Zerodha Coin Review 2023- A Zero Brokerage Direct MF Investment Platform

Zerodha Coin is a free application that allows you to buy limitless mutual funds online for $0 brokerage and zero fee. Zerodha Coin is a Zerodha platform for investing in Indian direct mutual funds. Investing in Direct Mutual Funds is a simple and convenient process. More than 40 AMCs have partnered with the cheap broker to make investing in direct plans easier for its clients. Both the online and smartphone versions of the Coin Zerodha Mutual Fund platform are readily available to users. In this Zerodha Coin review, we will discuss in detail the features and brokerage charges with its pros & cons.

Advantages And Disadvantages


  • There are no upfront or trailing commissions on your investments.
  • In DEMAT form, direct mutual funds, providing the ease of one portfolio spanning equities, MF, currency, and more
  • Additionally, you’ll be able to see your whole P&L in one place.
  • Start, pause, and make changes to SIP as often as you like.
  • Orders are being tracked by NAV. Similar to stocks, you may place orders to buy or sell funds depending on their NAV.
  • Zerodha used to charge Rs.50 a month to use Coin, but now there are no monthly or annual fees for utilizing the Coin Platform.
  • Invest in a variety of schemes, including equity, hybrid/balanced, debt, FOF, and ELSS.
  • For mutual fund redemptions, there aren’t any depository fees to pay.
  • It is possible to keep a careful eye on your investment portfolio at all times, as well as the overall success of your scheme and the current NAV.
  • A single statement of capital gains for several investment organizations.


  • One of the biggest drawbacks of the Zerodha currency is its inability to scale.
  • A Zerodha Demat account is required for all mutual fund purchases.
  • Zerodha does not offer investment advice or market research in the area of mutual funds. As a result, it might be difficult for novice investors to identify the correct fund.
  • Buy and redeem Zerodha mutual fund shares before the early cut-off period.

Zerodha Coin Customer Care

For Zerodha Coin, Zerodha does not have a distinct customer support team. With regard to mutual fund investing, Zerodha support is always there to help. The Zerodha Kite login may also be used to raise a ticket on the company’s help desk.

Zerodha Coin App- Zerodha Support Contact)
General Inquires: 080 4718 1888/99; 080 7190 9543/9545.
To create a new account: 080 4719 2020 or 080 7117 5337.

Zerodha Coin Features

  1. Zerodha Coin App is a complete platform for direct mutual fund purchases from AMCs. Investing directly has the advantage of reduced costs and higher returns because of the lower expense ratios associated with direct programs.
  2. Investing in mutual funds with Coin by Zerodha is completely free of charge for its members.
  3. Equity, debt, FOF, and ELSS categories are all readily available for investing.
  4. Coin by Zerodha Mutual Fund platform allows you to construct your own investing strategy.
  5. The Zerodha Coin may be used to initiate, alter, or terminate an MF investment at any moment.
  6. Tracking and monitoring the investment portfolio, scheme performance as well as NAV information is available.
  7. Depository retrieval fees of Rs. 5.50 were waived by Zerodha as a result of this arrangement.
  8. SIP and lump-sum alternatives are available to you, depending on your needs.
  9. Coin statements, capital gains tax reports, and more may all be accessed using Zerodha Coin’s reporting features.

Zerodha Coin Charges

Investment in Mutual Funds using Zerodha coin- Charges is now absolutely free, since the platform is available at no additional fees.

How Zerodha Coin Works?

Web and mobile applications are available for Coin Zerodha investment in mutual funds.

Buying Mutual Funds using Zerodha Coin: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Sign In To Zerodha Coin.

Zerodha Kite login credentials are required to use the app on a mobile device. To use the currency platform, web users must first log in to kite.

Step 2 – Choose The Scheme

Your investment strategy must be determined before you begin.

Step 3 – Check NAV History

It’s possible to look up the fund’s historical NAV, use a direct saving ppf calculator or look up information such as the exit load or minimum investment.

Step 4 – Choose The Plan

You have the option of purchasing via SIP or direct. Click “Buy straight” if you’d like to make a one-time investment.

Step 5 – Enter The Amount

To make an online payment, simply enter the amount and hit “Buy.” As an alternative, you may also provide a NAV price at which to execute your order.

Step 6 – Choose Direct SIP

The “Direct SIP” option should be clicked if you are seeking for SIP.

Step 7 – Confirm And Start Investment

Input the frequency of your initial SIP investment, such as weekly, 15 days, monthly or quarterly; and the amount of your SIP instalment, which you wish to deduct on each SIP due date; then click “Start SIP” and then “Confirm & Invest” to proceed with your investment.

A Few More Details about Zerodha Coin- Zerodha Coin Review

Your mutual fund investments will be held in Zerodha Demat Account, thus you’ll have to pay Rs 300 per year in Annual Maintenance Zerodha Coin Charges to use this service. Because Zerodha does not provide an MF advising service, novice investors may find it difficult to select the proper fund.

How Can I Buy Mutual Funds In Zerodha Coin?

Zerodha Coin is an online platform that is maintained by Zerodha authorities. Zerodha coin enables you to buy mutual funds directly from AMCs without paying any commissions. Both the web and a mobile app are ways to get started with Zerodha Coin! A Zerodha coin holder would have access to over 3000 mutual fund platforms. Sign up for a Coin account (using the same id as Kite). Use the search box on the dashboard to look for an AMC or a fund by using the name. Invest your money by clicking the “Buy” button that appears on the fund’s individual web page. Check out the specifics on the following page, and then click the “Confirm and Invest” button to finalize the deal. In order to begin trading immediately, you may open an instant account.

After logging onto Coin, you may see all the funds you’ve invested in by clicking on the portfolio heading. Click on the Redeem button after selecting the desired sum. By clicking on the “Redeem” button and entering your desired quantity, you may submit your order.

