ZebPay Review 2022

With the introduction of the Bitcoin wallet in October 2014, ZebPay became India’s first cryptocurrency exchange platform. A well-known cryptocurrency brand, ZebPay currently boasts 3 million users (of which 95% are Indian citizens), $ 2 billion in fiat trading, and $ 3 billion in cryptocurrency trading across more than 160 nations. I am. Users can purchase, sell, store, and use cryptocurrency trading platforms. Look over Zebpay’s key features and be prepared for a review of Zebpay.

Reviews indicate that ZebPay is one of the most reputable Bitcoin exchange companies in existence right now. Owner and CEO Rahul Pagidipati predicted that by 2030, roughly 10 million people would be working in the bitcoin business. Zeb Pay, a platform with headquarters in Singapore, is proud to have customers from nations such as the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Congo, Brazzaville, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and India. This review outlines the main characteristics of the ZebPay bitcoin wallet and seeks to cover the most significant advancements in Zeb Pay’s growth.

ZebPay Review 2022

Overview of the Zebpay exchange

  • Website of the company, https://zebpay.com Singapore
  • 2014 saw the discovery
  • local token Tokens worth $
  • 20+ cryptocurrencies listed
  • 40+ Trading Pairs
  •  supporting fiat money Yes (AUD, EUR, INR)
  • The currency determines the minimum deposit you select.
  • With no transaction costs
  • No withdrawal charges (for withdrawal of fiat money)
  • Support for Customers Support Ticket

1)ZebPay Review

Users can buy, trade, and exchange cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP, on the ZebPay Cryptocurrency Exchange. ZebPay focuses on long-term value investing and is available on iOS and Android devices. The bitcoin exchange software has a straightforward user interface, is simple to use, and is crammed with sophisticated trading capabilities. Zeb Pay publishes a sizable number of instructional YouTube videos in the local tongues. To reach a larger audience, we have introduced a referral program.

The instructions for using the ZebPay mobile app are provided below. This Zeb Pay study seeks to assess ZebPay as a whole, from details regarding its application to fundamental compliance principles.

2) How to sign up

Download the app, provide accurate information in KYC, and upload two photographs. You must register your bank account and deposit in the app before using ZebPay to begin your cryptocurrency journey.

3) ZebPay App: Key Features

Observe the impenetrable security procedure. It’s simple to navigate and use. It is affordable. Even if other exchange wallets do not offer them, transactions happen quickly. Three million users worldwide believe in it.

4) Net banking UPI is a payment method for ZebPay.

Instantaneous deposits from banks through NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS

5) Money transfer

Brief introduction for newcomers:

INR pair with encryption:

You must choose digital coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether to trade cryptocurrency in Indian rupees. To view trading options, swipe up. To place an order, set a buy/sell limit order. To see the order details, tap Reservation. Pairing cryptography and encryption:

You must choose digital coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether to trade Crypto-INR. To place an order, tap the cryptocurrency pair and select Buy / Sell Limit Order. The transaction will be recorded in the book if it is successful.

6) Cost of the ZebPay app

Fees for transactions

Be careful to purchase one because ZebPay does not currently charge transaction fees for BNB-INR pairs. You will be charged a 0.25 per cent fee immediately if you place your order. A modest manufacturer fee of 0.10 per cent will be charged if you hold a mandate. Zeb Pay levies an intraday fee of 1.10 per cent. For manufacturers, takers, and daylight transactions while trading USDT-INR and Crypto-Crypto, the transaction fee is a flat amount of 0.10 per cent. membership fee each month

About 75 rupees are required for membership. Making at least one monthly transaction is the key to avoiding membership fees.

Deposit charge

Any deposit option other than net banking is entirely free for fiat transactions.
The fee for using net banking is only 1.77 per cent.

Cryptographic Transactions

Transactions involving cryptocurrencies are free.

Redraw charges:

The average withdrawal cost for currency transactions is around $10.

Their website contains a list of the withdrawal fees for cryptocurrency transactions, which is subject to change.
Note: The aforementioned Zebpay fees could vary from nation to nation and could change.

7) Is it safe to use ZebPay in India?

