Astha Trade Review-Brokerage Fees, Features, Pros & Cons And More

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a beginner, choosing the right brokerage firm can significantly impact your investments and trading journey. Astha Trade, a Bhopal-based online brokerage firm founded in 2003 by Satish Chandra Gupta is trusted for its service. The firm is acknowledged by its customers who provide excellent Astha Trade Review, sharing their experiences about the platform.

The brokerage company has gained immense recognition for its advanced technology-backed features, robust infrastructure, intuitive interface, and various trading options.  It provides a wide range of trading options, including stocks, commodities, IPO, currencies, futures and options. The company is best regarded for its highest margin for options buying and trading equity, commodity, and futures on NSE and MCX. Additionally, trading with Astha’s web platform offers traders seamless trading opportunities through intelligent drawing tools, basket orders, chart-based trading, and technical indicators.

Therefore, if you are planning to start your trading journey and need a flexible platform, start with Astha Trade today.

Astha Trade Brokerage Charges

It is one of the few firms that charge a modest brokerage Charges. To alleviate the stress of over-investment, this policy has been implemented. As a result, they’re able to bring in additional customers. In any case, we’ll save that for another time. In any case, below are the Astha Trade brokerage charges: –

  • To use their equity delivery services, they charge a 0.1-percent fee.
  • Provide Equity Intraday services for a 0.01% fee.
  • Equity Futures services are subject to a 0.01 percent fee.
  • Currency Futures services are furthermore subject to a 0.01 percent service fee.
  • There is a Rs. 10 per lot fee for Equity Options services at this brokerage.
  • The currency options services they provide come at Rs 10 each lot, as well.
  • To determine the bare-bones brokerage fee, you must know how much of the transaction you will be brokering.
  • Customers must, however, keep Rs 10,000 in margin money on hand at all times.

Astha Trade Review- Demat Account Open

Astha Trade online Demat account opening instructions are as follows:

  • To begin, go to the Astha Trade website.
  • Go to the page for creating a new account. Input your email and phone number, then click ‘continue to sign up’ to complete the registration process.
  • All images are copyrighted by their respective owners. If you enter an email address and a phone number, you will be sent a One-Time Password (OTP). To begin the sign-up procedure, type in the OTP.
  • Your PAN card number and date of birth will be required. Click on the Get Detail option after entering the same.
  • Aadhar card number, full name, father and mother’s name, address and gender are some of the personal information that you will need to input in the next step. When all the information has been entered, press the Next button.
  • Input your financial information, such as yearly income, occupation, bank account information (such as routing and account number and IBAN), and IFSC code. In order to proceed, you must first get your bank account information verified by Astha Trade.
  • We have to select the sectors in which we intend to trade. ” It’s up to you whether you want to focus on the equity and futures & options part or the commodity segment.
  • You will now be prompted to complete the payment process online. While starting a demat account with Astha Trade is free, opening a trading account costs Rs. 500. Astha Trade accepts a wide range of online payment options, including debit and credit cards, UPI, net banking, and electronic wallets like PayPal and Google Wallet.
  • Astha Trade will ask you to upload the appropriate documentation after the payment has been completed successfully.

Documents May Required

The following are examples of the kinds of files you’ll need to submit:

  • If you want to trade derivatives, you’ll need your PAN card, Aadhar card, and evidence of income.
  • A canceled check or a bank statement for six months
  • Performing the in-person verification (IPV) is the next stage. To open a Demat account, every investor must through an IPV procedure prescribed by SEBI.
  • A photo of your PAN and Aadhar card may be uploaded from your phone’s gallery or taken directly holding these papers that can be used to complete the IPV.
  • Your Demat account will be established as soon as all of the requirements are met and the necessary information has been provided. It is possible to utilize your email address to acquire an account number for future use, which will serve as a Beneficiary owner identification.

Astha Trade Online Trading Platforms

Astha Trade provides a variety of trading platforms to its customers. Most of these platforms, on the other hand, are third-party software.

1. The ODIN diet

Financial Technologies has released ODIN Diet, a free download for PCs and Macs. Desktop or laptop computers can be used to download this well-known terminal package. ODIN Diet delivers real-time information from a variety of stock market indexes. The quantity of scrips that a person can have on their watch list is completely up to them. It may also be readily connected with mutual fund investments and IPO purchases. Even the terminal interface has some customizability built-in.

