A Comprehensive Ventura Securities Review (2023 Updated)

Since its founding in 1994, Ventura Securities has seen a 25-year journey of success. The firm has always appreciated its consumers, attended to their wants and expectations, and engaged in its own growth to the benefit of the company and its customers. This article is about Ventura Securities review and including information on the company’s goods and services. This post will also examine and present details regarding the various brokerage fees and the company’s client programs. The study is a comprehensive examination of the organization, including all pertinent and significant features, from its trading platforms to the Demat account opening method.

About Ventura Securities

Ventura Securities Review

Ventura is an exclusive organization that delivers its services via its website and mobile trading application. The firm, which was founded in India in 1994, is regarded as the country’s top brokers. Mr. Sajid Malik launched Ventura Securities as a full-service brokerage firm in the city of Mumbai. The firm was founded initially as a stockbroker, but has since explored other financial sectors and created several more financial products.

Ventura Securities is a publicly traded firm that is listed on the NSE and BSE and a member of several organizations. The organization offers several products, including stocks, mutual funds, and others. It offers additional financial services in addition to the standard brokerage services. In addition to its local clients and consumers, it has a number of investors from foreign nations. Sajid Malik, who is also the company’s co-founder, serves as director of the business. Hemant Mahethia is the chief executive officer, director, and co-promoter of the firm. As a result of its commitment to research and consulting services as well as delivering the finest possibilities to clients, the company employs the brightest minds in the country.

Ventura Securities: Demat Account Opening

Although most clients trade through a sub-broker or branch office, Ventura offers a variety of trading platforms allowing clients to trade independently. Ventura provides a combination of Trading Account and Demat Account. The Demat Account is unnecessary if you are solely interested in trading derivatives. Ventura offers the online trading platform POINTER. Ventura Securities is well-liked by its clientele as a result of the individualized local service it provides through its branches, sub-brokers, and franchisees. Ventura’s prepaid trading programs for high-volume traders offer a reduction in the brokerage charge as more trades are executed. When opening a trading account with Ventura, the ideal alternative is to establish a 2-in-1 account (trading + demat) that provides investors with a smooth trading experience. Ventura’s account opening procedure is quite straightforward and quick. Primarily, there are two ways to create an account with Ventura.

1. Request a Call Back

You can request that Ventura Securities call you back. A sales agent from Ventura will call you within a few hours to arrange a visit from a local sales representative to your home or workplace.

2. Pay a visit to the local branch, sub-brokerage, or franchise office

Make a phone call to the local branch or office of a Ventura sub-broker. They will arrange a personal visit to open your account. In addition, they will deliver a complete demonstration of the products and services they offer. The procedure of filling out the form often takes only a few minutes once all needed documents have been submitted. The account opening process takes a few days.

Ventura Account Opening Fees-

  • Ventura Account Opening Charges (Trading Account): ₹150
  • Ventura AMC Charges (Trading Account): NIL
  • Ventura Account Opening Charges (Demat Account): ₹300
  • Ventura AMC Charges (Demat Account): ₹400

Ventura Securities Trading Platforms

Ventura Securities offers its clients a variety of trading platforms in order to keep them abreast of the latest developments in stock trading. In this Ventura securities review, we explore a comprehensive examination here.

Ventura Pointer

Essentially, Ventura Pointer is a terminal-based trading platform provided by Ventura Securities. A user must download the program in order to begin trading on several stock exchanges, including the NSE and BSE. Through this terminal-based program, traders may invest in Equity, Currency, F&O, IPOs, and MFs. Ventura Pointer provides a variety of functions to fulfill the needs of traders, including:

  • Diverse order kinds.
  • Customizable window for bulk trading.
  • Option Valuation Calculator
  • Market overview area for displaying the top-rated and best/worst twenty stocks.
  • The action window reflects the daily high or low.
  • Regular publication of market-related information.
  • Configurable Market monitoring window
  • Hotkeys help accelerate the trading process.

Note: This trading software is rumored to incur 3,500 in Pointer use fees, so be careful to obtain more information about it. If you are unable to produce brokerage revenue of the comparable amount during the first month of account creation, you must pay this fee.

Ventura Web

Ventura Web Ventura Online is a trading platform accessible with any web browser. To begin trading, you would be prompted to provide a username and password. Due to the application’s light weight and responsiveness, it can be viewed on nearly all browsers. Some of its key characteristics include:

  • Accessible using any web browser.
  • Across several stock exchanges, invest in varied market areas.
  • Option to effortlessly navigate various indices through swiping.
  • Users may view the specifics of a scrip by tapping on it.
  • There are several chart types available for technical analysis.

