Wisdom Capital Review

Wisdom Capital is one of India’s most well-known discount brokers. Let’s examine the other characteristics of Wisdom Capital Review, such as their Demat Account and Brokerage Charges & Fees.

Wisdom Capital Customer Ratings

Wisdom Capital has an extensive clients, as they have amassed over 250,000 clients to date and oversee a daily transaction of over 700 billion rupees. They assist in the execution of over 75,000 orders each day and provide several investing and financial services.
Overall, this stockbroker has now rated 4.9 stars, while its excellent mobile app is rated 4.8 stars.

About Wisdom Capital

wisdom capital review 2022

Wisdom Capital, a discount brokerage business with 250 franchisees in 500+ locations, enables broker-assisted trade as well as automated online trading in all BSE and NSE sectors.

The brokerage firm provides drastically reduced transactions with a free Demat and trading account and no hidden fees.

The discount broker provides client support by toll-free number, phone, email, and live chat. They provide three software (NOW, NEST, and ODIN) for easy and simple trading. Additionally, Wisdom Capital offers semi- and fully-automated Algo trading capabilities. They provide huge leverage of up to 20x in NSE and MCX Derivatives and 40x in cash. The Broker also offers trading in precious metal futures as well as practically other metals, and agricultural and non-agricultural commodities.

Additionally, they provide depository services for a streamlined trading experience. They provide advance order types (MIS, CO, SL, SL(M), BRACKET Order) that, in addition to permitting margin, safeguard capital during trading. The client is only needs to maintain a Single Ledger for all sectors, i.e. Equities, Currencies, and Commodities. Through Trading School, they also instruct newcomers in financial market investing.

Wisdom Capital Advantage / Disadvantages

Wisdom Capital is definitely a trader’s utopia. They provide something for every sort of trader/investor. With its very competitive brokerage fees, support for all types of traders, and cutting-edge tools and technology, it offers a substantial offering for investors who suit its target profile.


  • The lowest transaction cost in the market
  • The quickest account opening time
  • pioneers in introducing lifetime plan
  • No minimum brokerage.
  • There are no account opening fees for trading or demat accounts.
  • In comparison to current industry norms and SEBI regulations, they give the most exposure.
  • The company’s KYC and compliance services are rapid and efficient.
  • DP services are also rapid and quick.


  • No assistance to invest in initial public offerings.
  • Costs associated with semi-automated algo trading.
  • No offline support is available.

Principal Trading and Investing Features of Wisdom Capital

  1. The discount broker company provides low-cost services and goods, as well as free equities delivery.
  2. The firm excels at delivering high-speed online trading platforms, and it also provides its customers with a broker-assisted offline trading facility, which any other discount broker would be reluctant to give at such a low price.
  3. To educate novice investors and traders, as they refer to them, Wisdom Capital Trading School offers a short course where novices may learn the fundamentals of the market and recognize its pattern and trend.
  4. In addition, they provide customer-centric, cost-effective brokerage programs tailored to the needs of each investor and trader, whether they are regular investors or aggressive traders.
  5. Customers have access to a variety of advanced trading platforms, including NEST, NOW, NET, Fox Trader, Wisdom Pro, and Wisdom Trade, as well as MIS, CO, SL, SL(M), and Bracket Order (BO) order types.
  6. For aggressive and professional traders, they provide infinite leverage across all exchanges.
  7. The firm provides Portfolio Management Services approved by SEBI as well as an uninterrupted call and trade service.
  8.  Their research team provides real-time trading recommendations based on technical analysis and terminals.

Wisdom Capital Brokerage Fees and Strategies

Wisdom Capital generally provides four different types of programs.

Freedom Plan

This plan offers free account opening as well as lifelong zero percentage charges on Brokerage in NSE Equities, Brokerage in NSE Futures, Brokerage in Options, Brokerage in MCX, and Up to 5X MIS in Intraday Margin in NSE cash. Also included are intraday exposure in NSE options, intraday leverage in MCX (MIS), and delivery margin in NSE cash. The Call and Trade Charges are Rs 20 per order, there is no cost for opening a Demat account, Trading Software Nest, and Trade Eye- Mobile Trading Service is also available. The Demat Maintenance Fees amount to $999 plus taxes.

