Prostocks – Safe, Reliable & Trustworthy Broker

It is secure and dependable to use ProStocks, an Indian bargain stockbroker. Mr. S P Toshniwal, the company’s proprietor, has 25 years of expertise in the broking sector. There are no proprietary trading tactics, no hidden costs, and the company adheres to transparent business standards. The firm has not had a serious compliance breach reported to it. Since 2016, ProStocks has been a Mumbai-based online cheap stockbroker. The firm has grown steadily over the previous several years and has gained the trust of thousands of clients. The BSE and NSE both recognize ProStocks as a participant. It is rare to find a stockbroker that offers an unlimited trading plan. Customers of ProStocks can trade unlimited shares for a monthly fee of Rs 899. (Equity Delivery, Intraday, and F&O). There aren’t any catches, and there are no restrictions. 

For intraday and F&O transactions, the flat fee is Rs 15 at Pro stocks, while brokerage-free equities delivery trades are available as an additional service. Investors love this strategy. 

Two trading options are available to users of ProStocks: 

  1. The Unlimited Trading Plan (₹899 per month).
  2. Flat Fee Trading Plan (₹15 per trade).
  3. Yearly Plan.

The following are the specifics of each strategy: 

  • ProStocks offers a monthly and yearly unlimited trading plan in the equities cash, equity derivatives, and currency derivatives segments, respectively. There is no need for clients to worry about their brokerage expenses because they pay a tiny monthly cost of 899 for equity and 499 for currency. Because the plan’s break-even threshold is so low, even in a small price movement, the consumer can still profit. 
  • In India’s stock market, the 15 per trade flat fee trading plan is the best option for both novice investors and regular traders. For the same price, traders may access BSE and NSE’s whole range of products and services to trade. 
  • Yearly Trading Plan: For only $4999 per year, the stockbroker offers an annual trading plan that includes unlimited exchange-traded equity cash and equity F&O trades, as well as unlimited year-round foreign currency trades. In this case, clients will not have to pay any brokerage fees, but they will still be charged for other fees. There’s no going back on this pricing for a year. 

Advantages of ProStocks 

  1. A one-time refundable deposit of 1000 is required to start a Demat account. 
  2. It charges minimal transaction costs since it does not include PCM fees like most other bargain brokers like Zerodha and RKSV. 2. 
  3. There is a feature that allows consumers to submit IPO applications online, using their ProStocks accounts as a conduit. 
  4. The 2-in-1 account provided by the stockbroker allows users to conduct transactions with ease. 
  5. It has the best and most effective trading platforms available in the business.
  6. In addition, it offers outstanding customer support.
  7. It uses the Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to deliver round-the-clock client support. 

Clients who recommend other clients to their stockbroker receive a 10 percent discount on their brokerage fees. 

Drawbacks of Using ProStock 

  • ProStocks does not offer a 3-in-1 account because it does not offer banking services. 
  • Commodities cannot be traded because of the lack of exchange. 

ProStocks account opening procedure 

Opening an account with ProStocks can be done either online or via mail. On the account opening page, you’ll discover information on both options. 

On the account opening page, ProStocks provides a FAQ section and a call-back option if you need more information. 

You can fill in your name and phone number and wait for a call from the ProStocks staff to discuss your concerns. 

There are two simple methods to sign up for a ProStocks account: 

Fill out an online form. 

  • ProStocks has a webpage where you may open an account by clicking on the “Open an Account” button. 
  • Click on the button Fill Online Application in the center portion. You’ll be sent to the ProStocks online account opening page after clicking this link. 
  • To complete the online application, simply follow these five simple steps. 
  • Please upload the necessary files. 
  • The PDF form may be downloaded, printed, signed, and mailed to ProStocks Mumbai. 
  • Your ProStocks account is activated on the day that your paperwork is received. 

Visit a branch in Mumbai or Daman to see how we can help you. 

Fill out the application form at ProStocks’ headquarters in Mumbai or Daman if you live there. On their website, you can find the location of their office. 

ProStocks Account Opening Status

You may also call ProStocks at +91 22 38 110 110 to see if your Pro stocks account has been opened. When ProStocks receives your account opening form by courier, your account is established and activated immediately. 

The consumer receives a welcome email with their login credentials for the trading platform and back-office after their account is established and activated. Detailed directions on how to access or download the trading program are also included in the welcome email. 

Trading Platforms for ProStocks 

When it comes to providing a smooth trading experience, ProStocks is well regarded. You may use the same trading platform on ProStocks if you’re already using NEST with another broker. 

However, its in-house trading platforms can also be used if you’re ready to get your hands on fresh trading platforms. 


Developed by ProStocks, ProStocks Desktop is a desktop-based trading platform featuring a number of excellent features. It is possible to download and set up the application on a computer. A few of the better characteristics are as follows:

  1. Faster access to market data by customizing the trade analysis windows 
  2. A market monitor is based on many indices. 
  3. Historical and intraday charts in real-time, including a variety of sophisticated charting tools 
  4. Options Strategies that are built-in. In the Options Market, it’s simple to learn and use. 
  5. Put your own spin on order reminders and price alerts 
  6. Real-time benefits of a safe and secure online money transfer. 


The interface for this web-based program is available on the ProStocks website. The program may be accessed from any internet-enabled device, rather than requiring a separate application to be installed on a client’s PC. With the sophisticated html5 browser-based trading platform, you have access to real-time news, quotes, and trading from any place. In a browser window, it offers all the functionality of a desktop terminal. 

