5 Best Investment Options In India With The Best Investment App For 2024

Since money is central to everything we do, people always look for ways to make up more money. And in regard to this, investment seems to be the best approach which allows people to put their money in a tool with the purpose of increasing it. There are different types of investment options available today that provide attractive returns to investors. Whether you are looking for long-term investment or short-term investment, choosing the best investment options in India is very important.

Now, when it comes to investing any of the available investment tools, the easiest and fastest way is to choose a reliable investment app. An investment app is a kind of software program that is designed to run on a smartphone. The best investment apps in India allow investors to not just invest in various financial products but also manage them efficiently and effectively.

How Does Investment Work?

By investing, people may increase the amount of money they have and utilize it to achieve their long-term financial objectives. Their investments are probably going to yield rewards for them. Depending on where they invest the money, these returns may be guaranteed or market-linked. The amount investors get from investments with guaranteed returns is predetermined at the outset of the investment. They have the choice to invest in both the equities and debt markets with market-linked rewards. Equity markets have a tremendous potential for gains but also a high potential for danger. Low risk and consistent returns are offered by the debt market.

The returns people are likely to earn will be higher the longer they invest. These returns might be a source of income and assist them in achieving their goals.

Why Use An Investment App?

In today’s technology-led world, the use of smartphones has become extremely widespread. Be it buying grocery, doing banking transactions, or anything else, most of the things can be done easily though a smartphone. And making investment is no exception. Whether you want to invest in stocks, mutual funds, gold, fixed deposits, or any other investment tool, your smartphone could be a key to successful investment anytime, anywhere.

To make investment, you need to download and install one of the best investment apps in India that would help you do transaction and invest in the chosen tool. This is not just an easy way to do it but fastest as well. You don’t need to do any kind of paper-based transaction as everything will be done online.

What Is An Investment Application?

Put simply, Investment apps refer to mobile programmes that let people invest money anytime, anywhere in a variety of financial products, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, commodities, etc. Without a thorough grasp of the available alternatives in the market, historical returns, fees, fund managers, and other factors, stock trading for novices can be challenging.

To assist millennials with their financial planning needs, a wide range of best investment apps in India including expense trackers, stock market apps, tax-saving tools, investment, and digital lending apps have been developed. Young investors’ appetites to save, invest, and seek out best investment options in India are being revealed by this emerging new trend.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Investment App?

Investment applications provide a secure environment for investing your money by compiling all of this information in one location. They also assist you in readily learning how to begin stock market investing.

The advantages of the best investment apps in India are listed below.

1. Possibility of low minimum deposits

A little initial deposit is all that is needed to start using an investment app. You may invest with a little amount using a number of spare-change or micro-investing applications, which promote financial discipline. For instance, you may fund your investing app account using the leftover change that is left behind after rounding up a purchase. Additionally, it promotes financial literacy via actions like reducing wasteful spending or adjusting your budget to save more and see your assets and savings increase. Investment applications have lowered the entrance requirements for investing, making it possible for everyone to do so.

2. Easy usage

Apps for investing and managing money are made with user-friendliness in mind. You may open an account and start investing in just a few minutes. You can always keep tabs on the progress of your funds and decide when it’s necessary to reassess your alternatives. Based on your risk tolerance and financial objectives, an investment app will study the best stocks or assets for you to choose and trade. Additionally, if you continue to make monthly contributions, you may examine the development of your assets and a prediction of your future profits. A few of programmes also let you set up periodic deposits into your account or create an automatic mandate that makes investments on your behalf without your involvement.

3. Lower charges

Low minimums and minimal costs are standard across all the best investment apps in India. This can make it easier for novice investors and individuals with modest incomes who wish to start investing.

4. Great for new investors

An investment app may be the best option for you if investing is new to you. You can easily invest with the help of these applications, and they also let you understand how to divide up your assets. Some investment applications also provide you the option of taking a hands-off approach. This simple method invests automatically on your behalf without any human work using extra funds from your savings account or spare change from your online transactions. Others also provide new investors useful personal financial knowledge, advice for investors, and information on how to invest.

