How are Kostak rates related to IPO GMP?

There are two terms in the world of trading, IPO and Kostak rates, that are closely linked. Initial public offering (IPO) is the procedure through which a private company sells its stock to the general public.

An IPO allows public investors to participate in the private company’s investing process. Prior to the IPO’s real launch, it is published on the Grey market for market analysis.

Local dealers operate the grey market, which is not regulated by stock exchanges or the government.

You’ll learn more about Kostak rates in this article. To learn more about Kostak rates, please continue reading this article to the conclusion.

IPO GMP and the grey market: key points

In the IPO grey market, changes in movement and rates may occur extremely fast, making it difficult to predict what will happen next.

  • Investing only on the basis of gray market IPO watch rates carries a high degree of risk. Our research and analysis section has further information.
  • Investing in initial public offerings (IPOs) is particularly fraught with risk due to individual investors’ vulnerability to market emotion and the consequent risk of overreaction. Use caution while placing your bets!
  • The GMP rates for IPOs are taken directly from market research. Please keep in mind that these IPO GMP today rates may vary based on your location, market, and date of the IPO.

Grey Market Premium

An IPO’s “grey market premium,” sometimes known as the “IPO GMP,” is a phrase used to examine an IPO’s potential listing price. Investors use the grey market pricing of an IPO watch to determine the stock’s fixed return. Gray market trading occurs in the days leading up to the IPO, as well as throughout the IPO allotment period. Predicted IPO price movements can be predicted using the grey market premium. See how the math works out. When an IPO is priced at 100 and the grey market premium is approximately 20, we may anticipate that the IPO will sell for roughly 120 on its listing day. However, the truth is that there is no certainty. IPO GMP today generally works, however, this is not always the case. This is what we’ve observed: If there’s a lot of interest in the IPO watch and the expected HNI and QIB subscriptions are strong, we’ve seen it list around the stated price with the estimated GMP IPO.

What is the Kostak rate?

Investors pay the seller of an IPO application a fee known as the Kostak rate before the IPO is listed. For any change in the gray market, Kostak rates follow suit. Outside the market, one may purchase and sell a whole IPO application at Kostak pricing and guarantee a profit margin. Whether an investor receives an IPO allocation or not, the buyer is responsible for paying the IPO’s Kostak charges. If a person applied for five IPOs and sold each at a price of 1,000, he or she would have made a profit of 5,000 rupees. A second application would still net him ₹5,000, regardless of how many times it succeeds. Now, if he sells the stock and makes a profit of roughly ₹1000, he must give the investor who purchased the application the remaining profit of ₹5000. To sell your app on the IPO grey market, use this method with confidence.

What is Subject to Sauda?

In accordance with the Kostak rate, an investor’s IPO Application’s Subject to Sauda is equal to the amount determined when they get the firm’s IPO allotment. By purchasing or selling the IPO application for Saudi Arabia, one can get the stated sum if the allocation is successful; otherwise, Saudi Arabia would be canceled. In this case, one can’t guarantee a profit because the allocation determines it. One should also pay 5000 to the buyer if one is given an IPO allotment and sells an application for approximately 10000 and makes a profit of around 15000 on listing day.

How to Calculate Grey Market Premium?

Before an initial public offering (IPO), the IPO GMP or grey market premium is sold in the grey market. Based on the company’s success, demand on the gray market, and the likelihood of subscription, the estimate is made. If the IPO price of X is set at 200 dollars and the grey market rate is 100 dollars, then the IPO might list for 300 dollars (i.e. 200 dollars plus 100 dollars). However, this is just an educated guess, and the actual price may differ from the gray market pricing.

Tax ramifications of black market transactions

All earnings will go to the IPO applicant who sold his/her application on the grey market, which is an informal market. Most IPO grey market deals settle in cash and so the real trades take place in a prospective investor’s bank account. This places the onus of taxation squarely on the shoulders of the taxpayer.

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Grey Market Stocks: Are They Safe?

Is it safe? That depends on the broker or the individual trader. The grey market is a high-risk business, so don’t get caught there. Precautions need to be taken, since there may be large volatility. For the purposes of a public offering, stick with the IPO GMP today, as we recommend. After the stock is listed, you should only trade in the primary market.

In the Grey Market, how can I buy or sell an IPO application?

The grey market does not have any recognized participants. On Kostak Rates or Subject to Sauda rates, certain brokers purchase and sell IPO applications. Local brokers that deal in IPO applications on the gray market should be sought out. When making a purchase or a sale, keep an eye on the current exchange rates.

Grey Market Premium: What are some frequently asked questions?

1.Ques: Is there an IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium)?

Ans: IPO GMP (IPO Listing Gains Premium Value) is shown by the Grey Market premium, which is also known as IPO GMP.

2.Ques: GMP Limit: What is it?

Ans: IPO GMP Limit is not relevant to him due of market trends and investor sentiment.

3.Ques: What is the advantage of the IPO grey market premium?

Ans: As premium grows in the IPO grey market, we have an opportunity to make a large profit, which we may witness on the day of listing.

4.Ques: What is an IPO Grey Market Premium Disadvantage?

Ans: Due to the IPO grey market’s lack of transparency and reliance on the IPO premium, when market sentiment shifts, we stand to lose a significant amount of money.


Kostak Rate is an essential part of the Grey market’s infrastructure. The Grey market and Grey Market premium are built on the foundation of the Kostak rate and are Subject to Sauda.

During a Grey market IPO sale, the seller selling the application is the only party liable for taxes based on Kostak Rates.

You’ll be making money, but taxes will be computed on the real amount, so you might end up losing money as a result of this.