Top 10 Stock Advisory Firms In India | SEBI Registered Firms

Investing in stocks is full of challenges and the best way to cope up with them is to have the right information in hand. This is where opting for professional stock advisory services makes true sense as an investor can get to determine the best stocks for investment. There are several best stock advisory firms in India that provide professional stock advisory services to traders and investors. If you look forward to investing stocks, it is recommended to consult the best stock advisory company in India that can help you achieve your investment objectives sustainably.

The role of the top 10 stock advisory company in India is quite big as they endeavor to provide investors reliable and valuable guidance at every step of stock investment. Finding the top 10 stock advisory firms in India that can help you navigate the stock market and offer free stock recommendations and the finest stock advisory assistance is the difficult part. In this post, we will highlight the top 10 SEBI registered stock advisory firms in India that are known to provide the best services.

What Is A Stock Advisory Company?

As its name implies, a stock advisor company refers to a business that is indulged into offer stock investment consulting services to traders and investors. The best stock advisor in India can support you in reaching your financial goals and building money over the long run. Investing in the stock market with expert guidance lowers your risk and boosts your chances of success. They also give you excellent stock selections, thorough screeners, and outstanding results in comparison to pertinent benchmarks.

Top 10 Stock Advisory Firms In India For 2024

Looking to avail top-end stock advisory services? Here are the top 10 stock advisory company in India that are considered the best in the segment.

S. No. Advisory Company Year of Establishment Advisory charges Accuracy (%) Customer Rating
1 Bajaj Capital Limited 1965 2999/-per month 80% 4.9
2 CapitalVia Global Research Limited 2006 8000/- per month 77% 4.7
3 Kotak Private Equity Group 2005 7999/- per month 76.37% 4.6
4 Unit Trust of India 1964 4500/- per month 74.20% 4.5
5 BTS Asset Management 1979 2499/- Per month 72% 4.4
6 AGM Investment 2016 4999/- per month 70% 4.4
7 Asset Villa Financial Services 2017 3499/- per month 62.08% 4.1
8 Mister Market 2012 4499/- per month 57.39% 4
9 Research and Ranking 2009 6599/- per month 25-30% 3.8
10 Streetgains 2016 2599/- per month 20% 3.7

1. Bajaj Capital Limited

Bajaj Capital is one of the top 10 stock advisory firms in India. For those looking for the best SEBI registered stock advisory firm in India, Bajaj Capital emerges at the top. Among its primary services are stock investments, stock advice, mutual fund applications, health insurance, vehicle insurance, general insurance, and stock investments. Bajaj Capital is now the corporation with the longest history, having been created in 1964. In 1956, the company initially created the Companies Fixed Deposit.


  • 6 decades of legacy
  • Customized wealth management care
  • Fast, trustworthy customer service
  • Wide-ranging products & services
  • Unmatched investment advisory and financial planning offerings
  • 24×7 online accessibility
  • SEBI-registered
  • Countrywide network of 200 branches

2. CapitalVia Global Research Limited

Backed by 15 years of expertise in financial market research and stock advising, CapitalVia is a SEBI-registered stock advisory firm. Established in 2006, the best stock advisor in India offers experienced specialists’ unbiased technical analysis and solutions to the trading community, with the goal of promoting a positive environment.

The company’s commitment to sustainability informs our research methodology, technology, and unparalleled reliability. Being one of the top 10 stock advisory firms in India, CapitalVia’s ongoing global presence benefits its clients by giving us a distinct perspective into several industries and nations and empowering us to have a global impact.


  • Dedicated mobile application for unmatched stock advisory experience
  • 80k+ clients
  • Rapport customer care
  • Advisory on foreign stocks
  • NISM-certified stock advisors
  • Cutting-edge financial products like Market Pro, Market Neuron, TechniQ, and QuantIQ

3. Kotak Private Equity Group

As a member of the well-known Kotak Group in India, Kotak Private Equity Group is regarded as one of the best SEBI registered stock advisory firm in India and assists clients in successfully achieving their financial objectives. The Kotak Mahindra Group has been a part of private equity deals since 1997. In an effort to give this industry more attention, Kotak Investment Advisors Limited was founded in 2005 as the Group’s Alternate Assets practise. It launched its first structured third-party private equity and real estate funds at that time.