Plan Pro

This plan offers free account opening in addition to lifelong validity. 0.005 percent Intraday and delivery on NSE Equities Brokerage. Rs 9/Trade Brokerage in NSE Future, Rs 9/ Trade Brokerage in Options, Rs 9/ Trade Brokerage in MCX, Up to 40 times MIS in intraday cash margin on the NSE. In addition, you receive 6X Intraday Margin for NSE Futures (MIS), 20X Intraday Margin for NSE Futures (Cover), 1X Buy and 6X Sell Intraday Exposure for NSE Options. 6X intraday leverage in MCX (MIS), 20X intraday leverage in MCX (Cover Order), and up to 4X intraday delivery margin in NSE Cash. The Call and Trade Charges are Rs 20 per order, there is no cost for opening a Demat account, Trading Software Nest, and Trade Eye- Mobile Trading Service is also available. The Demat Maintenance Fees amount to $999 plus taxes.

Ultimate Plan

This plan provides lifelong account validity and free account opening. 0.007 percent Intraday and delivery on NSE Equity Brokerage 0.005 percent Intraday and Delivery Brokerage on MCX. 0.005 percent Intraday and Delivery Brokerage on NSE Futures. Maximum Intraday Margin of 60 X MIS in NSE cash. You also receive up to 10X Intraday Margin in NSE Futures (MIS), 20X Intraday Margin in NSE Futures (Cover), 1X Buy and 10X Sell Intraday Exposure in NSE Options, up to 10X Intraday Leverage in MCX (MIS), 20X Intraday Leverage in MCX (Cover Order), and Up to 5X Delivery Margin in NSE Cash. The Call and Trade Charges are Rs 20 per order, there is no cost for opening a Demat account, Trading Software Nest, and Trade Eye- Mobile Trading Service is also available. The Demat Maintenance Fees are $999 plus applicable taxes.

Other Agents

This plan charges between Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 for account opening alone with a one-year validity. Rs 20/Trade to 2.00 percent intraday and delivery on NSE Equities Brokerage Commissions. Rs 20/Trade to 2.00% Brokerage for NSE Futures; Rs 20/Trade to 2.00% Brokerage for Options. Rs 20/Trade to 2% Intraday and Delivery Brokerage on MCX, and 5X-10X MIS in Intraday Margin on NSE cash.
In addition, one will get up to 2X-4X in Intraday Margin for NSE Futures (MIS), 2X-4X in Intraday Margin for NSE Futures (Cover), and no exposure in Intraday Exposure for NSE Options. 2-4X Intraday Leverage in MCX (MIS), 2-4X Intraday Leverage in MCX (Cover Order), and 1-2X Delivery Margin in NSE Cash. The Call and Trade Fees are Rs 20 per order, as well as Demat Opening Fees, Trading Software Nest, and the Mobile Trading Service Trade Eye. The annual Demat Account Maintenance Fees are Rs 500.

Wisdom Capital Investment Platforms

#1. Wisdom Capital Nest Trader Review

From your computer, you may do real-time analysis of stocks, commodities, and derivatives. With this robust desktop trading application, you may trade without delay.

Below are the benefits of NEST Trader.

  • You may purchase or sell orders to stock exchanges promptly and without delay.
  • You may establish several watch lists to follow the performance of your favorite stocks based on various characteristics and to assess their performance.
  • Multiple filtering choices beneath scanners to get a better assessment of market movements.
  • Effective charting choices that allow for a deeper fundamental and technical examination might improve trading performance.
  • Receive updates on the most recent market trends and news.

#2. Wisdom Capital Fox Trader Review

You may utilize a fox trader on your PC to engage in sophisticated trading.

Fox trader is said to be an Intelligent Trading Platform with sophisticated capabilities such as chart analysis, technical indicators, real-time tick screening, algorithm creation, automated order execution, and trade signal generation.

Advantages of Fox Trader Platform include:

  • Comprehensive monitoring and scanning of the options, stock, and commodity markets. Multiple scanners with around 200+ signals and 300+ studies can be used to comprehend and interpret historical data.
  • Utilize the semi-automatic order book capabilities that provide pre-placement of orders in accordance with your established plan.
  • In addition, Fox Trader features an API interface that provides faster monitoring of market movements, enhanced analysis, and expedited order execution.
  • Another tool, End-of-Day Technical Review, provides a complete analysis of your trading activity after the trading day has concluded.
  • Allows third-party plugins for the terminal.

#3. Wisdom Capital Review

Wisdom Trade is a web-based trading platform that provides sophisticated capabilities directly in your chrome or safari web browser.