Transferring mutual fund shares out of Coin is possible in one of three ways. Transfer to a new CDSL Demat account: Transforming your Coin holdings into CDSL Demat units is a straightforward and straight-forward process. CDSL is a good option. Transferring the funds to another CDSL Demat account is the quickest and easiest option.

What Is The Procedure For Ordering Direct Mutual Funds Using The Coin platform?

Zerodha Coin is India’s largest direct mutual fund platform, allowing you to buy direct mutual funds online from asset management providers without commission passback. Including mutual funds, stocks, currencies, bonds and more all in one Demat account.

Coin by Zerodha is one of the best mutual funds to invest in for 2023. Find the most popular videos related to Can I Buy Zerodha Mutual Funds on Zerodha? Why Invest In A Mutual Fund? When you’re ready, you can buy your own stocks and see your money increase.

You may use your Zerodha Kite credentials to log in to the Zerodha Coin app on your smartphone. Search for a mutual fund by entering its name in the search box. The SIP option may be found at the bottom of the fund’s website page. Submit your investment plan (SIP) data such as monthly instalment amount, repayment period, and total investment.

A direct mutual fund platform such as Coin eliminates the need to pay distributors and platforms up to 1.5 percent and 1 percent each year in commission. Over a long period of time, these percentage commissions might add up to a large amount. People were reminded that “a rupee saved is a rupee earned” through this campaign.

Finance Here are some words of wisdom from the Master: In this Zerodha Coin Review, you will also learn how to sell mutual funds in Zerodha Coin. According to the company’s website(Coin.Zerodha) you can purchase and sell directly from asset management businesses.

Zerodha Coin is an online platform that allows you to buy mutual funds directly. This project is the work of Zerodha. Both through a distributor or directly from the asset management company (AMC), there are two methods to buy a mutual fund. Additional commissions are charged by distributors when customers buy mutual funds through them.

You may start your mutual fund investment adventure with a lump payment or a SIP using these six applications. Zerodha has designed a coin. Making investments in mutual funds has never been easier than it is with this application. Just open a Zerodha account and you’re set. In order to invest using the Zerodha Coin app, you can utilize your account balance.

To sell mutual funds on Zerodha, follow these simple steps. Log on to Zerodha Coin Login (using the same id as Kite). The funds you’ve invested in are listed under Portfolio. When you’ve decided the fund you wish to redeem, click on the “Redeem” button to complete the process. Choose how many units you wish to redeem on the following screen. To redeem your points, simply click the ‘Redeem’ button.

One of Zerodha’s primary functions is to facilitate direct mutual fund investments. Customers may register a free Zerodha mutual fund account and begin investing in direct plans from 40+ AMCs. SIP or lumpsum investments in hundreds of direct plans are available through Zerodha, as are sales and redemptions.

How To Buy Mutual Fund In Zerodha?

Zerodha’s Coin platform enables investors to purchase and sell mutual funds without paying a distributor charge. A decade ago, Zerodha began trading stocks. The company has the largest customer base since it offers affordable brokerage businesses at Rs.20 each purchase.

If we want a deeper grasp of Coin.Zerodha, we need to understand why direct mutual investments are a preferable option. SIPs of Rs 10,000 made over a period of 25 years, with expenditure charges of 1%, would result in a cumulative investment of Rs 2.72 crore at a 15% CAGR return rate.

Zerodha is one of India’s most popular discount brokers. Investment in Direct Mutual Funds is now available through Zerodha Coin, the first broker to do so. It’s free for all Zerodha clients to use the Coin platform, which is available both online and through mobile app (Android & iOS).

Bitcoin to ZCash remittance While it is possible to transfer your traditional mutual funds to coin.Zerodha, the procedure is a little more difficult than most people are prepared for (depending on the demat mode you have used to buy those funds).

Founded by Zerodha, India’s largest and most prominent direct mutual fund firm, Zerodha Coin is a cryptocurrency. Coin Zerodha would allow you to acquire or invest in mutual funds online without having to go through distributors, agents, or third parties.

How Do I Redeem My Mutual Fund Units On Coin?

For options trading, the process of buying and selling mutual funds as collateral. Order the mutual fund via Zerodha > (e.g. Axis money market fund) After a day or two, the mutual fund will show up under Coin Account and then under Portfolio in Console. The pledge menu may be accessed by selecting the mutual fund and clicking on the three dots.

Zerodha provides SIP investing in mutual funds via the cryptocurrency website and mobile application. Here is how to acquire SIPs in direct mutual funds using the Coin:. Enter the cryptocurrency platform and sign in. Click on the “Direct SIP” option after selecting your preferred plan. Input the amount and frequency of the SIP, which might be weekly or every 15 days.


Zerodha Coin is India’s largest direct mutual fund investing platform, allowing investors to purchase mutual funds directly from asset management firms through the Internet, with no fees or commissions required. Investments may be made via Coin’s web platform or mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store app and Apple’s iTunes.

In order to make investing in mutual funds as simple as possible for its customers, Zerodha has developed the Zerodha Coin mutual fund investment app. In order to invest in Coin’s direct mutual funds, please complete the instructions outlined below. Using Zerodha Coin Login credentials, log in to the Coin. A search bar is shown on the dashboard or homepage.

There is no distributor on Zerodha Coin’s direct Mutual Fund platform, thus investors may buy mutual funds directly from the site themselves. Because these mutual funds don’t charge any fees to investors, there is no cost to them. The Demat account may be used to buy mutual funds directly from this site. ‘ One of the most revolutionary aspects of the Coin.Zerodha is that it does not charge any fees for investors to invest in direct mutual funds and regular plans, which eventually benefits the investors.