Kotak Securities Review, Brokerage Charges, Demat Account, Apps & more

Founded in 1994, Kotak Securities Ltd is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. In India, they provide stockbroking services and financial product distribution. More than 1400 locations, franchisees, and satellite offices serve more than 12 thousand consumers. There are two stock exchanges where the corporation is traded: the BSE and NSE. The National Securities Depository (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) both accept them as depository participants (CDSL). What, therefore, sets KotakSecurities apart from the other firms in this group?

The Kotak Trinity account separates the company from its competitors. It allows investors to open Demat, trading, and bank balances with Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited using a single account. Each of these accounts can be applied for separately or all at once using the same application form. With a 3-in-1 account, clients don’t have to manually move money from their trading accounts to their personal accounts. The money is automatically deposited.

Trade-in equity, apply for an IPO, Mutual Fund and ETF, Tax-Free Bonds and Currency Derivatives, Gold ETF, etc., after your account is established. On their website, you may find a variety of forms, such as the Account Opening Form, Name Change Request Form, Kotak Securities Account Closing Form, etc. Fill out the form and send it to the registered office of your choice.

About Kotak Securities

CEO of Kotak Securities Jaideep Hansraj is a brokerage business that serves all financial trading asset classes. Established in 1994, it’s a well-known brand today. Kotak Mahindra Bank’s KotakSecurities branch is widely regarded as one of the best stock brokers in India. In 1994, the firm was founded as a countrywide trade and investment platform.

A subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank, the organization claims to be the top broker in the industry today. Over a thousand and two hundred branches distributed over three hundred and seventy-seven locations in India may not be exaggerating at all, as they now manage over 13 lakh active accounts.

As many as 5 million deals take place each day on their platform. Many services have been introduced and pioneered by them on a regular basis.

When they introduced a mobile stock trading app, they were the first to make it possible for people to monitor their investments while they were on the road.

They also devised the idea of sending out SMS notifications just prior to a depository transaction. In addition, they have received several accolades in recognition of their extraordinary achievements.

This year, they’ve won several awards, including the “Early Adopter of Analytics” award at the Machine Learning Conference 2018 and the Best kotak securities Brokerage India 2018 – by Triple A Asset Country Awards in the Best Advisors South Asia Category from Triple-A Asset Awards, among others.

There are several advantages to using Kotak Securities.

  • Kotak has a 3 in 1 Demat account that facilitates bank account transfers.
  • Investors are able to get all of the information they need to make an informed decision on a single platform.
  • Traders with sluggish or poor internet connections will find it easy to use.
  • It provides investors with an incredible trading platform that is also really simple to use.
  • The platform has a live chat feature that can be used by customers to get answers to their questions.

Cons of Kotak Securities

Although Kotak securities have numerous advantages and benefits, there are certain downsides to its services.

  • For the commodities market, there is no help available.
  • Compared to other full-service brokers, they charge a lot more in kotak securities brokerage fees.

Kotak Openings

Kotak has a wide range of account kinds to meet the needs of its customers.

  • Customers must have a minimum balance of Rs. 5000 in order to invest in Gold ETFs, Equities, and Mutual Funds through Autoinvest.
    The Kotak Gateway is a stock trading handbook for those who are just getting started. It’s a doorway to the world of trading and investing.
  • Customers of the Kotak Privilege Circle have access to a premium investing account. In addition, a specialized relationship manager and a dedicated client service desk provide independent market expertise and customer assistance. In addition, it grants you access to the KEAT premium membership service. A Margin Amount of more than Rs. 10 lakhs is required to activate the Kotak Privilege Circle account.
  • Investments in mutual funds are the only focus of the Kotak Freedom plan.
  • Kotak Super Saver is a combination of a Low Margin account and a Flat kotak securities Brokerage account.
  • For those who are just starting out and need assistance managing their money, PMS (Portfolio Management Service) is the account for you.
  • NRI Account: This account is only for NRI investors to trade and invest online.
  • Investing in securities is made easier with a Trinity Account, a three-in-one account that brings together an investor’s online trading account, bank account, and depository receipts (or “depository receipts”). This account combines the convenience of online trading with the ability to move funds.

