Kotak Securities Trading Application Review

Kotak Securities, founded in 1994, is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank and a member of the Kotak Group. The organization is a full-service stockbroker and provides a variety of investing and trading services. It provides services for retail trading in Equities, Commodities, Currency, and Derivatives, among others. It offers online Initial Public Offerings, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and other fixed-income securities.

Important Details About Kotak Securities

  • More than 25 years of expertise in the stock kotak securities brokerage sector. Member of the BSE, NSE, MCX, NSDL, and CDSL .
  • Strong worldwide presence in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States
  • 59 million-plus client accounts
  • Performs about 5 million transactions daily.
  • India has 1281 branches in 377 cities.

The Kotak Securities Trading Application
Kotak Securities has made substantial investments in technology and provides a variety of online trading tools to its clients. Significant

platforms and tools provided by the firm include:

  • KEAT Pro X (Desktop Trading Terminal)
  • Kotak Securities website (Web-based Trading Platform)
  • Stock Trader (Mobile Trading App)
  • Smallcase
  • FastLane (App for old, slow computers)
  • Xtralite (Trading platform for slow internet connections)
  • Call & Trade
  • Chat to Trade

Kotak also offers other trading instruments, including:

1. TradeSmart Derivatives
2. TradeSmart Insights
3. TradeSmart Trends

The Kotak Securities Trading Application

Kotak Securities has made substantial investments in technology and offers a variety of online trading tools to its clients. Significant platforms supplied by the firm include:

1. KEAT Pro X (Desktop Trading Terminal) –

This program for online trading is free, user-friendly, and quick. Online trading on the BSE, NSE, and NSE Currency Markets is easily accessible by download on a desktop or laptop.
Principal characteristics of KEAT Pro X include the ability to trade across various securities and exchanges.

  • It permits the rapid purchase or sale of orders using shortcut keys.
  • It offers real-time rates from the BSE, NSE, and NSE Currency Markets.
  • It gives access to essential market data, including market lots, the top gainers and losers, indexes, etc.
  • It enables the construction of customised watchlists and real-time tracking of securities across exchanges.
  • It offers several charting tools with technical indicators and historical information.
  • It provides research team suggestions for live stock.
  • It offers access to several reports.

2. Kotak Stock Trader (Mobile Trading App) –

This mobile trading application is free for Kotak clients and non-customers alike. Non-customers can download the program, sign in as a guest user, and utilize all of its features.
The program enables market monitoring, gives real-time quotes, assists traders, permits the creation of watchlists, and displays intraday charts.

  • The Mobile Trading App features the ability to trade from anywhere and at any time.
  • It facilitates real-time monitoring of your financial portfolio.
  • It offers real-time streaming quotations and market statistics.
  • Provides access to intraday charts and the ability to observe intraday and end-of-day (EOD) movements for any security using candlesticks. • Facilitates the transfer of cash from a bank account to a trading or mutual fund account.

3. Kotak Securities Website (Web-based trading platform)-

This is an online trading website that provides users with numerous vital trading capabilities. It is a user-friendly website that is accessible from any browser.

The web-based trading platform allows access to a variety of securities across exchanges.

  • It permits the placement of buy and sell orders utilizing numerous order types.
  • It gives streaming quotations and other market data in real time.
  • It permits investments in initial public offerings, mutual funds, bonds, etc.
  • It allows the portfolio to be seen and monitored.
  • It examines the real-time P/L for each position.
  • It facilitates the transfer of funds and requests for payment.

4. Kotak Small cases-

It is a third-party investment product offered by numerous different stockbrokers, like 5Paisa, Zerodha, etc. A tiny case is a portfolio or basket of stocks and ETFs based on a particular subject, concept, or investment technique. It has from 2 and 50 instruments.

Small case platform features include:

  • a selection of 55+ small cases
  • four types of small cases
  • including thematic
  • model-based
  • sector trackers
  • and beta
  • Based on your risk profile (conservative, moderate, or aggressive), choose small.
  • Investments may be made with a single click.
  • SIP facility is available.

5. Kotak Securities Fastlane –

Designed for traders with outdated or sluggish computers. It is a quick and lightweight trading application created with Java Technology. No software download or installation is required.

  • It is simple to put buy and sell orders. It provides real-time market monitoring.
  • It generates a custom watchlist.
  • It permits the examination of open vacancies.
  • It gives stock recommendation information.
  • It features built-in software that streams live S&P CNX NIFTY scrips.

6. Kotak Securities Xtralite Website –

It is specifically created for traders with sluggish Internet connections, allowing them to use other online trading applications. Xtralite is a quick and lightweight internet trading platform for the stock markets.

  • It gives a fantastic trading experience even with sluggish Internet access. It is compatible with mobile devices.
  • It gives you access to stock quotations.
  • You can view the available funds in your account.
  • It offers access to Kotak’s research.

7. Kotak Securities Call and Trade-

The call and trade feature of Kotak Securities allows customers to make orders over the phone by dialing the Kotak Securities Call and Trade number. It enables users to place an unlimited number of orders in a single phone call. There is no maximum number of calls permitted in a transaction. Customers of Kotak are permitted to trade in the scrips, IPO, and derivatives divisions. Kotak’s call and trade fees may vary based on the account type.

