Zerodha Kite App Review 2023: Exploring The Future Of Trading

On both Android and iOS smartphones, the Zerodha Kite app is accessible. It boasts an immense daily trading volume and is one of the highest performing trading apps in the country. Please look at the Zerodha Kite App Review  and to learn more about its features.

What Is The Purpose Of The Zerodha Kite App?

The Zerodha Kite App is a mobile trading platform that works on Android and iOS. Platforms accessible through desktop and mobile web browsers are among the fastest and most powerful trading platforms, particularly for Indian stock market apps.

The Zerodha Kite app is headquartered in Bangalore and uses Zerodha, one of India’s largest brokerage firms, founded in 2010. Zerodha is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Indian National Stock Exchange (INSE).

Regulated by SEBI, the registration number is INZ000031633 CDSL (NSE). Zerodha has nearly 4 million clients, and the relatively new Indian brokerage firm has won numerous awards, including the Economic Times Startup of the Year 2020 and the NSE / MCX Award for Best Retail Broker 2018 2019. Has won the award.

zerodha kite app review 2022

What Stocks Can I Trade With The Zerodha Kite App?

From the NSE and BSE Stock Exchanges, Zerodha has a large stock of over 5,000 companies. In addition, this broker allows users to apply for new IPOs (initial public offerings) through the broker’s console capabilities.

This means that any user can apply for a new IPO through console capabilities. Currently, Zerodha Kite App does not offer trading of ETFs or stocks from the US or international markets.

 Other Zerodha Kite App Assets

  • Zerodha provides access to the following markets and the wide range of equities available in BSE and NSE.
  • Equity and index futures and options are also available.
  • The FX futures of the most popular Forex currency pairs are currency derivatives.
  • There are more than 2000 direct investment funds to choose from.
  • Bonds and Government Securities (GSecs) – Government Bonds (GSecs) and bonds issued by the Government of India.

Account Types In Zerodha Kite App

Zerodha offers three account options. First, however, you need to register a Demat account to trade with Kite Zerodha Mobile Trading Software. In India, investors who want to hold shares in electronic form must have a Demat account.

Following are the account types:

 Stocks, Futures, Options Trading Account — This account allows you to buy and sell stocks, futures and options online or offline.

  • Equity Demat Account: This is the account type you’ll need to open if you want to trade using the Kite Zerodha trading software. It allows you to maintain equities in electronic format.
  • Commodity Trading Account: You’ll be able to transfer funds and purchase and sell commodity futures with this account type.

Fees And Commissions

Many believe Zerodha to be a bargain broker for investors who want to trade stocks and commodities directly on Indian marketplaces. This is mostly because the broker does not charge any fees for equities delivery investments and allows free direct mutual fund trading.

User Experience Using The Zerodha Kite App

One of the most attractive aspects of this platform is the user interface and the convenience of use. Because Zerodha is more technology than a broker company, Kite Mobile Apps (and desktop interfaces) are simple and simple and easy.

Mobile Trading Apps’ search and functionality are very similar to desktop software. However, the broker indicates that kite-mobile transaction software is used to operate more than 70% of customer transactions.

The app is black (dark mode), white background, ChartIQ, Order Update Push Notifications, and an adapted multi-Market Watch view.

Overall, in terms of UI, the convenience of use, and functionality, this is one of the best mobile buying and selling apps.

Tools & Features Of The Zerodha Kite App

As previously said in this review, Zerodha is a technology company, and as such, it offers several very exact and superior purchasing and selling tools and services. This way, you’ll have access to various tools and features that you won’t find at other brokerage businesses. The following are some of the people who acquire and sell equipment and functions:

Excellent Graphing Software

Most investment businesses struggle to provide a top-notch charting package on a mobile trading app. One of the key reasons why MetaTrader4, which was first published in 2005, is still the preferred platform for many day traders.

The graphing package offered by Zerodha, on the other hand, is quite impressive. You may choose between ChartIQ and TradingView charts, and you’ll have access to over 100 indicators, six different chart formats, and 19 sketching tools with this software. You can also place orders directly on the chart using the Kite web platform.

Level 3 Data

Level 3 data is the highest data available on the stock market and provides insights into buyers and sellers of specific assets, position levels, and liquidity providers. As a result, level 3 data is particularly useful and effective for active day traders with low daily profits and high transaction counts.