How do I open a Kotak Securities account?

Input your name, phone number, email address, and city into the Contact Us form on the Kotak Securities website to get in touch with us. Then hit “Submit.” A Kotaksecurities specialist will call you and help you with opening an account after the form is submitted.
You may obtain the account opening paperwork from their website, fill in the relevant information, and send it in person or by mail to their registered office.

Enquire about opening a Kotak Demat account using one of the support lines. 1800-222-299 and 1800-209-9191 are toll-free numbers.
Forms for opening and closing accounts with KotakSecurities, as well as requesting name changes, are all available online at the company’s official website. You can fill out the form and mail it to their registered office if that’s more convenient for you.

Kotak Securities Trading Platforms Review

1. Kotak Stock Trader App

To “Tap and trade” from anywhere, whether you’re on the road or just outside in the garden, you may use this feature. Get live market information and real-time stock prices.

The software uses 44 MB of memory space on iOS and 24 MB of memory space on Android, and it is protected by a biometric login or Kotak login.

You may use your recent search history to access charting tools, establish watchlists, and make orders.

2. Kotak TradeSmart Terminal

A web-based trading terminal for intelligent kotak stock traders, Trade Smart Terminal includes other services such as —

  • Trade Smart Derivatives
  • Trade Smart Insights
  • Trade Smart Trends

The ability to create watchlists for watching equities (65+ data points), futures (40+ data points), and options (more than 45 data points) are provided.

Options trading chances may be found by monitoring unusual Call volume, open interest, gaps up/down on high volume, and the highest Put/Call OI ratio.

3. Web-based Trading Terminal

In comparison to the Trade Smart Terminal, the Web-based trading terminal is a simplified version. New stock traders and investors may learn by doing this.

An easy-to-navigate portal, watchlists, auto price streaming, and one-click access to IPO and mutual fund investments are all included.

4. Keat ProX Trading Platform

Downloadable.exe program, Keat ProX creates a healthy trading environment on your PC, tablet, or laptop.

The user interface may be tailored to fit your trading style. Watchlist, funds status, trading positions, and access to research papers and stock charting tools may all be viewed on a single screen with an integrated look.

Kotak’s APIs for trading

Kotak Trade APIs can be used by advanced stock traders who wish to design and apply their own trading algorithms.


  • The Gold Award for Email Marketing and the excellent use of technology was handed to them at the ACEF.
  • Two. Machine learning conference 2018. “Early Adopter of Analytics.”
  • Triple-A Asset Company Awards named triple-A Asset Company the Best Advisory South Asia kotak securities Brokerage in India in 2018 and more.

Kotak securities Brokerage fees, depository fees, interest rates, and other fees charged

  • The account-opening fee has been waived.
  • In the case of derivative deals involving equities, Kotak Securities charges an interest rate of 0.025 percent every day.
  • Margin Trading Facility (MTF) charges a daily interest rate of 0.04% on any outstanding debt amount.
  • Other debit balances accrue interest at a rate of 0.05 percent each day.
  • On a monthly basis, all interest will be accrued and paid.
  • The STT/CTT costs are in accordance with the current rates.
  • Dematerialization and rematerialisation fees apply. Rs. 150 for each certificate and Rs. Fifty per request are the depository’s fees (as courier charges).
  • At Rs. 50 per month, the annual maintenance fee (AMC) is included.
  • In order to acquire stock, there is no fee. Selling, on the other hand, is subject to a fee of Rs 20 or 0.04 percent of the scrip value.
  • Pledge, client master report, and delivery instruction slip resistance costs are only some of the additional fees.
  • Other expenses include auction charges, check bounce charges, internal settlement charges, hard copy statement prices, fund transfer charges, and other minor fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Ques: Does Kotak Securities offer an IPO?

Ans: Yes, customers of Kotak Securities can apply for an IPO online. An initial public offering, or IPO, is a way for investors to get a head start on the market by purchasing shares in newly public firms.

2.Ques: What is the Kotak Mutual Fund’s minimum transaction amount?

Ans: The minimum transaction amount for each scheme varies. The amount varies depending on the plan. In the scheme information sheet, the minimum amount is stated.

