Best Stock brokers for beginners

You can invest in stocks, trusts, IPOs, and bonds with a stockbroker account. In India, there are hundreds of stockbrokers. We can assist you in locating the top brokerage firm for beginners in India.
When looking for the best stock brokers for beginners, keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Brokers offer an investor education program.
  • Transaction costs are low.
  • Trading platform that is easy to use
  • Direct investment trusts and initial public offerings (IPOs) are also available.

Beginners should think about two loads:

AMC Demat

A regular annual cost is charged to keep a Demat account active. In addition, you will be charged the Demat Account Maintenance Fee even if you do not utilize your account (AMC). For further information, consult your Demat account bill.
Brokerage for Equity Delivery
When you purchase or sell shares in a cash transaction, you pay a commission to the broker. The equity shares in these transactions are deposited or withdrawn from the Demat account.
Here is a list of the greatest bargain brokers in India for novices. The 10 finest stockbrokers with the lowest costs and the greatest online stock trading services are compared in this list.


With over 4 million clients and 15% of the daily retail volume on the Indian Stock Exchange, Zerodha is India’s largest and best Zerodha brokerage plan.

Here are a few key points and features that make Zerodha the best stock brokers for beginners:

Zerodha was founded in 2010 to promote bargain broking in the Indian stock market. There is no brokerage model for investors, but for daytime and other transactions, there is a flat brokerage fee of Rs 20 per transaction.
Although competing with large firms such as HDFC and ICICI is difficult, Zerodha Capital has maintained its position as the country’s leading discount broker. While other discount broker companies in India, Zerodha, India’s largest discount broker, has a vast customer base.

  • Angel Broking Long Term Investment / Delivery Free Demat Account Investment Trust Investment: Zero Brokerage Brokerage Fees: Rs 0
  • Fees for daytime transactions are 0.01 per cent or Rs 20 (whichever is lesser) for each transaction.
  • Fee for opening an account: Rs 200 (Add Rs 100 for product accounts)
  • Fee for annual maintenance: Rs 300
  • Stocks, derivatives, currencies, investment trusts, and commodities are examples of services.

Other Important Facts about the Zerodha Trading Platform:

Zerodha offers a wide range of trading platforms and solutions to help clients, from education to trading tools. Zerodha Kite trading platform is made up of the following components:

Zerodha Kite 3.0 trading platform, Zerodha Kite Mobile, Zerodha ipo, Console, Pi, Sentinel, and Coin. 20, and so on. However, Zerodha’s biggest flaw is that it does not offer research reports or suggestions.

ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct, is the number one full-service stockbroker. It is supported by the ICICI Group, a leading private financial services company since 1994 and it also the best stock brokers for beginners. The company relies on high-quality bespoke services and 3in1 account settings to attract many active customers.

ICICI Direct was the active consumer leader until 2019, when Zerodha, the largest discount broker company, overtook them with a customer base of over 2 million. ICICI Direct, on the other hand, is India’s most popular trading platform.

Not only are general stock market products and services appealing to many investors and traders, but so are various insurance products, financial distribution products, investment banks, institutional trading, and asset management.
This is because they supply services. Mortgages, bonds, term deposits, IPO services, NCDs, and equity loans are all examples of financial products. Here are some key facts and characteristics concerning ICICI Direct that you should be aware of:

Secure, ISaver, and prepaid mediation plans are among the options available from ICICI Direct. However, with the ICICI Direct Prime Brokerage Plan, they have lately entered the cheap brokerage sector.

  • 0.15 per cent -0.25 per cent delivery brokerage charge
  • Brokerage fee during the day: 15 rupees for each transaction
  • Fees for futures, options, currency, and commodities are 20 rupees for each transaction.
  • Annual profit margin: 8.9%
  • IPOs, FDs, Bonds, NCDs, ETFs, Stocks, Derivatives, FX, Investment Trusts, IPOs, FDs, Bonds, NCDs
  •  Broker Fees for the icici Direct Prime Plan
  • A platform for Trading account and Other Important Factors

This platform includes charts, analytics, and basic statistical reports to assist investors and traders in understanding their portfolio’s performance. TradeRacer and its mobile trading apps are two more important ICICI direct trading platforms.

Here are a few unique features:
The option to invest in 3in1 accounts, US equities, brand equity, and numerous brokerage plans are just a few of the advantages of ICICI Direct Stockbroker (ICICI Direct Prime, ICICI Direct NEO, ISecure, ISaver, prepaid plans, etc.).

ICICI Direct, on the other hand, has a few disadvantages, like high pricing, poor mobile app performance, and a somewhat more complicated connection plan.