5 Best Investment Options In India For 2024

If you are all set for investing in a financial instrument and confused about choosing the most effective investment option, we have highlighted 5 best investment options in India for 2024 that are shown to provide superb returns for investors.

  1. Stocks
  2. Mutual Funds
  3. Guaranteed Income Plans
  4. Fixed Deposit
  5. Gold ETFs

1. StocksBest Stock Investment Apps in 2024

Many investors over the years, whether novice or seasoned, have made considerable profits by strategizing and investing in stocks. The fact that some investors’ success formulas didn’t work at all, however, causes everyone to pause before investing in stocks or entering the stock market.

There are more chances of profiting from investments when an investor makes the appropriate and proper judgements. There are numerous benefits of investing in stocks like diversification, dividend advantages, smoother transactions, liquidity, investment growth, higher returns in lesser time, safe, and others. The stock market is, after all, quite volatile.

Below are the top 5 best investment apps in India for users looking to invest in stocks. These apps have been shown to deliver a fabulous stock investment experience to users over a period of time. So, let’s start.

1. Kite By Zerodha

Zerodha is one of the most popular stockbrokers in India and its emphasis on technology has resulted in a user-centric stock trading app – Kite by Zerodha. Loaded with a plethora of features, the stock trading app sets a quality benchmark in the stock trading landscape.

Whether you are a new stock investor or a seasoned professional, Kite by Zerodha is one investment app that contains everything that is needed for a smoother, faster, and remarkable stock investment experience.

Total Downloads – 10 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.1/5


  • Performs smoothly even in low bandwidth internet connections
  • Availability of up to 10 regional languages
  • Easy, smart user interface
  • Access to APIs
  • Easy access to Quant for fundamental analysis using behavioral analytics
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party apps
  • TradingView charts can be availed along with ChartIQ.


  • Non-availability of backtesting and scanners
  • No investment in IPOs and Mutual Funds
  • Separately managed Back office system
  • A few minor issues related to charting
  • Chart-based trading not available

2. Angel One App

Set up in 1987, Angel One is counted among the best stockbrokers in India and offers a wide range of investment products to choose from. The investors associated with Angel One may trade from anywhere with the help of the Angel One App, which is one of the most cutting-edge mobile trading apps in India, it allows users to trade in all asset classes at BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX, including equity, derivatives, currency, and commodities. This trading software also offers investments in mutual funds and initial public offerings.

Seasonal investors and frequent traders may both benefit from the safe, quick, and straightforward software. The consumer receives real-time streaming quotations and charts, live news, numerous watchlists, online money transfers, research reports, demat holdings, margin statements, limitations, order summaries, and more on their smartphone in addition to online trading.

Total Downloads – 10 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.3/5


  • Easy trading in equity delivery, derivatives, currency derivatives, and currency
  • Live streaming of stock quotes, news and charts
  • 40+ technical chart indicators and overlays
  • Option to invest in mutual funds, bonds etc.
  • Customized alerts and notifications
  • Check Demat account holdings
  • Insightful stock advisory
  • Instant fund transfer through various bank


  • No option to invest in SME shares
  • No 3-in-1 account feature
  • Only Indian residents can use
  • No credit card deposit is available

3. Paytm Money

Paytm needs no introduction as it has become the most commonly used terms in Indian financial landscape. The leading fintech company has launched Paytm Money, a wholly owned subsidiary of India’s leading mobile payment platform. Paytm Money is a SEBI registered stockbroker and an Investment Advisor. Being both a stockbroker and an investment advisor, Paytm Money is registered with the SEBI. The corporation is a member of NSE, BSE, and CDSL as a depository participant and member.

Paytm Money was founded as a platform for direct mutual fund investments. Paytm Money increased the range of products it offered in the late 2020s by adding a pension plan, equity trading, IPO investment, ETFs, and digital gold. On its trading platform, the corporation only recently introduced F&O trading services.