The stock advisory firm was established by trailblazers in the Indian private equity space and is a disciplined investor focused on long-term growth and wealth creation. They work together to foster growth across industries with outstanding leadership teams and promoters.


  • A pioneer in Indian private equity segment
  • A tech-based business model
  • IPR-based stock advisory
  • A team of dedicated professionals
  • Fabulous growth opportunities for investors

4. Unit Trust of India

One of the top 10 SEBI registered stock advisory firm in India is Unit Trust of India (UTI), which was founded in 1964. Unit Trust of India (UTI) provides the best-in-class stock advising services to investors, ensuring a secure return on their investment whenever funds are needed. The Unit Trust of India runs newspaper ads and provides a daily price record. Consequently, there are always two pricing available every day. The two expenses stand for the price of purchasing and disposing of the units.

The primary objective of the best stock advisor in India is to make it possible for large and small investors to own shares in the assets that result from the country’s ongoing industrial boom.


  • A pool of reliable and experienced stock investment professionals
  • Easy diversification of investments
  • Half a decade of legacy
  • Get the advantage of benefits of scale

5. BTS Asset Management

BTS Asset Management was founded in 1979 and is regarded among the top 10 stock advisory firms in India. Over a period of years, BTS has managed both tactical fixed income and stocks. BTS has experience guiding teams through many market cycles, interest rate dips and rises, recessions and recoveries.

The firm provides guaranteed financial development to most Indian businesses. One of their unique selling points is their capacity to handle traditional assets in novel ways. They adjust to the volatile market situations and deal with them by having expertise in identifying opportunities, managing risks, and even understanding downtime to successfully handle losses.


  • Expertise in risk management
  • Innovative approach to typical asset management
  • Deep knowledge of downtime for efficient loss reduction

6. AGM Investment

AGM Investment is a reputable stock advising service that was founded in 2016 and is registered with the NSE. The Indian Achievers Forum nominated the company in the Young Entrepreneur category. Financial performance analysis, portfolio management, and strategic planning are just a few of the many services that AGM INVESTMENT provides to its clients. AGM Investment’s managing director is Mr. Navneet Maheshwari.

Portfolio building is the first and most important stage for every investor who wants to start investing in stocks, according to the stock advice business. The best stock advisor in India builds both short- and long-term portfolios through investment decisions.


  • An award-winning stock advisory firm
  • 6+ years of industry experience
  • Detailed market guidance and education
  • 2000+ active clients
  • Basic and technical research capabilities

7. Asset Villa Financial Services

With offices in Mumbai, India, Asset Villa Financial Advisors is among the top 10 stock advisory firms in India. The company provides comprehensive financial planning services to individuals as well as families. They offer a broad range of financial services, including mutual funds, insurance, loans, and financial advice in addition to other expenses. Additionally, they wish to provide the best growth and consultancy trajectory for their linked clientele. Over 2500 delighted clients are served by the best stock advisor in India.


  • An enthusiastic group of knowledgeable and seasoned experts
  • Control over user access and possibilities to monitor holdings and risk profiles
  • Simple-to-use financial programmes suitable for many consumer types
  • Offers comprehensive and active research Tailored stock advice services

8. Mister Market

One of the top 10 stock advisory company in India, Mister Market strives to provide its clients with unrivalled value in all aspects of stock investment. Akshay Nalwade launched Mister Market in 2012, and since then, the company has advanced significantly in the related industry by providing customers with exceptional goal-based stock investing advising services.

Among the services it provides, now places a significant priority on teaching about financial markets and related subjects. Their strategy involves providing reasonably priced sessions for as little as one thousand rupees, which helps them attract the correct kind of attention from individuals. As a result, they have been able to enrol up to one hundred happy students in just one semester.


  • Insightful stock market education
  • Safer option for investors
  • WhatsApp-based customer support

9. Research and Ranking

Research and Ranking, which began operations in 2016, is regarded as one of the best stock advisory firms in India. A group of 12,000 people in India are clients of the top stock advising firm. It is a member of the esteemed Equentis Group, which was founded in 2009 and is a trailblazer in the investing industry, with a primary focus on the Indian equities market.

