Scalpert Review

ScalperT is an internally designed platform that was introduced in 2017. It’s a web-based and mobile trading platform. The platform is accessible across browsers and is mobile-friendly for Android users.

ScalperT Review – A Trading Platform Without a Broker

Finvasia is a fintech startup that offers a variety of financial services in India utilizing cutting-edge technology. Finvasia has offices in Chandigarh, India, and twelve other nations. Finvasia is an online stock broker that caters to retail clients. They provide services for Equity and Commodity trading on the BSE, NSE, and MCX stock exchanges.

ScalperT is the proprietary trading platform of Finvasia. It was introduced in September of 2017. It is a sophisticated trading and charting program. It is accessible via Browser and Android. ScalperT is made available to all clients at no cost.
SCALPERT. It’s So Easy!! It’s Costless!!

A scalper is a trader who holds a stake in securities for a brief length of time in an attempt to profit. Scalpers frequently purchase and sell throughout the day in order to extract tiny, regular profits from the market.

ScalperT Product Features

  • It was created and developed internally.
  • It is constructed with Omnesys APIs, OMS (Order Management System), and RMS (Risk Management System). Omnesys is a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters. Omnesys’s NEST trading platform is renowned.
  • ScalperT is quite comparable to Zerodha’s Kits and RKSV’s Upstox trading platforms, both of which are built on Omnesys API, OMS, and RMS. Both provide mobile and web-based versions of the program.
  • ScalperT is offered in two variants. A web-based trading platform and a mobile trading application.
  • There is no installable trading terminal available.
  • It provides trading at the BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • It is connected with the demat account to display real-time holdings.

ScalperT Characteristics

  • Integrated trading application for segment and exchange trading. Equity, Derivative Markets, Currency Derivatives, and Commodities Trading on the BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • It includes all the basic functionality seen in trading applications supplied by other brokers. Such as real-time data and fees, market watch, etc.
  • Available advance order types include cover order (CO) and bracket order (BO). Additional margin is offered on CO and BO orders (Up to 28X for CO for equity). BO is also offered at MCX.
  • ScalperT from Advanced Charts & Indicators provides 40 technical indicators.
  • Integrated with 30 banks for online transfer of funds. When money is transmitted using the ScalperT fund transfer website, limits are immediately accessible.

Finvasia Advantages and Disadvantages:

Finvasia is always improving their services, therefore let’s examine the pros and cons of Finvasia.


  • Comprehensively secure platform.
  • entirely paperless account opening option
  • NRIs can trade on the Indian stock market via Finvasia.
  • Zero Brokerage.
  • Online application for IPOs.
  • Information in real-time on IPO opening, closing, bidding, and listing.
  • There are no Account Opening fees.
  • Free call and trading service.
  • Provide tools for algorithmic trading to retail clients.
  • 24-hour client service.
  • Extensive selection of trading software and tools
  • Support for online conversation
  • Effortless and lightning-fast trading software.


  • ScalperT’s trading website offers just a 1-minute time period; • no 3-in-1 account option.
  • Does not have local support branches.
  • Certain trading platforms are fee-based.

Conclusion – Review of Finvasia Scalpert

Despite being a relatively new trading platform, it is extremely well-designed and constructed with all the fundamental and sophisticated features that traders need for a seamless and simple trading experience. However, the application must be enhanced in some areas that might have a significant influence on the trading experience of users and result in financial losses. Additionally, the trading site should be accessible to IOS users.


1.Ques: I’ve downloaded the application, and it’s requesting a login id and password. What should one do?

Ans: Finvasia can provide you with a login id and password in order to use the application. In order to create a Demat and Trading Account, you will need to provide your KYC and other identity-related papers. Opening an account with Finvasia is completely free of charge.

2.Ques: Are Scalpert’s mobile applications free?

Ans: Yes. Scalpert Mobile App is available at no cost. It is available for download on the Google Play Store. In addition to the free mobile application, all functions and transactions inside the scalper are also provided at no cost.

3.Ques: Can I trade options using this application?

Ans: Yes. Scarlet and other Finvasia trading systems support derivatives trading. Consequently, Futures and Options trading is feasible with this application. It is quite straightforward to use.

4.Ques: How can I download this application?

Ans: The Scalpert Mobile App is available for free on the Google Play Store. Obtaining the application on your smartphone is simple if you follow these steps:

  • Launch the Play Store on your mobile device.
  • Enter “Scalpert” into the search box.
  • The app is available with full name as SCALPERT by Finvasia
  • Click the “Install” button and follow the instructions displayed on your phone’s display.

5.Ques:  Does Finvasia provide a browser-based platform?

Ans: Yes, Finvasia also provides Scalpert Web, a web-browser-based trading platform. It is compatible with the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. It is readily accessible via a web connection.