Zerodha Kite Review 2023: What You Need To Know!

Zerodha Kite is an internet trading platform that the company Zerodha built. It facilitates trading and investing across several asset classes, including Equity Trading, Futures & Options, commodities Trading, and currencies. The Zerodha kite is offered in a number of variants, including a web-based and mobile trading application that is compatible with both Android and iOS.

It also provides a variety of features, like as charting tools, data widgets, and interaction with third-party applications, to make trading simple and quick.

Zerodha is the leading brokerage business headquartered in Bangalore. Zerodha is a flat fee share broker also known as Discount brokers, Budget Brokers, or Pay Per Order Brokerage. The aforementioned cheap brokerage strategy eliminates volume-based variable costs and instead charges flat fees regardless of volume, therefore favoring traders with big futures and options provisions. Zerodha charges Indian residents 0.03 percent or 20 per executed order, whichever is less, regardless of the amount of shares or their value (other than equity delivery trade which is free). In the event of an NRI account, Zerodha charges 0.1 percent OR 200 per executed equity order (whichever is lesser) in addition to 100 each completed F&O order. Zerodha’s fee for creating an NRI trading account is merely 500.

zerodha kite review 2022

Zerodha Kite Advantage & Disadvantage


  • It can function with slower Internet speeds, which is a big benefit for small-town consumers. It is 100% free and has no monthly fees.
  • It has minimal resources that contribute to a better trading experience.
  • Integration with other investing applications such as Quant, ZConnect, and Varasity.
  • It is accessible on Mobile, as well as Android and iOS.
  • There is also a Chrome addon for the Kite Platform.
  • GTT – Good Till Triggered orders:
  • Set single-leg triggers to join or leave stock positions until your price condition is fulfilled, as well as target and stop-loss orders for your stock positions.
  • Calculate the most accurate profit and loss (P&L) statements for your portfolio.
  • Unrestricted expandability:
  • Kite Connect APIs enable the development of custom apps.


  1. In Kite, backtesting of tactics is not feasible.
  2. Separate Back office applications

Zerodha Trading Platforms

The various trading platforms offered by Zerodha are as follows:

  1. Zerodha Kite Web
  2. Zerodha Kite Mobile App
  3. Zerodha Kite Connect API

The Zerodha Kite Web and Mobile applications will be discussed in depth here.

1. Zerodha Kite Web

Zerodha built and developed Kite web to provide traders with a unique trading experience. To use Zerodha’s web-based trading platform, navigate to Its accessibility is independent of any system installation or program. It is available online and is supported by all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc. This platform also has numerous capabilities such as universal search, multiple order placing, and live market data, among others.

Zerodha Kite Web: Features

Examine some of the key features of the Zerodha Kite Trading Platform.

Multilingual Support- The program supports more than 10 languages, allowing users to interact with it in their local tongue.

Multiple Market Watchlist- The application offers five market watchlists and allows users to add up to 50 stocks to a single watchlist. It is possible to modify the scrips in terms of adding or removing them.

Search for Universal Instruments- The method of searching for goods is quite simple and uncomplicated. Through the search box, users may search across all instruments, including commodities on MCX, equities, and F&O contracts.

Zerodha Kite Charts- The online application includes a vast array of charting functions, including 20+ drawing tools, period change, comparison of stocks, 100+ technical analysis indicators, six charts, and more.

Market Depth and Level Three Data- The number of securities you have added to your watchlists displays the order, price, and amount for both buying and selling, along with 20 market depth, which is useful for assessing liquidity.

Zerodha Kite Fund Transfer- Customers may contribute funds to their Zerodha trading account by UPI or straight from their bank account using this function. Proceed to the “add funds” section to add funds to your account.

Kite Trade from the Zerodha Chart- This feature allows orders to be placed straight from the platform’s charts. The user may adjust their investing criterion by dragging the prices up or down.

Interactive, sleek, and elegant user interface- The complete user interface is created in such a way that both novices and experts may trade without difficulty or difficulty. The ability to navigate the software facilitates familiarization.

Zerodha Kite Products- Depending on your preferences, Zerodha’s trading platforms provide a variety of goods. Among these are MIS, CNC, CO, BO, and AMO.

