A Comprehensive Sharekhan Trade Tiger Review (Updated 2024)

Sharekhan is likely one of the oldest brokerage firms in India, as well as the pioneer of internet trading. Sharekhan is a full-service stock broker that provides a vast array of financial services, including trading in stocks, currencies, futures and options, mutual funds, bonds, portfolio management, and research, among others. Simply put, the broker provides trading services on many exchanges, including the NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger

Sharekhan Trade Tiger is a downloadable best options trading platform that enables traders and investors to trade on their PCs and laptops. The platform’s primary objective is to give professional brokers with the experience and functionality of a broker terminal, which is reflected in its design. Trade Tiger offers trading across diverse sectors and exchanges using a centralized trading interface. In addition to the standard features of a trading terminal, it provides traders with strong trading tools such as HeatMap, the option to trade through Excel, and real-time market notifications.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger Pros And Cons


  • Sharekhan periodically integrates new capabilities and upgrades. By developing innovative and highly usable solutions, such as Sharekhan trade tiger trading programs, this allows consumers to explore more.
  • Notable for its speed and performance levels. This trading application is intended for traders interested in intraday trading.
  • If you are more acquainted with Excel, you may export live market data into an Excel file and then make orders directly using the Excel sheet.
  • Trade tiger’s trading application permits direct integration with third-party or intermediate analytical programs.
  • It comes preconfigured with over thirty trading strategies and methods.
  • There are video tutorials for users to learn how each function operates.
  • There is access to tips and news in real time. In addition, there is a trading call that works for novice traders but requires the first handholding to keep them continuing. These recommendations and research findings are presented at the elementary and advanced levels.
  • There are several indicators and graphs used for technical analysis.
  • With the option to add entry, stop-loss, and target price, bulk orders may be placed simultaneously.


  • A Mac version of an iOS trading program is unavailable.
  • This trading program is quite voluminous, necessitating a relatively capable system configuration for its smooth operation.
  • On the trading tiger platform, placing aftermarket orders is not possible.
  • After an upgrade is completed, there are usually issues with accessing charting capabilities.
  • There is still room for improvement in the software’s usability.

Key Features Of Sharekhan Trade Tiger

  • Trade Tiger is meant to enable expert traders trade quickly, therefore it does not appeal to long-term or occasional traders who do not require complex tools. Trade Tiger provides a vast array of such tools, making it a very effective and potent broker trading terminal. In addition to providing a single platform for trading on several exchanges including as BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX, Trade Tiger also gives access to the company’s research, background, and analysis via phone calls and the platform itself.
  • In addition, the terminal includes extensive charting, access to advanced trading tools, and a vast array of customization options based on trading requirements. Regarding information and education centers, the terminal offers free online training and investor education. All of this is supported by a dedicated, well-trained customer service team.
  • Sharekhan Trade Tiger gives access to accurate data for all sorts of traders, from novices to seasoned professionals. The stock broker does this by placing a strong focus on research, which can be accessed via the platform or by calling the Sharekhan Research desk. The information caters to all types of investment, both fundamental and technical, and it features one of the greatest charting tools for identifying trends and trend reversals, as well as trading opportunities.
  • There are advanced tools such as Live Market Scanner, HeatMap, etc., bracket orders, and trailing stop loss on the trading platform, all of which may assist limit risks and maximize earnings.

Account at Sharekhan TradeTiger

  • Sharekhan Trade Tiger Account is a web-based, executable tool for day traders who trade regularly. The following are some of the most popular Trade Tiger account features.
  • Users of this account will have access to a single platform for several exchanges, including BSE & NSE (Cash & F&O), MCX, and NCDEX.
  • This account further displays Multiple Market Watch on one screen.
  • As with a conventional broker terminal, users will have access to Hot Keys.
  • The firm partnered with twelve banks for online fund transfer.
  • In the gauge market, several instruments are accessible, including tick market, ticker, market summary, action watch, option premium calculator, and span calculator.
  • If you select this account, you’ll receive Average, Band- Bollinger, Know SureThing, MACD, RSI, and other indicators.

