Large Cap Stocks: When and Why You Should Invest in them

Intelligent investors understand the importance of diversifying their money. “Do not put all the eggs in one basket” is the frequent sentence people hear from financial advisors and successful investors. It tells that rather than investing all the money in one type of stock, investing in multiple stocks is always a stress-free investment. Diversifying the available cash can help in times of inflation. While one stock declines, the other funds may skyrocket based on the demand. And one such kind of stock that always stays in favour of the investor is the large cap stock.

Large-cap stocks are companies worth more than ten billion USD in the marketplace. Currently, large cap stocks occupy 15% of the stock market. These companies may not see a profit every day. However, in the long run, these are the stocks that investors profit from the most. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Tesla are some companies holding large cap stocks in the market.

Myth burst:

Often people talk about investing in large-cap stocks as not the best way to profit in the stock market. While investing in small and medium cap investments can. However, large cap stocks may be saturated, but they provide some valuable features and give better returns than other stocks.

Why Should You Invest in Large cap Stocks?

Each type of stock has its features and uses, while large cap stocks’ features and benefits can overwhelm a person. There are multiple reasons to invest in large-cap stocks, but before investing, understanding the difference between large cap mutual funds and large-cap stocks is necessary for a successful investing journey.

Large-cap Mutual Funds:

A mutual fund is a combination of several stocks in one place. When a person invests in a mutual fund, the amount invested gets divided equally for every fund in that particular mutual or index fund. When a company’s market is at a loss, only a percentage of the investor’s portfolio gets affected since a mutual fund combines several stocks from different companies. Similarly, large-cap mutual funds form when the funds from large cap companies are grouped.

Large-cap Stocks:

Large-cap stocks are different from large cap mutual funds. These are the individual stocks of the company. Buying the stock means owning part of the company. And the person will be responsible for the profit and losses of the brand. When the stock market of the brand declines, the sum of the investor’s portfolio gets affected, and it will take around a month to get back on track.

The top 3 reasons to invest in large-cap stock include:

1. Stability:

One of the best features of large-cap stocks is their stability. Large-cap companies are gigantic and carry a reputation among people and their customers. So, these companies are more likely to provide the best stability in the stocks and other things that take place under the company’s ownership.

Whereas in the small and medium cap stocks, the stability loses. Sometimes, there might be situations where the stock split occurs. A stock split is a process of dividing the funds into two halves to increase the funds. In such cases, the investor may gain or lose the investments.

2. Dividend Payments:

Another advantage of investing in large cap companies is the potential of the company to pay their investors in the form of dividend payments. As the company’s stock price does not rise over time as they are already well-established in the market, the companies pay the extra cash yearly to all the investors to make them happy. Dividend payments build a friendly, strong, and healthy atmosphere among the investors and the company. People looking for a steady income, who are in their retirement age, or someone who wants to build their investment portfolio should take a chance to invest in large cap companies.

3. High Liquidity:

The liquidity in the stock market refers to how well the shares of stocks can be bought and sold without impacting the stock’s price. In times of market volatility, liquidity will be critical. However, in large cap stocks, the market volatility does not affect much as they have reached the saturation point. It gives a high chance of selling the stocks.

Whereas in the small and medium cap stocks, as the market fluctuates, the stock’s liquidity becomes less, which makes it hard to sell the stocks. As the price of shares declines, many people would not want to buy them.

Things to consider before investing in the large cap stock:

The stock market is like a roller coaster ride that consists of ups and downs, fear among people, and many other challenges to overcome to reach the ground safely. Similarly, in the stock market, there will be situations where stock prices decrease drastically, lose money, and many other things, while the studies have proven that long-term investments sustain better and experience high yields. But first things first, the process begins with choosing the best stock. Here are a few things a person should consider before picking the stock:

1. Time:

The crucial part of investment strategy is understanding the investment goals of a person, whether long-term or short-term. The person should confirm that their investment goals are long-term, which are years long. Because the short-term goals, which are a few months long, cannot provide the desired returns as there will be market fluctuations. And they should recognize the fact that the market takes at least a month to get back on track after the volatility.

2. Doing own research:

It is not about what others say. The person should research the particular company before investing in it. The things to consider in a company to put their hard-earned money include:

  • The size of the company
  • stability
  • Earnings growth
  • Debt-to-equity ratio
  • Price-to-earnings ratio
  • Dividends
  • Management

All this research should also include the company’s investment reports for the past 5-10 years. It gives a clear understanding of the company’s financial behaviour and lands the person at the solution.

3. Compare the stocks with its competitors:

To pick the perfect stock, the investor should compare the top-performing companies with their competitors only after reviewing all the required information. They should keep an eye on every important piece of information, such as the growth rate of the company, who their competitors are, the number of shares the company has, and many other factors.

When should a person invest in large cap stocks?

A person can be open to investing in any stock at any time after going through the company’s financial behaviour. While there are no specific times and dates to buy or invest in the funds, a few investment experts suggest a few methods for successfully investing. However,

  • Investing in large cap stocks would be the best fit for people who do not want to take any risks but want to see their money grow, as large-cap stocks are less affected by market volatility.
  • People who want extra cash to meet their bills but do not want to touch their invested amount can opt for large-cap stocks, as they pay dividends.
  • People who want to diversify their money can choose large cap stocks because as the market declines, large-cap funds can survive while other funds go down.
  • Large-cap stocks can help a person build a robust investment portfolio since they show that the person owns a part of the multi-billion dollar company.

Here are the suggestions by the great investors:

1. The best time of the day is 9:30 am to 11:00 am

The stock market begins the day at 9:15 am, and it takes about 15 minutes to process the previous day’s information and update with the new information. Great investors suggest that those 15 minutes would be the worst time to buy and sell the stock or observe the charts since there will be volatility as there will be a discussion with experienced traders. Generally, the optimal time they advise is 9:30 am to 10:30 am, and if a person needs to observe the charts more clearly, they can read them till 11:00 am.

2. The best days:

Many experienced investors say that Friday is the best day to sell the stock while Monday is the best day to buy the stock because the prices of funds would be higher on Fridays while on Mondays would be less. It means many people would try to buy the funds. If everybody did the same, there would be no buyers on Friday because everyone wants to sell, and there would be no sellers on Monday because everyone wants to buy the stocks. It can disturb the supply-demand cycle. Hence, there is no perfect day or time to process the investments.

3. The favourable conditions:

One of the best times to buy any stock is when the stock prices of the best company are low. There might be chances that they might drop, and the person has to sell the funds for a low price. And it is better than selling the stocks at a low price after the person bought them for a higher price.

These are some of the steps followed by most investors. However, there is no particular time to invest in stocks. When stock prices are high, people sell their funds. When stock prices are low, people buy the funds.


The stock market is volatile and changes every day based on customer behaviour. Thus, a person must do intense research and become wise before investing in any company. Large cap funds are one of the best stock methods that aspiring investors can get their hands on. Not only do small and medium-cap companies increase the stock value, but also large-cap companies provide the best features while assuring the security of the invested money.