Stoxkart Review

Incorporated in 2019, Stoxkart is an online discount broker located in Delhi that provides trading and investing services in stock, commodities, currency, derivatives, initial public offerings (IPOs), and mutual funds. It is a subsidiary of SMC Global Limited, India’s largest and most diverse provider of financial services.

Stoxkart charges one of the industry’s lowest brokerage costs. It provides commission-free Stock delivery transactions and charges a flat Rs 15 per completed order on intraday equity trading only if the trade is profitable. For all other sectors, the execution fee is a fixed Rs 15 per order.

Stoxkart offers up to 25 times intraday exposure across equities, currency, and commodities markets. This margin is one of the highest given by cheap brokers.

Stoxkart provides a variety of applications for online trading. The organization provides ProWeb (browser-based trading platform), Stoxkart Classic (Mobile Trading App), and a desktop trading program. Additionally, Stoxkart provides the specialized online platform StoxMF for mutual fund investments.

Stoxkart is a registered stockbroker with SEBI and a member of NSE, BSE, and MCX. It educates clients on a variety of trading and investment-related topics through its online Learning Centre.

Stoxkart Reviews – Your One-Stop-Shop for Wealth!

It is no longer necessary to have a substantial amount of capital to begin investing. With the advent of technology and the emergence of new investing ideas, it is now feasible to locate online the mutual funds that best fit your demands.
Additionally, you may now begin investing with as little as 500 rupees!

Follow the below steps to begin investing immediately:

  • Select from the finest – At Stoxkart, there is a list of category-leading schemes that are suggested.
  • Your funds and account are protected and safe with Stoxkart – Now you may invest the necessary quantity of money on a safe platform that meets or exceeds bank standards.
  • Complete your KYC – Get transactions with no paperwork and no trouble. It is entirely online
  • Connect your accounts – You must link your bank account and pick the SIP investment amount according to your preferences.
  • Follow your success – You may now manage all of your investments and track their growth.
  • Zero fess – Stoxkart is fully online and paperless; thus, there is no cost!

Mobile App and Trading Platforms for Stoxkart

Stoxkart India offers the trading platforms and tools utilized by traders and investors the most, including mobile trading applications, browser trading platforms, and desktop trading platforms. Each platform is covered individually in the following sections;

Stoxkart Classic

The lightweight Stoxkart classic application enables trading on several exchanges, including BSE, NSE, and MCX. The software may be downloaded on Android smartphones through the Play Store, and on iOS devices through the App Store. Charting, numerous market wah3tchlist, research-based suggestions, online mutual funds investment, theme investment, trading calls, fund transfer, price alerts, and historical data are among the many features offered by the Stoxkart mobile app.

Stoxkart Pro

This is another innovative mobile app developed in-house by Stoxkart. The Next Generation mobile trading platform — The stoxkart pro app offers cutting-edge charting tools and live market data for real-time market analysis. In addition, the Stoxkart Pro app includes Robo advice, market analytics, portfolio analysis, live market news, trade from the chart, research call alerts, an informative dashboard, guest login, etc. Users simply just install the Stoxkart trading app on their Android or iOS smartphones, log in, and then they can begin trading on BSE, NSE, and MCX.

Stoxkart Pro Web

Stockport Pro web is the broker’s web-based online trading platform that delivers all relevant market-related data. The browser-enabled platform has various capabilities, including a market watch, thorough script analysis, research calls, alerts & notifications, real-time streaming quotations, micro/macro data analytics, back-office reports, and online mutual funds.

Desktop trading software

Stoxkart’s desktop trading program is accessible on laptops and desktop PCs. The cutting-edge program offers real-time market quotations, advanced charting, research & advising, complete order input, hotkey function, market screener, portfolio tracker, and theme investing, among other capabilities.


Stoxkart Invest mobile app

Stoxkart Invest is a mobile application for mutual fund trading that enables online or paperless investing in mutual funds. Mutual fund investments may be made on a mobile device at any time, from anywhere in the globe, using the Mutual fund application. The mobile application allows investors in mutual funds to acquire, redeem, or alter their investments.


The discount brokerage business also provides an online mutual fund investment service through the StoxMF web trading platform. StoxMF ( is not only a platform for MF investing, but the broker also helps you choose the finest mutual funds based on the investor’s objectives. The MF units acquired will be reflected in your Demat account. The brokerage firm provides both SIP and lump-sum investing options. One may register a mutual fund account for free and begin SIP with as little as Rs. 100 per month.

Stoxkart Pros & Cons

Stoxkart Pros

  • Stoxkart offers free account creation.
  • Stoxkart does not charge commissions for intraday losses.
  • Pay the minimum commission of Rs. 15 only if you generate a profit.
  • Stoxkart does not charge a commission for equities delivery trades or investments in mutual funds.
  • Maximum intraday exposure of up to 25 times.
  • No software fees.
  • For customer assistance, a toll-free hotline with a dedicated support team is provided.

