Fyers One Review: Unleashing The Power Of The Trading Platform

Investors can now utilise technology-enabled tools and platforms in the rapidly evolving world of trading and investments.  While choosing a powerful trading platform, Fyers One has emerged as a strong and game-changing platform for traders. It’s comprehensive features and cutting-edge technology offer a user-friendly and simple interface for both beginners and seasoned traders. The wide range of tools and functionalities with real-time insights and market data empowers traders to make informed decisions and grow their portfolios.

In addition, Fyers One Review suggests that customers who are using the platform are satisfied with their services. Whether you are a swing trader or a long-term investor, the platform helps you navigate the extensive world of trading conveniently. You can streamline the process, seeks help from their customer support, and build a diversified portfolio, to achieve the results.

Fyers One Review- Most Important Features

Among the many trading capabilities included in the Fyers One desktop trading programme for professionals are the following:

1. Advanced Charting

Fyers One’s sophisticated charting function allows you to perform technical analysis using over sixty different indicators. With the sophisticated charting tool, you’ll be able to access more than five years’ worth of EOD and intraday data. Spot indices can also be plotted on charts.

There are charts available for a variety of historical periods, including:

Charts are available in different time frames of:

  • One Minute
  • Five Minutes
  • Ten Minutes
  • Fifteen Minutes
  • Thirty Minutes
  • Sixty Minutes
  • Custom time frames

2. Stock Screeners

Allows you to go through a plethora of market data to find the most pertinent pieces of information. Using stock screeners, you can see trends, intraday movements, levels of resistance and support, and much more.

3. The Market Meter

It’s easy to tell which stocks are driving the market up or down with a quick peek at the market meter.

4. The F & O Analysis

An investor must make a timely judgment with the least amount of loss possible. There is a pressing requirement for quickness when making decisions about options and futures.

F&O Analysis tools are a much-needed turbo boost for every competent trader.

5. Opportunity Finder

Fyers One’s opportunity finder tool allows you to do stock research and narrow down the results depending on your personal preferences.

6. Market Research

In order to make money, time squandering is not allowed. Market dynamics, heat maps, and index meters of Fyers One are used to monitor the market’s health.

You’ll save money and time this way. In addition, you’ll learn more about trading as a professional trader.

7. Tracking your portfolio

A stock trader’s portfolio tracker serves two purposes. If you want to learn new investing approaches and ideas, this application may help you track your investments and set up a virtual portfolio.

Fyers One’s Pros and Cons

User-friendly tools like Heatmaps, Index meters, stock screeners, etc. are only some of the features of Fyers One’s trading program. Making the most of market possibilities at the right moment is made easier with the aid of this.


  • Using Heatmaps, you should be able to see what is working and what isn’t in different industries and sectors.
  • Users may practise stock market trading for free using the ‘Portfolio Simulation tool. It’s a stock market simulation that mimics the action of trading stocks in real time.
  • The accuracy of the data provided is far superior than that of most other stock broker trading platforms.
  • Compared to other trading platforms, there have been a lower number of reported crashes.
  • The ‘Intraday Recovery’ function provides intraday traders with an easy way to quickly identify equities with the best intraday declines and
  • recoveries. This function is useful for traders who want to generate fast gains but lack the resources to make quick decisions.
  • Trading tools that aid you with technical analysis are a hot commodity in the market nowadays. Third-party software integration is no longer necessary.


When utilizing the Fyers One programme, you may encounter the following issues:

  • As a result, better design is required for large trading applications if they are to operate well.
  • If you’re looking for a new terminal-based trading programme, this one isn’t quite as established as Trade shark or Zerodha Pi. So, Apple desktop and PC users are unable to use the programme.

Fyers One Download: How To Install The Trading Platform?

If you want to trade on the Fyers One Trading Platform, you’ll need a strong internet connection. To use the trading terminal, you first need to download and install the executable file. Follow these step by step guide for Fyers One Download

  • Go to https://fyers.in/ to learn more.
  • Select “Support” from the “File” menu.
  • Right-click on Downloads and select “Save link as.”
  • then select “Trading Platforms” from the list of available choices.
  • Select “Fyers One” from the drop-down menu. Instructions and a download link will be shown in a new window.
  • Right-click on the “Download Link.” The download will begin when you click on “Fyers One Download.”
  • Install and start the programme after downloading.
  • Login to your account using the information you provided.