The first non-discretionary online stock advisory company in India, Research and Ranking also provides customized market research studies. They are well-supported by a group of committed experts with significant knowledge of technology, equities research, and financial markets. They are overseen by the SEBI. The best stock advisory in India is owned and managed by Manish Goel.


  • Serviced more than 12,000 clients
  • With its main office in mumbai
  • An initiative by equentis capital dhanwaan for family offices, unhnis, and hnis
  • Informed investment experts to educate individuals about the stock market
  • Using the 5 in 5 approach, investors may create a well-diversified portfolio of multibagger stocks that will help them reach their financial goals.
  • Overpriced chances to purchase 12 high-growth stocks each month

10. Streetgains

The best stock advisor in India, Streetgains, focuses on the stocks and commodities industries. Their products and services may be tailored to meet the unique needs of their customers. The company offers helpful research tips to all of its clientele. Indian retail merchants wholeheartedly endorse and attest to the fact that they are a respectable research and consultancy company. Their team of qualified and competent professionals provides a multitude of services to their consumers. They also seek to leverage technology to grow their business and offer the best trading guidance. It will enable their clients to trade freely and enhance their investing experiences.

  • Client-centric approach to investors’ services
  • Popular for its long-term investment advisory services
  • Focuses on wealth building

Benefits Of Working With Top 10 SEBI Registered Stock Advisory Firm In India

Consulting with the top 10 stock advisory company in India is not just a fad but there are several benefits of working with the best stock advisory firms in India. Whether you are a new stock investor or an experienced one, it is necessary for you to know these benefits that would encourage you more to work with one of the top 10 stock advisory firms in India.

1. Minimize Risk

The best stock market advisor in India is the one who will help you make prudent risk decisions. It is the primary benefit that a capitalist receives from using a stock exchange consolation agent. As everyone knows, stock investments are quite volatile, and changes in the market can result in significant losses. With his exceptional analysis and analytical abilities, the best stock advisory company in India helps you stay invested throughout market downturns and keeps you informed about market movement.

2. Maximize Portfolio Performance

Regardless of your age, class, or impending retirement, the main goal of stock market investing is to generate returns that are higher than those of other investment options. A stock consultant is often the one-stop solution for this. Aside from this, one must carefully observe the potential of the stocks, understand how the investment is allocated, and research the fundamentals of the company or the stock.

With regard to providing its investors with goal-based transparency through short and long stock calls, the share market consolatory firm is essential.

The best stock advisory company in India offers accurate, thoroughly studied investment guidance that might perhaps put your accounts in the novice zone and yield wise returns over time.

3. Professional investment approach

The world of investing is like a huge ocean of information; the more you learn, the more you have to discover. Investment advisers stand out from the crowd and may help investors avoid typical mistakes by drawing on their extensive knowledge base.  Additionally, they are informed on a wide range of news and developments in the business, economic, and market sectors, among others. Generally speaking, they prefer to be abreast of all the events taking place in the world that can have an effect on the investing asset classes. Not only do they possess information, but they also employ a variety of instruments that assist them make better decisions and expand their extensive knowledge base.

4. Experience

You need an experienced and best stock advisory company in India to lead the way towards your objective now that you know where you want to go. Your investment advisor assumes this obligation as they have already travelled the same journey that you will. His ten or more years of knowledge can assist you choose which exit is crucial and when to halt. Experience is also very important when investing since investors only consider returns that are not consistent over the long term. Using his knowledge of the market and economy, he helps you make consistent returns on your investments over the course of your journey. They provide tried-and-true investing solutions that meet your objectives and spare you from making costly mistakes along the way.

How To Choose The Best Stock Advisory Company In India

A financial adviser is a specialist who can assist you in precisely planning your money so that you may achieve your financial goals and objectives. However, because there are so many best stock advisory companies in India available, picking the one that’s best for you might be difficult.

How can you choose the best financial advisory company in India to assist you on your path in such a situation? Here are some guidelines to assist you decide what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

1. Determine the area of expertise you need

Selecting an adviser might be challenging if you don’t know what you want from them. Therefore, it’s crucial to first assess your situation and identify the areas in which you want expert advice before looking for the top investment advisers. A good place to start would be with a list of all your financial goals and objectives along with the timeline for achieving them.

