Finvasia Review 2022 – Services, Charges, Margin, Demat Account, & More

Finvasia is a Fintech company established in India. A wide variety of financial products are available to consumers both domestically and internationally. 

Finvasia is a stockbroker that uses cutting-edge technologies. Commission-free stock market investing is one of their most well-known specialties. Clients do not pay any commissions on any trades they make. Only government taxes, exchange transaction charges, and Demat transaction costs are charged to the client. 

Commodity F&O segments can be traded on the MCX, NSE, and BSE markets for clients. For the most part, trading software may be downloaded for free. Some more advanced trading platforms charge a recurring monthly fee for their use. 

Customers of Finvasia can choose from a variety of trading platforms. ScalperT, NSE NOW, and Omnisys NEST are all included. ScalperT is a proprietary trading platform created in-house. In addition to a website, ScalperT offers a mobile trading app. Trading on the India Stock Market has never been easier, thanks to ScalperT. 

Company Details

An ex-Wall Street team founded Finvasia in 2009. In 2011, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) approved registration as an equities stockbroker. With its incorporation into the NSE and MCX as a clearing member completed in 2013, the broker’s services are now available to traders worldwide. 

The broker recently acquired 1.5 billion INR in foreign direct investment funds, enabling the company’s development aspirations for low-cost, technology-driven investment products. As a result, ZuluTrade was recently purchased by the corporation. It was also completed in December 2021 that CEO and founder Tajinder Singh made a vow, growing the company’s market share and expanding its range of services that include conserving money for the future and lending it out to customers today. 

One of India’s fastest-growing FinTech startups, the broker provides a wide range of financial solutions. Customers may take advantage of the company’s free lifetime pricing plan for endless trading chances from the company’s headquarters in India. 

Canada and the United Kingdom are also home to branches of the company. The firm may be used as a basis by foreign portfolio traders to invest directly in the Indian market. 


In India, Finvasia was the first commission-free trading platform. All intraday and delivery trades on MCX, BSE, NCDEX, and NSE have zero brokerage costs included. The Shoonya platform costs, call fees, and clearing rates are completely waived regardless of volume. Compared to Zerodha, Upstox, and 5 Pasia, account maintenance fees of up to Rs 500 per year are quite reasonable. 

Despite the fact that a zero-commission fee broker model is offered, there are some additional costs to consider. Investments are subject to governmental and regulatory fees. SEBI charges, GST, STT/CTT, and stamp duty are among them. Because of this, customers are able to see the estimated margin, tax, and government fees for each asset and volume before they place an order. We’ve included several instances below, but there are many more. 

Financing and other fees 

  • A fee of five rupees is charged by SEBI for each trade. 
  • Stamp duty: 0.002 percent of each transaction. 
  • Traders pay no brokerage fees. 
  • GST: 18% of the exchange transaction fees are subject to this tax. 
  • In inequities futures, the sell-side takes a 0.1 percent cut, whereas, in equity options, the cut is 0.05 percent. 
  • Buying and selling on the BSE incur a fee of 1, whereas, on NSE, the transaction fee is 0.0021%. 

Forex Charges

  • A fee of five rupees is charged by SEBI for each trade. 
  • Tax: 0.0001 percent on each sale 
  • Traders pay no brokerage fees. 
  • GST: 18% of the exchange transaction fees are subject to this tax. 
  • The NSE charges a transaction fee of 0.0021% for currency futures and 0.0444% for option trades. 
  • Hidden intraday expenses, such as the depository participation (DP) charge of Rs 9 per script, should also be considered. However, these may not be immediately noticeable, but they can have a significant influence on profit margins. 

Finvasia’s trading platforms

It is important for Finvasia to provide its customers with a variety of trading platforms to satisfy their specific trading requirements. It offers a variety of platforms for investors to choose from, including a desktop version and a mobile app. Let’s take a closer look at them in the following paragraphs. 

Finvasia – NOW

In short, NSE NOW is a web-based trading application produced by the NSE (National Stock Exchange). As with other brokers, it has the right to utilize NSE NOW. In order to use the program, there is no need to download or install anything. 

