STOCKNOTE by SAMCO Mobile Trading App Review

Samco’s proprietary trading engine, Giga Trading Engine, powers the Stock Note App and SAMCO Trading App. Artificial Intelligence and powerful analytic tools are included to enhance the trading experience of the traders

SAMCO’s mobile trading program for the Indian stock market and commodities sector is called the Stocknote App.

The Stock Note App has a slew of high-end capabilities, all of which will be covered in the next sections of this post, along with instructions on how to download, set up, and utilize the app.

One of the best mobile trading apps given by this Stock Brokerage business provides a wide range of innovative trading tools that are likely to leave you in wonder of their capabilities.

About Stock Note App or SAMCO Trading App

Samco’s Giga Trading Engine created the Stock Note App, which is a mobile counterpart of the desktop program. The software is easy to use and has a wide range of trading options.

Using this mobile application, you may monitor your portfolio and the stock market at any time, making stock market investing easier.
The Stock Note App is powered by Giga Trading Engine, which is well-known for its cutting-edge analytics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Based on your trading patterns, talents, and preferences, this app uses AI and sophisticated analytics to find stock market possibilities. Making stock screening simpler means that you can take advantage of possibilities whenever they present themselves.

Using this tool, you may more easily keep tabs on market or stock trends and patterns.

More information about SAMCO’s Mobile Trading App

Additionally, this program provides all market data in the form of tradeable chances that you may use to make money. Real-time data offers you an accurate picture of the current state of the market.

The SAMCO App also provides you with a comprehensive market news section to keep you up to date on all the latest developments in the market.

You can also consult a variety of additional basic and technical analytical sites. Everything that might effect your trading strategy is included in an economic calendar.

An all-in-one mobile trading app, the SAMCO Mobile App is the equivalent of any trading terminal on a mobile device.

Utilizing Samco’s mobile trading software, you won’t miss using a trading terminal or a browser-based trading platform for any reason.

In order to learn more about SAMCO, check read the SAMCO Review.

The SAMCO Trading App or Stocknote App – The Most Useful Functions

What makes this program so smart and valuable is currently on display.

1.Onboarding is simple and quick.

Beginners may learn about the market and begin trading using this program. Traders and newcomers alike may benefit from the application’s lessons, which explain the basics of trading so they can get started investing right away.

2.The Power of One-Click Trading

A unique feature of the Stock Note App allows you to trade the stock you’re reading about with a single tap on your mobile device.
You can trade (buy/sell) the stock you’re interested in right from the page where you get the information.

3.Notifications and alerts

In order to stay on top of market activity, price fluctuations and other market developments, you may set up several notifications. This will enable you take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself. Because of these features, you’ll never miss another opportunity again.

4.Updates and news

You may stay up to speed on the latest market news and developments with the Stock Note App.
Using the Stock Note App, you get access to all of the latest market news and updates.
You may also have a look at the most popular posts and articles written by other stock market participants and investors.


You may build as many market watch lists as you like with the Stock Note App, which allows for complete personalization.
These market watch lists allow you to follow the stocks and other market investment alternatives that you want to keep an eye on.
In addition, you can personalize the feed and select the sort of news you want to view, establish a portfolio, and always monitor the success of that portfolio.
In addition, you may customize the Stock Note App to your liking by adjusting all of the settings.

6.Intuitive Placement of Order

The Giga Trading Engine, which powers the SAMCO App, can assist you find out why your order was rejected and present you the most probable cause and remedy.
You may put in a new order when you’ve implemented the fix. It aids in the comprehension of your transactions.

7.Following up on your Investments

The SAMCO Mobile Trading App allows you to keep tabs on your portfolio’s performance from anywhere at any time. There is nothing more you need to do but create a portfolio on this mobile trading software, and then you may monitor the success of that portfolio throughout the day.

SAMCO App’s Additional Features

Let’s take a look at some of the SAMCO App’s other standout features:

1.Execution of orders quickly

The excitement of trading on the desktop platform is being replaced by the speed of order execution on the mobile app. The software exposes you to one-click execution in particular. With a single click, traders may place a BUY or SELL order.
The feature reduces the amount of time it takes to trade and the amount of confusion it causes. You’ll be able to place an order as soon as the optimal price for a given asset is reached.
Orders placed using the SAMCO Stock Note App are processed immediately. The software does precisely what it was designed to do, thanks to its rapid reaction time and well-designed features.