2. The IWIN Trading App.

If you don’t want to trade on a PC, or if you want to trade on your mobile phone, Astha Trade has the IWIN App available. Financial Technologies also created IWIN, a beneficial tool for users. The number of securities that may be put on a watch list is virtually limitless with IWIN. Traders and fans of technical analysis may now access pertinent charts through the app. The software may also be used to make orders for the trading of securities. Google Play has the app, which is just 37.4 MB in size.

3. Web-Based Trading Platforms

All internet-based platforms are covered by Astha’s relationship with Financial Technologies. Financial Technologies has created a web-based trading platform for Astha Trade. To use this trading platform, all you need is a web browser. You don’t even need to know anything about trading to get started. The browser-based trading software begins to function. Users of Astha Trade will be granted access to the web trading platform without any action on their part. As a result, nothing has to be downloaded or installed.

In the meanwhile, here are the list of 10 Best Trading Apps In India.

The web trading app of Financial Technologies supports several different languages. Orders can be placed on various exchanges and in a variety of market sectors. An emphasis on security has been placed on the app’s web-based design. It’s safe to trade on your browser because of the high level of security.

4. Astha Trade NSE Now

The Astha platform offers traders an alternative to Financial Technologies’ web-based trading platform, keeping with the idea of web-based trades. Astha Trade has partnered with NSE to make the NSE Now platform available to its customers.

Similar to Astha Trade’s other web-based platform, this one too. The app will automatically run once the user clicks on the link and enters their login information. As a result, there is no need to download or install anything. It’s up to you, really.

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) Until recently, Astha Trade had created and licensed the app from NSE. Smart order routing, historical, intra-day, and real-time charting tools for trading and trend analysis are just some of the capabilities available to users. In addition, it features a strong risk-management system that ensures the safety of all trades.

NSE Astha Trade Mobile App Review

There is a web-based trading platform and a mobile trading platform established by the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Users of Astha Trade Review have access to an app called NSE Mobile. NSE Mobile can run on Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry (in case anyone still uses the classic Blackberry phones). Using the NSE Mobile app is easy because of the program’s intuitive design. Company news and real-time market statistics are also available. Because of this, traders and those who are interested in technical analysis will be able to access multiple charts and charting tools. The NSE Mobile app doesn’t take up much space on your phone. You simply need to download 37.4 MB of data to get started. Moreover, the software has received a lot of positive feedback. More than four stars are given on the Google Play Store.

NSE Now Terminal

With its cooperation with the National Stock Exchange, Astha Trade provides the NSE Now Trading Terminal for those users who prefer a full-fledged terminal for heavy and frequent trading. After downloading and installing the Trading Terminal on one’s desktop or laptop, one is ready to begin trading. For its speed and performance, the trading terminal is a popular choice. Thereby allowing rapid and easy usage of a variety of features and functionality.

Astha Trade Review: Positives & Negatives

Those who want to invest in the stock, commodities, and futures markets can use Astha Trade. Astha’s products have a lot to offer. The situation isn’t perfect, though, and there are some negative aspects.

Pros (Positives)

  • The fees charged by Astha Trade are reasonable. Zerodha’s prices may not be as low as those of its competitors, but they’re still less expensive than those of full-service brokerages.
  • The different platforms that Astha Trade makes available to its customers are all free of charge for Astha Trade customers. Consequently, investors may trade on Astha’s platforms from a desktop computer, a web browser, or even a mobile phone. These programs and software packages require little to no configuration and are easy to use.
  • Astha has a physical presence in addition to its online one. In India, it has more than 100 physical sites.
  • The Call and Trade option is completely free.
  • Astha’s Association Program is intriguing (similar to Amazon associates). This initiative rewards social media influencers and experienced investors who write positive reviews of the Astha trading platforms. Astha’s “Refer and Earn” program offers more opportunities to get money.
  • Astha Trade features a live chat feature that can help customers obtain responses quickly.
  • In some areas of stock trading, this deal has larger margins than many of its competitors.

Cons (Negatives)

  • A third-party company built every single one of Astha’s platforms. Astha does not have any in-house development. A lack of creativity is evident when compared to Zerodha.
  • Some consumers complained about Astha more than others. Despite the industry’s 0.01 percent complaint rate, Astha’s was 0.02 percent in 2019-20.
  • Finding industry reports, analyst reports, and other educational resources is absent from this guide. While Astha Trade’s website contains a Knowledge Hub area full of blogs and news, Zerodha’s offering is more comprehensive.