Wisdom Trade is a platform unlike any other. Let’s see how it improves

  • A great order book system to see your prior orders.
  • Multiple watch lists for scripts; a variety of technical analysis charts, including Bar, Candle, Colored Bar, Hollow Candle, Line, and Mountains.
  • More than 200 Indicators for in-depth market and script analysis.

#4. Wisdom Pro Review

Wisdom Pro is a cutting-edge mobile trading application that provides quicker trade execution, numerous scanning capabilities, and chart presentation on your smartphone.

Advantages of Wisdom Pro trading

  • Real Market Movements Access Order history, Trades, and Net Positions may be seen.
  • You can trade even with minimal bandwidth, such as 2G.
  • Support for the NSE and MCX markets. Invest in markets outside stocks (F&O, Currency, Commodity).
  • 100 indicators for analyzing charts on the fly in order to make educated decisions.
  • Instantaneous trade placing and flawless order book changes.
  • Available in dark mode to reduce mobile battery depletion.
  • The smallest file size among competing trading applications is only 3 MB.

#5. Wisdom Capital Trader Eye Review

Wisdom capital trader eye is an Android application for trading with ease.

The key characteristics of Trader Eye include

  • One page covering all aspects of trading, including equities, derivatives, and commodities markets.
  • Get current information on market indicators
  • The watch list may include up to 200 stocks at once. Additionally, you may access premade watchlists such as Nifty 50.
  • For further in-depth technical analysis, Heiken Ashi, Renko, Points, Figure, and Candlestick are among the informative charting tools.
  • Swift, safe, and smooth money transmission.
  • Receive price alerts and inventory updates.
  • Comprehensive reports include the Profit & Loss statement, the Holdings report, the Ledger, the DP bills, and the Cost report.
  • Real-time market data to facilitate fast buy/sell decisions.

How To Open Demat Account In Wisdom Capital

The establishment of a Demat account was made straightforward by this stock broker. There are three straightforward methods:

(i) Opening an Online Demat Account ( Instant Paperless Demat Account)

No documentation is required to open an online trading and Demat account in just a few minutes. Using eKYC and Aadhaar, the entire procedure is automated. There is no need for printing, signing, or mailing physical documents to brokers.

Instant Account Opening Procedure:

  1. Fill all your personal data (Full Name, Mobile Number, Email, PAN Number, DOB, and Adhaar Card Number).
  2. You must verify and authenticate all of your KYC information.
  3. Accurate bank account information must be provided with the IFSC CODE.
  4. Upload a scanned copy of all necessary papers
  5. Online account opening cost payment.
  6. Online account opening cost payment.
  7. Sign all papers and forms electronically using OTP verification.

If you have all the necessary information and scanned papers on hand, you can complete the procedure in a few minutes. As soon as the online form is submitted, it is manually verified.

The account will be established on the same business day provided all documents are valid and authentic.

(ii) Offline Demat Account Opening (Visiting Wisdom Capital Branch offices)

No worries if you are uncomfortable with online Demat account opening. Simply visit the Wisdom Capital office or branch in your location to finish the account opening procedure. The bargain stock broker has a tremendous presence across 15 offices in key cities.

(iii) Requesting New Account Forms.

If none of the above choices work for you, call Wisdom Capital’s customer service to get account opening forms.
After obtaining the paperwork, simply fill them out, sign them, and submit them to the office address for Wisdom Capital.

List of Required Documents for Account Opening

The following documentation is required to create a trading and Demat account:

  2. PAN Card
  3. Address Validation
  4. Six-monthly Bank Statement with IFSC and MICR codes
  5. Canceled bank draft
  6. Most recent passport photo

If specific trading in derivative segments is desired, further documentation is required.

Wisdom Capitals Client Support

Wisdom Capital is accessible to its clients via the following means of communication:
Email: [email protected] Toll-Free: 1800-3000-5048 Telephone: (0120)-6633235|237|268

Web-Based Chat

The quantity of contact channels is extensive, however, the quality of customer assistance is average. If Wisdom Capital hopes to provide any form of value to its clients through customer service, it must pay particular attention to the following factors:

  • Train its staff of customer care representatives to be competent enough to handle a variety of consumer inquiries.
  • Numerous customers have complained about the executives’ lack of professionalism, and the quality of customer service is rated as “below average.”


If you are looking for a discount broker that is simple to use, you should choose Wisdom Capital. It offers three brokerage options that are ideal for both novices and professionals.

They provide strong trading platforms and a variety of financial instruments. Overall, they are an excellent investment gateway or source that you should remain with.