Goal Planner Calculator

You might have planned many things for your future and one of them is financial goals. It is always great to have a financial goal for your future. All you need to do is figure out how much you should invest to achieve your financial goals.

Financial goals are unique for each person and differ from one another. As we all have different priorities so we can turn them into the same. Financial goals can be those such as buying a house, buying a car, education for your children, and retirement planning. When you are saving for your future, the aspect that always needs to be considered is inflation. Inflation means that an amount is sufficient to meet goals today, says the down payment for a home. It will be different from person to person and similarly, the loan amount differs.

A financial goal calculator helps you to calculate what your goal amount should be. It takes into account the amount needed for a particular goal today and accounts for the inflation telling you what your goal amounts to. The financial goal calculator tells you how much you need to save each one to reach the goal amount. The financial goal calculator helps you to keep the bigger picture in your mind. CFGP is the abbreviation of Chartered Financial Goal Planner. It is the certificate program is designed to develop the basic skills required by Wealth Advisors. CFGP Financial






Future’s Goal Cost


Future Value of Existing Savings


Additional Planning Required For


Monthly Savings Required To Acheive the Goal Amount


How Should You Use The Financial Goal Calculator?

Financial goal calculators help you in different ways not to achieve financial goals. But also they help you to know the amount that will be an effective financial goal maybe because of inflation. The following are inputs that need be required to know your financial goal:

  • The financial goal in today’s value is the amount you need to fulfil now for a particular goal if you were to do it today.
  • The number of years you want to reach your goal.
  • Expected inflation is the rate at which general prices of goods and services are expected to increase every year. It can either be used as inflation rates specific to your goal or simply use an average of all headline inflation numbers. This will help you to calculate what the target goal amount should be.
  • Expected returns from investment: what are your expectations from your investment while it can be tempting to use high returns or just the latest one-year return, it should be realistic.

How Does The Financial Goal Calculator Help?

  • The financial goal calculator is due to estimate the goal amount. By keeping in mind the rate of inflation and years that you would like to invest.
  • It is far easier to know what the current value of your financial goal is, such as a down payment for a home or buying a car while going on a vacation. A financial goal calculator helps you to take all these to know and work out what you need.
  • Breaking down a big amount into small monthly investments and making it more attainable and easier to manage. The financial goal calculator helps you manage all your amount and invest accordingly each month to get to your financial destination.
  • It has you to plan with better finances.
  • The financial goal calculator gives you a clear picture of how much you will save and how much money you will be required to bill that Corpus amount you have planned.

How To Invest For Financial Goals?

Different people have different financial goals. So to suit each other’s specific needs we have designed a Portfolio for a variety of goals. Based on what you are looking for you can take the help of an online financial calculator to follow you for completing your financial goals.

A financial goal planner helps you with a comprehensive plan for your life achievements. The planner brings together all your retirement and investment needs and plots the milestone along with you. To ensures that you do not miss any point for your financial plans it gives you a complete package for analyzing your requirements.

Hence, financial planning is the most essential part of human life. If you are ready to invest and make your goals real then our financial planners will help you in developing your plans. We helps you to estimate what your goal amount should be keeping in mind the inflation and years you have before you need to invest. Hence, keeping in mind all these things you will successfully implement your financial planning for the future. It can be a road map to achieve your dreams.