Zerodha Statistical- Two free charting solutions are provided by Zerodha. One is a trading perspective, while the other is technical charting from ChartIQ. The default configuration for the trading platform is ChatIQ, but users have the option to change it to Trading view under the “my profile” area.

Zerodha Kite Orders- There are several ordering choices available to users. Limit orders, market orders, SL-M (stop loss market) orders, and SL (stop loss) orders are included.

Zerodha Kite GTT- GTT stands for “Good Till Triggered,” which indicates that if you buy a certain stock and set it to a certain amount, the stock will be instantly traded if it reaches that level. The function is free to use on the platform, and GTT orders are valid for a year.

Zerodha Kite Portfolio- Users of the Zerodha Kite Portfolio who prefer to view their diverse portfolio of investments in equities, F&O contracts, commodities, mutual funds, and more may do so under the “holdings” part of the web-based platform.

Browser Information-The application delivers browser-based alerts. These notifications are generated based on executed trades, pending orders, order history, fluctuations in the prices of your chosen stocks, and more.

Keyboard Abbreviations- On the web-based trading platform, users have the flexible option of executing specified activities using a given set of shortcuts. Through these shortcuts, it is possible to access a number of Zerodha Kite’s web-based features.

2. Zerodha Kite Mobile App

The Zerodha Kite app is a comprehensive approach to mobile trading that enables smooth trading operations to be conducted on the go. The program provides users with a variety of functions, including money transfer, numerous market watchlists, charts, and a dashboard. The application may be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This is the best trading app in India in every aspects.

Zerodha Kite App: Features

Search for Universal Instruments- With a single search, users get access to more than 90,000 F&O contracts and stocks across several trading exchanges. Search for your favorite derivatives, stocks, bonds, and commodities with nearly no delay.

Level 3 Data- Users get access to level 3 data, which provides them with more information. It enables prudent investments to be made based on the available data and enhances strategic implementations in intraday trading.

Sleek User Interface- The entire user interface is intended to enhance the standard trading experience. Easily purchase, sell, manage, and access your portfolio with just a few clicks.

Innovative Charting- More than one hundred technical indicators that modify the charting experience and interface. Access full information on F&O contracts and stocks.

GTT Orders- GTT orders may be placed to either enter or exit a stock position until your price conditions are fulfilled. Set stop loss and target prices for your stock holdings simultaneously.

True P&L- Your portfolio is current with all breakdowns of corporate activities, transfers, and other documents. All breakdowns may be tracked and examined without difficulty.

Zerodha Kite Charges

There are around twenty-five banks with which this application is integrated. Each transaction incurs a fee of 9 plus applicable taxes.

For intraday trading, you will be charged 0.01 percent of your trade value or 20, whichever is less.

3. Zerodha Kite Connect API

Kite Connect API is a product offered by Zerodha that allows developers and startups to build their own trading and investment platforms. It provides a set of APIs that enable access to real-time market data, order placement, portfolio management, and other trading-related functions.

By integrating with Kite Connect API, startups and developers can leverage Zerodha’s infrastructure and market data to create innovative trading and investment platforms for retail traders. This allows traders to have a customized and personalized trading experience while benefiting from Zerodha’s reliable and efficient trading infrastructure.


  • Trading API through Kite Connect
  • Kite publisher API
  • Historical data API
  • WebSocket API
  • Utilizes the HTTP protocol for communication.
  • Supports trading on BSE, NSE, and MCX across various segments
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux.
  • No separate regulatory approval is required
  • Provides real-time market data updates
  • Offers essential trading app features


  • Facilitates customization of the trading platform to suit individual user preferences.
  • Provides users with access to data, empowering them to trade at their convenience.
  • Enables users to build their trading platforms tailored to their specific requirements.
  • Supports algorithmic trading, assisting users in implementing automated trading strategies.
  • Allows real-time order execution, ensuring efficient trade execution.
  • Supports various programming languages, including Excel VBA, Python, Java, C#, and command line console, providing flexibility in implementation.

How to login 

  1. Visit the Zerodha kite Login / Kite Connect developer page.
  2. Sign up and create your account on the Kite Connect developer
  3. Log in using the email address provided by you.
  4. Click on the “create app” button.
  5. Provide the necessary details such as app name, redirect URL, Zerodha client ID, and description.
  6. Click on “create.”
  7. Upon successful creation, you will receive the Zerodha API key and secret, which you can use to access and utilize Zerodha APIs.

