TradePlus Online Review, Brokerage Charges, Demat Account, Trading Platforms & more

Tradeplus is an online stock broker that is a mix of a traditional and a discount broker. They offer trading and investing at the BSE, NSE, and MCX. Tradeplus is known for its unlimited zero brokerage trading plans. These plans allow you to trade as much as you want for a fixed monthly fee in a few different areas. Traders can choose from unlimited trading plans for Commodities, Equity Options, and Currency Derivatives. It’s also possible to open a demat account with Tradeplus for a low fee of Rs 90 per year. IPO, Bonds, and G-sec are some of the other products that Tradeplus sells. 

It is the name of Navia Markets Ltd.’s online business. A financial company called Navia Markets has been providing services since 1983. It has been a member of the NSE since 1995. When the company changed its name to Trade Plus in 2014, it put all of its services on a single website called Trade Plus.

There is a strong trading platform that Tradeplus can offer to its clients. The trading platform includes a computerized trading terminal (Exe), a website for trading, and a powerful app for trading on your phone. This isn’t the only thing that Tradeplus can do for its customers: It can also give them access to the NSE NOW platform.

Tradeplus Pros (Advantages)

The following are some of the things that make Tradeplus better. Check out the pros and cons of Tradeplus before you open an account with Tradeplus. It’s easier to figure out if Tradeplus is right for you if you think about its pros and cons first. 

  • Tradeplus is an online stock broker that lets you trade as many stocks as you want for a flat monthly fee. It also has traditional brokerage plans, where brokerage is charged in percentages. 
  • Tradeplus allows you to trade in equity for free. Customers don’t have to pay a brokerage fee when they buy or sell stocks in the equity delivery (cash and carry) segment. 
  • The Tradeplus INFINI trading platform is well-designed and has a lot of useful tools. This platform lets you trade in all kinds of things, including commodities. 
  • It’s possible to trade on the NSE NOW platform and on the INFINI trading platform together. It’s free for everyone who buys NSE NOW from the company. 
  • There is a lower AMC on a demat account at Tradeplus than there used to be. The customer only pays Rs 90 AMC per year. 
  • At a flat rate of Rs 75 per day or Rs 1000 per month, you can call and trade as many times as you want. 

Charges for Tradeplus Online Brokerage 

Compared to other discount brokers, Tradeplus Online has a lot of new ideas for plans. People can choose from a percentage-based brokerage plan, a monthly plan, and a plan that pays for each trade all at the same time from them all at the same time 

Percentage Based Plan – 

  • It costs 0.10 percent to trade equity delivery. 
  • If you want to trade stocks and commodities during the day, you’ll pay 0.01 percent for each trade. 

Per Trade Plan –

  • In this case, each equity option costs 60 per lot. 
  • Money in F&O is worth 20 per lot. 

Unlimited Equity Future Trading –   

  • It costs Rs 799 a month to use all of the equity futures you want. 
  • In this case, the Unlimited Equity Option costs Rs 99 a month. 
  • Unlimited F&O trading – Rs 99 per month for a year. 
  • There is no limit to how much you can trade in commodities for Rs 99 a month. 

If there are no trades in a given month, the monthly fee is refunded to the person who paid. 

How to open a Demat account with Trade Plus Online?

  • Fill out the form for Leads. 
  • People from sales will call the prospect. 
  • In order to set up an appointment, we will look at what the prospect can do. 
  • Within one business day, an account will be set up for the person who gave them their Aadhaar number and PAN number, as well as for the person who gave them their POA. 
  • This whole process takes 5 or 7 days to finish. 

Trade Plus Trading Platform

A company called TradePlus Online has trading platforms that the investor can use to keep track and make smart trades. It has three parts: INFINI web, INFINI power, and TradePlus mobile. This is how it looks now. 

There is a place called the Back Office that you can use to get security and a fully functional system that makes it easy to manage your account and trade. 

It is best for people who trade in the equity and commodity markets. 

#1. The INFINI Web 

It has a web-based trading platform that makes it easy to trade quickly and without any problems. You can buy or sell things quickly with this broker. You can also change or cancel an order quickly with this broker. 

If you want to buy or sell a different product, you can do that with just one click. You can also buy or sell depository stock with just one click. 

If you sign up for a free account, you also get access to the best charting tools. These tools let you chart with 100 indicators, 13 types of charts, and future and option chains. 

As part of your class, you also learn about the best and worst performers. You also learn about intuitive scanners, the top gainers, and the best and worst losers. 

#2  INFINI Power Software. 

There are a lot of different kinds of trading software out there, but this one is simple, powerful, and easy to use. It lets you trade on the NSE, BSE, and MCX. 

You can also get business news, world market data, commodity market data, and trading tips from the site. Also, you can use Excel to write your market strategy. 

It makes it easy to buy and sell quickly, make changes to the order, or cancel it. You can use MF and IPO. 

Also, you can keep track of your limits, withdrawals, and funds added to your account online. 

#3. TradePlus Mobile App

A mobile app will help you get to the features and give you a trading and analytics dashboard that you can see on your screen. NSE, BSE, and MCX all use it. 

It’s easy to understand and do the things that need to be done to trade. People who sign up for a service like this get on-screen trading, which helps them keep track of their investments and look at the dashboard. 

You can also use global search options to find securities that are well-priced. A live scanner, quick buy and sell options, editing, and canceling order options are also part of the software that comes with this app. 

One touch is all that is needed to buy or sell depository stock. You can also put a cover order with the market and the limit price. It also has two other things to do. 