Stoxkart Cons

  • Call & Trade incurs an extra fee of Rs 20 per executed order.
  • Auto Square off incurs an extra fee of Rs 20 for each performed request.
  • Stoxkart does not support IPO participation.

There are no direct plans accessible in mutual funds; only normal plans are offered.

How to Open an Account in Stoxkart?

There are two alternatives for creating an account with Stoxkart: offline and online. In both the online and offline Demat and trading account opening processes, certain documents must be kept. The following are the documents:

  • Pan Card
  • Adhar Card
  • Optional: Customer’s Last Three Month Bank Statement (For F&O Section)
  • Scanned signature and passport picture

If you wish to establish an online Stoxkart account, an Aadhar card is required. Online account creation is far more convenient and time-efficient than offline.
In addition, an Aadhar card is optional if you wish to register an account offline.

Stoxkart Brokerage and Charges

Now, Stoxkart’s pricing is transparent. As a bargain brokerage, the fees are extremely modest and reasonable. The following are the costs:

  • The delivery brokerage fee is zero rupees.
  • The intraday, derivatives, commodity, and currency brokerage fee per order is fifteen rupees (Only if you are earning profit)
    Account establishment fees are as follows:
  • Commodity – Rs 200 + GST Equities & Foreign Exchange – Rs 300 + GST
  • Account maintenance fees (AMC-annual) – 300 rupees
  • Call and trade fees – twenty rupees every order made

Margin Policies

Here, though, are the specifics of their margin policy.

  • Stoxkart offers up to 15x leverage for intraday trading on FNO equities. If traders employ BO (Bracket Order) for trading, the maximum leverage is 25x.
  • Stoxkart also provides leverage for non-FNO securities. However, it varies from scrip to scrip on the marketplace.
  • For Delivery trading, no leverage is available.
  • Furthermore, for Intraday Option Selling: Options on Indices and Stocks provide a 2x leverage. 6x is the maximum order leverage for Bracket.
  • And, for Intraday Futures trading, two times the leverage for index and stock futures. For Bracket order leverage is offered up to a maximum of 5x.
  • Selling Positional Futures and Options has no leverage.
  • Even when purchasing options, there is no leverage.
  • The margin required may be found on the Margin Calculator page of the Stoxkart website.


Stoxkart is governed by SEBI. It is a subsidiary of the 1994-founded SMC Global, which is likewise a full-service broker. Due to its long track record, the company is deemed to be trustworthy.

This broker is also superior if the user desires complimentary consulting services. The company concentrates on offering a high success rate since they do not collect brokerage fees until the client generates a profit.

In terms of cost, the company offers the lowest brokerage fees. There are no account opening costs, cheap commissions, a free investing service for mutual funds, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stoxkart

1.Ques: hat are the intraday commissions for Stoxkart?

Ans: Rs.20 for call-n-trade per order.
Note: Rs.0 brokerage for loss making transactions. Brokerage fees will only apply to profitable trades.

2.Ques: How Many Individuals Use Stoxkart?

Ans: Currently, stoxkart has over one million active customers.

3.Ques: What are the annual maintenance fees for stocks, commodities, currencies, and foreign exchange in Stoxkart?

Ans: Stoxkart billed Rs. 300 annually for AMC.

4.Ques: What are the equity, commodity, currency, and FNO account opening fees for Stoxkart?

Ans: Account opening fees for all three parts are $500.

5.Ques: Does Stoxkart Offer 3 Accounts in 1?

Ans: No, Stoxkart is an online discount broker that provides both Trading and Demat accounts.

6.Ques: Is Any Screener Available in Stoxkart?

Ans: At this time, stoxkart does not offer a screener.

7.Ques: Is Algo Trading Capability Provided by Stoxkart?

Ans: No, the Algo trading function is not yet offered by Stoxkart.

8.Ques: Is Minimum Derivatives Data Analysis Is Available With Stoxkart?

Ans: Yes, stoxkart provides AutoTrender stock market analyzing tools.

9.Ques: How Long Does It Take For Funds To Be Credited To My Stoxkart Account?

Ans: Typically, a withdrawal of funds takes one business day to process.

10.Ques: Is Investment In Mutual Funds & charges In Stoxkart?

Ans: Mutual fund investments are permitted, and stoxkart costs nothing for mutual funds.

11.Ques: Does Stoxkart provide Research & Advisory, Tips?

Ans: No, Research, Advisory, and Tips are accessible through Stoxkart.

12.Ques: Do I Apply for an IPO using Stoxkart?

Ans: Yes, Stoxkart allows customers to file for IPOs, and the application procedure is straightforward.