Here are some key facts and characteristics concerning ICICI Direct that you should be aware of:

  • 0.07 per cent 0.32 per cent of the transaction total is spent on same day delivery charges.
  • Fees for daytime transactions are 0.40 per cent and 0.15 per cent of the total transaction amount.
  •  Fee for opening an account: Rs. 999
  • 750 rupees per annum for upkeep (from the second year)
  •  Forex, Derivatives, Bonds, Equities, Investment Trusts, IPOs, ETFs, FDs, and Insurance, are some of the services provided.

HDFC Securities

HDFC Securities Limited is a 20-year-old subsidiary of HDFC, India’s largest private bank, with a strong online and offline presence. The company is based in Mumbai and has over 270 offices and branches around the country, making it one of India’s top full-service equity brokers.

HDFC Securities Limited, which is known for delivering comprehensive services to a diverse range of individuals and professional traders with online and offline trading account services, provides a wide range of stock brokerage services and financial product distribution. Customers can trade stocks, investment trusts, commodities, futures, bonds, and other securities and trade and invest with award-winning brokerage firms.

HDFC Securities provides clients with a Blink, web trading platform, ProTerminal, and MobileApp through which they can trade and invest in stocks. In addition, 3in11 accounts (Demat + Trading + Savings), the ability to invest in US equities, the Umbrella platform for a variety of investment instruments, research reports, equity recommendations for clients, and the NRI section are the key advantages of HDFC.
The downside of HDFC securities, on the other hand, is that they do not charge high brokerage fees or offer commodity transactions like other large, full-service brokerage firms.

Angel Investing

Angel Broking, a leading brokerage firm with over 30 years of experience and over 1 million clients, was founded in 1987. They may be found in over 1800 Indian cities. Angel Broking provides trading services for equities, futures and options, commodities, and currencies on the BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX exchanges.

Angel Broking has been a full-service broker for over 20 years, with fixed brokerage costs for clients. However, they switched from percentage brokers to flat prices (November 2019), putting them in direct competition with fast-growing discount brokers like Zerodha, 5Paisa, and Upstox.

Angel Broking presently provides Angel iTrade PRIME, a flat-rate brokerage package. Transactions for delivery are completely free. During the day, a set fee of £ 20 per person is charged for all other segments, i. H. F & O, currencies, and commodities levy a fixed fee of £ 20 per person. All exchanges and segments have the same straightforward price.

One of the primary benefits of trading account with Angel Broking is that it offers a guide/recommendation on stock market investment and research reports on companies and a variety of other value-added products and services.
Angel Broking toll free number provides services in equities, commodities, currencies, PMS, life insurance, ETFs, IPOs, and investment trusts, among other things.

Brokerage Fee for Angel Broking:

  • Trading during the day costs Rs 20 per transaction.
  • Equity F&O: Rs 20 per transaction flat rate
  • Currency F&O: Rs 20 per transaction flat rate
  • Angel Broking charges a fee to open an account.
  • There is no charge to open an account (currently exempt)
  • 450 rupees per year for upkeep (from the second year)
  • Angel iTrade, Angel Broking Mobile App, Angel Broking toll free number and Angel BEE are trading platforms.

Benefits of Angel Broking:

  •  Full-Service Broker at the Lowest Price
  • Account creation in a flash
  • Brokerage commission,
  • Expert reports and market recommendations

Disadvantages of Angel Broking:

  • There is no three-in-one account.
  • There will be additional expenses for calls and trades.


Upstox is a rapidly expanding discount broker backed by many well-known investors such as Kalaari Capital, Ratan Tata and GVK Davix. RKSV securities india private limited is another name for it. Upstox careers started as RKSV securities india private limited in 2012 and changed its name to Upstox in 2015. Upstox careers has the second-highest number of active clients in NSE after Zerodha as of January 2021.

Upstox offers trading services in the equity, forex and commodities markets. When trading with Upstox careers, the brokerage fee for Upstox Equity Delivery transactions is free. This is 0.05% or up to Rs 20 per order traded in intraday trading account on BSE, NSE, MCX, and F & O. The brokerage fee is only Rs 20 per traded order, regardless of the size order.

Delivery Fees: 0 Rupees

  • Intraday trading: whichever is lesser, 20 rupees or 0.05 per cent, every deal is done.
  • Futures Trading Fee: Rs 20 per order, or 0.05 per cent (whichever is lower)
  • Fee for using the option transaction: 20 rupees per transaction
  • Opening Fees for Upstox Demat and Trading Accounts:
  • Fees for opening a bank account are Rs 300. (Currently Exempt)
  • The cost of upkeep is Rs 150 per year.

AmiBroker Bridge, Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform, Developer Console, Upstox MF Platform, and Option Chain Tools are some of the trading platforms available.


  • Trading with free delivery, quick paperless account opening and account opening are just a few of the advantages of Upstox.
  • There is a margin vs inventory option available.
  • There is a 3-in-1 account accessible (partnership with IndusInd Bank)

Upstox’s drawbacks include:

  • There are no Good Till Cancelled (GTC) or Good Till Date/Time (GTD) orders available.
  • For delivery transactions, no margin is provided.
  • A consumer noticed a minor technical fault in the app.