Total Downloads – 10 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 3.9/5


  • Easy to use, simple, and smartly designed mobile app.
  • 100% paperless account opening and digital KYC.
  • High levels of safety and security.
  • Intuitive stock name search.
  • Price alerts are used in intelligent notifications.
  • Customer help is available within the app.
  • Up to 50 stocks can be added to different, configurable watch lists.
  • Comprehensive financial, historical price, and other data for each listed firm.
  • Brokerage calculator in the app.
  • Trade, research, tracking, and investing all at one place.
  • Sophisticated charts, indicators, and sketching tools are available.
  • Current market depth.
  • Access to real-time market data, including sector-specific indexes, top gainers, and losers.


  • Doesn’t allow trading in currency and commodities
  • No 3-in-1 account
  • 300 per year of platform charges
  • No free delivery trading

4. Upstox Pro

Based out of Mumbai, Upstox is a leading stockbroker in India and offers smart, user-centric, and reliable trading platforms to people looking to invest in stocks. For example, Upstox Pro is a well-accepted stock trading app that is meant to bring unprecedented levels of ease and value to stock investors.  It is an in-house app developed by Upstox and loaded with a plethora of features.

Total Downloads – 10 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.5/5

Some of its features and cons are mentioned below.


  • Place buy and sell orders anytime, anywhere
  • Easy to use search tool to find specific stocks and contracts
  • Access to various segments including NSE cash, Futures and Options, and Currencies scrips
  • Next-gen charting tools with over 100 technical indicators
  • Option to order from the charts directly
  • Develop customized watchlists
  • Get price alerts on set scrips
  • Access to real-time market feeds


  • No option to invest in IPOs
  • No portfolio summary

5. 5Paisa Mobile app

5Paisa is primarily known for its large client base and a wide range of trading services. It offers its clients to trade in commodity, equity, and currency across BSE, NSE, and MCX. 5paisa trading platform is comprised of a mobile Trading App, trading portal, and desktop-based trading terminal. These platforms are built on the most advanced technology and known for a smart use of mobile technology in financial sector.

Nearly all of the functions a trader or investor needs are available on the fully working and incredibly easy-to-use mobile trading app by 5Paisa. The main feature consists of trading in several segments at BSE/NSE, Mutual Fund investing, account management, and trading the market using live data.

Total Downloads – 10 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.3/5


  • Enables easy and fast way to trade in equity delivery, intraday and F&O segments.
  • Currency trading in F&O segment.
  • Mutual Fund investment.
  • Option to invest in Systematic investment plan (SIP).
  • Robo Advisory – A fully automated investor advisory system.
  • Manage Demat Account
  • Manage Trading Account – Online Portfolio, Order Books etc.
  • Real-time, streaming quotes for all segments
  • High-end charting tools


  • Recurrent app hanging issues
  • No availability of multiple watchlists
  • Inappropriate promotional offers shown on the app
  • Inefficient account opening facility

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2. Mutual Funds- Best Mutual Fund Investment App

Another most popular investment option that you can consider in 2024 is mutual funds. The popularity of mutual funds has risen tremendously in recent times. Mutual funds are great for those who want to invest in stock but don’t possess necessary time and efforts that needed to master stock investing. Mutual funds are not only easy to invest and manage but they also provide great returns to investors. There are different types of mutual funds available to choose from. One can choose a mutual fund given his investment goal, available funds, and risk bearing capacity.

According to market experts, the rapid incursion of mutual fund apps has made mutual fund investment a raging trend in today’s times. People can choose to invest as low as Rs. 500 in mutual funds from the comfort of their homes. In addition, the new-age mutual fund investment apps come with a lot of other features to provide more value to investors. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best investment apps in India for mutual fund investment.

1. Groww

Groww is one of the most popular mutual fund investment apps in India and continually getting more clients in its kitty. Thanks to its smart and clutter-free interface which makes mutual fund investment a smoother affair. Whether you are new to mutual funds or a seasoned mutual funds investor, Groww app has been specifically designed for investors looking to invest in mutual funds. A single investment app contains all information about mutual funds. Groww allows anybody to invest in direct mutual funds with $0 commission and gives an additional discount of up to 1.5%+ in comparison to standard plans, much as the applications mentioned above in this post.