Ventura Wealth

Keeping in mind the consistent requirements of mobile users, Ventura Wealth enables its clients to trade across many segments directly from their mobile devices. In addition to trading, the platform offers a variety of other services, including daily research reports, recommendations, trade calls, and advice for several trading products. Using the mobile app, you may also transfer funds, cancel, amend, update, and execute orders with the touch of a finger. Among the most important features of the Ventura Wealth app are:

  • Customizable market monitoring section
  • Real-time tracking of a portfolio.
  • Live market updates.
  • Trade equity, derivatives, mutual funds, bonds, and initial public offerings.
  • Access to the most recent market information
  • Transfer the funds smoothly from the bank account to the Ventura trading account.
  • Gauge entire margin, available limitations and day’s positions.
  • View graphs spanning 1 day to 5 years.
  • Multiple types of charts, include line charts, bar charts, and candlestick charts.
  • Change text settings including quantity unit, size, desired index, and so forth.
  • Access a portfolio tracker in real-time.
  • Extremely secure information
  • Rapid order placement capacity.

Ventura Commodities

The mobile application is primarily intended to meet the demands of clients who are particularly interested in commodity trading. This application enables the broker’s clients to monitor commodity margin status, place trades, modify or cancel orders, create watchlists, etc. Its key characteristics are:

  • A market monitoring device that evaluates the performance of commodities.
  • It provides a list of the most-traded securities, the greatest movers, and the worst movers across MCX and NCDEX.
  • Under the options section, users may additionally change order preferences, columns, display, watchlists, and market status.
  • By integrating scrips, you may follow the performance of your preferred commodities.
  • It also provides information for margin, order book, trade book, and net position.
  • It is a free application of software.
  • Ventura Commodities is an intuitive and straightforward tool.

Ventura Securities Brokerage Charges

The brokerage fees charged by Ventura Securities depend on the amount of ‘Access Charges’ chosen. The range of acceptable payment amounts is from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 72000.This fee for utilizing their trading terminal will be mentioned further on.

The brokerage fees for the Equity delivery sector vary between 0.20 percent and 0.10 percent.

For the intraday segment, the charges for stock futures are 0.03 percent and currency futures and options are Rs 10 per lot; for commodities, the charges range between 0.15 percent and Rs 50 per lot.

The stock options trading segment has fees within Rs 50

More About Brokerage Charges

At the beginning of the year or upon starting the account, you must pay an access fee that is fully refundable if you create a minimum amount of commissions during the access fee’s validity period. In most situations (plans), the validity is for one year, whereas in others it is for six months. If you pick the Rs. 2000 plan when you start the account, you will be charged 0.35 percent for stock delivery and 0.04 percent for cash and commodities, intraday, and futures segment trading for the next year. If you produce Rs. 2,000 from the brokerage within one year, you are eligible for a Rs. 2,000 return of the Access costs you paid. This manner, you may significantly cut your brokerage fees. Additionally, they will assist you in calculating your investments using the Ventura Securities brokerage calculator.

Other Charges

Other expenses associated with Ventura Securities include transaction fees, which are assessed at 0.00380 percent of total turnover. The other obligatory fee is the stamp duty assessed in accordance with the state’s current stamp duty rates. The GST is paid on the amount resulting from the addition of brokerage and transaction fees. The GST rate on this amount is 18 percent. The remaining two obligatory fees are STT and SEBI fees, charged at 0.0126% and 0.00005% of the entire turnover, respectively. Ventura Securities imposes little extra fees on its clients for its smooth and well-integrated services. These fees are payable when clients employ particular services, such as Dematerialisation, Rematerialisation, Pledge creation, closure, or invocation.

Why Open A Securities Trading Account With Ventura?

There are several reasons to create a Ventura Securities Trading Account, including the following:

  • Constantly developing and inventing, the firm’s ongoing upgrading process provides the most value to its clients. They maintain an eye on the market and remain current by improving and launching new and creative goods and services, as well as enhancing existing ones.
  • Trading is now entirely dependent on technology; thus, the company, like a large broker house in the nation, recognizes its significance and adopts it. It continually adds new capabilities to its platform, websites, and services. The trading platforms are regularly developed to provide clients with the latest features and possibilities.
  • Experienced In trading, it is essential to respond fast without losing track of the market. Members of the Ventura Securities team strictly adhere to this method. They comprehend the market, do research and analysis, and then apply the same in order to maximize market returns. They are equipped with the research tools and procedures necessary to present the greatest trading chances to the customer.

