Sharekhan Mini App: Simplified Trading At Your Fingertips

Sharekhan is one of India’s most respected brokerage organizations. Sharekhan has been in business since 2000 and has provided excellent customer service for more than 20 years. Sharekhan provides a wide range of trading platforms, including Sharekhan mobile app, Sharekhan Trade Tiger trading terminal, and Sharekhan Mini App designed for low bandwidth usage. Among these options, the Sharekhan Mini app and Trade Tiger stand out as highly popular and one of the best trading platforms.

Sharekhan MINI application is the streamlined version of the Sharekhan APP that was originally released. This platform operates flawlessly on all platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android, and is one of the best trading app in India with a big shift in the accessibility industry. This platform has been designed to function with less bandwidth. The transactions may use slow internet, such as 2G internet. This app is a streamlined version of the Sharekhan mobile trading app, which is available for Android and iOS. The Sharekhan Mini application is compact and resource-light.

Specifications Of Sharekhan Mini

The user may easily access his account by entering his login id and password into the program. In reality, the user must click the login button after entering their credentials. After successfully logging into the system, the user is able to trade shares and securities. The following are the application’s features:

1. Live Quotes

The user may obtain real-time Sensex and Nifty quotations. Simply type the stock name in the search area and click the go button. Basic stock information, including 52-week high and low, day’s high and low, etc., is accessible via the mobile application.

2. News

Sharekhan Mini App provides its customers with access to market news and price alerts, which play a crucial part in trading decisions. Always, market news is directly related to the stock market. However, not every news is likely to have a significant influence on a stock price until or until they are related. Similarly, price alert is an extra benefit mobile traders in the mainstream have access to. These notifications often appear in the notification bar if the user has a trading app loaded on their mobile device. Alternately, they are emailed to the user’s Gmail address to inform them of the current increase or decrease in market pricing.

3. Markets

The markets section provides an overview of the India stock exchange and its performance. Additionally, real-time quotations for several Indian indexes are accessible. In addition, the live streaming of the Indian market and share price enhances the application’s use.

4. Earnings

The Earnings area of the Sharekhan Mini program is one of its most essential aspects. In reality, an investor with a long-term investment horizon frequently examines a company’s fundamentals. Moreover, a company’s earnings most accurately represent its fundamentals. In this area, the investor may therefore learn about the company’s earnings and comprehend its financial status.

5. Company Information

Anyone who want to invest in a firm must be knowledgeable about it. In fact, it is improper to invest in a firm without understanding its business strategy. Consequently, this portion of the Sharekhan Mini program provides the user with information regarding the organization. The user is able to learn about the company’s business, comprehend its future possibilities, and invest appropriately.

6. The Trading

Using this program, you may trade or invest in several areas, including commodities, derivatives, and stocks. Additionally, if you wish to invest in Mutual Funds, this program is a boon because you may do it with a few taps. Additionally, the program gives the current status of your portfolio. Consequently, you may base your stock selections on the success of the portfolio.

These were a few of the Sharekhan Mini Application’s features. Now, let’s examine a couple of the application’s advantages.

  1. First, even at low bandwidths, the Sharekhan Mini program can run smoothly. Therefore, even with 2g internet connection, everyone living in rural regions of the country may use the program. Therefore, there is no demand for 3g or 4g internet service.
  2. Second, the trader or investor is able to utilize the program on the go. There is no necessity to phone the broker or monitor the stock quotations on television. In fact, the customer has access to live stock quotations and may trade simply by clicking the stock quotes.
  3. Thirdly, heavy software is not required to trade on the stock market. Sharekhan Mini is compact and offers an intuitive user interface. Therefore, there is no issue with cell phone storage or usage.
  4. Fourthly, all transaction information are accessible via the application. The portfolio is constantly updated with the most recent transactions and orders. Consequently, the user may monitor the list of transactions and portfolio holdings through mobile device.

How To Configure The Sharekhan Broking Mini App

You must download the Sharekhan Mini app from the app store on your mobile device and register in order to use the application. To configure the platform, you must do the following basic steps:

  • Select the app’s icon to launch it.
  • Sign in as a trader to utilize the application and access all of its features.
  • You will then be requested to enter your login information. The login credentials requested are the username and password you used while creating an online Sharekhan account. If you do not have an online Sharekhan account, proceed to the next phase.
  • Once the information has been entered, you must fill in the specifics such as name, photo, and other information.
  • After completing these steps, you may begin trading on the go with the Sharekhan Mini Android or iOS app.


Sharekhan is a well regarded company in India with over 20 years of experience handling consumer inquiries. This is reflected on all of their portals. The Sharekhan Mini app offers an intuitive user interface. It includes efficient navigation that allows you to access frequently visited locations with a single tap. It provides choices for stock trading, order placement, etc. In addition to making transactions, you may also monitor your portfolio to determine the performance of your equities.


The following is a list of Sharekhan Mini Apps.

1. Does Sharekhan have an app?

Ans: Sharekhan is one of the oldest and most reputable brokerage organizations offering clients simple online trading and investing opportunities. Sharekhan Mini App has been developed by the broker in an effort to facilitate trading.

2. Is the Sharekhan application free?

Ans: Downloading Sharekhan Mini App is free. However, trading and investments will continue to be subject to commissions and other expenses. The software itself is free, but its services are not.

3. What is the Sharekhan app?

Ans: Sharekhan Mini App is a mobile-optimized trading platform designed for mobile customers who dislike desktop trading. The application has every necessary functionality that enables a transaction for mobile executions.

4. How do I access the Sharekhan application?

Ans: Sharekhan Mini App users can log in using their previously-registered Sharekhan login credentials. Alternately, they can generate fresh login credentials for the application. Please note that you cannot establish two separate IDs using identical papers and information.

5. Why Sharekhan app is not working?

Ans: If your Sharekhan Mini App is not functioning, you can contact customer support for further information. The broker’s contact information may be found on his official website.

6. Which service is superior: Sharekhan or Zerodha?

Ans: Both Sharekhan and Zerodha applications dominate the mobile trading sector. Both applications offer comparable user experiences. So the comparison is somewhat difficult.

7. What is the Sharekhan GFD?

Ans: GFD is the most prevalent phrase for Goods for Day on ShareKhan. GFD is a market or limit order that automatically executes a trade when the trading session has elapsed and the user has not responded.

8. How can I begin trading with the Sharekhan application?

Ans: Users may begin trading on the Sharekhan Mini App by logging into their account, selecting the appropriate asset, and preparing to purchase or sell.

9. How can I add my bank account online to Sharekhan?

Ans: Adding a bank account in Sharekhan is rather straightforward. This may be done when you fund your Demat account. Simply navigate to the Funds or Payment Section and provide your bank information to the broker. You can use these data in the future to make deposits and withdrawals.

10. What is the Sharekhan username?

Ans: Sharekhan Log-in ID is a unique identifier that can only be accessed lawfully by the user.

11. How can I activate my Sharekhan online account?

Ans: Sharekhan accounts may be activated online using a mobile trading application or website. After inputting your login information and completing the EKYC procedure, your account will be activated.