Know Everything About Karvy Trading Platform

In the year 1985, Karvy was founded. It permits trading on the NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, and MCX-SX in many market areas, including stock, commodities, derivatives, currency, mutual funds, and fixed deposits. It is a full-service broker in India that offers intraday recommendations and offline support, among other services. It has attained the highest level by excelling in a variety of areas. Currently, it operates in 400 Indian locations and has worldwide offices in Dubai and New York.

It offers services such as Skype chats with Research Experts. The stock broker offers helpful customer service via email, online assistance, a toll-free number, and a branch office in your city. It has research teams that conduct in-depth analyses and publish corresponding investment recommendations.

Karvy Financial Academy is the type of institution that provides comprehensive share market knowledge. This full-service broker also offers complete services to non-resident Indians who wish to engage in the Indian stock market.

Karvy Online Merits And Demerits


  • The broker provides a single login for all of its segments, which include Equities, Currencies, and F&O.
  • Karvy Stock brokering Ltd enables users to invest in Initial Public Offerings and Mutual Funds.
  • The full-service stockbroker provides consumers with over 60 different types of technical charts.
  • It provides free research reports and excellent trading advice.
  • Surprisingly, Karvy Online provides DEMAT Accounts with no AMC for the first year.
  • Karvy Online provides its clients with a range of additional services, including a Live Chat facility, classroom trading sessions, webinars, online trading lessons, and research papers written by industry professionals to help beginners learn to trade.


  • It does not provide its subscribers the 3 in 1 account.
  • Because brokerage fees are adjustable, there is no rate transparency.
  • No referral schemes for greater participation of traders.
  • Comparatively to other brokers, the commissions are a little on the high side.
  • Without Macintosh assistance in the trading industry, the trader’s efficiency is diminished.
  • Not mobile-optimized trading platforms.

Process to Open an account at Karvy Online

To trade or invest with Karvy, a trading and demat account with the stock broker is required. Karvy provides online stock, commodities, and currency derivatives trading at BSE, NSE, and MCX.

The procedure of creating an account with Karvy Online is simple and quick. Karvy provides both online and offline account opening alternatives. Additionally, Karvy has a local presence (via branch offices, sub-brokers, and franchisees) in the majority of Indian cities and districts.

If you are interested in opening an account with Karvy, you may choose from the two alternatives listed below.

Opening an Account Online (Express Account 2.0 or e-KYC)

Karvy is one of the few stock brokers in India that provide online account opening in 15 minutes. Customers who choose this method of account opening receive a total brokerage credit of Rs 5,000 (Rs 1,100 maximum in each trading sector) for trades executed in the first 30 days.

The online account establishing procedure utilizes an e-KYC (Know your customer) capability that enables customers to complete the KYC process via AADHAAR number validation or video verification.

Note that in order to establish an online account utilizing the e-KYC facility, a valid cellphone number registered in the AADHAAR database is required. A one-time password will be issued to your AADHAAR-registered cellphone number in order to confirm your identity and establish a digital signature on your behalf.

Opening an Online Trading Account with Karvy Requirements:

  • Fill out basic information on
  • Upload any necessary scanned documents
  • Complete in-person verification procedure over video call
  • Allow digital signatures to be verified using AADHAAR
  • Activation of one’s account

A Karvy account may be opened and activated online in a matter of minutes if all requirements are met.

Visit the Karvy Branch or Sub-broker.

You have the option of visiting either the local Karvy branch office or a sub-broker. Visit the office or contact them via phone. They will arrange a personal visit to open your account. The agent will assist you in comprehending the offerings, filling out the paperwork, and collecting any necessary account opening documentation. Requirements include a passport photograph and a customized check.

Karvy Online Trading Platforms

Karvy Online is one of India’s earliest full-service brokers. This covers desktop-based trading, web-based trading, and mobile-based trading, depending on the user’s choices and interests.

In addition to call and trade capabilities, Karvy Online provides its subscribers with SMS Services. Therefore, let’s explore its trading platforms in greater depth.

1.Karvy NEST Online Trading Platform

The NEST Trading Application is a Windows executable file (.exe). It includes the download and installation processes. It enables traders to trade on all major stock exchanges.

The following hardware and software requirements must be met in order to install this trading platform:

  • Windows 7 or later is required, while Macintosh is not supported.
  • Minimum Hard Disk Space: 15 MB
  • Minimum Processor Speed: Pentium III or comparable @ 500 MHz.
  • Minimum Memory Required: 256MB

Here are a few characteristics of the Karvy NEST Trading Application:

  • It enables the user to purchase and sell stocks with only a few clicks.
  • Create bespoke groups for the market watch list in order to follow individual stocks based on your preferences.
  • It allows the trader to view historical transaction data, real-time stock positions, and other order data.
  • The programs provide customized notifications based on stocks, price changes, availability, and other market-related conditions, according to the user’s preferences and values.

2.Karvy Online NEST WEB

Karvy Online NEST WEB is a web-based trading platform that does not require the trader to download or install any trading software.

The sign-in procedure is quite simple and uncomplicated, since it consists simply of browser-based stages. Simply click the official trading link and input your login information to begin trading.

The trading platform is compatible with the majority of common online browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Here are some of the platform’s top features:

  • The trading platform provides access to order books, trade books, and intraday books.
  • It enables access to all back-office tools and reports, as well as real-time market updates and an overall market snapshot.
  • The trading terminal allows the user to make orders, as well as alter and cancel orders.
  • It adds the ability to transfer funds from the majority of the nation’s nationalized banks.
  • It aids the user in monitoring and analyzing all intraday charts that depict the price list, trade sizes, and other Cumulative trade volumes.

