Loan Eligibility Criteria and Calculator

When we talk about loans there are different types of loans with different criteria. Like home loans, personal loans, car loans, etc it depends upon the various factors such as monthly income, current age, credit score, monthly financial application, credit history, retirement age, etc. You need to understand how you will be eligible for the loan whether you are taking a home loan, personal loan, or any other loan.

Whenever you have to qualify the eligibility criteria for the loan you need to take care of many factors. Different banks have different factors that should be considered but there are some common factors that you should consider before applying for a loan.

Eligibility criteria for the loan are not rocket science to learn. And if you are looking for loan eligibility, whether you are borrowing a small amount, banks or any financial institution need to check about your financial position, core credit history, and other financial obligations.

Important Factors to Know About the Eligibility of Loan

Loans against property are secured loans that have become very popular. There are multiple purposes for loans that individuals can take from banks and lending institutions. Whether it is for residential or commercial purposes you can consider it.

Loan Amount

Before applying for any loan you have to be sure about the amount of the loan and the period you need to borrow. Always keep in mind that personal loans come with a significant interest rate. The lesser amount you borrow, the better the chances of repayment. If you can borrow only that much amount which is necessary for you, the unnecessary amount will be a burden on your pocket.

Interest Rate

Every personal loan comes at a certain interest rate. It affects the instalment amount that you need to pay every month. Enquire about the rates compared between different banks and go with the lowest well you see.


EMI is the monthly instalment a borrower has to pay the lender. The EMI amount is equated by taking into 3 aspects the amount of loan borrowed, repairing period, and rate of interest. You can easily check the EMI amount with the help of an EMI calculator for a personal loan. There are three years to see how it impacts the EMI post of choosing an EMI amount that you are most comfortable with.

Your Credit Score

A credit score is the most important thing for every lender before giving a loan. Your credit history should be clear and impressive therefore an impressive credit score can help you in better EMI payments with a lower interest rate as well.

General Information

Of course, when it comes to taking a loan every Blender has to check your General information, your history, and your background regarding the payments. Before providing a loan he has to check your genuinely and address to carry on further process. After which only your loan will be sanctioned.


Eligibility is defined as a set of criteria when a financial institution assesses your creditworthiness as a customer and repays a particular loan amount. Loan eligibility depends on the criteria such as financial position, credit history, credit score, other financial obligations, etc.

Home Loan Eligibility Calculated

Loan eligibility is primarily dependent on the income and repayment capacity of the individual; they are different factors that determine the eligibility of a loan. For example, financial position, financial obligations, and other things.

How To Use The Calculator?

The eligibility calculator allows you to check the eligibility for loans online. Below are the given steps on how it works;

  • Input your gross monthly income
  • Loan tenure is important for how long it helps you to enhance the eligibility so keep it shorter.
  • Know about your interest rate.
  • Input the EMI’s of other loans you may have

With the help of it, you can easily check the eligibility for taking a loan online. Once you get an indication that you are eligible you can apply for the loan from any financial institution or Bank. These calculators are provided only as general self-help planning tools. It helps you to identify many things at home and hence to know whether you are eligible for taking loans or not.

The eligibility criteria can make things easier and you can apply easily to any bank for the amount of loan that you want. Loan calculators always help you.