NSE Now Mobile App Review 2023

The NSE, India’s major exchange, created and maintains the NOW trading software. NOW provides a direct link to the exchange for transaction execution and live data feeds because the server is housed in the NSE data centre.

With several features that users must give, the NSE mobile app makes trading reasonably simple. Although it is not one of India’s best mobile trading apps, it is known for its simple and user-friendly interface.

To use this app, you must first create an NSE account. This will help you use the app’s features and enjoy a unique trading experience.

This comprehensive  NSE mobile app review, reviews its features, features, performance, download sources, strengths and weaknesses, and other factors that can help you decide whether  to use it for trading.

For additional flexibility, you can trade from anywhere, monitor the market, and obtain real-time quotes.

Highlights of NSE NOW Mobile App

  • NSE is the creator and maintainer of NOW.
  • The server is quick because it is housed in the NSE data center.
  • NOW includes RMS and OMS as standard features.
  • Brokers who are NSE members are free to use.

There are three versions of trading terminals, trading websites, and mobile trading apps. Mobile apps are now available on Android and iOS phones.

nse mobile app

NSE Now Important Features

It offers a wide range of essential features in stock market transactions. Websites and mobile apps are currently designed for casual stock market investors. Trading Terminal Powerful trading software for frequent dealers. Here are some of the critical features of the NOW trading platform:

Online transactions are available via desktop, online, and mobile applications. Trade on different exchanges and different trading categories. It is faster because it has OMS and RMS built-in.

NSE is currently responsible for the trading platform. There is no need to install it on the broker side. There are no security concerns on the broker side.

  • Frequent traders can take advantage of different key combinations.
  • Live quotes, stock analysis, historical data, reports, and more.
  • Stock alarms and notifications can be customized. The
  • NSE offers additional plug-ins to meet different needs.

NSENOW feature description

NSE NOW’s servers  are located on the  premises of the exchange and can be connected directly, so NSE offers fast performance. Moreover, as the servers are closest to the order matching system, they have the lowest latency compared to trading servers of other brokers. This allows it to offer the fastest order execution in India.

Demo MIS (Margin Intraday Square Off)

The product can be used to trade equity cash, equity derivatives, commodities, and currency derivatives on an intraday basis. On the same trading day, close the position below this item. If the trader does not complete the position, the position will be closed automatically 30 minutes before the deal closes.


A CNC trader who wishes to distribute shares employs Cash & Carry. Unfortunately, the majority of this product’s brokers do not provide leverage.


For trading stocks, commodities, and FX derivatives, standard products are employed (F & O).

NSENOW provides an order type.

The number of items in the order should be maintained to a minimum.

You can limit orders to place buy/sell orders at a fixed price. Limit buy orders can only be performed if the price is less than the set price. With the set limit price or greater, sales restriction statements are executed.

A CNC trader who wishes to distribute shares employs Cash & Carry. The majority of this product’s brokers do not provide leverage. NRML

For trading stocks, commodities, and FX derivatives, standard products are employed (F & O).

NSENOW provides an order type.

Order placed should be of minimum amount

You can limit orders to place buy/sell orders at a fixed price with NSE NOW App. Limit buy orders can only be performed if the price is less than the set price. With the set limit price or greater, sales restriction statements are performed.

Order for a stop-loss (SL)

This is an order to sell a security when a specified price is reached, known as the trigger price. Stop-loss orders are intended to limit the amount of money lost by an investor in a security position. Stop-loss orders necessitate the specification of both a limit and a trigger price by the trader.

Ordering in the Aftermarket (AMO)

Traders can use AMO orders to place stock orders outside of usual business hours. Orders are queued and dispatched the next day when the market opens.

Order a cover (CO)

A market or limit order with a stop-loss order is a cover order. Buy/sell orders are always accompanied by required stop-loss orders prescribed by the system for cover orders. By guaranteeing that a stop loss is placed, these orders provide more leverage. This is only relevant for trading throughout the day.

Bracket orders are not currently accessible on any trading platforms.

User Customization Options on NSE Currently

You can make some market timepieces. The market clock can keep track of the field’s probability. Set up alarms to keep track of market moves in several modes.

NSENOW Reports

NOW Hourly Statistics Report Shows hourly information for a certain security or contract whose correct parameters.

  • Users’ purchase and sell orders on various exchanges are displayed in the Orderbook.
  • The Trading Book displays completed or traded buy and sells orders between exchanges.
  • Holding Shows the customer’s securities holdings in real-time.
  • The net position is the position at the end of the trading day.
  • Limitations Display the available cash limits for transactions.

Review of the NSE Mobile App

Using mobile trading apps is no longer a luxury but rather a requirement. Investing through a mobile trading app is nearly always a mainstay of what you get from your stock broker, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader.

To keep competitive, all trading companies have launched their mobile apps. One of the most powerful trading apps ever released is the NSE Mobile App. Designed for a wide range of users. To use this software, you don’t need to be tech knowledgeable.

