Nirmal Bang Review 2023: Brokerage Charges, Features And Benefits

Nirmal Bang is among India’s largest stock and shares market trading companies. In this article, we will discuss in detail Nirmal Bang review, brokerage charges, flat rates, Demat accounts, trading accounts, and numerous trading platforms.

Nirmal Bang is the most well-known provider of stock brokerage and trading services in the nation. Since 1986, it has been offering best brokerage charges to customers. The brokerage firm’s headquarters are located in Mumbai, India. It has gained popularity due to its customers’ access to a stock trading platform. It excels at providing all of its customers with excellent advisory services and efficient trading platforms.

Nirmal Bang brokerage firm provides stock trading services to all of its clients via multiple channels, including online trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). The company is registered with India’s leading stock exchanges, such as BSE- Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd, NSE- National Stock Exchange Ltd, NCDEX- National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd, MCX- Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd, MCX Stock Exchange Ltd, and NMCE- National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. In addition, it is a depository participant (DP) in both CDSL and NSDL. It has over 30 years of experience in the online stock market and is a well-known stock brokerage firm. Typically, the business provides both trading and financial services. Its trading services include derivatives, equities, currency, and commodities, and its financial services include mutual funds, fixed deposits, bonds, a dedicated desk for institution clients and non-resident Indians (NRIs), insurance broking, margin financing, clearing services, portfolio management, investment banking, and wealth research & advisory.

Nationwide, Nirmal Bang has branches and regional offices. It has a physical presence in approximately sixteen states.

Nirmal Bang Brokerage Charges

Nirmal Bang provides a stock trading account and a Demat account, where customers can pay fees, commissions, and taxes while trading with the platform. The brokerage firms offer services at certain charges. Below are the Nirmal Bang Brokerage Charges:



Equity Delivery


Equity Intraday


Equity Features


Equity Option

Rs 35

Currency Futures


Currency Options

Rs 20

Commodity Futures


Why Open A Trading Account With Nirmal Bang Brokerage Firm?

Below are several reasons to open a trading account with Nirmal Bang:

  • The Nirmal Bang brokerage firm is adept at offering flexible brokerage plans to all of its customers.
  • Free account opening for Demat and trading accounts.
  • Offers incredibly quick and efficient trading platforms that are accessible from any device or web browser.
  • It allows users to invest in all types of assets, such as currency, commodities, derivatives, stocks, and others.
  • It provides a competent group for providing feedback and resolving complaints.

Advantages & Disadvantages:


  • Nirmal Bang is a full-service brokerage firm that provides a variety of services, including mutual funds, PMS, and broking.
  • Services of superior stock research quality
  • Provide access to risk management and back-office software.
  • It has offices in sixteen states where customers can resolve any type of concern.


The Nirmal Bang securities Pvt. Ltd. has the following disadvantages:

  • It does not provide users with the ability to open three accounts at once.
  • Nirmal Bang does not provide margin and brokerage calculators.
  • As a stock brokerage firm, its commissions are comparatively higher than those of discount brokers.

Services Offered By Nirmal Bang Brokerage

The Nirmal Bang stock brokerage provides its clients with a vast array of services, including-

  1. Demat Account Services
  2. Trading Account Services
  3. Stock Recommendations
  4. IPO Services
  5. Intraday Services
  6. Depository Services
  7. PMS Services etc.

The portfolio management services provided by Nirmal Bang Brokerage enable clients to make sound investment decisions. The company assists investors with strategic and diverse portfolios containing a wide range of securities, such as bonds, derivatives, equity shares, fixed deposits, and more. Nirmal Bang is also proficient in providing asset management services with excellent customer service. It has extremely flexible payment terms that are convenient for all investors and traders. The client can access their investment portfolio online for convenience and adaptability.

The stock brokerage firm’s primary service is providing quality services for demat accounts. The business offers both technology-enabled trading and demat accounts. Customers also receive expert guidance and technical assistance in the form of in-depth research reports. Customers or investors also have access to intraday services, IPO services, and depository services that help them buy and sell stocks, currency, and other assets on the same day. Additionally, the company offers investment advisory services for added convenience and customer satisfaction.

