IIFL Trader Terminal

IIFL Trader Terminal is one of the most advantageous trading platforms accessible on the market. It is an all-inclusive trading tool with exceptional charting and analytic features.

There are other versions available on the market, and the most recent edition of this trading platform features a world-class user interface, lightning-fast execution speed, and quick access to our world.

In addition, it provides a variety of essential services, including trading in cash, derivatives, commodities, mutual funds, initial public offerings (IPOs), and currencies, among others.

This trading platform offers four areas, namely:

  • National Stock Exchange (NSE)
  • Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
  • MCX

What are the benefits of using the IIFL Trading Terminal?

Well, we all know that everything has two sides, but the first side of IIFL Trading Terminal is stronger than the second side.
Consider the following advantages of the IIFL Trading Platform:

  • Live chat with India Infoline’s customer service is one of the most remarkable advantages of using this platform. Getting assistance during market hours is useful.
  • IIFL Trader Terminal is a brokerage that offers a comprehensive range of services. Every user of the trading program has access to fundamental and technical analysis reports.
  • There are two report kinds available for daily and weekly use. The daily report is titled “Market Mantra,” and the weekly update is titled “Weekly Wrap.”
  • A user is able to submit an order and include AMO (After Market Order). This type of order is processed on the stock market’s next working day.
  • The ability to configure alerts and notifications according to personal preferences. You may enter the name of the scrip, the price condition, and a message under this option. Additionally, you will receive a message when the condition is satisfied on the live market.
  • The incredible amenities and access to live television.
  • In addition, the LOCK option is provided for more security. If there is 10 minutes of continuous idleness on the terminal, it is automatically activated.
  • This incredible tool allows you to move cash to and from your trading account utilizing a variety of methods.
  • This includes the ability to check order status, cancel multiple orders with a single click, fill available positions, and export order reports, among other features.

What are the Drawbacks of the IIFL Trading Software?

Utilizing IIFL Trading Software has several downsides. Key disadvantages include the following:

  • This is the best platform, according to everyone, however, no one reveals that this terminal program has the following issues and restrictions.
  • This is unavailable for iOS users, since only Windows users may utilize its functionality.
  • If a trader or investor wants to trade in the futures or options segment, he or she must first submit a written application and income proofs for terminal activation.

IIFL Trader Terminal Features:

The IIFL Trader Terminal is one of the most widely used trading programs in India. It provides a vast array of features at the data, analysis, market trends, and other relevant levels. Here is a comprehensive look at them.

  • Real-Time Market Information and Streaming Quotes
  • The program provides you with the top five bid/ask and open interest quotations for Market Depth checks. Even before trading, it is possible to monitor the Daily Price range (DPR) and Average Traded Price (ATP).
  • Order placement with a single click and a shortcut key. Similarly, various functionalities can be accessed using shortcut keys.
  • Best-in-class two-factor authentication for increased security
  • Option to add several market watch lists, allowing users to see information on pre-selected securities. Clients can examine information such as LTP inside each scrip (Last Traded Price, Best bid rate, total volume, best offer rate, etc.)
  • High-speed order processing based on performance
  • The Market Analyzer function provides users with a brief overview of the current market position, including information on low losers, gainers, 52-week high/low, etc.
  • Within the program itself, you may access the options calculator to determine the value of put and call options, indirect volatility, and associated numbers.
  • Candlestick, Line, and OHLC charts are available for technical or fundamental analysis on the IIFL trading platform. Users are able to see historical charts with varying time periods (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, etc.).
  • In addition, fourteen distinct technical price and volume indications are accessible for review.
  • It is possible to transfer cash online with big banks like as ICICI, HDFC, Citi, UTI, Yes Bank, and Axis, among others.

What does VTD stand for in the IIFL?

IIFL offers the Valid Till Date (VTD) order type for placing limit buy and sell orders in the Cash Equity sector. You must select the number of days that the order will be valid. You must provide a time that is within the maximum validity date established by IIFL.

Once an order is placed via the VTD facility, it is valid until the full amount is executed or until the validity period expires, whichever occurs first. If just a portion of an order is executed on a given trading day, IIFL will place a new order for the remaining unexecuted amount on the next trading day, assuming the order has not passed its expiration date.