Other Causes

  • Customers and relationships are highly valued by this company, which takes every partnership and interaction with clients and customers extremely seriously and does all necessary to meet their needs. They supply the greatest marketing techniques to company partners, advise customers on the best stocks, and keep excellent relationships with all of them. This is the unique selling proposition of the firm.
  • Wide array of services and products: Its services are not limited to stockbroking alone, but also include wealth management and other financial services. It offers a variety of products, including stocks, commodities, mutual funds, and others.
  • It has a diverse clientele from different regions of the country and even from foreign countries. It contains programs for Non-Resident Indians, Foreign Investors, and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs).
  • Even though the firm does not offer banking services, it is affiliated with all of the main public and commercial banks in the nation and overseas. This makes the procedure of sending funds very simple and straightforward for the client.

Ventura Securities Review- Pros & Cons

Ventura– Pros (Advantages)

The following are Ventura’s advantages. Prior to obtaining a Ventura account, you must review the company’s benefits and drawbacks. Ventura’s advantages and disadvantages might help you determine if it meets your investment requirements.

  • Free AMC Demat account for life
  • Wide selection of financial instruments, including stocks, derivatives, commodities, currency futures, mutual funds, bonds, and corporate fixed deposits.
  • Investment plans Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), and Foreign Investors (FIs) have access to Equity & Mutual Funds through a specialized NRI Services Cell.
  • All major banks, such as HDFC, ICICI, SBI, Axis, Bank of Baroda, IDBI, and many more, provide an online money transfer service.
  • The Ventura Wealth mobile application offers mobile stock trading, commodities trading, online IPO application, mutual fund investing, money transfer, and much more.
  • India has more than 30 branches and 500 business partners.
  • Live Pledging of shares is a possibility.
  • Instantaneous ability to sell pledged shares
  • Offers The Stock Lending and Borrowing Mechanism (SLBM) mechanism provides stock lending and borrowing. Free Call and Exchange Capability

Ventura- Cons (Disadvantages)

The following are Ventura’s disadvantages. Check the Ventura disadvantages list.

  • As Ventura does not offer financial services, a 3 in 1 account is not possible.
  • Although starting an account is free, you must pay a software access fee (minimum of Rs. 1,000) that is repaid against the brokerage you make within a year. The reimbursement is provided monthly in proportion to the monthly brokerage income.
  • It does not give flat commission rates.

Ventura Securities Review- Conclusion

Ventura Securities is one of those stock brokers that would go to any length to preserve their position in the industry. Yes, they have been in the sector for some time, but their primary concentration appears to be on a variety of facets. As a result, they have made the situation complicated. For instance, charging for the trading platform and requiring consumers to generate at least 3,500 in commissions per year deters novice and small traders. In other words, they are only interested in grave traders who can make consistent money for their firm. Keeping this in mind, if they anticipate their clientele to be significant, their customer service must also be well regarded. On the negative side, they provide one of the worst services and support. Moreover, the situation with Ventura Securities is rather complex. With cutting-edge technology, a vast array of products and services, and many opportunities for lucrative trade, Ventura Securities is regarded as one of the nation’s top stock brokers. A few issues may be resolved quickly and for the benefit of the customers. Confused about where to invest, which stock to purchase, or which securities would be profitable for large returns? Have no fear; Ventura Securities will aid you in this aspect as well by conducting exhaustive research and then recommending the best investments. Additionally, Ventura Securities offers partner programs for the organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Ventura Securities a secure investment?

Ans: Since its founding in 1994, Ventura Securities has enjoyed a remarkable experience spanning 26 years.

As a corporation listed on the NSE and BSE and a member of several organizations, it has always placed a premium on customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is a secure trading solution.

2. What brokerage does Ventura Securities offer?

Ans: Ventura Securities offers complete brokerage services. The range of brokerage fees for equity delivery begins at 0.20 percent. For the intraday segment, the charges for stock futures are 0.03 percent and currency futures and options are Rs 10 per lot; for commodities, the charges range between 0.15 percent and Rs 50 per lot. The fees associated with the equity options sector range from Rs 50 per lot.

3. How do I start an online Ventura Securities Demat account?

Ans: You may open a Ventura Securities Demat account online by selecting “Open Demat Account” and completing the “Demat Account Opening Form.” After submitting the form, you must upload and validate the specified documents. After account verification, your account’s login credentials will be mailed to you.

4. Can I invest in IPO via Ventura Securities?

Ans: Yes, you are able to invest in IPOs through Ventura Securities. Simply complete the online application on the Ventura Securities trading website, and the business will do the rest. The procedure is straightforward and takes less than one minute. History of previous IPO consumers is also provided.