52 Week Low

What is 52 weeks and Nifty stocks?

If you are familiar with the stock market and have some knowledge about it, you must know that the prices of a security fluctuate and depend upon the market fluctuation. A shareholder or investor should know the highest and the lowest price of a security as per the market like wardwizard share price, evexia lifecare share, gtl infra share price and more. But the soul purpose of certain terms indicates the value. And one such term is 52 weeks low.

What is 52 Week Low?

So the price of commodities and security is in the market as recorded on both high and low points. What is 52 Week’s Low in the stock market?

The 52 Week Low is the lowest point reached by stock during the previous 52 weeks. It can be used as an indicator of whether or not a stock is overvalued. The 52-week low is one of the most important parameters which investors have to look at before investing in any particular stock.

As an investor, you should compare the current price of a share with the 52-week low before making any decision. The future price of the stock can also be determined by the 52-week low price of the stock.

Should You Buy A Stock At 52-week High Or 52-Week Low?

There are pros and cons to buying stocks at either of the two 52 week highs or lows. The main advantage to buying at a high is that the stock may be overvalued, and the price may fall once buyers catch on. Buying at a low may be cheaper, but it’s also possible that the stock is not worth its current price.

Price Direction

Price direction is a critical factor when analyzing stocks. It is one of the most commonly used indicators in technical analysis. When used correctly, it can help identify whether a stock is over or undervalued and provide directional clues for traders.

A 52-week high is a point on the stock market cycle where the price of a security has reached its highest point within the previous 52 weeks. Direction can be found in the bse 52 week highs or lows. When looking at a stock’s price action, it is essential to determine which direction it is moving.

How Can I Choose A Market Winner?

Many investors wonder how to choose a market winner. You need to undersatnd factors to consider when trying to find a stock that is likely to outperform its peers over the next 52 weeks.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a market winner. 

  • The first is to identify the sector or markets you are interested in.
  • The second is to research the companies in that sector and their competitors.
  • The third is to determine which companies have the best potential for future growth.
  • The fourth is to analyze financial statements and look for trends.
  • The fifth and final step is to make a decision based on all of the information.

List Of 52-Week Low Companies

Here are some of the companies with a 52-week low. Do your research for buying the stock of any of these stocks.

S.No Company Price Day Low
1 Ultratech Cement 5678.85 5610
2 Grasim Industries 1339.45 1330.05
3 Life Insurance Corp 800.25 800
4 Shree Cement 20638 20550
5 The Ramco Cements 630.80 627
6 JK Cement 2144.95 2130
7 Dalmia Bharat 1252.80 1250
8 IPCA Laboratories 861.15 856.80
9 Equity Small Fin 39.85 39.70
10 Hikal 293.600 287.90
11 Lux Industries 1983.75 1959
12 Globalsecure Technlgy 37.10 34.70
13 Aptus Venture Housing 279.65 278
14 Ethos Ltd 746.50 742.05
15 Vijaya Diagnostic 358.95 358
16 The Anup Engineering 730 715.55
17 Future Retail 7.05 7.05
18 Kovai Medical Center 1420.05 1400
19 Akshar Spintex 71.90 69.25
20 Seacoast Ship Serv 5.34 5.32
21 Alkosign 46.05 45.10
22 SM Gold 59.60 59.60
23 Shree Rama News 16.15 16
24 Everest Organics 148.55 145.10
25 AB Cotspin India 35.50 35
26 3rd Rock`Multimedia 64.60 64.60
27 Suumaya Corporation 41.50 41.50
28 Precision Metaliks 32 31.55
29 HPC Biosciences 26.20 26.20
30 Janus Corporation 7.38 7.12
31 Pyxis Finvest 16 16
32 Pharmaids Pharma 11.51 11
33  Aryaman Capital Mkts 28.85 22.75
34 Jonjuva Overseas 8.99 8.51
35 Omnipotent Indus 20.85 20.10
36 Tarini International 5.24 4.93
37 Adeshwar Meditex 25 25
38 COSYN 16.90 16.70
39 Fone4 Commu India 6.10 6.10
40 Jet Infraventure 60 60
41 Global Offshore Serv 7.85 7.85
42 Time Green Energy 55.25 55.25
43 Scooters India 29.95 27.80
44 Medico Remedies 103.05 103.05
45 NAM Securities 22 22
46 Sirohia & Sons 8.66 8.66
47 GTN Inds 11.95 11.50
48 HCKK Ventures 11.46 11.46
49 Shyam Telecom 7.15 7.15
50 Anand Projects 19.20 19.20

Nifty Stocks To Buy At The Hit 52 Week Low

As Nifty and Sensex hit 52-week low, here are some of the stocks that is best to buy on decline-


The HDFC stock in 52-week low has fallen from 2219 rs to 2203. As it owned by Foreign Portfolio Investors, you may witness a surge in Nifty share market. HDFC owns more than 25% in HDFC bank and its ownership in HDFC life is 47.8%, whereas 52.62% in HDFC mutual fund. Apart from all of this, it is 49.98% in HDFC Ergo. Some analysts record the subsidiary has a worth of rupees 1200, leaving the core at just Rs 1100. The business is valued at 11 times p/e, which is attractive to buyers.

Hero Motocorp

Their stocks have fallen sharply from a bse 52 week high of nearly 34% to the new 52-week low of rupees 2301 head this week. The stock is trading at a p/e of 17 times after months, 12 months of training EPS. The p/e is likely to be higher as net profits are likely to fall in the coming quarter. The company has been impacted by the increasing raw material prices. At the current market price, the stock becomes interesting for a dividend yield of 4.61%. When the stock falls more, it could be an interesting buy.


Another stock whose stocks have fallen to 52-week low is HDFC Bank. In spite of being known as a performing stock with a growth of over 20 to 25% every quarter, the stock has hit a low of  Rs 1336 and these levels are good buy. Their shares have been trading at p/e of 21 times based on EPS trailing. If the bank ranks to 15 to 20% EPS growth, the p/e will be reduced further. However, it is cheaper when compared to other stocks.