Types of Zerodha API

  1. API for trading – Allows users to place, modify, and cancel various order types and retrieve holdings and positions.
  2. API for algo trading – Enables users to automate trading strategies using the Kite Connect APIs or integrate with third-party algo trading software.
  3. WebSocket API – Provides live quotes and order updates via a WebSocket connection for multiple instruments.
  4. Historical data API – Offers access to archived historical data for backtesting and analysis purposes.
  5. Publisher API – Allows users to add one-click trade buttons to their websites or apps, enhancing the user experience and facilitating order placement directly from the platform.

Zerodha Kite API Charges:

Zerodha API is offered to retail customers for a monthly fee.

Kite connect API cost: Rs 2000 per month

Historical data API cost: Rs 4000 per month

Zerodha Kite: Final Review

Zerodha has altered the way the average investor trades on the stock market by integrating technology and innovation in a comprehensive manner. The online and mobile applications of Zerodha Kite are lightweight, user-friendly, multilingual informative tools that assist traders and investors around the country trade profitably.


1.Ques: What is Zerodha’s phone number for customer service?

Ans: Zerodha Kite hotline number is +91 80 4718 1888. The Zerodha support lines are available daily from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

The phone number for Zerodha is +91 80 4718 1888. On trading days, the Zerodha call and trade lines are available from 9:00 AM until 11:55 PM.

2.Ques: Where can I locate the Zerodha kite user guide?

Ans: The Zerodha Kite user manual may be found on the Zerodha website. The Zerodha Frequently Asked Questions are available on the Zerodha support page.

3.Ques: How can I modify my Zerodha Kite password?

Ans: Change Zerodha Kite Password Steps

  • Sign in to the Kite Website or Mobile App
  • Client ID is situated in the upper right corner.
  • Follow the link My Profile
  • Click the Password Change link in the upper-right corner of the page.
  • Enter your existing and new password and then click Reset

4.Ques: What are the fees associated with creating a Zerodha Kite account?

Ans: The account opening fees for Zerodha are Rs 200 for online account opening and Rs 300 for offline account establishing via paper application.

In addition, Zerodha assesses an annual Demat Account AMC fee of Rs 300, payable in quarterly installments of Rs 75.

5.Ques: How can I install Zerodha Kite?

Ans: Zerodha Kite Web is a web-based program for trading. There is no required download. The website may be accessed using any web browser on a PC or mobile device.

The Zerodha Kite Mobile App is downloadable from Android and iOS app stores.

Note: Zerodha kite is not available in a format that can be installed on a trading terminal. Zerodha does not offer desktop trading software that is executable.

6.Ques: How to find my demat holdings in Zerodha Kite?

Ans: By tapping the Holdings tab on the Zerodha Kite Web or Mobile App, you may view your Demat holdings.

Note that equities purchased via CNC (equity delivery) will be reflected in the holdings on the next trading day. These shares will only be available in the demat account two days (T+2) following purchase. Until they are delivered, equities appear as T1 holdings.

7.Ques: How do I apply for IPOs with Zerodha Kite?

Ans: Zerodha Kite does not offer IPO application functionality. To apply for an IPO, you must utilize Zerodha Console. Refer to Steps to Apply for an IPO with Zerodha for more information.

Zerodha offers an online IPO application using UPI. To invest in IPOs via the Zerodha IPO application, you must have your bank account’s UPI id. Due to UPI’s lack of functionality, the Zerodha IPO application does not let Minor, HUF, or corporate accounts to be used for IPO investments.

You may also apply for IPO using your bank’s net-banking website or app. Almost all banks accept ASBA as payment for online IPO applications.

8.Ques: How do I recommend Kite to a friend?

Ans: Zerodha Kite lacks referral forms and linkages. To suggest a friend, you must visit the referral portion of the Zerodha Console (back-office) website after logging in. Consult our detailed instructions regarding Zerodha Referral.

9.Ques: Does Zerodha provide mobile equity and commodity trading?

Ans: Bonds, Equities, Commodities, Equity Derivatives, and Currency Derivatives may all be traded using the Zerodha Kite mobile application. The Kite mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.