After doing that, it might make sense to indicate the areas in which you want assistance. For example, you may need professional help with investments in insurance, retirement planning, or even tax preparation. You should begin your hunt for the best stock advisory company in India just when your criteria have been resolved.

2. Get the fee brokerage

Financial adviser fees used to be based on a proportion of the assets under their management. However, adviser fees have shifted from being a percentage to a flat amount in more recent years. Therefore, before proceeding to the next phase, it is imperative that you choose a fee structure that you find acceptable because doing so will help you identify the kind of best stock advisory company in India you need to find.

Not to mention, price is usually a very significant consideration when selecting the top investment advisers. Consequently, it’s a good idea to have a rough concept of your budget before choosing a financial counsellor. By doing this, you can make sure you don’t overpay for any of the services and that you get the finest ones.

3. SEBI registration

Verifying the consulting firm’s registration status with SEBI should be the first step. The only companies allowed to offer stock advice and advisory services are SEBI Registered Advisory Companies. Advisory firms registered with SEBI are typically reliable and likely to produce better results.

4. Accuracy

The accuracy of the services provided by the best stock advisory company in India is the second factor. You must inquire about the warranty they offer when you call. If they claim to be 90–100% accurate, it is obvious that they are lying. Since nobody can provide such great precision.

5. Payment terms

Checking the terms of payment is also important. Verify whether the services are fixed price or commission based. Each of these phrases has advantages and disadvantages. If you’re just starting out, you should consider this before choosing the best stock advisory company in India.

Top 10 Stock Brokers In India With Best Stock Advisory Services

Below is the list of top 10 stock brokers in India with the best stock advisory services.

S.NO. Stock Broker’s Name Advisory Charges Accuracy Rating
1 ICICI Direct Rs. 20 per order 83% 4.8
2 Kotak Securities Rs. 20 per order 80% 4.6
3 Angel One Rs. 20 per order 81% 4.5
4 Motilal Oswal Rs. 20 per order 77.50% 4.4
5 5Paisa Rs. 20 per order 72% 4.1
6 HDFC Securities 0.05% or min Rs.25/- 70% 3.9
7 Sharekhan 1 paise per share 67% 3.6
8 Axis Securities 0.50% brokerage for equity delivery 66% 3.6
9 Karvy Stockbroking 0.1% – 0.3% 65% 3.5
10 SBI Securities 0.15% (both sides) Or Minimum 5 paise per share 62.67% 3.2


Qu.1 What is meant by accuracy in stock advisory?

Ans. While stock advisers strive to provide accurate advice at the individual stock level, this is a portfolio advisory service, not a stock recommendation service, therefore you have to evaluate the performance of the entire portfolio.

Qu.2 Can I expect to get a timely review of my portfolio?

Ans. Yes, a majority of best stock advisory companies indulge into a detailed and timely monitoring of their client’s portfolio regularly.

Qu.3 Can I trust SEBI registered investment advisor?

Ans. Yes, a SEBI-registered investors is obliged to follow the guidelines listed by SEBI, the biggest stock regulatory body in India.

Qu4. Which is the best SEBI registered stock advisory company?

Ans. CapitalVia Global Research Limited is the biggest SEBI-registered stock advisory firm in India.

Qu5. What are the top 5 stock advisors in India?

Ans. The top 5 stock advisors in India are CapitalVia Global, AGM Investments, Unit Trust of India. Asset Villa Financial, and Research and Ranking.

Qu6. Is it really worth it to have a financial advisor?

Ans. Financial advisors are very competent individuals that assist you in establishing and meeting your goals on schedule. In addition, they offer assistance with tax preparation, investment management, retirement planning, and many other areas.

The Conclusion

The aforementioned top 10 stock advisory company in India are the greatest option for both novice and experienced investors, regardless of whether you’re seeking for free stock recommendations or top stock advisory help. They provide excellent, dependable, reasonably priced, and—above all—value-oriented services. Thus, among these top financial advisers in India, choose the best stock advisory company in India for your intended stock investment.