WazirX Review 2023: The Best Indian Crypto Exchange

With over 4000 cryptocurrencies in use and a market cap of $ 2 trillion, cryptocurrency trading is currently a significant activity. To keep one billion Indians from falling behind in cryptocurrency races, WazirX was developed. In this WazirX review, we’ll examine the offers in more detail and discover more about WazirX transaction costs and other topics.

Overview Of WazirX Exchange

  • Authentic website: https://wazirx.com
  • Office in India
  • Discover in 2018
  • WRX coin, the native token
  • 120+ Cryptocurrencies listed
  • 250+ Trading pair
  • Supported fiat currencies include the Indian Rupee, the Euro, the Russian Ruble, and five more.
  • 100 Indian Rupees is the minimum deposit.
  • 0.20 per cent Taker charge and 0.20 per cent Manufacturer fee for transactions
  • Fee for withdrawal: 0.0006 BTC
  • Mobile and PC software Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Chat for customer service

WazirX Exchange Review

An established Indian cryptocurrency trading platform, WazirX provides a user-friendly trading interface with many fascinating features. The user-friendly crypto trading platform from WazirX has strong security measures. Its popularity is also boosted by the integration with Binance, the release of the WRX Utility Token, and the ground-breaking P2P exchange WazirX. In March 2018, Nischal Shetty, Sameer Mhatre, and Siddharth Menon unveiled WazirX on their website (WazirX.com), the group declared WazirX platform is perfect for skilled and in-the-know traders and newcomers exploring the crypto market’s waters. WazirX accepts deposits via UPI, IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS, but not via credit card. For each transaction, WazirX levies a 0.20 per cent taker fee and a 0.20 per cent maker fee.

WazirX- A Revolutionary Cryptographic Exchange

An Indian cryptocurrency trading platform called WazirX Exchange is now accessible to clients from all over the world. Nischal Shetty, Sameer Mhatre, and Siddharth Menon are the founders and CEOs of Zanmai Labs Private Limited, which was established on March 8, 2018.

WazirX is more than just an exchange for cryptocurrencies. It offers a special solution that bridges the gap between the world now ruled by fiat currency and the constantly changing cryptocurrencies by utilizing WazirX P2P, the world’s first auto-matching P2P engine. We also provide native cryptocurrency assets known as WRX coins or WazirX tokens. This was put in place to honour those that worked hard to support the WazirX community. On March 27, 2019, the WazirX opened its doors to the world of cryptocurrency trading after being initially accessible to Indian cryptocurrency investors. On November 21, 2019, WazirX announced that Binance, the top cryptocurrency exchange in the world, had acquired it. WazirX is available as a desktop or mobile app and on the web.

For the Mumbai-based Indian financial regulator RBI, WazirX’s early retreat platform represents a three-month request to impose a ban on cryptocurrencies and close down all these crypto exchanges. When I issued it, it started to withdraw right away. WazirX responded to this in a timely and effective manner. We had to stop Indians from being denied access to the global blockchain revolution.

WazirX has unveiled WazirXP2P, the first automatic matching mechanism for peer-to-peer transactions in history. The WazirX exchange has achieved incredible success. This exceeded 100 million P2P transactions, an uncommon threshold in India’s bear market. The success of P2P transactions demonstrates the openness of the Indian crypto coin market. WazirX, rated as the top platform crypto exchange in India, had phenomenal growth of 50% in just one month. The exchange joyfully welcomed WazirX users with the traditional Indian salutation “Namaste” as it highlighted its accomplishments.

Introduction of Novel Ideas on WazirX

The exchange included two innovative ideas in addition to P2P that improved user reactions and a high trade volume. WazirX token, or WRX, is a cryptocurrency that won’t begin yielding profits right away. WRX is designed for users that desire to engage with the WazirX exchange over the long term. The business is implementing strategies to ensure that the WRX coin rises in value and becomes necessary in any cryptocurrency Wazirx wallet. The trading site recommends investors stockpile and keeps onto WRX while WazirX’s value increases. For WRX coins, great things are in store.

Merit WazirX Exchange (WazirX Review)

1. Referral Fees:

The WazirX trading and exchage platform is the only one that offers a referral fee of 50%. Regardless of transaction volume, this system’s 50/50 split of WazirX’s transaction fees aid in creating long-term return prospects for cryptocurrency adoption. Your savings on bitcoin trading costs increase as more users trade on our WazirX trading platform.

2. Support across platforms

WazirX offers programs compatible with web browsers, Android and iOS smartphone platforms, and Mac and Windows PCs. It operates without a hitch on various gadgets.

3. Design of trading platforms

WazirX is a worldwide exchange using fiat currency. It is an active cryptocurrency trading platform for newcomers. Nearly all of the functions offered on the online platform are available via mobile apps. Support for multiple languages enables this conversation.
financial instruments and accepted cryptocurrencies Over 100 cryptocurrency trading pairings are available on WazirX. But only eight currencies are coupled with the USD Tether on the P2P market (USDT).

The core of the WazirX ecosystem is made up of WRX Tokens and WRX Utility Tokens. There are a total of 1 billion coins available. When this article was written, Wazir X coins were valued at $ 1.72 on CoinMarketCap. Its market value is $479 million, and 293,763,596 WRX coins are in its distribution inventory—the 96 million dollar trade volume for the day. Only 10% of WRX coins are offered for sale to the general public by the IEO, 30% are set aside for Foundation usage, and 5% for private use. The remaining funds will be utilized for WRX airdrops, partnerships, and marketing (20% each) (11.10 per cent).

