Aditya Birla Money Login – Find login Method Of Web, Backoffice & More

The name Aditya Birla Money requires no introduction. This firm has been ranked among the best merchants. In addition, Aditya Birla Money strives to maintain its leading position in the trading business. Corporation has implemented a variety of tactics to aid their traders in every way. Learn about the different Aditya Birla Money Login methods that provide better trading for clients. Clients may learn about the remarkable features of Aditya Birla Money here.

Regarding Aditya Birla Money Log In

Aditya Birla Money Trading Platform is an all-inclusive solution for all market traders. Through Aditya Birla Money Login, you may trade in Equity, Futures, Options, etc., with live chat assistance.

Aditya Birla Money Back Office Login has a number of vital elements that provide traders with the option to learn more about trading by giving research analytical reports and customer care assistance.

The company has a strong reputation in the industry and strives to provide its customers with the finest services possible. By offering mobile apps and trading terminals, the Backoffice support company has strengthened its market position. Obtain access to a variety of features with Aditya Birla Money Login.

Aditya Birla Money Highlights

In addition to excellent and enticing offerings, several stockbrokers supply investors and traders with appealing services. The following are the services:

  • Mutual funds assist investors in constructing their long-term investment portfolios for maximum return and least risk, based on fundamental and technical research.
  • Forex: Several stock brokers offer services in the Forex market in addition to the stock market.
  • Full-service brokers also provide their services inside the banking industry.
  • SIP (systematic investment plans); this is a part of a mutual fund’s services; many brokers assist investors in systematically optimizing their investment portfolio for maximum returns.
  • Top-performing brokers even provide insurance policies to their clients.

Account Opening Procedure – Aditya Birla Money

One must create a trading account with the stockbroker in order to trade or invest via Aditya Birla Money Limited. If you wish to invest or trade in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Initial Public Offerings, Systematic Investment Plans, or Currency Derivatives, you need to create an ABML Trading Account.

There are essentially three ways to create an Aditya Birla Money account.

1. Online Account Creation (Instant Paperless Account)

ABML provides a paperless account opening procedure. This allows its clients to create an online trading and Demat account within minutes. You can simply start with Aditya Birla Money Login. This procedure may be executed with e-KYC and Aadhaar. For OTP verification, your current mobile number must be connected to your Aadhar. You are not required to fill out a form and send it to the broker.

2. Instant Trading & Demat Account Opening Procedures:

Include your name, email address, date of birth, PAN number, and Aadhaar number.

  • Verify the Aadhar card information extracted from the KYC database.
  • Fill up your bank information, including your Account Number and IFSC Code.
  • Upload documents (Scanned copy of Cancelled Cheque leaf and Income Proof like Bank Statement)
  • Online account opening cost payment.
  • Electronically sign your application using the Aadhaar OTP sent to the cellphone number associated with your Aadhaar.
  • The procedure requires only a few minutes. Once the application has been submitted, it is reviewed by corporate management. The account is opened on the same business day if all required documentation is in order.

3. Visit ABML Branch Offices

Aditya Birla Money has more than 40 branches in India’s major metropolitan areas. You may prefer to visit one of these nearby branch locations and complete the account opening procedure there. You may prefer to visit one of these nearby branch locations and complete the account opening procedure there. If none of the aforementioned account opening alternatives appear viable, you should contact Aditya Birla Money customer care by phone or email to create an account. Customer support representative will help you open a trading and Demat account.

Documents Required For Account Opening

  • The following papers are required to create a trading and Demat account with ABML:
  • PAN Card (HUF Pan Card & Karta Pan Card for HUF account)
  • Proof of Address for AADHAR Card: Ration Card, Voter ID, or Utility Bill including the entire address
  • Most Recent Bank Statement Including IFSC/MICR Code
  • Copy of the Bank Passbook or Bank Statement with the Account Number, Name, and Cancelled Cheque
  • Two Photos of Passport Size
  • Every document must be self-attested. Please note that extra income verification documentation is necessary to trade in derivative segments.

Account Opening Charges

  • Trading Account Account Opening Fees for Aditya Birla Money: Rs 750
  • Aditya Birla Money AMC Fees (Trading Account): $0.00
  • Aditya Birla Money Account (Demat Account) Opening Fees: Free
  • Rs 436 for Aditya Birla Money AMC (Demat Account).

Aditya Birla Money Trading Platforms

Aditya Birla Money, one of India’s oldest and most known full-service stockbrokers, strives to give its customers a flawless and trouble-free stock trading experience. In order to do this, ABML provides its clients with the 3 trading platforms that are regarded as best-in-class. Below, we will learn more about them.