The following are some of its most notable characteristics: 

  • Traders have the option to trade-in equity, currency, and mutual funds. 
  • Orders for Aftermarkets (AMO) were permitted. 
  • Adapted screen layouts based on the preferences of the user 
  • The app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. 
  • It is possible to utilize NSE for free in this circumstance. However, BSE charges Rs. 120 per sector for its software. 

Finvasia NEST

You’ll need to download and set up the NEST trading platform on your desktop or laptop computer. Among the app’s many advantages are the following: 

  • Transferring money online is an option. 
  • the placing of orders in a variety of asset classes and trading areas 
  • Display of many indicators in a single chart for interactive charting 
  • Users must pay for this program on a segment-by-segment and bracket-by-bracket basis. 

The Finvasia Ami Broker 

An interactive charting tool, AMI Broker, is mostly used for technical analysis. Users may see scans, custom indicators, and other features of the trading academy integrated into the platform. AMI Broker has a lot of great features, including the following: 

  • Technical assessment using interactive graphs 
  • As a means of verifying the client’s investment plan, 
  • customizing the user’s experience 
  • For a monthly fee of Rs. 299, users can use this portal. 

Finvasia Scalpers

The trading platform Finvasia Scalpert is an online and mobile-based trading platform with unique capabilities for market analysis and trading. An online version of the tool is also accessible, as well as an Android app for trading Use of this program is completely free of charge. A few of Scalpert’s capabilities include: 

  • Comprehensive technical analysis is available with approximately 40 indicators and a variety of chart styles. 
  • The ability to transfer money is provided. 
  • The software lets you place many kinds of orders. 
  • Although the overall design is dated, it’s still usable and may be improved. 

Finvasia Presto

Presto’s API-based platform is available to customers that desire a unique trading environment. For high-frequency traders who like to rely on their own technical analysis and make all of their own trading choices, Presto is a great tool. It includes such features as: 

  • Trade on Several Exchanges at Once 
  • Use Multiple Data Feed Sources 
  • Multi-Asset Investing 
  • Run a number of different strategies at the same time. 
  • Approved by a number of Indian exchanges 

Finvasia Blitz

Finvasia thinks Blitz is a fantastic trading platform. Similar to Presto, Blitz utilizes an API model and an open framework, which results in extremely rapid executions. 

Algorithmic trading platform Blitz Trader is a next-generation open and flexible platform for testing and deploying complicated custom trading policies into a constantly dynamic stock market. Trading efficiency and profitability are its primary goals. 

The following are only a few of its many highlights: 

  • A high-performance algorithmic trading system based on events. 
  • Easy to Use Despite Its Power 
  • Asset-neutrality and global reach 
  • Straight Through Processing and End-to-End Trading 
  • System for Managing Orders and Order Execution 
  • System of Control for Uncertainty 
  • Server-based solution with high performance and speed 
  • API paradigm based on flexible architecture and C# 
  • Direct Broker-to-Broker Exchange 
  • Traders can customize and extend the system to meet their individual requirements. 
  • It performs as though it were its own proprietary program. 
  • Blitz Trader provides you with an entire control over your trading process, allowing you to make use of all the software’s potential for efficiency. Utilizing its enterprise-level capability may help you save money on the development of custom automated trading software. All your unique automated trading demands are met, along with the ever-changing financial ecosystem’s obstacles. 

How to open a Finvasia account? 

Finvasia Securities is a low-cost stock broker that operates online. To engage in business with them, you’ll need to first create an account. Finvasia Securities offers the following options for opening an account: 

  • Using your AADHAAR, you can create a bank account in only a few minutes. 
  • Get in touch with the sales team. 
  • Visit Finvasia’s Chandigarh, India, headquarters. 
  • Creating an online account (5 Minutes Paperless Quick Account) 

Online-based account opening is made possible via Finvasia’s “Prism” web application. 