Sharekhan is one of India’s three major equities intermediaries, with over 2 million clients. Shere Khan’s transformation from a member of the SSKI Group to a subsidiary of BNP Paribas piqued the interest of both investors and traders. The online trading website was founded by this company, which is India’s first stockbroker.

Equity quotes, stock market news reports, fundamental and analytical research studies on equities, investment trust investments, and initial public offerings are available through the Best Investment Platform. In addition, investors and traders can select the account type that best meets their needs with customer-focused account types.

  • 0.1 per cent on the buying side, 0.1 per cent on the selling side during the daytime brokerage fee
  • 0.5 per cent on the buy side, 0.5 per cent on the sell-side for delivery brokerage fees.
  •  Futures commissions are 0.10 per cent on the first leg and 0.02 per cent on the second leg.
  •  Fee for options brokerage: 50 rupees per lot, or a premium of 2.5 per cent
  • Account opening fees are 750 for a definitive account and 1000 for a Trade Tiger account.
  • Maintenance fee: 400 rupees per year (from the second year)

Note: Sharekhan has introduced “Espresso,” a bargain brokerage platform. For intraday trading of all sectors, we charge a fixed rate of Rs 20 per order (F & O, equity, commodities, currencies).

Equities, Derivatives, Currency, Mutual Funds, Commodities, PMS, and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) are some of the services provided.

Sharekhan web, Trade Tiger, Sharekhan mobile app, and InstaMf App are some trading platforms available.

Benefits of Sharekhan:

  • Value of a Big Brand
  • The company has a large online and offline presence.
  • Depending on the need, there are a variety of brokerage fees.
  • Offline training, workshops, and other services are available.

Sharekhan’s drawbacks include:

  • There isn’t a three-in-one account facility.
  • A higher brokerage fee is charged.

Motilal Oswal

With over 20 years of trading and investment experience, we are one of India’s most reputable stockbrokers in over 500 cities and over 2,200 offices. Motilal Oswal and Ramdeo Agrawal are two key players in the Indian stock market, focusing on providing clients with quality research-based recommended stocks and are currently major stock market participants. Yes, it is one of the largest stockbrokers in the industry.

They didn’t just stay at the brokerage firm. Instead, they gradually expanded into private equity, investment banks, investment trusts, portfolio management, wealth management, and other areas offered by traditional financial services companies.

Motilal Oswal Securities Limited is a company of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited. Today, the clients of this diverse financial services organization include individual clients, foreign institutional investors, and high net worth individuals, financial institutions and large and small businesses.

  • 0.50 per cent of the transaction total is charged for same day delivery.
  • 0.05 per cent of the transaction amount is charged during the day (both sides)
  • Account opening is super easy
  • Maintenance fee: 400 rupees per year (from the second year)
  • Stocks, derivatives, commodities, currencies, initial public offerings, and investment trusts are among the services provided.
  • Motilal Oswal Trade, Desktop Trading Platforms, Web Trading Platforms, and Mobile Apps are all examples of trading platforms.

Motilal Oswal Advantages:

  • Research Services that have won awards
  • There are numerous investment options accessible.
  • Personal Consultation,
  •  As many brokerage plans as you need


  •  Motilal Oswal has High brokerage fees when compared to other Brokers that offer at a discount,
  • They do not provide a three-in-one account,
  •  They have Charges that are not disclosed.

Infoline on India (IIFL)

India Infoline (IIFL), founded in 1995, has a large network of over 4,000 branches in over 900 cities across India. It is also 5Paisa Securities’ parent firm (discount broker). In India, IIFL is a well-known financial services company that provides high-speed online transactions and research-based advice services. We offer stock, bonds, IPOs, derivatives, insurance, commodities, FDs, loans, and other investment and trading services.

  • Fee for opening an account: Rs 250 (currently exempt)
  • AMC for Demat: Rs 250 (free for the first year)
  •  Investor Plan (Online Plus), Premium Plan (Dedicated RM), and Super Trader Plan are some of IIFL’s intermediary plans (Pro Traders).
  • 0.10 per cent – 0.25 per cent for same day delivery charges
  • 0.025 per cent – 0.05 per cent during the day (both sides)
  • Fee for futures: 0.025 per cent to 0.05 per cent (both sides)
  • Rs 1050 per lot as an option charge
  • Equities, derivatives, commodities, insurance, FDs, loans, and bonds are some of the services offered.

Pros of India Infoline (IIFL):

  • High-Performance Trader Terminal Platform, Investor Terminal (IT),
  • Several intermediary plans are available, depending on the needs of the client.
  • Across India, they have a large network of offices.
  • India Infoline (IIFL) has several drawbacks.
  • Brokerage strategy with a lot of value,
  • Customer service is average.