3.9 per cent of tokens can be utilized for mining with the WRX protocol. Tokens for WRX can be mined, and 10% of them are burned every quarter, depending on the number of transactions produced. STF – Smart Token Funds is a community-led strategy that links inexperienced traders with seasoned cryptocurrency investors and aids them in expanding their portfolio in return for a 25% commission on the gains of new traders.

4. Speed of transactions

The scalable and effective blockchain infrastructure of WazirX can handle millions of transactions in a matter of seconds.

5. Modern trading instruments

The original automatic matching P2P engine in history, WazirX’s peer-to-peer exchange technology quickly matches buyers and sellers. The buyer directly pays the seller after placing an order to purchase USDT. The escrowed USDT will be instantly transferred from WazirX to the buyer’s wallet.

6. Superior security

WazirX keeps 95% of its money in the refrigerator. A two-step verification tool is also included on the platform to increase the security of user accounts. It also adheres to strict KYC / AML guidelines and uses a multi-signature wallet system.
Customer service

There are no WazirX customer service phone numbers, but traders can use the standard ticketing system to get their questions answered. Email can also be used to express concerns. A comprehensive list of commonly asked questions is also available on this page. WazirX has social media sites on Telegram, CoinMarketCap, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Telegram.

7. Referral Initiative

Users can receive 50% of the transaction fee through the WazirX Referral Program for each transaction that uses their referral code.

Website For WazirX (WazirX Review)

Our analysis reveals that the exchange platform has a great social media presence and interactive user experience. This Indian website will undoubtedly get attention from the global crypto community in BTC, Binance, or any other way, thanks to how it has been designed. The history of the unique P2P system is thoroughly explained. On the website, which has the first auto-matching system in the world, P2P trade is the main focus.

In India, WazirX is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges for fiat money and other cryptocurrencies. Additionally discussed are the WazirX app versions of the website, the new cryptocurrency WazirX coin, information regarding cookies used by the site, the partnership with Binance’s fiat gateway that enables trading in Indian rupees, and the WazirX coin.

Registration Process And KYC

Do you want to learn how to trade on WazirX? The WazirX exchange allows for quick trading. Trading is simple on the WazirX Exchange. Visitors to the WazirX website can register for an account by providing a valid email address and password. You must accept the “Terms of Service,” click the activation link and validate your email address.

KYC level- To complete the KYC, you must input the information and picture of a government-issued ID, such as a PAN or an Aadhar. Customers must upload a selfie. Your bank account number information is also required. trade procedure Users can fund their wallets with INR or cryptocurrency after their KYC has been approved. They can then begin trading on the platform.

Deposits And Withdrawals On WazirX

The rating of WazirX for deposits and withdrawals is excellent. There are many different deposit options, and the BTC deposit cost is fairly competitive with the industry standard. The simplified WazirX app makes it incredibly simple for cryptocurrency traders to trade WazirX while on the go. Overall, WazirX traders have a wealth of trading experience! You can also withdraw money through WazirX. In comparison to withdrawal fees from other exchanges, WazirX has exceptionally low withdrawal fees. For instance, the withdrawal cost for 1 Bitcoin using WazirX is 0.0005 BTC.

WazirX Transaction And Payment Methods

WazirX allows a variety of payment options, such as:

  1. Money transfer
  2. Online banking
  3. RTGS, NEFT, and IMPS
  4. UPI

Different Types Of WazirX Fees: 

A customer can use one of the banking above procedures to deposit money into a wallet. The user can copy the destination address for cryptocurrency deposits or scan the QR code. Below are some trading strategies for WazirX.

WazirX Deposit and Withdrawal Fees: Bank transfer fees are Rs 6.7, while NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS transfers are charged Rs 5.9. For UPI deposits, fees are irrelevant. WazirX withdrawal fees vary by the crypto asset. You can see this here. Traders paying with WRX coins will be offered a 50% discount on transaction fees, the value of which will be halved each year.

Spot Transaction Fees – 0.2% manufacturer/taker fees will be charged. P2P transaction fees – WazirX fees on P2P exchanges are zero. STF Trading Fees – Experienced traders earn 25% of their profits on STF trading.

Spot Trading:

WazirX enables traders to make orders in advance. The exchange system will automatically carry out the deal on the trader’s behalf if the market can fill the order.

WazirX P2P:

The peer-to-peer exchange service provided by WazirX uses the P2P engine to connect buyers and sellers automatically. The world’s first automatic matching system, WazirX Peer-to-Peer Exchange, is a major drawback for traders. WazirX advanced quickly in this field due to the replacement just a few years ago. Particularly smart token funds offer a fairly straightforward means of expanding your cryptocurrency holdings.

Advantages And Disadvantages of WazirX


  • The support for crypto tokens is extensive.
  • a straightforward and user-friendly user interface.
  • Fiat currency is not stored anywhere.
  • Free cryptographic / fiat exchange.
  • The Smart Token Fund aids in portfolio development.


  • There isn’t a loan function for cryptography.

WazirX’s Security Features

The WazirX trading platform in India has a high-security rating, and regular encryption ensures that all product sales and other transactions are entirely secure. Account security is crucial, and security audits are performed regularly.

Users can conduct secure trading on this platform because of the above-average volume of order books, trading, and currency exchange. When it comes to security, WazirX is the benchmark. All transactions on the WazirX mobile app contain a Google Authenticator verification tag, and the app is completely secure.

Conclusion: WazirX Review

This WazirX review demonstrates India’s rapidly expanding trading and exchange platform with the appropriate purchase orders for trading, trading costs, and rising cryptocurrency trading volume. Increase. With 2 million users in just three years, WazirX is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The goal is to create an exchange that will make it simple for the general public to join the digital currency revolution.