Motilal Oswal Trader Terminal – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Installation Process, & Additional Information

MO Trader Terminal, also known as Orion Lite, is a terminal-based trading application developed by Motilal Oswal. Several of their customers have accepted and welcomed the Motilal Oswal Trader Terminal.

And this was the expected outcome given the company’s extensive research and development efforts. In reality, Motilal Oswal has invested over two decades of experience in developing and refining this platform. And we’ll tell you all about it today.

We’ll start with the awe-inspiring features it offers and discuss the functionality of each element in depth. We’ll next go to the section where we instruct you on customizing it.

Then, we will describe how you may acquire it. In conclusion, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of this particular trading platform.

About MO Trader Terminal

MO Trader Terminal is nothing short of a blessing in a sea of intraday and MCX trading tools. Orion Lite is a very sophisticated trading platform with remarkable features.

It gives wide access to the research conducted by professionals on Motilal Otwal’s behalf. Additionally, it gives customers with many customization choices.

It also allows users to control the risk profile of their portfolios. In addition, it has been designed to accept and execute orders in real time. This allows users to trade proactively and without delay.

The Motilal Oswal trading application may be installed on any device running Windows XP or later. This greatly increases the software’s compatibility.

Features of the Motilal Oswal Trader Terminal

The Motilal Oswal Trading Terminal offers numerous outstanding characteristics. Moreover, these capabilities give customers with an array of trading possibilities. Even advanced technical and fundamental analysis may be performed with this program. Regardless, here is a summary of all the things it offers: –

Access to Superior Charting Instruments

Orion Lite, like all other Motilal Oswal Trading applications, includes powerful charting features. It can offer over forty technical indications for a single security.

Moreover, with comprehensive access, you have access to an abundance of useful tools. We are referring to Moving Averages, Bollinger Brand, Triple Exponential Moving Average, as well as a number of other terms. These tools facilitate and simplify the examination of any scrip.

Multi-Asset Watchlist Construction and Modification

This function allows users to follow their preferred stocks down to the smallest market movement. It allows for the construction of several watchlists.

In addition, these watchlists can stream real-time Equity, Commodity, Derivatives, and Currency quotations. Additionally, up to fifty securities can be added to a single watchlist. Thus, the entire stock tracking procedure is divided.

Tick-Tock Action Clock

This is a fantastic tool that intraday traders should utilize. This function alerts users anytime a scrip or group of scrips is offered at a price lower than the spot rate.

This helps customers to make immediate decisions regarding stock purchases. Thus, they obtain immediate gains.

Availability of Outstanding Research Reports

Numerous research papers are incorporated into the trading program. In fact, consumers get access to studies, suggestions, and recommendations for over 244 listed firms.

These firms represent nearly 21 distinct industries. Therefore, there are several investment opportunities inside the user-preferred industry. In addition, these reports are updated and released daily, weekly, and monthly.

Advice Regarding Numerous Asset Classes

This tool enables traders to receive expert-generated recommendations during all trading hours. These recommendations can be used to improve investment results. Moreover, the counsel is tailored to the risk tolerance of the consumer. Therefore, people may rely on them for all transactions.

Trade Guide Signal

This specific trading program comes with this unique capability. It produces buy/sell recommendations based on established technical principles. This is essentially a tool for predicting future trends.

Access to Portfolio Evaluation and Health Check Tools

This portfolio restructuring tool allows users to immediately reorganize their portfolios. It also delivers a smart and condensed representation of all equities, commodities, derivatives, and mutual fund holdings.

Even model portfolios and benchmark comparisons are included. This facilitates immediate investment choices.

How do I setup MO Trader Terminal?

MO Trader Terminal installation requires a computer running Windows XP or later. The remainder of the section is rather simple. Simply follow each of the steps outlined in the next section. Consequently, here is what you must do: –

  • You must register with Motilal Oswal as your first priority. In addition, registration refers to a trading or demat account.
  • The next step is to request a specific login credential from corporate personnel.
  • Now that you have the credentials, search online for Motilal Oswal Orion Lite. You may even utilize the download link on their website.
  • Download the software to your computer using the URL provided in the preceding sentence, and execute it.
  • After installing and using the software, the login page will be shown. To log in, you must use the credentials provided by the organization.
  • Remember to update the login password after logging in.
  • Using the menu icon on the home screen, you may navigate the remainder of the application.
  • Create as many watchlists including multiple securities as you wish.
  • You may also build and personalize your own profile and learn how to commence trading.

How to own Motilal Oswal Trading Terminal?

Ownership of Orion Lite is contingent upon having a demat or trading account with Motilal Oswal. Therefore, here is how you may obtain a trading or demat account with the company: –

  • Find a certain button at the conclusion of this section. The button you want will have the label ‘Open Demat Account’.
  • You must click the button in order to be taken to a different page. This page will have a form with several empty fields.
  • Examine the whole form, including the included recommendations.
  • Provide honest and verifiable information about yourself on the form.
  • You must submit only verifiable information, particularly in the places marked “Mandatory Mark.”
  • Once you have completed filling out the form, you must submit it alongside any required papers. Here is a list of the papers that must be uploaded to the website: –
  • A duplicate of your photo. This is required to verify your identity.
  • A copy of your Social Security card. This is required for verifying your financial information.
  • A copy of your most recent bank statement. This is necessary for establishing your financial information.
  • A copy of your Adhaar or voter identification card. This is required for identification and address verification.
  • This is the only action required on your end. The following step is to prepare for a call from the firm.
  • Within a few hours, this call will determine your access to the new demat or trading account.

MO Trader Terminal’s advantages

MO Trader Terminal or Orion Lite has a number of remarkable features. And here are the reasons why you should use it: –

  • The platform has been designed to rapidly accept and execute orders. In actuality, the refresh rate is 1 second.
  • This Motilal Oswal app review includes built-in charting capabilities. It also incorporates a tock-by-tick motion watch function.
  • It includes an automatic leverage function. This allows customers to significantly profit from stock trading with up to twenty times the trading leverage.
  • You have access to more than 30,000 research studies with only a few clicks.

Motilal Oswal Trader Terminal — Conclusion

There are just the Motilal Oswal Trader Terminal and the Orion Lite app left to establish. In reality, it is an excellent program for beginning your trading profession.

The app’s charting capabilities are remarkable. In addition, it provides reliable advice to consumers depending on their trading strategies and risk appetite.