If you have your AADHAR connected to your cellphone number, you may start an online trading account in a matter of minutes. Paperless processes include two main components: 

  • eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) (Know your customer) 
  • The electronic signature is called an eSignature (Aadhar based electronic signature on your form) 

If you’ve recently completed KYC with another financial service provider (such as a bank or broker), you won’t have to fill out a long-form for eKYC. Based on the information you submit, the Central KYC Database is used to obtain the rest of the information needed for KYC. 

Your account opening form is protected by an Aadhar eSign digital signature. In order to use this, you must have the correct phone number linked to your Aadhar account and be able to verify it using OTP verification. Opening a trading and depository account has never been easier or safer. 

How to create a digital account (online trading and Demat account) 

  • Sign up for Finvasia’s online account-opening service 
  • For eKYC, include your name, date of birth, PAN Number, etc. (Know Your Customer) 
  • The Central KYC Database information should be checked for accuracy. 
  • Use your Aadhaar OTP to access your personal information from UIDAI. 
  • Signing the account opening paperwork electronically eliminates the need for a physical signature. 
  • Your account will be activated after we get confirmation of the eSigned form. 
  • A few electronic papers, such as a copy of your PAN card, a photo, and a bank statement, may be required by the client in some cases. 

Advantages of creating a Finvasia quick account instead of a traditional one 

  • The paperless account opening process is a breeze. 
  • In order to create a bank account, all you need to do is verify the OTP issued to your AADHAR-linked phone number. 
  • Digital signatures can also be used to sign supporting papers. There will be no paperwork to print or sign. 
  • It’s a simple, safe, and time-saving procedure. 
  • Download PDF forms 

Finvasia offers PDF account opening forms for those who want to open an account by hand-filling paper forms. Over-the-phone assistance is available to assist you in completing the whole account opening procedure. 

You might download, print, fill, sign, and mail the papers to the office, together with the needed identification verification documents. Within two days of getting the paperwork, if everything is in order, the account can be established. 

Due to the lengthy time, it takes to register an account; this method is not recommended. 

To open an account, you’ll need the following documentation. 

  • An Aadhar Card, a government-issued identification card, or any other form of picture ID can be used as address proof in conjunction with a PAN Card. 
  • F&O/Currency/Commodity Account Bank Statement 
  • A Cancelled Cheque with the MICR number and IFSC code on it. 
  • Sized for a Passport 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Ques: Does it make sense for me to use the F&O sector profit I gained to trade again later that day? 

Ans: No, because the F&O segment’s earnings are credited to the ledger’s following working day. Thus you can’t use the profit amount for new positions on the same day. 

2.Ques: Does Finvasia offer a 3-in-1 account?

Ans: Finvasia’s platform does not support anything other than a 2-in-1 account. 

3.Ques: Can an NRI use Finvasia to invest in Indian equities? 

Ans: Yes, with this, any NRI in the globe can invest in Indian equities. 

4.Ques: What are the Demat and trading account opening charges on Finvasia?

Ans: In order to establish a Demat and trading account on Finvasia, it is completely free of charge. 

5.Ques: How many PIS accounts can an NRI open on Finvasia?

Ans: In order to create a PIS account, an NRI or PIO must use one of two recognized banks (Axis Bank or Yes Bank) and follow certain instructions. The investor will then receive a letter from the bank approving the PIS. 

6.Ques: What is the unique feature of Finvasia?

Ans: Demat and trading accounts may be opened free of charge, zero brokerage is charged in all segments, no clearing fees are charged on mutual funds, and online accounts can be opened together with trading software and tools at no additional cost. 


Finvasia is an indefinite Indian Interactive Broker. We don’t charge a fee for brokerage services, nor do we charge a fee to open an account. Because they claim to accept cash for high-end software platforms, we believe them. The financial market climate in India lends itself very well to developing a corporate plan. 

Unlike other brokerage firms, Finvasia is trying to do something new. The firm’s goal is to create a sense of disarray by offering a variety of trading systems and brokerage services that are all dependent on the type of payment service used. 

However, in order to emerge as a successful brand in the herd of other stockbrokers, that must keep its customer service, efficiency through in-house trading systems, and other characteristics.