2.Option chain matrix

In order to make an informed choice, options traders use the Option Chain List, commonly known as the Option Chain matrix. Using the chain, traders may determine if the market favors a CALL or a PUT. Also, the percentage change in the value of a certain asset may be seen in the shifting positions of the CALL/PUT options. An option chain matrix is shown in detail in the SAMCO Stock Note App.
Using a real-time price evaluation, users may more accurately forecast whether buyers or sellers will win. Such information may be gleaned in a matter of minutes.

 3.Real-time margin calculator

It has long been a popular tool for traders to use a real time margin calculator. Trader margins can be calculated using a tool provided by the company.
It’s much better if they’re given in accordance with the current market trend. As a result, investors are increasingly turning to the SAMCO Stock Note App as a viable option.
By using the app’s margin calculator, traders may see how much money they’ll make or lose on a certain deal.
Make sure you make your selection quickly because the computation may be affected by real market activities.

4.Streaming live quotes

One of the easiest methods to find trading chances in the live market is to watch the streaming quotations. With real-time quotations, users may better monitor the market’s movement.
Some applications even provide bespoke trading capabilities that make it simpler to get into the market at the proper time with the help of.
When this capability is accessible, it eliminates the need to go through each asset one at a time. The SAMCO Stock Note App gives traders a sneak peek at this really useful tool.
On the app’s UI, you can see real-time quotations come in. Investing decisions may be made by just observing what is happening on the live market.

5.The ability to log in as a guest

Beginners have a hard time trying out new trading platforms since they are afraid of making mistakes. However, this isn’t always the case. As a result of the Guest User function, which grants non-registered users on a trading platform temporary access to the system,
Users may get a sense of how a trading platform works without having to deposit money into an account. People frequently dial Guest in order to connect to a demo account.
The SAMCO Stock Note App features this capability, so you can learn about trading while also getting an idea of what a broker offers.

6.Advanced and interactive Charting Tools

The use of interactive and advanced charting software speeds up the process of performing technical analysis. Users may better understand market patterns, overbought and oversold circumstances, moving averages, and all critical market information.
To put it simply, you can do everything on one screen. SAMCO’s Stock Note App provides these useful services to traders. As a result, they are more likely to make well-informed trades.

7.Ratings of stocks are shown.

Another unique feature of the SAMCO Stock Note App is its stock ratings.
Using this function, investors may get a list of the top stocks to invest in, based on recent returns on investment.
It is possible that these equities include both major and small-cap companies. In addition, there is the option to personalize the design. In a similar vein, this opens up a wider range of valuable resources for consumers.

8.Trigger notifications bundled together

In comparison to desktop platforms, mobile ones benefit more from bundled trigger notifications. And the SAMCO Stock Note App is a real-life demonstration of how this works.
It’s possible to automate trade entry and exit by keeping an eye on the trigger alerts in large groups.
As a result, traders can save a significant amount of time by delegating this task to the system.

How can I get started with SAMCO Trading?

It’s easy to set up a Stock Note App, and you won’t have to go through any complicated steps to do so.
You must first create a Samco Demat account, which is explained in detail in the next section.

  1. After you’ve downloaded and installed the SAMCO Trading Mobile App, you can use your Samco Demat and trading account login credentials to get started.
  2. Downloading Stock Note App is as simple as visiting Google Play and looking for it there. It’s available for download.
  3. On use the app, download it to your mobile device. You must have an Android phone with a 4.4 or above version of the operating system in order to install this app.
  4. Please launch the program once it has been installed and adjust it to your liking.
  5. There are two steps to creating a stock watch list: first, pick the option and then add your desired stock scrips to the list.
  6. Create a portfolio of your work so that you can keep track of it at any time. If you want to accomplish this, go to the Portfolio Options and choose the stocks you currently hold from there.
  7. You may begin trading as soon as everything is in place. You may click on the stocks, learn about them, and then trade them anytime you wish.

How Can I Get My Own Stock Note App?