1. Aditya Birla Money Express Trade

The stock broker offers the terminal-based trading platform Express Trade. Users must download and install the software from the broker’s website before to usage. The trading platform is renowned for its amazing features that make stock trading very simple.

  • Charting includes intraday charts for 21 days and more than 50 technical indicators
  • Market monitoring providing information on the most influential market movers
  • Unique open Interest bar function that visually compares option strikes Livestock updates and suggestions displayed on the trading interface.
  • Open interest bar for comparing option strike prices based on the current Open Interest value
  • Provision of Option chains
  • Actual-Time Portfolio Monitoring
  • Access to numerous reports including Capital Gains, Statement of Accounts, DP Holdings, etc. Customization possibilities to meet the trading demands of each individual
  • Online money transfer feature

2. Aditya Birla ETrade

Aditya Birla ETrade is an internet-based trading platform that can be accessed without downloading on any browser. Some of its key characteristics are:

  • Market watch management
  • Order Execution Order Book Trade Book Holdings and Trading Limitation
  • Funds management
  • Charting

3. Aditya Birla Advanced Web Trading Platform

To improve its clients’ web-based stock trading experience, ABML has developed a browser-based trading platform of the next generation. Essentially, it is an enhanced version of the Etrade platform. Its key characteristics include:

  • Real-time tracking of a portfolio.
  • Transfer of funds is allowed with over 15 banks.
  • Detailed research reports and market advice are accessible with a simple click.
  • Adaptable market monitoring based on the user’s preferences.
  • Notifications and alerts are provided by email and SMS.
  • Hotkeys are accessible for customization and personalization by users.

Aditya Birla Money Mobile Invest

Mobile Invest by ABML is a next-generation trading platform for mobile users that enables them to execute trades on the go and have fast access to stock market news, currencies, commodities, NSE & BSE prices, and several other updates. Among the most important elements of the trading platform are-

  • Trade Index Futures and Options (F&O) with only three clicks.
  • Place buy/sell orders using the One Swipe Real-time Portfolio Tracker, which provides open access to Portfolio Holdings, Gain/Loss, and Capital Gain data.
  • Access to a variety of reports, including the Ledger, Transactions, and Digital Contract Notes.
  • Access to intraday charts spanning 21 days with several technical indicators
  • Receive real-time quotes, graphs, index monitoring, and news
  • Research desk access to real-time trading calls (Intraday, Positional, Special Trade, etc.).
  • Instantaneous Funds Transfer service
  • Configure Alerts to monitor desired stock movement
  • Adapt your dashboard to your specific requirements.
  • Two-factor authentication and dual password protection for safe transactions

Aditya Birla Money Advisory Services

The primary distinction between a cheap broker and a full-service broker is the services and pricing offered by each. Discount brokers execute buy and sell orders at commission rates that are significantly lower than those of full-service brokers. In addition, unlike a full-service broker, a discount broker lacks the expertise to give in-depth investing advice and research on individual stocks, as well as knowledge of the price-action technique. All of these variables contribute significantly to the price differential between the two products.

  • Fundamental Reports: It is essentially the reports linked to the study of a company’s financial statements that aid investors and financial experts in determining a company’s present financial status.
  • Research Studies: Financial analysts from hedge funds, investment banks, and mutual funds write these reports, which may focus on a particular company’s stock, commodities, currency, or industry. Reports on the company’s actions throughout the year, month, or week that are detailed and simple to comprehend.
  • Annual Reports: The section of a firm’s report in which the company details all of the activities it has carried out in the preceding years, as well as the cost of carrying out those operations and the resulting profit or loss. A stock review or analysis involves comparing the company’s financial statements to those of prior years. This procedure also involves the study of certain ratios, such as liquidity ratios, free cash flow ratios, profitability ratios, etc., in order to provide a clear image of how a stock is performing today and how lucrative a firm may be in the future.

Free Stock Tips: Some Stock Tips For You

Read financial periodicals like Bloomberg and The Economist.

  • Avoid developing an emotional attachment to your assets.
  • SMS notifications for impending IPOs
  • Invest in companies you feel will have a global influence in the next 5 to 10 years, such as Tesla
  • Use effective risk management.
  • Diversify your investments (choose stocks that are from various industries in order to avoid correlation between them)
  1. A private firm goes public to enhance its capital, according to IPO reports. This is accomplished by investment banks and hedge funds via issuing IPOs (initial public offerings).
  2. Top Picks– Top pick stocks are often the best-performing stocks in a given year, which simplifies the investor’s investing decision. This phrase focuses on the daily movements and changes in the stock index and provides the number of points the index is up or down.
  3. Monthly Reports: Monthly reports are concise yet comprehensive summaries of the company’s month-to-month operations that are utilized by management to make short-term decisions.
  4. Weekly Reports: Weekly reports are summaries of the business’s weekly operations and the costs associated with those activities. These reports are utilized for making quick decisions.
  5. Offline Advisory: Advisory is supplied by means other than the Internet, including mail, SMS, and phone calls.
  6. Relationship Manager: The primary responsibility of a relationship manager in the banking industry is to interact with clients, assist them in making the best decisions, and provide a comprehensive explanation of the firm’s financial services.