3. Karvy Online Trade Mobile App

The Karvy Online Mobile App is a state-of-the-art, well-optimized, and user-friendly mobile trading program. The trading application is accessible on the majority of popular mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows mobile.

It includes crucial trading information with real-time quotations, market trend reports and live updates, among other things.

Among the top characteristics of the mobile trading app are:

  • The mobile application enables the user to trade with all major stock exchanges, including BSE, NSE, and MESI. With these exchanges, the investor may trade in Derivatives, Currency, and Equity.
  • Portfolio management and the movement of funds from numerous banks throughout the nation are included.
  • Non-users of Karvy online can obtain market tracking and real-time trade news by utilizing the program in Guest mode.
  • It has some of the greatest built-in services, such as Live Chat and Ask the Expert.
  • It is a highly optimized and secure trading program that provides its clients with the best possible trading outcomes.

Karvy Evaluation and Customer Service

The full-service stock broker has provided its clients with a variety of communication options for customer service:

  • Offline branches
  • Email support NRI phone support
  • Social Media Online portal website
  • Investors may approach the broker’s customer care with relative ease and speed due to the availability of different communication methods.

On the other hand, with regard to quality requirements, the broker has established a specific timeframe for responding to various sorts of customer questions or complaints.

While the turnaround time is maintained, the messaging may be handled in a more customized manner. Currently, the majority of correspondence appears to follow a predetermined format, and consumers receive prewritten answers.

This is one area in which Karvy’s customer care falls short, although the broker otherwise exceeds client expectations for a full-service broker.

Karvy Online Costs

The stock broker’s commission fees and account opening fees are detailed below.

Account Opening Charges

  • Account Opening Fees for Karvy (Trading Account): 650
  • Karvy AMC Fees (Trading Account): £0.00
  • Karvy Account Opening Fees (Demat Account): zero rupees
  • 420 for Karvy AMC Charges (Demat Account).

Why Open a Trading Account with Karvy?

The requirement to open a trading account stems from the fact that a demat account merely secures and protects shares. Consequently, a trading account is necessary for flexible and convenient trading.

Here is a brief overview of the advantages of creating a Karvy Trading Account:

  • Karvy Group allows clients to create a trading account for free and charges an account maintenance fee (AMC).
  • Additionally, the organization provides adaptable trading options for varied trading.
  • The firm also facilitates traditional and internet commerce.
  • The finest aspect is that it replies promptly to any client complaints.

Karvy Conclusion

Karvy is the leading provider of stockbroking and financial services in India. It provides brokerage programs, financial products, and services with flexibility and convenience in mind.

If you are searching for a stock brokerage firm that provides dependable trading services, Karvy should be at the top of your list.

Karvy Review – FAQs

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions regarding the Karvy review.

1.Ques: Is Karvy a secure investment?

Ans:Yes, it is safe to trade Karvy. It is ranked among the top five financial institutions in the country and has serviced over 70 million investors and 600 corporate organizations, making it a reputable and credible option.

2.Ques: What brokerage does Karvy offer?

Ans:Karvy is a comprehensive brokerage service. There are two sorts of brokerage structures, one for retail consumers and one for premium clients.

The brokerage fees vary from 0.01 percent to 0.03 percent for stock intraday, commodities options, equity futures, and currency futures trading, and from 0.1% to 0.3% for equity delivery trading.

3.Ques: How can I access Karvy demat online?

Ans:To establish a demat account, you must correctly complete the lead form, also known as the pop-up form. After submitting the demat form, corporate representatives will contact you to discuss the next steps.

After receiving all of the required KYC papers from you, the firm will check them and provide account authorisation.

4.Ques: Can I invest via Karvy in IPOs?

Ans:Yes, you may invest in IPOs using Karvy. For initial public offerings (IPOs) on the BSE and NSE, Karvy clients can either apply online to avoid paperwork or submit physical forms at any location.

5.Ques: What Leverage does Karvy provide?

Ans:Karvy offers 5x leverage for intraday equities trading and 10x leverage for equity delivery, equity futures, and currency options trading.

The mid-value for stock options is up to 1x, while the mid-value for currency futures and commodities is up to 1x.

6.Ques: Does Karvy have an app for trading?

Ans:Yes, Karvy has a trading application. The software is compatible with both Android and iOS, is a handy solution, and has the necessary flexibility to allow consumers to buy and sell stocks from any location.

7.Ques: How can I reach Karvy’s customer service?

Ans:Karvy offers a team of skilled individuals that can assist you with offline and online trade.

The customer service department may be reached online via email assistance and offline via their toll-free number 1800 419 8283 or by visiting one of their 110 branches around the nation.

8.Ques: Does Karvy provide Research?

Ans:Yes, Karvy offers the most trustworthy Research. Customers get access to research papers, company reports, IPO reports, company stock reviews, etc.

9.Ques: Is Karvy appropriate for beginners?

Ans:Karvy is a great option for novices. The firm assists its customers, regardless of their level of experience, in preparing weekly, monthly, and yearly reports.

Customers also receive offline advising services and relationship management assistance.

10.Ques: Who Established Karvy?

Ans:C Parthasarathy founded Karvy in 1983 as a full-service stock brokerage firm.

With its headquarters in Hyderabad, Karvy is a mature organization that provides financial, data processing, and data management services.