The Indian National Stock Exchange first released the historic NSE mobile app on February 22, 2012. (NSE).

Although the program has only seen a few upgrades in recent years, it nevertheless serves a valuable purpose for some users, particularly those unfamiliar with commerce.

Another intriguing fact about the NSE mobile app is that several stockbrokers receive a customized version for their customers. As a result, the overall number of users who utilize this software is likewise large.

Here are a few more quick statistics about this software. NSE’s mobile app:

  • It is simple to use.
  • Is more stable using a two-factor authentication process!
  • Has a safety picture and query settings that can be customized.
  • Can give you admission to a wide range of purchasing and selling alternatives.
  • Allows you to place orders in cash, derivatives, and currencies easily.
  • Shows real-time streaming quotes from the market.
  • It’s great for keeping track of markets and buying and selling on the fly.

NSE mobile app registration

  • To get started with this trading program, follow these simple steps:
  • First, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download the NSE mobile app.
  • Before you go any further, remember that you can only trade on the NSE Mobile App if you are a registered NSE trading member (stockbroker) who has subscribed to the NSE’s NOW trading platform.
  • Select “Trading” to begin trading or “Market Data” to browse the app after being downloaded.
  • Then the login window is displayed. First, you need to enter the member ID and user ID you received when you enrolled as an NSE Certified Trading Member.
  • Click Confirm: Once you’ve verified your ID, you’ll need to ask a 2FA (two-factor authentication) question.
  • You can select two selected questions, and you need to remember the answer.
  • Next, check the 2FA image.・
  • Registration is completed.
  • Log in to the NSE mobile app once more. After verifying the 2FA image and password, answer the 2FA questions.
  • The entire sign-up process is straightforward and ensures that your account security is not compromised.
  • Make use of the NSE’s mobile app.

The following are the steps to using this mobile trading app:

Log in using your member ID and user ID, and access quotes, market watchers, charts, orders, order status, positions, balances, IPOs, market movements, settings, EFS, etc. The icon is visible.

  • To see a list of selected companies and their stock prices like gtl infra share price, nelco share price, affle india share, wardwizard share price, go to Market Watch. Then, to trade, go to Order and type in the name of the firm whose stock you want to acquire. Then, choose “Equity” from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, if you want to buy stock, choose Buy, enter the amount (number of shares to buy), the expiration date, the product code (CNC or MIS), the order type (Limit, Market, or SL), the price you want to pay, and finally, enter the transaction password. Your Order has been received. Next, you must go through the same procedure if you wish to sell. just pick “sell” over “buy.” The process- It’s a breeze.
  • At the bottom of the market, click the Quotes icon to see real-time quotes from the market. The “Order Status” field shows whether your stock was purchased or sold.
  • “Position” denotes your action and the stock’s current market position.
  • To see the Top 10 Winners, Bottom Companies, and more, go to Market Movers. For example, “OFS” is currently “for sale.” Indicates whether the firm is available for purchase as stock.

The NSE mobile app has several advantages.

Here are some of the advantages of trading with this mobile trading app:

  • In addition, you can choose from a variety of trading alternatives when you log in to the NSE mobile app.
  • You may also keep an eye on market trends, obtain real-time streaming quotes, and see a graph of the stock positions of firms that interest you.
  • You will then have the option to place an order and check the status of your Order after making a purchase or placing a sold-out order.
  • Options to buy and sell are only a click away. When ordering, you must use the transaction password.
  • This makes it more secure. You can be unconcerned about anything.
  • The order book contains the details of all transactions.
  • The NSE mobile app is accessible to people of all ages. It’s pretty simple. By enabling the “ticker bar” in the player, new functionality to improve the function has been added.
  • “Commodity segments” have been added to demonstrate the market’s depth across all categories.
  • You can also check margin utilization, create Market Watch groups, and transfer funds while tracking stocks and portfolios. The program as a whole is pretty simple to use. There is a toll-free hotline number 1800 266 0052, where you may obtain all the information and guidance you need about the NSE mobile app.

The NSE mobile app’s drawbacks

  • When using this mobile trading software, you should be aware of the following concerns The NSE mobile app has a straightforward function and interface.
  • Unlike other trading apps, it does not provide expert suggestions, stock market news, multiple indexes, etc.
  • If someone wants to sign in to the app numerous times a day, especially when they are in a hurry, the lengthy sign-in process can be frustrating.
  • If someone wants to sign in to the app numerous times a day, often in a hurry, the lengthy sign-in process can be frustrating. Many consumers claim that apps are slow. If you can’t afford to lose time trading or using trading applications.
  • It is not possible to move from CNC to MIS and vice versa. As a result, the software has a lot of space for improvement.
  • Overall, the NSE mobile app is an excellent tool for keeping track of markets and transactions. It has the potential to become a top trading app once the background is cleared.

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