Aditya Birla Money Login Customer Care

The full-service stock broker provides customer care through a variety of communication channels:

  • Offline branches
  • Email support
  • Webform
  • Toll-Free number

Multiple communication channels are utilized by the full service stocker for client care. First, there are few available communication channels. In terms of customer service, the quality is ordinary, since the broker’s clients receive no special care. Regarding offline help through phone and sub-broker/franchisee offices, the broker provides both quantitative and qualitatively adequate service. There are over 800 physical sites around India, in addition to a toll-free hotline for users to reach the broker. Therefore, it mostly depends on the method of service you choose, and you may therefore make a selection.


In conclusion, there you have it! A comprehensive examination of their products and services, including all defects and weaknesses. Aditya Birla Money is without a doubt a wonderful option for novices in the stock trading industry. They are skilled and efficient enough to manage nearly any market volatility.

FAQs About Aditya Birla Money

1. Who established Aditya Birla Money?

Ans: In 2000, Kumar Mangalam Birla launched Aditya Birla Money.

2. Does Aditya Birla Money operate as a discount broker?

Ans: Aditya Birla Money does not operate as a discount broker in India, Aditya Birla Money is a Full-Service Broker. In general, full-service brokers provide their clients additional investing advice and do in-depth stock research. The brokerage costs are also comparatively costly.

3. Is Aditya Birla Money an institutional broker?

Ans: In India, Aditya Birla Money is a full-service broker. In general, full-service brokers provide their clients additional investing advice and do in-depth stock research. The brokerage costs are also comparatively costly.

4. Is Aditya Birla Money reliable?

Ans: Yes, Aditya Birla Money is one of the best stock broker in India. Any stock broker who wishes to trade on behalf of a customer must get a Certificate of Registration (CoR) from SEBI. Aditya Birla Money is a SEBI-registered broker with a lengthy history in the stock trading industry. It began operations in the year 2000.

5. Is Aditya Birla Money safe for trading ?

Ans: Yes, Aditya Birla Money is safe for trading, the same as any other SEBI-registered brokerage. Beginners are typically concerned that they will lose money while trading with a broker. However, such fear is unwarranted.

6. Is Aditya Birla Money suitable for novices?

Ans: Beginner stock traders often choose the stockbroker with the lowest fees. Discount stock brokers are perfectly suited for beginning stock traders. Aditya Birla Money provides full brokerage services. Although novices may find it useful, they must be aware that the brokerage fees are rather hefty.

7. Is Aditya Birla Money free ?

Ans: Aditya Birla Money provides full brokerage services. Various fees are assessed by stock brokers for various asset classes. Full-service brokers typically demand more fees than cheap brokers. They attempt to justify the fee with the research and consulting services they offer.

8. What are Aditya Birla Money’s commission fees?

Ans: Aditya Birla Money charges varying commissions for various asset types. Aditya Birla Money charges 0.30 % for equities delivery, 0.03 % for stock intraday, 0.03 % for equity futures, Rs. 50 per lot for equity options, 0.03 % for currency futures, Rs. 20 per lot for currency options, and 0.03 % for commodities trading.

9. How can I start a trading account with Aditya Birla Money?

Ans: It is simple to open an Aditya Birla Money trading account. Visit the Aditya Birla Money Login website and input your information such as phone number, name, and email address on the account opening link. You may register on the Internet, and the majority of brokers can finish the account opening procedure online. Aditya Birla Money will want you to provide documentation such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, and proof of income, among others. After verification of these papers, your trading/Demat account becomes active.

10. Is Aditya Birla Money NSDL or CDSL ?

Ans: Aditya Birla Money employs CDSL and NSDL as depository institutions.

11. Does Aditya Birla Money have any hidden charges ?

Ans: Typically, stock brokers disclose all of their fees. In a single viewpoint, there are no hidden fees. Simply, the end-user has not adequately investigated the fees. There are several relevant fees while doing a transaction. One should utilize a brokerage calculator to get a comprehensive view of all fees. Aditya Birla Money charges 0.30 % for equities delivery, 0.03 % for stock intraday, 0.03 % for equity futures, Rs. 50 per lot for equity options, 0.03 % for currency futures, Rs. 20 per lot for currency options, and 0.03 % for commodities trading.