Total Downloads – 10 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.3/5

Salient features of Groww App

  • Easy interface
  • Good for beginners
  • Single dashboard for all things related to mutual funds investment, returns, and overall returns
  • 128-bit SSL encryption for enhanced data security
  • Invest in direct mutual funds
  • 5000+ mutual funds to choose from
  • Zero commission
  • Easy registration

2. Coin by Zerodha

Zerodha has made its mark once again in the mutual funds investment category with its Coin app. You can choose to start a SIP at any moment with this app. Additionally, it enables you to modify any information in the SIP anytime you need to. You may examine information about different financial plans, ELSS funds, and tax filing guidelines. In terms of software functionality, the Coin By Zerodha app’s user interface has been fine-tuned. It is simple to use; more crucially, the specialised investment calculator makes it simple to switch between financial programmes and comprehend them. With these features, Coin by Zerodha may be the finest software for mutual fund investing.

Total Downloads – 1 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.1/5

Salient features of Coin by Zerodha

  • One app for all your mutual fund investments
  • Invest in direct mutual funds
  • One portfolio view
  • Start, pause, and resume SIP swiftly
  • No hidden charges
  • One place to access your capital gain statement, P&L realizations, and Annualized (XIRR), and absolute returns
  • Safe & secure mobile platform

3. Paytm Money

Paytm Money lets you invest in Direct Plans of Mutual Fund Schemes with no commissions or other fees on purchasing and selling of direct mutual fund plans. Promoted by none other than the prestigious Paytm Group, Paytm Money is rapidly emerging as one of the most reliable platforms in India.

The investor may choose between converting from Regular to Direct Plans, completely Transparent Tracking, Data Privacy & Protection, tracking, controlling, and automating SIP Investments, among other features. You may design your financial portfolio and obtain a 1% greater return on the Paytm money app. You can also choose from a number of investment plans.

In addition, the app doesn’t have any additional fees if you often purchase or sell mutual funds. To start your financial investment plan and open an account on the Paytm Money app, it simply takes 30 minutes. Paytm makes sure you receive high-quality service while creating your account, and as a result, the registration procedure is completely paperless.

Total Downloads – 10 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 3.9/5

Salient features of Paytm Money

  • Zero account opening charges
  • 0 brokerage for 15 days
  • Get up to 1% higher return in case of direct mutual funds
  • Migrate from regular to direct funds
  • Simple yet intuitive user interface
  • Good for both beginners and experienced investors

4. ET Money

Promoted by Times Internet and Economics Times Publication, ET Money is one of the most widely preferred mutual fund investment applications among investors today. The financial calculator on the app is the most intriguing feature; all you have to do is enter a goal, and the software will then instantly propose a number of mutual fund investing strategies. Additionally, it features a very simple approach for integrating with other payment applications like GPay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc. The customised portion of this app, which displays the top mutual funds to invest in based on the mutual fund scheme’s previous performance, is its important feature. This software is perhaps the finest one for mutual fund investments.

Total Downloads – 10 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.4 /5

Salient features of ET Money

  • Simple yet smart interface
  • Zero commission on direct mutual funds
  • Easy search of mutual funds
  • Track and switch your existing investments
  • Safe & secure app for mutual funds

5. Kuvera

Another fantastic tool for investing in mutual funds is Kuvera. You can easily establish an account on Kuvera in a few minutes thanks to its distinctive and straightforward user experience. You may manage joint family accounts, build your own financial portfolio, and monitor your investments. The app also has a straightforward yet useful dashboard where you can find all the details on policies, financial plans, and SIP. It also enables you to make life objectives and assess your progress. Additionally, it suggests hot mutual funds that might help you reach your objective.

Total Downloads – 1 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.5 /5

Salient features of Kuvera

  • Lowest lock-in
  • Easy withdrawals
  • Realize up to 1 lakh of long-term capital gain every year
  • Automated portfolio tracking
  • Family account to manage investments of relatives and family members
  • Faster, easier and affordable way to transfer your money and invest in mutual funds

3. Guaranteed Income Plans

Guaranteed Fund is a form of fund known that promises the whole or partial return of the initial investment on a certain date. The fund’s shares are guaranteed to all attain a specified net asset value at this assured maturity date, which is some point in the future. The guarantee is only valid for investors who keep their investment until the maturity date.