ZebPay Wallet’s stringent validation process verifies each user’s validation. Before doing a transaction with ZebPay, the user must submit the KYC. It has a defence-in-depth security architecture that guards data and cryptocurrency exchanges like a legion of knights. ZebPay offers two-factor authentication on platforms for over-the-counter trading. The cold storage of 98 percent of cryptocurrency prevents gateway access. Therefore, that ecosystem is completely closed off.

Additionally, the Omnitrix security platform safeguards digital currency in complex networks, and ZebPay’s firewall architecture prevents access by users, Internet service providers (ISPs), or staff members. Additionally, third-party testing has been implemented, periodically evaluating the security system and offering incentives to people who discover and report problems. It is important to note that the ZebPay exchange platform protects the top cryptocurrency wallet services, like how the Knights Templar guarded the Holy Grail.

8) In India, is ZebPay legal?

The RBI’s 2018 prohibition on bitcoin exchange platforms destroyed ZebPay’s success. Due to the ban, Zeb Pay temporarily ceased conducting business in India at the end of September 2018. ZebPay is again in the running and is permitted in India thanks to the Supreme Court’s lifting of the ban.

9) Can I take money out of ZebPay right now?

You can always withdraw fiat money from Zeb Pay, but only to the registered bank account. E-wallets and withdrawals to different bank accounts are not allowed. However, ZebPay says that rather than withdrawing their cryptocurrency, 60% of customers of the trading site keep it. Rahul Pagidipati speculates that some cryptocurrency owners would even gift some of their holdings to future generations.

10) To withdraw money from ZebPay

Choose “Withdraw” from the app’s menu. ZebPay is the best option because it exclusively accepts bank transfers. Click “Proceed with withdrawal” after entering the desired withdrawal amount. Click OK after verifying that the app’s bank information is accurate. To confirm your payment, enter your PIN. A message that the withdrawal was successful will be sent to you.

11) ZebPay Research and Education Tools

Started a website with an ebook. Videos we’ve posted on our website and YouTube are also available in various regional tongues. Blogs and details on his social media accounts. The website provides daily technical analysis.

12) The Rise of ZebPay Like a Phoenix From Its Ash After the Cryptocurrency Ban

When the RBI declared a crypto prohibition in the first quarter of 2018, Zeb Pay was a well-known name in the sector. This ban compelled ZebPay to temporarily leave India, which led to ZebPay’s disappearance in India. According to the RBI, the action is intended to lessen the digital threat currency poses to the system of central banks. It dissuaded banks and electronic wallets from participating in any cryptocurrency-related transaction. ZebPay had to leave India, a famous home nation for the majority of people, according to Ajeet Khurana, the company’s then CEO. The Zeb Pay team, however, recognized that it was a journey and set new benchmarks in international markets, concentrating on how to safeguard this app.

The Supreme Court decided to favour a cryptocurrency trading platform in March of this year. The software will be updated, protected, and restarted, according to ZebPay. ZebPay has benefited from efforts to make it exceptionally secure by seeing a stunning four-fold increase in users, a 20-fold increase in active users, and a return to the head of the exchange wallet pack. With daily transactions totalling $10 million, we broke all records. ZebPay’s success can be seen in the growing employment needs as the company expects to grow to 130 employees by the end of the year and also offers a balance between work and life.

13) Countries ZebPay supports

North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Equator Guinea, Turkey, South Korea, Republic of Congo, Hong Kong, Caicos Islands, Orlando Islands, Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea, Santome and Principe, North Mariana Islands, Congo Brazaville, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Equator Guinea, New Zealand, Cari. Burkina Faso, Brunge, Benin, El Salvador, French Guiana, Denmark, India, Sint Maarten, Sri Lanka
Call your customer support number or our website to choose a nation to find more information.

To sum up our review

ZebPay demonstrated its worth in 3 million devoted consumers’ $ 3 billion worth of cryptocurrency transactions. When we announced the release of the non-fungible token (NFT) Dazzle, which aimed to celebrate another milestone, it became a hot issue. With its robust security protocol, user-friendly UI, and popularity in India, ZebPay is a well-known brand. This accomplishment was attained in a short period, and ZebPay is now well on its way to achieving its goal of being one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in India. Zeb Pay has changed the game by creating a robust ecosystem that enables users to conduct profitable transactions using exchange wallets. You can learn more if you’re a beginner by reading the ZebPay review.