An active trading and demat account with Fyers is necessary in order to utilize the Fyers Trading Software fully. Follow the next section’s instructions to open a trading account if you don’t already have one.


As a discount broker, its major goal is to give the greatest technology for trading in addition to low brokerage plans. There’s a lot to like about the Fyers Trading Platforms since they’re well-designed and well-thought-out. Fyers Mobile App, Fyers Trading Terminal, and the online trading platform are all available through the company.


Fyers One is a desktop-based software that you must download to your desktop or laptop in order to use the Fyers Trading Terminal. If you’re a fundamental or technical investor, you’ll be able to use this platform because it’s designed for both types of investors.


In order to use Fyers Markets, a mobile application provided by the company, you will need an internet connection with a low bandwidth and minimum capacity on your phone. All kinds of trade may be done using the programme, which is very fast and easy to use.

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Online trading platform Fyers Web Trader is one of the industry’s most advanced web-based systems. All of the platform’s essential and crucial features have been pared down in order to make the platform fast, simple, and efficient for trading.


Fyers Demat Account is linked to both the NSDL and CDSL depositories in the nation, and there are no fees associated with opening an account with Fyers. The company offers a free Demat and trading account. Naturally, this is the first thing that everyone notices. Demat account maintenance costs just Rs. 300 per year for the first year, which is fairly reasonable. A lot of money is being saved here since there are no account opening costs or fees for the first year of trading and no fees for the trading account.

In addition, you must maintain a zero balance in your trading account. The business does not impose a minimum margin requirement, therefore you are free to choose your own margin levels based on your preferences and trading needs.

Types Of Orders On Fyers One

Stop Loss Order (SL)

Conditional orders are orders that are only executed if the stock’s market price crosses a certain threshold. It is a deliberate strategy to limit an investor’s losses.

Limit Order

It’s an order to purchase or sell assets at a certain price point. There is no assurance that a Limit Order will be filled, but there is a price guarantee. Limit orders only work if the price falls inside the specified range. A limit order to purchase is executed at a certain price or lower, while a limit order to sell is performed at a certain price or higher.

Stop Loss Limit Order

Simply put, this is a market order placed at a lower price than what is currently being offered. When the stop price is hit, the limit order is transmitted to the exchange. A sell limit order can now be placed at or above the price you entered, as a result of this change.

Market Order

The current market price is used to execute a market order. If you want to purchase or sell at the greatest possible price, this form of order is for you

Reports Offered By Fyers One

Fyers One’s reports will be included in our evaluation of the company. In order to provide an unbiased assessment, the Live Stock Scanner generates a report that details the current conditions of a specified stock screener using technical information. These are the findings:

  • The stock scanners can assist traders make a judgment and hunt for chances in the daily price activity.
  • Users’ buy/sell orders are displayed in the Order Book report. Directly from the report, traders have the ability to cancel and amend orders.
  • Unrealized and realized profit and loss, as well as net positions and current positions, are all included in these reports about net positions.
  • The Trade Book is the report that keeps track of all orders that have been filled.
  • EOD Reports: This report provides information on the day’s end results. Every day, the EOD reports are available after the market closes.


Fyers One stands out from the crowd of trading and market analysis tools because of the way it works. Traders will like how easy it is to operate their accounts with it. Fyers is an all-in-one platform that eliminates the need to look for and compare information in numerous places. People who don’t understand how the market works and are concerned about frauds would find this platform ideal. The user may also search and filter based on his interests, which is a particularly useful function in today’s society. Every type of trader might find their ideal platform here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which company is Fyers One, and who owns it?

Ans: A Bangalore-based online discount stock broker, Fyers Securities, owns the Fyers One software.

2. Can I trade currency futures using Fyers One?

Ans: Fyers One may be used to trade currency derivatives, of course. Traders may buy and sell NSE, BSE, currency options, and currency futures on this trading platform.

3. Does Fyers One offer an installable trading terminal?

Ans: For Windows PCs, Fyers securities owns the Fyers One stock-trading programme and provides an installed application.

4. Is Fyers One able to trade APIs?

Ans: Fyers One does not support API trading.

5. Can I trade commodities at MCX using Fyers One?

Ans: Since Fyers One offers commodity trading at MCX, you may use it to trade commodities there.