Nirmal Bang Trading Platforms

Nirmal Bang securities Pvt. Ltd is adept at providing people with efficient trading platforms that are accessible via browser and mobile devices. Let’s have a thorough discussion about the company’s trading platforms. Nirmal Bang Brokerages offers its customers and clients both in-house and outsourced trading platforms. Let’s investigate several trading applications/platforms in depth with our Nirmal Bang review.

1. Nirmal Bang ODIN DIET

It is a software-based, conventional trading terminal that users/clients can easily download and install on their laptop or desktop computer. To begin trading, simply connect directly to Nirmal Bang Login, which is very user-friendly.

Due to the application’s light weight, effectiveness, and fluidity, the trading experience is elevated to the next level.

Below are some of the best ODIN DIET characteristics:

  • Users have real-time access to data from multiple exchanges.
  • Customizable user interfaces, themes, and personalized views are available.
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways to facilitate the management, allocation, and withdrawal of funds.
  • Provision for direct order placement with real-time pricing.

2. Nirmal Bang NB TRADE

Nirmal Bang Trade, also known as NB TRADE, is a proprietary web-based trading platform. Users/clients can access it via a web link with valid login credentials and initiate trading activities without the need for software installation. This trading terminal’s primary benefit is that it is accessible from anywhere and on any device. Using this trading terminal, clients can trade in virtually every market segment, including Currencies, Equities, Commodities, and Derivatives.

Among the top features of this trading terminal are:

  • Extremely lightweight web-based trading platform.
  • Multiple scripts are accessible with watch lists.
  • Heat maps allow for straightforward technical analysis.
  • For a comprehensive understanding of the stock market, users can consult the accessible charts.

3. Nirmal Bang MOBILE APP

BEYOND Nirmal Bang, an in-house developed mobile application, is the official trading app of Nirmal Bang and is managed by its own technical team.

These are some of the most recent features of this mobile app:

  • The most effective method of segment-to-segment navigation and interactive design boosts business.
  • Streaming of multiple stock exchanges is incorporated into the live market watch function.
  • Fund transfer through highly efficient payment gateways with more than 25 prominent banks in the country.
  • Introduction to intraday charts and news, as well as real-time market reports and research.

However, there are a few concerns raised by users of this app when trading:

  • Experiencing difficulties while logging in.
  • There are no market research reports available in the mobile app.
  • To attract new users, the interface should be enhanced and organized more effectively.
  • It is a conventional trading terminal app for mobile/smartphones that users can easily download and install.

Create Account With Nirmal Bang

Nirmal Bang is the conventional broker and has an extensive and robust physical network throughout India. You can open a Demat account by simply visiting one of their 16 branches with the required documents and requesting assistance. In this Nirmal Bang Review we are discussing two methods here-

1. Fill Out The Form Online:

Online service is also available for opening a Demat account. It is sufficient to visit their website ( There are multiple links to open the account on the website; you can click any of them to initiate the process. After clicking the link, you will be redirected to a page requiring your name, email address, phone number, and city. They also require OTP verification. After submitting all required paperwork and information, their executive will contact you to complete the process.

3. Download And Submit The form

If someone is uncomfortable with the online account opening process, they need not worry because Nirmal Bang has provided an alternative method. You must download the PDF form, fill it out, and submit it to the company’s address by physically delivering the form to the Nirmal Bang office or by using one of the logistics services.

Conclusion – Nirmal Bang Review

In conclusion, Nirmal Bang Brokerage Firm is a holistic platform that allows investors to trade across different market exchanges, including NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX. As India’s leading stock broking company, Nirmal is well-regarded across the industry for its reliable and secure systems.

Nirmal Bang, also available on mobile, allows users to manage their portfolios and make investments. The excellent research services provided by Nirmal Bang make the platform beneficial for beginners. One can learn through webinars, tutorials, and resource materials that make learning simpler. Further, you can comprehend and take real-time feedback on how the platform works through customers’ Nirmal Bang Review.

With a strong nationwide presence, the platform suits both experienced and beginners. All you have to do is research the trading company thoroughly and trust their services.