The anticipated returns on funds that are guaranteed may be predetermined at the time of investment or may be based on the performance of an index of stocks or a basket of stocks. Today, the emergence of various investment apps has made it quite easier for people to explore different types of guaranteed funds and invest in them right away.

Now, let’s look at the top investment apps for investment in guaranteed income plans.

1. ICICI Bank iMobile Pay

ICICI Bank is a reputed and reliable name in the Indian banking industry. In its mission to offer next-gen banking and investment solutions to its clients, the banking group has launched iMobile Pay mobile app which provides all sorts of support to users from banking to investment, and others. The mobile banking app allows users to explore different types of guaranteed income plans of ICICI Bank and invest in the same right away.

Total Downloads – 10 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.6 /5

Salient Features of the mobile app

  • Simple and smart user interface
  • An integrated app for banking, loans and investment
  • 2 factor i-safe authentication
  • End-to-end 256-bit encryption
  • Easy fund transfer
  • Availability of several other financial products

2. HDFC Bank Mobile Banking

Another popular name in the field of retail and commercial banking is HDFC Bank. There are several guaranteed income plans offered by HDFC Bank that give people an easy and reliable way to generate a second income. If you are looking to invest in best-in-class guaranteed income plans, you can explore these plans and choose the one that matches your needs the best.

Total Downloads – 10 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.1 /5

Salient Features

  • High levels of data safety
  • One app for all your financial needs
  • Simplified dashboard
  • Secure login

3. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) – LIC Digital

LIC is undoubtedly the kind of Indian insurance sector. For years, the insurance company has been helping Indian folks in choosing from a wide range of insurance plans including guaranteed income plans. To offer more value and ease to their clients, the company has come up with a mobile app with the name – LIC Digital. Here you can explore all the schemes of LIC and invest in them instantly without any fuss.

Total Downloads – 10 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 3.1 /5

  • Premium Calculator
  • LIC office locator
  • Integrated dashboard
  • Secure login
  • Download product brochure

4. Max Life Insurance

Max Life Insurance is one of the well-known insurance companies in India and offers a wide range of guaranteed income plans for everyone. With 269 offices, and sum assured of Rs. 1,397, 142 crores, the insurance company has carved a niche in the Indian insurance. One major reason behind the popularity of Max’s income plans is its mobile app which is robust, reliable, and remarkable. You can easily explore their company’s offerings and invest in a plan that promises guaranteed returns.

Total Downloads – 50K+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 3.9 /5

  • Secure Login
  • One Point Dashboard
  • Easy interface for quick login
  • All products under one roof

5. SBI Life Smart Care

SBI (State Bank of India) is one name that needs no introduction. Being the largest banking organization in India, SBI offers a wide range of investment plans to working professionals and others. Apart from investing in different growth plans, users can do several other things needed for smart banking and investment.

Total Downloads – 5 Million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.2 /5

  • Explore all SBI Life insurance offerings
  • Easy and secure option for renewal premium payment
  • Instant and accurate calculation of premium for the different plans
  • View and manage existing insurance policy through ‘My Policy’ feature
  • Update or modify the mobile number, email ID and PAN details
  • Email BI PDF files for the selected products
  • Check digital premium receipts
  • Get all the latest updates and news of SBI Life

4. Fixed DepositsBest Fixed Deposit Investment Apps

Fixed Deposits are one of the most long-standing investment avenues in India and remain a preferred choice for all types of investors looking for low-risk investment options to invest in. Though their popularity has plummeted a lot in recent times, they are still considered the best choice for low-risk, stable returns for investors. If you are looking to invest in fixed deposits, today, a majority of banks and financial organizations offer the best investment apps in India where you can easily invest in a fixed deposit on no time.

1. IDFC FIRST Mobile App

The first in the list if IDFC FIRST mobile banking app which not just provides banking services to its clients but also enable them to invest in fixed deposits. Fixed Deposits (FDs) from IDFC FIRST Bank are brimming with features and advantages that will help you increase your money. With an IDFC FIRST Bank fixed deposit account, you can ensure growth to your invested money. Their fixed deposits come with a variety of tenures and earn enticing interest rates.