3.Ques: How much do Futures cost at Kotak Securities?

Ans: Equity, currency, and commodity futures trading all cost 0.049 percent at Kotak Securities.

4.Ques: Can I revise the bid at which he placed the application order?

Ans: Modifications can be made online, and the total money due will be held in escrow pending the completion of the transaction.

5.Ques: How much does Kotak Securities charge for delivery?

Ans: It costs Kotak Securities 0.49 percent to deliver equity. Cash and carry trades, or CNC, are the abbreviation for this type of trading.

6.Ques: What time is suitable to apply for an IPO online through Kotak Security?

Ans: Between the IPO’s opening and closing dates, customers are free to apply for an IPO in order to participate. You can submit your online IPO application at any time of day or night.

7.Ques: How many IPO applications can I submit from a single Kotak Bank Account?

Ans: The Kotak Mahindra Bank Account allows customers to make up to five applications.

8.Ques: Can I withdraw the blocked amount supporting the ASBA application that cannot be withdrawn till the time of allotment?

Ans: Until allocation, the funds in your bank account supporting the ASBA application cannot be removed from your account.

9.Ques: Is Kotak Demat Account charge free to open?

Ans: Opening a Demat account with Kotak Securities is free of charge. Opening a Demat, Trading, or Bank account does not need paying any fees of any kind.

10.Ques: What is the hold mark in Kotak Securities?

Ans: A person’s possessions must now be sold in the order listed below if the new method is followed. Your first BNST shares will be sold. Stocks two and three, which you have in a Kotak Demat account and which you have borrowed against, will be sold.

11.Ques: Can we check the status of Kotak Mutual Fund online?

Ans: Kotak Mutual Fund status may be checked online. Your Mutual Fund investments can be checked at the following locations: 1. Log in to your Kotak Securities account and check your account activity. Reports can be accessed by clicking on the links. Check out the mutual fund section. Select the option to check the status of your order.

12.Ques: Is Kotak Securities a member of NSDL or CDSL, as the case may be?

Ans: In addition to being a member of the BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX stock exchanges, Kotak Securities is a limited liability company. Both the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and CDSL recognize it as a depository participant.

13.Ques: What has realized PL in Kotak Securities?

Ans: A completed transaction’s profit is referred to as the “realized” profit. It denotes the end of a trading session. In most cases, a kotak stock trader’s realized gain is already placed into their trading account and may be withdrawn to their bank account.

14.Ques: How much does Kotak Securities charge for Intraday?

Ans: Intra-day trades are charged 0.049 percent. Margin intraday square-up orders, or MIS orders, are what they’re called. At the end of each trading day, all open Intraday orders are automatically closed. These trades can benefit from more leverage.

15.Ques: What is Kodak’s current account balance?

Ans: At the conclusion of each working day, the bank computes a ledger balance. The total quantity of money in a bank account is computed by adding together all of the withdrawals and deposits. The ledger balance is the bank account’s opening balance the next morning, and it stays that way throughout the workday.


New fintech stockbroking platforms have made it easier for users to keep abreast of all the latest developments in the stock market. But if we don’t have the help of stockbroking services, we can lose out on giving accurate information from an analytical perspective. The good news is that the Kotak trinity account offers a wide choice of investment possibilities to choose from. There is a wide range of investment alternatives available to those looking to diversify their portfolios.

In comparison to discount brokers, Kotak is a full-service broker. Call & Trade expenses are alleviated by providing daily notifications, market indications, periodic research reports, and stock recommendations. Depending on the type of account you have, you may be subject to additional fees. The online trading service comes with 1400+ branches where consumers may obtain support with investment-related questions and difficulties. Once the consumers open their own accounts, the margin amount must be maintained. Customer service is provided around the clock via the company’s online chat service.

To better serve its clients, Kotak Securities has pioneered investment technology innovations and now provides a wide range of online trading software solutions to them. For investors with slower internet connections, difficulty learning the platform, or trading on older machines, Kotak Securities’ five sophisticated and free online trading platforms offer advanced trading options. In addition, Kotak offers smart trading tools to assist kotak stock traders in the derivatives market, monitor market patterns, and obtain real-time information.