Become Crorepati Calculator

Become Crorepati Calculator – Financial Planning Calculator

Becoming a crorepati is everyone’s dream. You always dream to be the one but have you ever thought about how much you need to save monthly or annual to accumulate the amount of one crore.

Did you know that the league of becoming a crorepati starts with a meticulous plan for your expenses, savings, and investment? But, this is not easy. Also, one must understand that becoming a crorepati is not a day’s job. So, you need to ensure that you plan everyday savings accordingly, and to do that you cannot simply depend on excel. Well, sometimes the Zero can be confusing in a crore too.

Thus, you can use a crorepati calculator. It helps you to understand how much you must save regularly. It supports in calculating the amount you need to invest. With a SIP calculator, you can easily enter the value of your financial goal, understand the annual rate per investment, the maturity age of each investment, and current savings to reach that goal.




Total Investment Amount


Monthly SIP Required.



How to Use a Crorepati Calculator?

The crorepati calculator helps you realize your ultimate goal. The figure that you want at the end of the year is provided by the SIP calculator with monthy saving details. But how it does work, is here-

• When we talk about investing, we talk about the amount that is in crores
• The expected date of inflation over the years
• Your total saving at present
• The age at which you want to become a crorepati
• The rate of maturity then

So how does it help you to find the investment will tell you all your details about your investment requirement:

• Your targeted wealth amount
• Growth in your invested amount
• Number of years you need to save
• Total amount invested
• Monthly investment required to become a crorepati
• Total growth amount

This is how you must plan to become a crorepati. But one must also know is that to be a crorepati you need patience, determination, and consistency. Remember, if you miss one month of investment you miss your overall target.