Astha Trade Additional Fees

Investors should also be aware of the following brokerage fees:

  • Astha Trade brokerage fee is Rs.10 per completed order (Minimum)
  • Astha Trade charges 0.00280 percent of Total Turnover in transaction brokerage fees for each transaction that is completed by a DP (depository participant).
  • In the securities and commodity market, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) serves as a regulator. It ensures that all investors are treated fairly and charges a set fee for each transaction. SEBI turnover charges at Astha Trade are 0.0002 percent of the total turnover. Depending on the state and the kind of asset class, stamp duty fees differ.

Brokerage and transaction fees are subject to an 18% GST (Goods and Services Tax).

Securities transaction tax: Astha Trade levies 0.0126 percent of Total Turnover as STT.


Thus, Astha Trade Review testifies that it is a reputed and trustworthy platform for all users. Its exceptional features and services enable investors to trade conveniently. Traders can navigate easily across the platform. In addition to the web, the company also provides a mobile application that makes it easy to trade on the go, anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, the comprehensive research material and tools available with market data and indicators support informed decision-making. You can grasp every market information on the go and make valuable decisions without any glitches. The platform supports you to stay ahead of the market curve.

With a robust customer support team, the brokerage firm ensures you have support at all hours. Your queries are resolved by their trained skilled professionals, enhancing your confidence and conducting trading appropriately. However, we recommend you do thorough research about the firm, understand its advantages and shortcomings and find whether the platform is suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the founder of Astha Trade?

Ans: In 2005, Saksham Dumra established Astha Trade.

2. Are Astha Trade’s fees reasonable?

Ans: This is not a cheap broker. Full-service broker Asthatrade operates in India. Investment counseling and stock analysis are two of the most common services offered by full-service brokers. There are also a lot of expenses associated with brokering the deal.

3. Is Astha Trade a full-service broker?

Ans: Yes, Asthatrade is an Indian full-service broker. Investment counseling and stock analysis are two of the most common services offered by full-service brokers. There are also a lot of expenses associated with brokering the deal.

4. Is Astha Trade trustworthy?

Ans: Indian stockbroker Asthatrade is very trustworthy. SEBI requires stockbrokers to get a Certificate of Registration (CoR) before they can trade on behalf of their clients. Broker Asthatrade is a SEBI registered firm that has been in the stock trading market for a long time now. In the year 2005, it was first established as a non-profit organization.

5. Is it safe to trade on Astha Trade?

Ans: Like any other stockbroker licensed with SEBI, Asthatrade may be trusted for trading. As a general rule, novice stockbrokers are frightened of losing all of their money. Anxiety, however, is unjustified.

6. Does Astha Trade work well with novices?

Ans: If you’re a newbie stock trader, you’re likely to go with the most affordable stockbroker. A novice investor’s needs are perfectly met by discount stock brokers. Brokerage firm Asthatrade provides a wide range of services. Although it may be useful for new investors, they should be aware that the brokerage fees are somewhat hefty.

7. Is Astha Trade a free app?

Ans: All services are provided by Astha Trade. Brokers charge varying fees depending on the type of asset they are dealing with. A full-service broker typically costs more than a cheap broker for their services. Research and advising services are cited as a way to justify the fee.

8. What are the brokerage fees for Astha Trade?

Ans: Asthatrade has varying fees according to the type of asset you’re trading. Delivery of equities is charged at 0.10 percent, intraday delivery at 0.01 percent, equity futures at 0.01 percent, equity options at Rs.10 per lot, currency futures at 0.01 percent, and commodities trading at 0.01 percent.

9. How can I start a trading account with Astha Trade?

Ans: Astha Trade trading accounts can be opened in a matter of minutes. Enter your contact information, such as phone number, name, and email address, on Astha Trade’s official website. You may try enrolling on the website, and most brokers allow you to build an account totally online. Documents like an Aadhaar card, a Pan card, proof of income, etc., are required by Astha Trade. Your trading/Demat account will be active after these papers have been validated.

10. Is Astha Trade NSDL or CDSL?

Ans: The depository for Asthatrade is CDSL & NSDL.

11. Is Astha Trade liable for any additional fees?

Ans: In the majority of cases, stockbrokers reveal all of their fees. One perspective has no hidden costs. Rather, it’s because the end-user hasn’t done their homework. When making a deal, there are a lot of different fees to consider. To get a clear view of all fees, one should utilize a brokerage calculator. Delivery of equities is charged at 0.10 percent, intraday delivery at 0.01 percent, equity futures at 0.01 percent, equity options at Rs.10 per lot, currency futures at 0.01 percent, and commodities trading at 0.01 percent.