For instance, if you placed a buy order to purchase 100 iifl securities shares of ABC Ltd. on September 23, 2022, with a validity term of 20 days, the transaction will stay valid until October 13, 2022, if the whole quantity is not executed within that time frame. If on October 1st, the order is completed for just 25 iifl securities shares, IIFL will place a new order for 75 iifl securities shares on the next trading day. Nonetheless, if an order is not completed by October 13, 2022, it will be closed and listed as Expired.

Note that if the validity date occurs on a holiday or non-trading day, the order expires on the prior trading day.

IIFL Trading Software

IIFL offers a variety of outstanding online trading software for use on the TT platform. Since the platforms share the same back-end, it is simple to move between any of the trading software.

1. IIFL Markets App-

The IIFL Markets App is a mobile application for online trading that is designed for Android and iOS devices. It is one of the most often utilized application programs by IIFL clients.
This application is built and launched to facilitate trading for consumers. They may engage in commerce from any location and at any time. It is equipped with several rich features such as an intelligent dashboard, a customized watchlist, stock trading recommendations, single-wise buy and sell, comprehensive technical charting, price alerts, guest login, and access to real-time stocks.

Features of Markets App:

  • It permits the establishment of a market watchlist that is specifically tailored to the user’s preferences.
  • It includes Intraday charts and a list of firms.
  • Customers can trade equities, derivatives, commodities, and currencies.
  • It has an innovative dashboard for commodities, indexes, and currencies.
  • It gives a concise overview of the top 500 stocks chosen by the IIFL Research team.
  • It provides live trading calls for purchasing or selling securities.
  • This allows you to receive price alert notifications for your preferred stocks.
  • It monitors and maintains your assets, net position, profit and loss, and margin.

2. IIFL TT Web

This terminal is compatible with the Internet Explorer, Edge, and Google Chrome web browsers.
The IIFL TT Web contains essential trading tools for expert traders. It is easy to use for novices and casual investors due to the interface’s simplicity.

3. IIFL Trader Terminal

It is an executable-based trading application that may be installed. This is simply intended for traders that demand quicker order execution, shortcut keys, complex charts, and a variety of stock research tools. This enables trading in cash, derivatives, commodities, and currencies on the NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX exchanges. It also permits mutual fund and initial public offering (IPO) investments. It is gaining in popularity as it has become a popular trading instrument.

Features of IIFL Trader Terminal

  • This program includes a single interface for trading in Cash, F&O, Mutual Funds, Initial Public Offerings, Currencies, and Commodities.
  • It offers real-time news, analysis, and trading suggestions.
  • To access all the shortcuts for tools supplied.
  • It features a customizable view.
  • Live chat with customer service is available.
  • It features a sophisticated charting instrument.
  • Access to MTM P/L, Ledger, and Depository Statement is provided with a single click.

How to download IIFL Trader Terminal?

IIFL TT Desktop is an executable program that may be installed on Windows. The following steps are required to install the TT desktop:
Go to the IIFL TT Desktop download page.

  • Click the “Trader Terminal Desktop Download” link.
  • After downloading the software, execute it with administrative privileges on the machine.

How Can a Demat Account be Opened with IIFL Securities?

In order to trade, a Demat account is required. It assists in the safeguarding of stocks and iifl shares.
Follow the steps listed below to learn how to establish an account with IIFL:

  • To open a Demat account, you must go to the IIFL website and click the “Open Demat Account” option.
  • Then, you must enter all pertinent information.
  • You will thereafter be contacted by an IIFL executive.
  • Following the OTP verification, you will be required to submit a paperless account application.
  • Click the submit button and then upload your KYC papers, including your PAN card, canceled check, proof of address, proof of age, Aadhaar card, and photo.
  • After successfully submitting all of the papers, you will receive a call from a corporate representative for additional processing, and the login information will be emailed to you.
  • After completing the verification procedure, you will be able to access your Demat account and India Infoline Limited account.
    Fees for Opening a Demat Account

Iifl’s Charges For The Demat Account Opening

  • IIFL is a well-known financial services company with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • It has assisted investors for quite some time. As a stockbroking business, NSDL and CDSL are the depository sources used by IIFL Demat.
  • The cost of creating a Demat account with IIFL Demat is 295. In addition, investors will incur a minimum margin fee of 75%. IIFL Securities does not charge a Demat annual maintenance fee (AMC) for the first year. However, beginning in the second year, an annual maintenance fee of 450 is charged for Demat accounts.
  • The brokerage firm is advantageous in that it offers offline and online trading and investing options.