Kotak Trading Tools

In addition to innovative trading platforms and online trading services, Kotak Securities login provides its customers with superior trading tools. These programs assist clients in assessing their transactions, gaining market insights, and monitoring market trends. Kotak Securities login offers its clients the following three trading tools or applications:

  • TradeSmart Derivatives
  • TradeSmart Insights
  • TradeSmart Trends

1. Kotak TradeSmart Derivatives

Kotak TradeSmart Derivatives is created for derivatives traders and assists them in monitoring and analyzing various derivatives instruments, such as Call Options, Put Options, and Futures Contracts, among others. The program offers traders with real-time information on trading. The following are key aspects of Kotak TradeSmart Derivatives applications:

  • With a single click, the heatmap provides an examination of traded derivatives.
  • Receive all important data, including the most active call and put contracts, rollover %, market-wide position limits, open interests, volatility, and put-call ratios, on a single screen.
  • Receive strategy advice based on price objective, date, risk preferences, and other factors. Know each strategy’s payoffs, breakeven thresholds, risk-reward ratios, and maximum profit/loss possibilities.
  • Get exclusive information on 15-minute interval position updates.
  • The strange Activity screen identifies bullish and bearish activities, breakout occurrences, and other unusual activities.
  • Scan the secondary market and obtain real-time support and resistance levels for stocks.
  • Options Analytics provides a deeper comprehension of Option contract movements

2. TradeSmart Insights

Kotak Securities TradeSmart Insights provides information and analysis on global markets and equities. The program gives real-time information on stock markets, identifies market sentiment, delivers fast notifications, and offers suggestions from various kotak securities brokerages to facilitate trading decisions that are well-informed. Key characteristics of the platform are-

  • Live data on more than 35,000 equities from international markets
  • Offers fresh data grouped according to attitude – positive and negative
  • Customize news depending on your portfolio’s sources, country, and stocks.
  • Instantaneous alerts regarding trade possibilities
  •  Mood HeatMap helps identify fluctuating market sentiment and its influence on stock price movement.
  • Real-time data on upgrades and downgrades of stocks by rating agencies and market analysts

3. Kotak TradeSmart Trends

Kotak Securities Smart Trends gives trends for each scrip in your portfolio or watchlists and assists you in determining the buy/sell levels for a certain stock. The application’s key features are-

  • Specify profit objectives and stop-loss levels for your trades.
  • Access stock market trends with a single click and receive notifications.
  • Access to an investor education library to study stock market, industry, and stock technical analysis, detect trends, and analyze charts and graphs like a seasoned trader.
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your transactions and portfolio and make educated judgments.

Key Takeaways

Kotak Securities has made substantial investments in technology to provide its customers with a variety of online trading software and tools. Kotak Securities login provides its clients with five innovative and complimentary online trading platforms: Keat Pro X, Kotak Stock Trader App, Kotak Website, Xtralite, and Fastlane. These systems not only offer extensive trading capabilities but also provide solutions for a variety of trader issues, including poor Internet connections and trading on outdated machines. Kotak also offers intelligent trading tools to facilitate derivatives trading, market trend analysis, and real-time market analytics. Each platform and tool is user-friendly and offers customizable choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Ques: Does Kotak Securities offer IPO?

Ans: Yes, Kotak Securities accepts online applications for IPOs from its clients. IPO provides an early chance to purchase shares in previously untraded firms.

2.Ques: What is the minimum amount required for a transaction with the Kotak Mutual Fund?

Ans: Each scheme has a transaction minimum. The amount varies from program to program. The minimum amount for each plan is specified in the scheme information paper.

3.Ques: How much do Futures cost at Kotak Securities?

Ans: On both sides, Kotak Securities charges 0.049 percent for equities, currency, and commodities futures trading.

4.Ques: Can I revise the bid at which he placed the application order?

Ans: Yes, adjustments may be made using the online portal, and the bank will then block the ultimate amount due.

5.Ques: What is a disadvantage of Kotak Securities?

Ans: Kotak Securities is a Full-Service Broker, hence its commission rates are greater than those of cheap brokers.

6.Ques: Can I place multiple orders under ASBA process?

Ans: Yes, Kotak securities permits the placement of three orders with varying pricing.

7.Ques: How much do Kotak Securities’ shipping fees cost?

Ans: Kotak Securities charges 0.49 percent for trades involving stock delivery. These transactions are known as cash and carry or CNC transactions.

8.Ques: What time is suitable to apply for an IPO online through Kotak Security?

Ans: The client may submit an application for an IPO at any time between the opening and closing dates. The online application for an IPO can be filled out and filed at any time of day.

9.Ques: How many IPO applications am I permitted to file from a single Kotak Bank account?

Ans: A consumer is permitted to submit up to five applications to their Kotak Mahindra Bank account.

10.Ques: Can I remove the blocked amount supporting my ASBA application, which cannot be withdrawn until allocation?

Ans: The cash blocked in your bank account to support your ASBA application is non-withdrawable until the time of allocation.

11.Ques: Does Kotak Demat Account cost anything?

Ans: Opening a Demat account with Kotak Securities broker is free of charge. In actuality, there is no fee for opening any of the three accounts, namely the Demat, Trading, and Bank accounts.

12.Ques: What is the hold mark in Kotak Securities?

Ans: According to the new procedure, if an individual sells their assets, they must be sold in the following order: The first shares you own as a BNST will be sold. The second and third equities held in your Demat account and under Margin financing will be sold.