Left Multiple Positions

The Zerodha Kite Trading App has the option to close multiple positions with a single click. Click on the pending order screen to select multiple orders and cancel them all. This is a great feature for on-the-go traders who sometimes need to close all trades at once.


The Zerodha Sentinel function is a free price alert tool that lets users receive notifications on stocks, futures, options, and a variety of other assets. Users who choose to use Zerodha Sentinel, unlike most price alert systems on the market, can configure simple alerts or develop elaborate triggers that can be triggered at any moment.

Bonus For The Zerodha Kite App

At this time, Kite.Zerodha is not running any deals for new or existing clients. The only extra feature of the Zerodha Kite app is a referral programme that pays 10% of the brokerage costs to users who bring a friend.

Demo Account

Zerodha does not provide a free trial account. When compared to other online brokerage systems, this is a significant disadvantage. One of the most significant tools for potential investors is online demo accounts, which allow them to evaluate the platform before risking real money.

Zerodha Kite App To Make Payments

Zerodha does not have a lot of deposit choices for you to use to fund your account. Users can choose either to deposit by bank transfer or straight via the trading platform (Kite / Pi) using the Instant Payment Gateway option. You can use one of three different bank transfer methods. Instant Payment Services (IMPS), Checks, RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) and NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer).

Minimum Deposit On Zerodha Kite App

Zerodha does not demand a minimum deposit to start a trading account, according to the broker’s minimum deposit criteria. Furthermore, you do not need to retain a minimum balance on your Kite.Zerodha account to keep it active.

Customer Support For the Zerodha Kite app

Zerodha offers excellent customer service via a variety of communication options. First and foremost, being a FinTech firm, Zerodha offers a fantastic FAQ section called the Support Portal.

This section includes customer comments and reactions from the broker support team. In addition, brokers provide ticket forms and email and telephone support. You can contact them from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on the downside, Kite Zerodha does not provide live chat support.

Is It Safe To Use The Zerodha Kite App?

Despite being only ten years old, Zerodha is deemed fully safe because it is overseen by India’s primary regulatory authority, the Securities and Exchange Commission of India, or SEBI. On the financial front, Zerodha and Charles Schwab claim to have the most transactions in the sector, with more than 7 million transactions per day. Furthermore, Zerodah’s leverage and risk management are so conservative that users don’t worry that their money is safe.

Zerodha does not provide two-factor authentication for user data and funding security (2FA). This is a pity. Users can use encrypted TOTP (Time-based OneTime Password).

Finally, Zerodha claims to have the industry’s lowest “active consumer complaints rate.

So We can say Zerodha Kite App is completely safe.

How To Use The Zerodha Kite App To Sell ?

Using the same technique as buying stocks, Zerodha kite app also allows you to short sell stocks with margin. This means it may be used both as a long-term investing platform and a day trading platform. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to double-check your margin rate and how long you can hold a short position with your broker. The benefits and drawbacks of the Zerodha kite app

The results of the Zerodha Kite app are summarised here

Advantage & Disadvantages Of Zerodha Kite App


  • Excellent trading app for mobile devices
  • SEBI regulates the market.
  • Over 5000 equities from the BSE and NSE are available to investors.
  • India’s Largest Direct Investment Trust Platform, Offering Coins
  • A comprehensive instructional component is included.
  • No minimum deposit
  • Provides data at the third level.
  • Investment trusts are available for free direct investment.


  • Free Trading App for Non-commissioned Officers
  • There is just one payment method available.
  • Zerodha does not offer international or US market access.
  • There is no live chat assistance available.
  • There is no social trading available.
  • There isn’t a demo account available.
  • Trading with large leverage is not available

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you wish to trade stocks and commodities on Indian exchanges, the kite.Zerodha Mobile Trading App is worth investigating. Because this platform has so much to offer, Kite Zerodha’s technical approach should be evaluated. You can access over 8000 products and trade with one of the top mobile trading apps in terms of user interface (UI) and functionality with the Zerodha Kite app.

The only factor to consider when deciding to trade with Zerodha is the relatively high fees charged by brokers (compared to other brokers in the industry) and the limited range of markets offered on the platform..