Sharekhan Fees for 2024

If you are a beginner and wish to create a trading account, Sharekhan will do it for free, without charging the customer any fees. The finest aspect of the firm is that there are no Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) and you may create a Demat Account in conjunction with a trading account. The Annual Maintenance Charges of a Demat Account are Rs. 400 and are waived for the first year if the account is opened in conjunction with a Trading Account. The minimal brokerage fee is further subdivided into Sharekhan Postpaid Plans and Sharekhan Prepaid plans. The minimum brokerage fees charged by Sharekhan vary based on the user’s trading plan. Individuals who engage in intraday trading must pay 5 paise per share. For deals dependent on delivery, customers must pay 10 paise for each share. The minimum DP Charges per Scrip have been fixed to Rs. 16. Investing in the Share Market with Sharekhan would be a prudent decision.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger: Features

Important aspects of this stock trading and investment website include:

  • Charting tools for stock and portfolio research, with 30–90 intraday and daily charts dating back to the platform’s inception. In addition, TradeTiger offers more than 30 indicators and research. This feature enables the simultaneous opening of numerous charts and the connecting of charts by period, scrip, or exchange, as well as the plotting of entry, target, and exit lines on a chart, which aids trading through charts.
  • Market Scanners: Among the different tools provided by Sharekhan, Stock Scanner lets you uncover opportunities through technical analysis, while filters allow you detect and anticipate new market highs and lows and the volume of bulk trades. In essence, HeatMaps give a bird’s-eye view of the market. TradeTiger is, without a doubt, packed with features to deliver the finest trading experience imaginable.
  • In its provision of tools for sophisticated traders, ShareKhan provides the opportunity to place numerous orders concurrently in bulk, as well as the ability to define order amounts by absolute number, trade value, or CMP. In addition, it permits bracket orders that are equipped with entry, target, and stop loss functions.
  • Hedging-Based Trade Features: TradeTiger provides several risk-reduction tactics and data for hedgers. Using option chains, for instance, you may obtain option quotations using a variety of trading methods in addition to Options Greeks and payoff data. In addition, API provides algorithmic functions, allowing you to backtest or utilize your own method in the majority of programming languages.
  • Obviously, it also provides the opportunity to trade directly from Excel, utilizing quotations in Excel via software integration, all of which indicates that Sharekhan is attempting to provide the optimal trading experience with TradeTiger.

Thus concludes the discussion of the ShareKhan Trade Tiger platform. If you have any other topics to discuss or contribute, feel free to do so.


This is a comprehensive evaluation of Sharekhan Trade Tiger. It is simple and helpful for traders who opt to utilize the trading program. It facilitates stock trading for investors. Downloading the sharekhan trading tiger is free and uncomplicated. The remarkable characteristics of this trading program make it the greatest software for online trading in India. Only an Internet connection is required to get the finest trading experience from the comfort of your own home. If you have minimal expertise with stock trading, it is advised that you utilize this tool. However, this Trade Tiger program is an improvement for you as a seasoned trader, especially if you have been utilizing the fundamental platform. However, if you are a complete rookie in stock trading, you may need to invest some time in learning how the trading program operates. This is required since the application’s extensive feature set might first seem confusing and intimidating. After becoming accustomed to the program, it becomes quite simple to use and you will no longer have problems with your stock trading.

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FAQs About Trade Tiger

1. What is the procedure for changing the Trade Tiger password on Sharekhan?

Ans: To execute the trade tiger password change order on Sharekhan, connect in to the traditional website and choose change membership password under my profile.

2. Can I trade currency derivatives with Sharekhan Trade Tiger?

Ans: Certainly, trading tiger can be used to trade in currency derivatives. This is feasible due to the availability of currency futures and options trading on the NSE and BSE.

3. Is trade tiger trading software application offered by multiple stock brokers?

Ans: The answer is no. Trade tiger is an exclusive Sharekhan BNP Paribas platform.

4. Does Sharekhan BNP Paribas offer a website for trading?

Ans: Yes, Sharekhan provides a browser-based trading platform.

5. Can Sharekhan Trade Tiger be used to trade commodities on the MCX?

Ans: Sharekhan TradeTiger may be used to trade commodities at MCX.

6. Can I trade directly using charts in Sharekhan TradeTiger?

Ans: Yes, you may place an order immediately from Sharekhan Trade Tiger charts.

7. Does Sharekhan Trade Tiger offer online IPO trading applications?

Ans: ShareKhan Trade Tiger offered online IPO application forms for trading. In other words, Sharekhan TradeTiger enabled online IPO applications.