Total Downloads – 10 Million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.6 /5

Salient Features of IDFC FIRST Mobile App

  • One-swipe banking
  • Easy way to invest in FDs
  • Seamless payments & transfers
  • Integrated banking services

2. IRIS by Yes Bank

YES Bank is another popular choice for investment in Fixed Deposits due to impressive returns on these deposits. You can choose from a wide range of fixed deposits by Yes Bank and invest in them according to your available budget. Moreover, the mobile application of Yes Bank brings in superior levels of ease and value to investors looking to get impressive return on their investment.

Total Downloads – 1 Lacs+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.0 /5

Salient Features:

  • Integrated dashboard for one-point access
  • Wide range of investment products to choose from
  • Instant account opening
  • FD investment made easy

3. Indus Mobile by IndusInd Bank

The next option for FD investment is IndusInd Bank where you can explore different types of fixed deposits for investment. One of India’s top financial services companies is IndusInd Bank. For around 35 million clients nationwide, including individuals, major enterprises, different governmental bodies, and PSUs, we are the go-to source for banking solutions.

Total Downloads – 10 million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.3 /5

Salient Features:

  • Option to block the card instantly
  • Hassle-fee FD booking
  • Tax Saver FD
  • Auto-renewal option
  • Several interest payment options
  • High interest rate

4. DCB Bank Mobile App

DCB Bank is a scheduled commercial bank managed by the Reserve Bank of India. DCB Bank makes the use of modern technology and infrastructure including next-gen internet banking for personal as well as business banking customers. The mobile app of DCB Bank is full of advanced features and products that make invest in FDs super simple and quick.

Total Downloads – 5 Lacs+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.4 /5

Salient Features:

  • Safe & secure way to invest in FDs
  • Flexible interest payments
  • Loan against FD
  • FD tenure ranging from 7 to 10 days

5. RBL Bank

RBL Bank has been termed as India’s Best Bank in mid-sized category. Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking, Branch & Business Banking, Retail Assets, and Treasury & Financial Markets Operations are the five business sectors within which the Bank provides specialised services. Through a network of 520 branches, 1,115 business correspondent branches (of which 298 are banking outlets), and 414 ATMs dispersed over 28 Indian states and Union Territories, it now provides services to over 13.65 million people.

Total Downloads – 5 Million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.0 /5

Salient features:

  • Book a Fixed Deposit online
  • Smart and simple interface for ease of use
  • Personalized notifications
  • Minimal downtime
  • Robust responsiveness

5. Gold ETFs- Top Gold Investment Apps

Since the dawn of civilization, gold has represented wealth, and it has continued to do so in the Information Age. Currently, there are around 190,000 tonnes of gold accessible physically in the world, of which 50% is used to make jewellery. Central banks across the globe own an extra 17% and 13% of the world’s gold reserves, which are utilised for diverse industrial uses, respectively. In today’s fast-paced world, it has become possible for investors to invest in gold through one of the best investment apps in India. There are several ways to invest in gold and ETFs are one of them. Let’s look at the top gold investment apps in India in 2024.

1. Axis Mutual Fund App

Axis bank is one of the most reputed banking firms in India and has a dedicated mutual fund division with the name – Axis Mutual Fund. Started in 2009, Axis Mutual Fund has over 70 schemes, 1.29 crore active investors, and fabulous presence in 100+ cities. You can invest in gold through Axis MF’s Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – Axis Gold ETF which provides an annualized return of 5.43%.

Total Downloads – 1 Million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.4 /5

App’s Features:

  • Easy account opening
  • Instant investment
  • Get higher returns
  • Track growth
  • Goal planning

2. Aditya Birla Gold Direct Fund – ABSLMF Investor App

Since its debut on January 1, 2013, the Aditya Birla Sun Life Gold Direct Fund Growth has produced returns that are on average 14.52% per year. Depending on your investment goal and risk tolerance, you may choose either a SIP or lump sum investment of the Aditya Birla Sun Life Gold Direct Fund Growth. The best part is that you can invest in this fund through its mobile app.