A Samco Demat and Trading account is required in order to download the SAMCO Mobile App.
This button must be clicked in order to establish a Samco Demat account. There is a form to fill out once you click on the “Open Demat” button on this page.

After filling out the information in the pop-up form, click the “Submit” button.

You’ll get a call from Samco executives once you fill out the form. Once your information has been verified, they will provide you with instructions on the remainder of the procedure.

A photo and scanned copies of AADHAAR, PAN, and Cancelled Cheque are required for verification of the user’s application in the following phase.

Verify your account after this.

Once you have downloaded Stock Note App and started using it, you will receive your samco login credentials in your registered email address.

Further advantages that Stock Note App has are as follow:

  • The program uses a unique technology called Giga Trading that aids in making informed decisions.
  • Compared to the broker’s prior applications, this one has a far more fluid user interface and offers a superior overall experience.
  • If you utilize this trading software, according to the broker, you’ll get a full refund of your brokerage fees for the first month.
  • Traders may earn greatly from Stock Note’s alerts and triggers dependent on the direction of the market.
  • Both an iOS and an Android version of the software are readily available. The broker claims to have also created a web-based version.
  • This app allows you to trade on many exchanges, including the NSE, BSE, and MCX.
    Cons of Using the Stock Note Mobile Trading App
  • Access to the news section is the only benefit of the app’s guest login.
  • The mobile app’s connectivity may be affected by the speed of your internet connection.
  • Improvements in the amount of features are possible.

Conclusion: SAMCO Trading App vs. Stock Note App

In terms of mobile trading apps, Stock Note is one of the most advanced ever supplied by a brokerage business.
It’s easy to set up and use, and its straightforward features make it ideal for trading any form of financial product.

Frequently Asked Questions for the SAMCO App

To help you better understand the SAMCO App, we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions:

1.Ques: What is the SAMCO mobile app called?

Ans: Stock Note – s Stock Note – Stock Market News, Analysis & Trading is the name of the SAMCO stockbroker’s app. Google Play or Apple’s Software Store are both good places to find the app. Using it is a breeze, as is finding it.

2.Ques: Is there a SAMCO iOS app?

Ans: It’s true that this stockbroking firm has taken into account the demands of all its customers and has developed Android and iOS applications to facilitate trading. Investing via a mobile app is possible regardless of what operating system you use on your phone.

3.Ques: Is the SAMCO App free?

Ans: Yes, the stockbroking firm’s trading app is free to download and use. The app is available without charge to anyone who wants to use it. Installing an app is as simple as pressing the install button on your smartphone’s home screen.

4.Ques: How to download the SAMCO App?

Ans: Like any other software, the SAMCO app must be downloaded from the app store. Search for the SAMCO app in the app store on your mobile phone. After finding it, click the “Install” option to begin.

5.Ques: What features does SAMCO App have?

Ans: In addition to its numerous capabilities, the SAMCO app makes onboarding new investors a breeze. To name just a few, there’s mobile trading, trends and top news, market notifications, a bespoke dashboard and app that makes it simple to place orders, quick information sharing, and simple portfolio management, among others.

6.Ques: Is it possible to buy and sell shares using the SAMCO App?

Ans: It’s true that this is the primary and most critical feasibility for the stockbroker. Orders can be placed based on real-time price changes and real-time stock monitoring, if you haven’t previously done so.

7.Ques: Is SAMCO Android App good?

Ans: Investing in the stock market is a viable option with this software, without a doubt. It has a 3.6-star rating in the Google Play store, indicating that a significant amount of people enjoy using it. They do, however, provide their customers a complete investing procedure.

8.Ques: Is there an EKYC feature on the SAMCO app?

Ans: The EKYC functionality is supported by this app as the KYC procedure is now necessary. You can opt to scan your papers and upload them to the app instead of submitting them in person with the rest of your submissions.

9.Ques: Can I get help with my SAMCO app?

Ans: The stockbroker’s app does not include research analysis on the entire. In any case, you’ll learn about the latest fashions. The stock market’s basic tendencies and the latest news are readily apparent.

10.Ques: How can I buy shares using the SAMCO app?

Ans: A few simple steps are all that is required to place a buy or sell order. Trade information are entered and a purchase or sell order is placed by clicking on one of the options, then selecting either buy or sell.