IIFL charges brokerage fees

Brokerage fees have been incorporated into IIFL’s base plan. IIFL provides delivery trades for zero cents, intraday trades for twenty cents or 0.05 percent, stock future trades for twenty cents or 0.05 percent, and equity option trades for twenty cents.

Intraday Trading Plans

The IIFL Intraday Trading services are one of the most promising intraday trading options that are currently accessible. The India Infoline Intraday service is accessible for a variety of industries, including equities and commodities.

  •  IIFL Intraday Charges are comparable to the market, at 20 per order depending on the total transaction value.
  • The IIFL/India Infoline Intraday Brokerage is fully justifiable despite being at the top end of the spectrum in terms of the quality of its research and advisory services.
  • India Infoline Limited’s intraday margin might increase to five times the amount of margin capital in your trading account. It implies that for intraday transactions, IIFL / India Infoline Intraday increases your limits from 1,000 (for instance) to 20,000.

Other Charges

  • In addition to brokerage costs, the company may charge other fees.
  • Other costs include transaction fees of 0.0325% of total turnover, STT of 0.0126% of total turnover, SEBI fees of 5 per crore, stamp duty fees according to the state, and GST of 18% brokerage + transaction fees.
  • All of the costs listed above are based on the current market price. Therefore, they will not alter the results of your investment.

Conclusion for IIFL Trader Terminal

Considering what we know about the IIFL Trading Terminal, we recommend that you utilize it at least once for the greatest experience. A trading account with IIFL offers you access to cutting-edge trading platforms and instruments.
Real-time worldwide market updates, price alerts, IPO information, and NFO details are also available. Therefore, acquire the membership to take advantage of the world-class characteristics of the trading globe and earn a lot of money.

Review of Frequently Asked Questions by the IIFL

1.Ques: What is IIFL?

Ans- IIFL was one of the earliest entrants into the world of stock brokerage, and it swiftly established itself as one of the industry’s leading firms. In India, IIFL is a rising provider of financial services solutions. Research and broking for stocks or commodities is India Infoline’s primary offering.

2.Ques: How to open an IIFL Demat online?

Ans: To begin, click the green button at the top of the page and then fill out the form. You will be contacted by an executive who will walk you through the whole process of creating a Demat account online.

3.Ques:What is AMC for India Infoline Limited?

Ans:  A Demat account holder must pay the depository participant an annual maintenance fee, or AMC, for the services provided.

4.Ques:Can I purchase an IPO using IIFL?

Ans- Yes, you may invest in IPOs through IIFL. However, offline form completion and online form filling are also available options. Several conditions must get satisfied. Consequently, you must get knowledgeable about them.

5.Ques:Does IIFL provide an app for trading?

Ans- Yes, IIFL Markets provides its traders with a dedicated app. The platform’s extensive features and choices allow traders to trade from anywhere. The app is accessible to both iOS and Android users, which is the finest feature.

6.Ques: What is the cost of delivery from IIFL?

Ans- The flat shipping fee charged by IIFL is 20 per transaction.

7.Ques:How much does IIFL’s intraday service cost?

Ans- The fixed intraday fee charged by IIFL is 20 per order.

8.Ques: How much does IIFL charge for its merchandise?

Ans- For commodity trading, IIFL charges customers 20 per transaction.

9.Ques: How much do currency transactions cost at IIFL?

Ans- For currency trading, IIFL costs 20 per transaction.

10.Ques: Does India Infoline Limited provide margin financing for share/commodity trading?

Ans- Yes, India Infoline Limited (IIFL share) provides margin financing for stock/commodity trading.