Total Downloads – 1 Million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 3.2 /5

Best Features of The App:

  • Start & stop SIP
  • Easy tracking of all your investments
  • Easily accessible product info
  • Check capital gains
  • Receive transaction history

3. HDFC MF Online Investors Mobile App

The country’s prestigious banking group HDFC has brought its revolutionary HDFC Gold Direct Plan Growth in which you can invest through HDFC MF Online Investors. It is a wonderful mobile app which allows investors to invest in ETFs easily and quickly anytime, anywhere. There are lots of featured offered by this mutual fund app by HDFC.

Total Downloads – 0.5 Million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 3.7 /5

Salient Features:

  • Instant registration and folio creation
  • Easy transaction in any HDFC mutual fund
  • Download statements & reports
  • Roll over
  • Dividend Transfer Plan (DTP)

4. Canara Robeco Mutual Fund App

Since its debut on 02 January 2013, the Canara Robeco Gold Savings Fund Direct Growth has given investors with average annual returns of 19.94%. Depending on your investment goals and risk tolerance, you may choose between lump sum and systematic periodic investments (SIP) in the Canara Robeco Gold Savings Fund Direct Growth. You can invest in this gold fund through Canara Robeco Mutual Fund app.

Total Downloads – 1 Lac+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 3.2 /5

Salient Features:

  • Quick, easy and digital investment in the gold fund through the app
  • Invest only with your email ID and PAN
  • Explore all types of funds under one name

5. ICICI Pru Regular Gold Savings Fund – IPRUTOUCH

ICICI Pru Regular Gold Savings Fund is a wonderful gold ETF by ICICI Prudential, an arm of the renowned ICICI Group. This gold fund is backed by its primary goal to accrue returns by investing their money in the units of ICICI Prudential Gold ETF. It is an open-ended fund of funds. If you want to invest in this fund, you can invest through the mobile app – IPRUTOUCH by ICICI Prudential.

Total Downloads – 1 Million+

Rating (Google Play Store) – 4.3 /5

Salient Features:

  • Easy registration for SIP
  • Easy transfer of funds
  • Download account statement
  • Transaction simply and quickly
  • Goal-based calculators

The Conclusion

According to experts, the best way to grow money is to invest it in the right investment avenue. With so many investment channels available today, it becomes confusing for investors to choose the right investment tool to get the best returns. However, there are several aspects that need to considered while choosing the most effective investment tool. And, when it comes to investing in various channels, the best way is to download the respective investment app and proceed with the investment. The above-given best investment apps in India are the best choices for their respective investment category.


Qu. What are the things to consider while choosing an investment app?

Ans. While selecting an investment app, there are several aspects to consider like applicable charges, customer service, variety of investment products, downtime, fund transfer, etc.

Qu. Is it good to invest through the best investment apps in India?

Ans. Due to their easy and low-cost investment capabilities, mobile investment platforms have become extremely popular. Gamification, however, as well as other aspects, can also lead to more irrational choices and day-trading-like behavior.

Qu. What are the top investment choices available today?

Ans. The top investment choices available today are:

  • Stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Guaranteed Income Plans
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Gold ETFs

Qu. What does a mutual fund mean?

Ans. A mutual fund (MF) is a type of investment in which a number of investors’ funds are combined into a mutual fund scheme, and the fund manager (also known as the “Asset Management Company” or the “AMC”) uses this money to invest in underlying securities in accordance with the mutual fund scheme’s goals.

Qu. What are different types of mutual fund schemes?

Ans. Different types of mutual fund schemes are bond fund, close-ended fund, income fund, index fund, pension fund, open-ended fund, exchange-traded fund, balanced funds, fixed income fund, balanced or hybrid funds, and others.

Qu. What are fixed deposits?

Ans. A fixed deposit is a bank account that is formed where the bank guarantees to pay interest on the funds put for a predetermined amount of time. You may increase the returns on money in your savings account by making a fixed deposit.

Qu. Can I use an investment app to trade in stocks?

Ans. Today, there are several apps in India that allow investors to invest in stocks. This way of stock investment is fast, secure, and easy.