the platform requires the development and testing of trading methods, novices are excluded from this design.

As a result of the steep learning curve you will encounter, you will need to have a great deal of patience with the application. Additionally, you must be familiar with technical analysis to utilize this application.

This application is beneficial for day-traders and end-of-day traders owing to its function-based scanning. The back-testing and walk-forward testing capabilities of this application are extremely beneficial for long-term investors.

Overall, the software is extremely adaptable, allowing its application over many periods.

How Can Users Express Their Trading Ideas Using AmiBroker?

The formula language of the Amibroker program is quick and succinct, allowing users to describe their trading ideas. One may single-step through the code and observe the variables at runtime to have a better grasp of the operation of the formula, thanks to an integrated debugger. Modern code editors have syntax highlighting, code folding, as well as in error reporting. Fast array and matrix processing allows your calculations to execute simultaneously with the assembly code.

The trading systems and indicators developed in AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL) need less typing and space due to the fact that many AFL codes are single-line. In addition, one may make their own code snippets or utilize the pre-existing code snippets to construct their own code snippets. AFL enables multithreading, thus each chart formula and visual renderer runs on its own thread.

Conclusion: Amibroker Review

Overall, AmiBroker is a highly effective tool that is well-suited for backtesting and automated trading software. As with any goods, AmiBroker has advantages and disadvantages. I am pleased with AmiBroker and do not regret purchasing it. When your coding skills grow, I feel that AmiBroker is a more powerful platform than the majority of others since there are absolutely no limitations on what you can create. Since September 2017, I have live-traded 30 to 50 distinct automated trading methods across various periods and marketplaces with no serious issues. I utilize a virtual private server (VPS) and allow it to operate continuously throughout the day.

The benefits of having a completely configurable and affordable trading platform outweigh the downsides. The transition from backtesting to live trading is not as challenging as it may sound. As a last remark, we would like to remind you that you may download a free, abridged edition in order to evaluate it before making a purchase.

FAQs Regarding AmiBroker

Qu.1 What is Amibroker’s purpose?

Ans: AmiBroker is the most well-known charting and trading platform in the world. It is mostly used for charting and trading system development globally. Additionally, it is useful for backtesting a trading strategy. Traders can tie it to their broker’s platform for automatic trading in some instances.

Qu.2 What is Amibroker’s price?

Ans: There are three software versions. The regular version is priced at $279, the professional edition is priced at $339, and the ultimate pack pro is priced at $499. All purchases include 24 months of complimentary upgrades and support.

Qu.3 Which is better MetaStock versus Amibroker?

Ans: Due to its usability, AmiBroker is extremely popular among stock market traders throughout the globe. This program is simpler and more lightweight than MetaStock. The data fees are also significantly less than those of MetaStock. Overall, it is a good bargain.

Qu4.  What is the price of AmiBroker in India?

Ans: Currently, nobody in India is permitted to resell AmiBroker. Therefore, Indian merchants must also acquire it from the official website. Therefore, Indians must pay $279 for the ordinary version, $339 for the professional version, and $499 for the ultimate pack pro.

Qu5. What is AFL AmiBroker?

Ans: AFL stands for AmiBroker formula language. One may develop their trading logics into a fully-fledged trading system using this language. AFL is simple to master and simple to write. A simple AFL code wizard exists for traders with minimal or no coding knowledge.

Qu6. Does AmiBroker operate on Mac?

Ans: No, it does not work. This is a Windows-only application with no Apple Mac counterpart. There is, however, a simple hack. Using utilities such as parallels desktop, Mac users can run Windows applications on a Mac. Using this exploit, they can also run AmiBroker on a Mac.

Qu7. How do I import NSE shares into AmiBroker?

Ans: You have two options for adding NSE stocks to AmiBroker. Either download NSE stock data using built-in utilities such as AmiQuote, or import the data manually. Alternatively, you can purchase third-party data for NSE symbols and incorporate it into your preferred charting platform.