The following are the most important aspects of the product: 

  1. Secure and dependable trading gateway with many levels of security check. 
  2. Front end for trading in several segments and markets. 
  3. Risk management in real-time, before trading, and according to rules 
  4. Online market quotations and data are available in real-time. 
  5. To keep track of different types of assets, industries, and product categories, you may create numerous Market Watch accounts. 


Traders may use the the ProStocks web trading platform on a variety of platforms, including PC, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. All you need is a computer or mobile device, as well as access to the internet. The ProStocks, a Web trading platform, runs on the HTML 5 browser and provides all the functions of a desktop terminal in a browser window. 

Depending on the asset class, industry type, and product type, a “Multiple Market Watch” can be created. 

Multiple exchanges and market categories, including BSE & NSE (Cash), F&O, and currency, may all be accessed through a single portal. 

That is the nicest thing about the online platform. 

It does not need the installation of software on each user’s computer 

If you don’t want to impose version checks, you can do so. 

All of the software upgrades and bug fixes are done over the internet. 

This is a feature list: 

  • Keep an eye on the market. 
  • The most up-to-date market news and developments. 
  • Orders and Watchlists are logged. 
  • Android and iOS are supported platforms for the software, which is available for download. 

Customers, on the other hand, have complained about the following concerns with the mobile app

  • Inadequate User Interface 
  • High internet bandwidth is consumed by a sluggish data flow. 

NSE NOW, which is run by none other than the National Stock Exchange, is available to ProStocks’ traders and investors (NSE). Other notable aspects include: 

A large number of features

  • Advanced technical and fundamental analysis using a variety of graphs and heat maps 
  • Dashboard widgets, notifications, and alarms may all be customized. 

When creating an account, here are some things to keep in mind: 

Trading Accounts should only be opened if you want to trade Futures, Options solely, and/or Currencies, whether intraday or positional. There is no need to open a Demat account. 

If you want to buy and keep stocks overnight, you should open a “Trading and Demat” account. Futures & Options, and/or Currencies can also be traded in this account. 

Account Opening and AMC Fees in 2021 for ProStocks 

Charges for opening a trading account (once only): Rs 300 Promotional Discount Now it’s only rs 0 

Opening a Demat account costs nothing the first time around. It costs nothing to maintain a Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) (Rs 1000 refundable deposit) 

Conclusion (Final Review)

 Only the equities and currency markets are available for trading on ProStocks. Commodities and mutual funds aren’t investments you can make. 

If you’re a frequent trader who wants to save money, then a ProStocks Demat & Trading account is for you. Unlimited options are available for both monthly and annual subscriptions. 

Additionally, you may save Rs. 0 AMC charges every year in trading fees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Ques: What is the best way for me to track the progress of my new bank account? 

Ans: The KYC team sends an email after all of the account opening paperwork has been received by the KYC team. There is a second step in which the staff will review the papers and, if necessary, ask the customer for an IPV. Customers will be contacted to confirm their information after finishing the IPV. A welcome email will be issued to the client as soon as the verification process is complete. 

2.Ques: How often will I receive a ProStocks Transaction Statement? 

Ans: If you’ve made any purchases during the month, you’ll get a transaction statement every month; otherwise, you’ll get a statement every three months. 

3.Ques: What are ProStocks Demat Account Charges?

Ans: Zero AMC Demat Accounts are available from ProStocks. For the first time in the industry, there are no yearly fees for clients. Customers of ProStocks can open a Demat account without an AMC at no additional charge. 

4.Ques: Who charges AMC fees for ProStocks Demat and trading accounts?

Ans: There is no AMC for trading or Demat accounts at Pro stocks. Your account is protected with ProStocks since there is no maintenance fee. 

5.Ques:  What happens if the company’s name is changed, but its Demat account with ProStocks is still active? 

Ans: It is possible to rename the corporate Demat account at ProStocks and keep the old account. 

6.Ques: Can a depository account be opened in ProStocks with the four holders’ names?

Ans: A depository account in ProStocks can be formed with the names of four holders, but the account can only be used to dematerialize shares owned in the same combination. A purchase or transfer of shares from another account will not be accepted as credit. For these accounts, “N” will be the standing instruction for credit. 

7.Ques: How much time does it take to open an account?

Ans: If you are already KRA compliant and do not require In-Person Verification (IPV), ProStocks will create your account the same day you complete the account opening documentation provided in the office. Upon receipt of the IPV, a ProStocks representative will open your account within four business hours. ProStocks will allow you to trade the next day if you send monies to your trading account for margin. 

8.Ques: How many bank accounts may I have linked to my trading account at the same time?

Ans: Customers can, in fact, add as many bank accounts as they like to their Pro stocks trading profile. You are free to link as many bank accounts as you like. All bank accounts should be linked so that the consumer may transfer money from any of their accounts. 

9.Ques: What is ProStocks’ depository account nomination procedure?

Ans:  It is possible to nominate someone at the time of account opening or at a later date. The account holder is responsible for providing the Nominee’s name and address. In order for the account holder to sign, he or she must provide two witnesses. 

10.Ques: How long would it take for my bank account to get refunded?

Ans: All requests for money transfers submitted before 5 p.m. on working days are electronically credited to the customer’s account the next working day. 

11.Ques: Is the BSE BEST terminal at ProStocks charged for NSE trading?

Ans: No, ProStocks does not charge for any of its trading applications. Even if you trade on the NSE in BSE BEST, you will not be charged for the BSE BEST trading application.