#3.1 One Touch Back Office Access

When you choose this option, you get to see what’s important in the back office right away. In addition, you can see your profile view, your ledger balances, the statements you usually need, DP holdings, DP bills, accrued interest (if any), open positions, and your ledger balances and statements. 

It’s a good idea to look at the HDFC Mutual Fund Reviews to see what other people think about the service.

 #3.2 It’s easy to move money between accounts. 

You can make quick payments in a short time because you can use your phone to do your banking. More than 23 banks are on this platform, and they can help you transfer money, make quick transactions, and pay for things more quickly. 

#3.3 Blog Article

You can read blog articles that will help you learn about the market, get free viewing reports, and be able to share your thoughts on social media. In order to be a great investor, read Breach blog posts about market events. 

#3.4 Instant Customer Service 

You no longer have to write emails to get your problems solved. These days, you don’t have to. It’s now easier than ever to get the answers you want by calling and getting them for yourself. 

#3.5 SMP experience 

You can get all of the base packs by going to the SMP on your phone. If you make a referral, you can also get money and keep track of how much money you’ve earned. So you can see and change TPIN for both calls and trades. 


The NOW app is a safe and secure platform that can help you trade on the NSE and BSE. It’s not only safe, but it also gives you an NSE server. 

Investors and traders can benefit from NOW because they can trade in equity, futures, options, and currencies without having to worry about getting hurt. 

Reasons To Open An Account With Trade Plus

  • If you want to trade stocks, options, currencies, or a commodity, this is the broker that has the lowest refundable trading plan at Rs. 99 per month. 
  • You get a profit on your shares, as well as a profit on your cover order up to 33X. 
  • You get NRI trading services and eKYC facilities that can help you get things done for you. 
  • Also, there are bonds, IPOs, and mutual funds that you can invest in as well. 
  • In the commodity market, you pay Rs – 400 per crore to trade in MCX. 
  • To make things even better, you get extras like free use of software, tips, and knowledge packs to help you with trade, as well as extras. 
  • trade plus alerts let you get Paytm integration and cashback as well as technical alerts. 

Features of Tradeplus 

Many stockbrokers also offer services that are good for investors and traders, not just good deals. The following are the services: 

  • A mutual fund is a company that helps people build a long-term investment portfolio for the best return and the least risk after doing the right fundamental and technical analysis. 
  • Many stockbrokers also work in the Forex market. 
  • It isn’t just full-service brokers who work in the banking industry. 
  • SIPs (systematic investment plans) are part of a mutual fund’s service. Many brokers help investors shape their investment portfolio in a systematic way for the best returns. 
  • Insurance: The best brokers even offer insurance plans for their clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Ques: Who is the founder of Tradeplus?

Ans: When Jawahar Vadivelu started the company Tradeplus in 1995, he named it after the year of the company. 

2.Ques: Is Tradeplus a low-cost broker? 

Ans: Does Tradeplus offer a discount broker service to people in India? If you want to buy or sell something, a discount broker will charge you less money. If you buy or sell something, they usually charge a set fee for the service. Investors can save a lot of money by not having to pay a full-service broker to help them buy and sell stocks and bonds. 

3.Ques: Does Tradeplus offer full service?

Ans: No, Tradeplus isn’t a full service broker, and they don’t do everything. In India, Tradeplus is a discount broker that can help you get a better deal. If you want to buy or sell something, a discount broker will charge you less money. If you buy or sell something, they usually charge a set fee for the service. Investors can save a lot of money by not having to pay a full-service broker to help them buy and sell stocks and bonds. 

4.Ques: Is Tradeplus a good company?

Ans: No, Tradeplus is not a bad stockbroker in India. A stockbroker must get a Certificate of Registration (CoR) from SEBI before he or she can trade on behalf of someone else. Tradeplus is a broker that is registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India. They have been in the business of stock trading for a long time. Founded in 1995, it was the first company in the world. 

5.Ques: Is it safe to trade on Tradeplus? 

Ans: Do you think Tradeplus is safe to trade with? It’s just like any other stockbroker that is legally registered with SEBI. In general, novices are afraid that they will lose the money they make by trading with a stockbroker. However, there is no need to be so afraid. 

6.Ques: Is Tradeplus good for new people? 

Ans: The cheapest stock broker is usually a good choice for new stock traders when they first start out. Discount stock brokers fit the needs of a new stock trader perfectly. Because Tradeplus is a discount broker, it doesn’t charge as much as full-service brokers, which charge more money. It should be the best choice for someone who is just starting out. There are no fees for delivering equity with Tradeplus. This is a big advantage for a new trader because they don’t have to pay for that. 

7.Ques: Is Tradeplus free ?

Ans: It can be said that Tradeplus is free because it doesn’t charge fees for equity delivery, but be aware that there are a lot of different types of fees in a trade. Also, in most cases, only trading in stocks is free in Tradeplus and other brokers. Charges: Brokerage fees are not free for other types of assets like stock intraday and stock futures. They are also not free for currencies, currencies, and so on. Tradeplus is a discount broker, which means it is the closest thing to a free stock broker that you can get. A discount broker charges the lowest fee for a trade, which is why they are called that way. 

Tradeplus Online’s last thoughts 

TradePlus Online looks like a good stockbroker from a lot of different angles, but when it comes to trading platforms, they don’t seem to be getting it right. For example, customers who use the TradePlus mobile app have given suggestions for improvement because the app isn’t working as well as it should. 

This means that for now, they should focus on making their clients’ trading experience better. People who are happy are more likely to refer their friends, which has a bigger business value.